Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- November.

Inevitably it is the end of November and time for my usual statement of how quickly the month has gone.  As usual it has has flown by and tomorrow brings us December- my favourite month by far!  I am definitely a Summer girl through and through, the hot weather and the fact we can spend our time outside means that I will always prefer that time of year, but December is definitely the best month in our house.  Horrible weather and dark nights aside, the last month of the year brings us our wedding anniversary on the 20th December, (Christmas weddings rule!) Mads birthday on Christmas Eve (poor girl) and of course the big day itself.  This year we have some important milestone numbers too- with it being our 5th wedding anniversary, my sisters 21st on the 13th and my beautiful big girl turning 4.  Exciting times indeed.

But without jumping ahead and cracking out the festive jumpers just yet, we have to pause briefly to reflect on November and all the fun it bought.  We started the month in Amsterdam, a break away which we all thoroughly enjoyed and we also enjoyed another short break to Yorkshire with my sister.  The dark nights and mornings and wet weather have not been the most welcome of visitors, but we have also enjoyed lots of snuggling indoors and I have been nesting and getting the house cosy for the start of the holiday season.

This month we left it right until the last minute yet again to do our family portrait.  The aforementioned wet weather has put a bit of a dampner (geddit?) on our photo taking morale- it was either raining when we thought we would go out and take photos or it had been raining and the ground was wet, and I didn’t fancy getting muddy or dirty going outside.  So on Wednesday after realising that we didn’t have another opportunity to get a photo due to being busy each evening of the rest of the week with parents evening, dinners at my Grandmas and a night away in London, plus hospital appointments and school visits in the mornings, we had to just go with the flow and take a photo in the morning before Mr E went to work.

This is way harder than it sounds.  Firstly none of us are particularly morning people, especially LL who has a grump on most of the morning until after 9am, and secondly as you will know it is so DARK in the mornings at the moment.  Plus we had been there and done the last minute on the bed shot before. (our room gets the most light but even then it is pretty dark) After a particularly random conversation and a rather attractive selfie of myself sent to my bestie Lucy in the middle of the week, (doesn’t everyone need a friend they can send photos of themselves wearing a fake moustache to for no reason at all?) we decided to make our Me and Mine photo a little bit topical and silly this month.

Here is my slightly odd family for November…

a family of moustaches

a family of moustaches 1

a family of moustaches 2

a family of moustaches 3

For all you photography geeks out there I had to put my ISO on the highest it would go in order to even slightly get enough light at 8am in the morning to take a photo and I also had to have a low shutter speed meaning that they aren’t particularly sharp either.  For all you non photography geeks, it means they are a little grainy.  But I love them- they are silly, just like us.  And who knew LL looked so damn good with a tache?  Freddie Mercury eat your heart out.

Joking aside, obviously November brings with it the month of Movember, where men across the country grow a little face fluff to help raise money and awareness for testicular cancer charities.  Mr E can grow a tache like the best of them but I on the other hand am yet to have hairs sprouting out my face- give me a few years though.  But we had these delightful fake beauties lying around the house so we thought we would put them on as they were rather topical.

Anyway I will stop rambling now, I really ‘moustache’.  (Boom Boom)

P.S Silliness aside we have also donated £5 to the Movember charity as I have mentioned them in this post- it’s not much but every little helps.





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