It was a couple of weeks ago that she first noticed it. ‘Mummy, Daddy! Guess what! I’ve got a wobbly tooth, look.’ I’ve never seen anyone so excited about something that actually is a little bit gross. At first I wasn’t sure if it actually was, whether she wanted it to be wobbly so much that she was actually believing it was when it wasn’t. You see we have spoken about wobbly teeth in our house for almost a year now. To my little then five year old, losing a tooth was a massive deal. Often in the car on the way home from school she would fill me in on the latest goings on in her classmates mouths. ‘Mummy Harvey has lost three teeth now,’ ‘Guess what Hannah lost a tooth today,’ or even analysing ages and timings ‘so and so is younger than me but he has lost a tooth.’ She came home most indignant one afternoon and proceeded to tell me that one of her classmates had lost a tooth and he was in Reception. (she is in a mixed age group class) She wasn’t very happy that someone a whole school year younger than her had lost a tooth.

I’m not sure what the fascination was with losing a tooth. We hadn’t particularly talked about the tooth fairy, nor did she ever really mention that. I think it was more the fact that losing a tooth and indeed gaining a new ‘big’ tooth seemed to be very grown up, a rite of passage reserved for little girls who were transitioning into big ones. But it is something that we have discussed at length for many months in our house.

So back to the excitement of ‘the wobbly tooth’. The very first one. She kept flicking it with her tongue constantly and every so often kept reminding me that it was wobbly. ‘Feel my wobbly tooth Mummy.’ Sadly it’s not something I can be terribly enthused about, for some reason the thought of wobbly teeth makes me feel a bit queasy. I can still very much remember the feeling of my tooth being attached solely by a single root and it isn’t something that is a particularly nice thought. I was very enthusiastic and excited for her, but I drew the line at constantly touching it. This went on for a couple of weeks, with Jon and I even googling ‘How long does it take for wobbly teeth to fall out?’ because lets face it there is no instruction manual for this kind of thing.

Last Saturday Mads went to open a plastic toy with her teeth and she suddenly exclaimed ‘ouch’. When we looked in her mouth it was bleeding a little and the tooth was a lot looser. The next morning Jon went out on his bike and she came into our bedroom crying and really upset, saying that it was hurting and when I looked in her mouth it was hanging by a thread. Mads rarely cries, something has to be really bothering her, so I calmed her down and said that it would be out really soon and to try not to worry. She calmed down and then an hour later she shouted in excitement ‘Look Mummy it’s come out!’ And that was it, we had our first tooth out and a big gap in her smile. She was so excited, we had to ring Grandma, then her Daddy who was out on his bike and couldn’t really talk, and then she ran around the house in excitement. She also decided that she wanted to brush the tooth so it was super clean for the tooth fairy.

She carried it around with her all day and then it was soon time for her to put it under her pillow. She wasn’t hugely excited about this, in fact deep down I reckon she would have preferred to keep the tooth for herself, but still she was intrigued to see what the tooth fairy would leave. We put the tooth in a tiny plastic bag, as it was so small we would have inevitably lost it, and off she went to sleep. The next morning she woke and squealed out to us. ‘She left me a shiny £2.00 coin’ and she rushed into our bedroom to show us. We told her that we thought the tooth fairy bought £2.00 for the first one and £1.00 for all the ones after that! She went into school on Monday morning so excited to show her friends and her teacher.

And of course I had to get my camera out. For losing that very first tooth is quite a momentous part of a little girl’s life. I feel a little emotional as she is growing so fast. This little gap looks ever so cute at the moment, but it won’t be long until those big teeth start coming through. And just like the teeth that come through on the top change their smile when they are babies and make them go from having gummy smiles to looking more grown up, these big teeth will do the same. Parenthood is full of milestones that when they hit remind you just how much you wish you could slow down time just a little bit. I look at these photos and I see a girl. Not a toddler, not a little girl but a girl who is on the cusp of growing so very fast.


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  • Well done Mads such a milestone in a little girls life. I get regular updates from Alice about her friends in year 1 who have lost their teeth. She can’t wait to be in Year 1 and for her teeth to fall out. I’m with you though, it’s a bit gross x

  • Carie says:

    Oh that is a big milestone! Kitty was the other end of the spectrum- her first tooth came out in Reception before we’d mentioned that teeth fell out – and I thought she must have knocked it out!! We’re currently waiting on no 4 to fall, it’s incredibly wobbly and lopsided so it won’t be long. And just like when those teeth first made an appearance it completely changes their look, and suddenly brings home that all this growing up is really happening!

