Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- July.

As I write this, my girl’s are upstairs having a nap and I am sat in the garden on a blanket enjoying the sunshine.  There’s been a lot of that enjoyment in abundance the last few weeks, the weather has just been incredible. (so unlike the UK!)  I genuinely can’t remember a time when we had such a long run of sunshine.

We are all delighting in this weather.  Normally after a while it gets a little sticky and humid, and I do that terribly British thing of complaining about the heat and wanting it to get a bit cooler.  But not this year- this year we are grasping every single opportunity we can to be outside and in the fresh air.  There have been picnics practically every day, al fresco dinner time’s, numerous trips to the park and lots of time in the garden.  Everything seems that little bit better when the sun shines, and I have been walking around in a semi permanent state of ‘I’m so lucky’ to be able to spend these moments with my girls.  Until we have ‘one of those days’ when they are terrors and I can’t wait to see bedtime but that’s a different matter entirely.

We have been sticking to our routines pretty much, in that they have still have been having an afternoon nap (and I have been having some well deserved sunbathing action in the garden) but we also have had occasions where we have all just been enjoying ourselves too much to go home for a snooze.  Likewise we have had a few late nights, where regular bedtime has been forgotten in aid of a picnic in the park or a late night lolly.

These photos were taken on one such occasion. I had left my Me and Mine photos till the last minute AGAIN, even though we have had lots of times this month where we could have given our camera to someone to snap a picture- namely our holiday, and our recent Wedfest.  I suddenly panicked thinking that I hadn’t taken many, and was just going to use the only one we had from our holiday.

a holiday to rhodes 66

However on Tuesday we went for an early evening stroll.  The light was beautiful and I now keep my tripod in the car (I would love to say it’s in case I stumble across a perfect photo opportunity but mainly it’s because I am too lazy to take it out) so I just had to take some snaps.

I actually really love these photos of us all- it’s the light, I just love it.  They make me smile and when I look back on them in years to come they will make me remember that perfect summer we had where I felt so lucky to be enjoying this ordinary life with my little family.

Cheesy but true.





And an outtake for good measure…





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