Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- June.

I usually like to take special photos for my Me and Mine photos each month.  Make a little effort out of our busy life to go somewhere that means something to us to take a snap, or do it while we are doing something fun.  I like to take a couple to preserve the memories.  However this month life has just been so busy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s very much welcome, we have had a hectic, fun and happy June full of adventure, but it means that I just haven’t had time to take family photos.

We have been busy most weekends- we have been to a treehouse for an amazing trip together, I took part in my first 10k race, (and have had a sore knee ever since- oops!) Mr E had the girls for the weekend while I went to Brit Mums Live and we have had the odd quiet day of fun in the sunshine.  It’s been a lot of fun and we have made a lot of memories together.  But the fun hopefully doesn’t stop there.  As you read this we will be sunning ourselves on holiday- our first one abroad as a family of four.

I am so excited for a break away.  We all need it- Mr E has taken on a new freelance contract and has been working every single night for hours, and we are relishing some time away as a family.  I adore blogging and the online world but am looking forward to switching my phone off for a week and going off the social media and work radar. (Bar the odd instagram snap naturally- isn’t it obligatory to take a photo with a cocktail in your hand?)  I really want to spend uninterruped moments with my girls and husband, read lots of books, (I have packed 6- what else do you do in the evenings with kids?) and just take some time ‘off’ to relax.  Hopefully we are having a good time as you read this!

Our family portrait for this month therefore was taken by a kind passer by on our little treehouse weekend away.  We stopped for ice creams in a really cute old fashioned sweet shop, Mads and Daddy went for large cones, Mummy went for a scoop of vanilla in a tub, (always a tub for me) and the lady kindly gave LL her own mini cone as she felt sorry for her having to share Mr E’s.  Just a happy snap of the four of us.  Except my children don’t look too happy.  Probably because the woman was interupting us from important ice cream eating.

a magical adventure9

And a last minute ‘I forgot a proper family portrait’ photo…

off on holiday

Because our passports totally class as a family portrait don’t they?


This month I am sending you to go and have a look at Chloe’s blog.  She has two boys who are very similar in age to Mads and LL, perhaps we could sort out some sort of blogging arranged marriage or something as they are very cute.  Be sure to go and check out her family photo, she is a super talented photographer.



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