  • Lisa says:

    Our daughter was exactly the same. She was so proud and had it in her pocket but lost it. We searched high and low whilst she sat distraught that the tooth fairy wouldn’t come. After almost giving up we found it. Phew

  • Anne says:

    We lost a tooth this week too! It is such a big deal for them, especially the first one. The tooth we lost this week was the Little Man’s second and I think he’s a bit slow because he’s already six and a half! We put his tooth under his pillow and he very excitedly came to tell me the tooth fairy had been….at 4am!! *sigh*

  • Oh you’re right she looks so grown up in these photos! I’m horribly squeamish so I’m dreading the teeth falling out stage, I think Carl will have to deal with that. It’s definitely a milestone though and very exciting! Xx

  • Sherry says:

    It really does sound like she was so excited about it. I’m similar to you in the fact that I simply cannot handle anything remotely icky, and wobbly teeth fall into that category! I guess it’s just another bittersweet element of being a parent x

  • Oh gosh this made me cry as I know we are on the cusp of this at them moment and I am so not ready, in actual fact it kind of is what made me write mine this week as it seems such a big step (and I am a bit grossed out by it too!) Such a big milestone for her and our babies really are growing so fast. Gorgeous pictures too x

  • Jenny says:

    Oh bless her they get so excited to be a big kid don’t they. What a big milestone and gorgeous photos of her. Love them in black and white too. They grow up way to fast. I was always a bit weirded out to keep their teeth. B has lost a few but I just can’t come to keep them I find it all crazy and yet then I dont’ want to go years down the road and regret not keeping them. My mother still has all mine and she asked if I wanted them I about threw up gross but then what will she do with them too. hahaha Funny tradition isn’t it? Joining up again this week I am loving being back doing your lovely linky. I got so lost last year in life, in what I loved doing with my blog and it’s good to try to get some normality back and doing the linkys I missed and loved and feeling like I belong to a group again. It’s been a lonely blogging world last year and that’s my fault and I miss engaging with so many others that link up too.

  • Colette says:

    I think it’s just another of those things which makes them feel grown up isn’t it. Ben was at the end of Year 1 I think when he lost his first tooth, funnily enough Chloe hasn’t mentioned it yet.

  • So many of Max’s friends have started losing their teeth but we haven’t even got a wobble here yet! He’ll be 6 next month x

  • Life as Mum says:

    Aw bless her! She looks super happy. Mia (my eldest) kept on asking me when is her tooth going to get wobbly as all her friends had lost one, two and more teeth! She was super excited when her first tooth started wobbling!

  • Oh bless her, Freddie is the same! He’s 6 today and still not even a wobbly tooth yet and he’s quite annoyed about it. I keep telling him that I’m sure it will happen soon! x

  • Mary Smith says:

    It really is Happy days when those teeth start to wobble and fall out. Its like a right of passage in the playground or something haha! Its a big deal in this home with Ethan so I am most excited for Mads to have had lost that tooth at last! Well captured xx #ordinarymoments

  • Aww she does look so grown up! Mads would be fuming to hear Maisy has lost 4 now! she’s got a huge double gap up top at the moment!xx

  • Amy Fox says:

    Ahh such gorgeous photos Katie! I love that you have got Wren who is teething and Maddie losing teeth!

  • That’s so sweet! Did you ever get excited when you lost your teeth? I remember being just as excited as her. But like you, I’m not sure what the excitement was for. I love that she cleaned it! Xx

  • Gemma says:

    Oh bless Mads! Izzie’s came out quite early, and now we are at the stage of ‘tombstone’ teeth – all my photos look so funny at the moment as she can’t work out how to smile with her new big teeth. I keep them all in a kinder egg thing with her name on. xx

  • Emma says:

    Awww, congratulations to your little lady. The first tooth loss is such a big deal!

  • This is so sweet, there is something quite exciting for children about losing their teeth. My son has lost about 5 now and still gets excited when he feels one loose. He actually lost his first one while I was away for the weekend and I shed a little tear that I’d missed the occasion, is that a bit sad?!
    Gorgeous photos of a lovely milestone x

  • Oh bless her it’s such a big thing for her and for you! As she gets excited about growing up mummy feels sad! I’m not looking forward to these moments-it’s school this year and that seems scary enough. She’s so gorgeous x

  • Ah bless, what a sweet post! She is becoming wuch a big girl 🙂 I remember it was such a big deal as a kid for your teeth to fall out. At nursery they used to put teeth that fell out in a pretty sellotape bag with ribbons and I always wished my tooth to fall out at nursery. Alas, they never did 😀

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