{The Ordinary Moments} #13 ‘Double Buggy Fun


When I was pregnant with LL, we wondered whether we would benefit from a double buggy.  Mads was twenty six months when LL came along and we didn’t know if we would get the use out of it.  It turns out that it has been a godsend to us.

I love walking with my girls.  We live on the very outskirts of our little town and it takes about twenty five minutes to walk in, so we often bundle up in the buggy and walk in to go for a cake date, a mooch round the shops or to meet friends.  When LL was a newborn she faced me in the car seat but from six months she has been sat facing the same way as Mads.

I love their little buggy chatter.  Mads rarely wears her straps any more as she is a good girl and knows not to get out while the buggy is moving.  As such she constantly leans over and strokes LL’s ear, or plays peek a boo with her- LL giggles non stop at her.  We always have such good conversations while we are in the buggy, we walk along and play i-spy, or chat about what we have been doing.  Mads isn’t distracted by anything else and I get her full attention.

Whenever we go out shopping, we always get a lot of attention for having the double buggy, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  It can be hard to manouvre round certain shops, and occasionally it can be stressful if the shops are really busy.  But for the most part, we get a lot of people saying that I must have my hands full, or commenting on how cute the girls are together.

This particular phone photo was taken last week when we went out for the day with my little sister.  My sister’s days off work are on a Thursday and Friday, which means that we often see her on one of those days. She is the most wonderful Auntie, and both my girls adore her.  We went shopping into Cambridge for the day, and Mads and LL were really good.

Now LL is getting older, the age gap between them doesn’t seem as big as it was when she was a newborn.  They really are so interactive with each other, and as cheesy as it sounds Mads tells me about ten times a day that LL is her best friend.  I keep getting glimpses of what the future is going to be like with these cheeky two.

No more so than when they chatter and giggle non stop as they sit next to each other in their buggy.

It’s an ordinary moment.

But I know I will miss it when my babies are too old to be pushed around by me.


  • Lauren says:

    They look so cute and cosy in there. Can you imagine theit little conversations when LL can talk?
    We considered a double like this but the fact that so many shops are crammed with stands etc and that paths can be really narrow and cluttered with bins or people parking put us off xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I dread to think of the chatter that will come out. 😉 And yes it can be hard with the double when walking along but I have cracked it now! 😉

  • sarah says:

    ah thats a cute shot of them together. We have had a variety of double buggies throughout our time and we still use one on the school run but rarely any other time now as my youngest refuses to go in it!!

  • Beautiful picture and post 🙂 Kayleigh is always telling Ethan he’s her best friend – not sure how long it will last but it is cute!

  • Cake dates are the best. I took my bois shopping yesterday and a few times I wished I still had a buggy…fair to say Alf is not a shopper!!

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Awe they look so adorable in that buggy together and more than that the connection they have is so lovely. I hope they grow up always being that close to each other.

  • Carie says:

    Aww! They’re so sweet together! We didn’t double up our buggy when Elma arrived, if we need to push Kitty we tend to carry Elma in the sling but we live in a little village so everywhere’s walking distance. It’s so sweet that they can sit and chat with each other, I know my two love babbling across their car seats!

  • It must be amazing to see them growing closer as they get older and so sweet that they giggle together when they are in the buggy. So much fun to come with them both. Poor Lucas is being ejected from our buggy to make way for the twins but I’m hoping he will keep them entertained as they get older xx

  • Katie says:

    Such a cute pic Katie – sounds like the double has definitely worked so well for you and your girls.
    It’s funny reading this as it strikes me how opposite our two are, wonder if it’s a bit of a boy/girl thing or just different personalities?!
    We didn’t bother with a double as F has pretty much hated the buggy since he could walk. We do have a buggy board though which he will go on if we are doing a longer walk – i am jealous though and would appreciate if i could strap him down at times lol x

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      haha, yes I do think ours are so different as well. Could be a boy/girl thing or just completely different personalities. x

  • My Two Mums says:

    I bet it is soooo cute listening to them interact. We have talked about when we’d have the next baby and I often wonder if they will be in a double buggy.

  • Fritha says:

    that’s so sweet! you know I haven’t felt broody at all in the past 20 months but the other day I suddenly felt broody, not for a baby but for Wilf to have a sibling. I love the idea of him having such a close relationship. xx

  • these two are the swetest little girls ever!

  • Love seeing pics of your two girls together. I really wanted a double buggy but as the age gap ended up being just over 3 years we didn’t need on in the end. xx

  • Caroline says:

    My two are 30 months apart but I was very keen to avoid having a double buggy, seeing people struggle with them put me off so I’m glad that others help you out when you need it. We had a buggy board and Brodie loved talking to and checking on his baby sister and even now he will run forward in front of the buggy to give her a leaf or stone or check she is ok.
    As they get older the gap between them will shrink I’m sure – my two are thick as thieves. If only I could convince them that shopping is fun:)

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      I can’t wait to see what they are like when they are older, I hope they will always be as close as they are now. x

  • That is such a gorgeous photo of your girls. And so lovely they entertain one another with lots of laughter x

  • Kara says:

    I love this picture, they look alike here, they both have Mummies beautiful eyes.
    We are so in need of a double buggy so I agree to it being a godsend, Addison can walk about but not always a long way and not all day, I can’t wait for them to be side by side as Addison is finally starting to accept Deacon is not going anywhere xx

  • I wouldn’t be without my double buggy. It’s an absolute godsend when I’m on my own and out and about. And my favourite thing about it is when we put the raincover on, and for some reason my two seem to find this hilarious. It’s like they are in their own den or something and they just giggle. x

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Ours is a definite god send, and it is lovely pushing them around together. I will miss it when it stops. x

  • how lovely, we love buggy chatter although I have just the one and its usually me going look at the dog or bird, but then get get my son from school and she spends the whole time talking to him lol

  • They are so cute together xx

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