{The Ordinary Moments 14} #17 ‘I scream You scream We all Scream for Ice Cream.’

Every afternoon after Mads and LL wake up from their naps we have what we call a ‘naughty treat’.  Most of the time this is something relatively mediocre, like a Rich Tea or a Ginger nut.  Occasionally we might be flash and share a bit of chocolate or a packet of yoghurt coated raisins.  We snuggle together on the sofa, both of them are both a little groggy and sleepy still and we watch a film or some television.

At the weekends though our little routines change somewhat.  Having Mr E home from work just makes things easier, more laid back and of course more fun.  While I love having weekends where we are busy seeing friends or family, or going away on day trips, I can honestly say that the weekends that I enjoy the most are the ones where we just relax.  When I say relaxed, it is never particularly relaxing with two small children, but I enjoy the times when we don’t have any plans in the diary.

This past weekend was no exception.  We have a very busy couple of months coming up and from next week onwards we have got plans most weekends.  This week has been a little hectic as we have had decorators in painting most of our house so I spent the majority of Saturday having a massively over due Spring clean.  I cleaned out every cupboard you can think of, decluttered every room and sorted out miscellaneous items into storage boxes.  We went out shopping and bought some finishing touches to our newly decorated bedroom and just generally had a big sort out.

It wasn’t exactly thrilling excitement for Mads and LL, but they were such good girls as we sorted and dragged them from shop to shop.  Therefore as a little treat, we decided on a slightly out of the ordinary after nap snack.  Ice Cream!  If there is one thing that will challenge my willpower, then it’s ice cream.  I cannot get enough of it and it seems my girls feel the same way if their little faces were anything to go by.  Normally I am very boring and only eat Vanilla (that and Cookie Dough are by far the best flavours) but as I am a super accomodating Mummy I let Mads choose and she chose Neopolitan.

It was definitely a nice treat after a productive day.









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