{The Ordinary Moments 14} #21 ‘While You Were Sleeping…’

Every night when myself and Mr E go to bed, we check on our sleeping beauties like most parents do I am sure.  I always go into LL’s room first, pausing for a second and listening to her breathing, the peaceful rhythm of deep sleep.  I stroke her head and run my fingers through the soft wisps of her hair.  Then it’s into Mads room, where we turn off the mushroom lights that help send her off to the land of nod.  She is usually cuddling some sort of creature, her unruly curls splayed out around her on the pillow.  I lean down to kiss her as she is easier to reach than LL, before leaving the door ajar and whispering ‘Night Night’.

There’s something really magical about sleeping babies, not least because it’s a chance for you to unwind and have a break after a busy day.  Watching them in a deep slumber- so peaceful and still, their little chests rising and falling, it’s a part of parenthood that I wish I could bottle up sometimes.  I often yearn to wake them up and scoop them in my arms for a cuddle, but of course I don’t.  Just for a small moment each evening I get that huge rush of love, of feeling acutely aware of what a gift they are and of how lucky I am to be their Mummy.

But the reality is, it’s just a couple of seconds of what has become part of our night time routine.  Last Thursday I had to take Mr E to an appointment and so therefore I had to wake up the girls from their afternoon nap.  I realise how lucky I am that they nap at the same time and that Mads still naps at all at three, but also I am pretty strict with making sure that unless we are doing something really exciting they both go upstairs to nap every day.

They were both fast asleep and neither were in any hurry to be roused.  As I was gently trying to wake Mads up, I paused for a second and just observed her.  That overwhelming sense of love came back and I just had to sit down on the chair next to her bed and watch her for a couple of minutes.  She has been changing and growing so quickly recently and we see glimmers of the little person she is becoming, a person who has the world to explore and learn about.  But lying there asleep cuddling one of her toys, she looked so little still.  Those beautiful curls, that little button nose and those deliciously long eyelashes.  I felt this smitten feeling wash over me- that even though we can have testing times, I am so lucky that she is mine.

I should definitely take a few minutes every now and again to watch them both, just for that little bit longer.

sleeping mads may 14

 On another note, bar ‘Rabbit’ who sits on the chair in Mads room, I don’t remember that many of the cuddly toys from my childhood.  I remember having lots but the memories have grown hazier over time.  Therefore I thought I would take a couple of photos of the ‘privileged’ few who get to share her bed.

One day a long time in the future when a few of them will be in the loft, some may have new found friends to cuddle them after a mass clear out to the charity shop, or the most special may even have pride of place in her own home, I hope that we will look back at these photos and smile and remember the tales of her most favourite friends and of the many little snippets of memories we have of this amazing period of our lives.





  • Lina says:

    My ordinary moments post from this week is about a sleeping little one too! Those sleeping moments are just so special aren’t they! Thanks for this linky, I love how it makes me think about the really special ordinary moments in my week and really appreciate them for what they are. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

  • I love watching the girls sleep! There is something so precious about just stopping and savouring that moment of still. They are growing up so quickly, and watching them sleep is an opportunity to press the pause button on a childhood that all too often seems to be set to fast forward!

  • Emily says:

    What a beautiful post Katie. I love readying this. What a gift to be a mumma!

  • Love this. When I was in chicago, there was one night when H had passed out early before we could skype so the Hub took the phone into his room so I could see him sleep instead. It was wonderful but made me rather teary.

    I think there’s something about them sleeping that makes you forgive any behaviour that happened during the day. It’s the time I’m most reminded how little he still is, despite how much he seems to grow each day xxx

  • I love watching my kids sleep, sienna still co sleeps with us so often I find myself staring at her. So lovely that you have this as a memory.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Aw this is why I do miss the co sleeping that we did with LL, that must be a lovely feeling. x

  • Michelle says:

    Beautiful post! I love going into the girls to check on them. Just watching on with pride. They look so peaceful getting all there energy ready for the day ahead 🙂 x

  • Anna says:

    This is lovely and really resonated with me as my big girl is sleeping right now in a bed with the same duvet cover and Kinder bunny is one of her current favourites too! He’ll never squeeze her beloved dolly out of her affections though 🙂

    It is the moments of peace among the chaos that often make me reflect on how lucky I am to be a mum to two lovely girls. Might have to go peek on them now…

  • Jenny says:

    You can’t beat those few moments while they sleep and we get to soak up all the love and greatest of being their parent and being the ones to be able to witness these sleeping beauties in all their innocence at these moments. I am the same half attempted to scoop them up for a cuddle but for their sake and mine I don’t. Hard not to though. What a lovely time to share for your ordinary moments. Love it as always. Thanks for hosting.

  • Anna-Marie says:

    Gorgeous picture! I love sleepy baby photos, they are so innocent and look so peaceful xx

  • Leilani says:

    Such a sleeping beauty! I also often sometimes get overwhelmed with the feeling of “these little kids are mine”. Its a wonderful feeling. Makes up for all the frustrating, hair pulling moments.

  • Polly says:

    There really is something so precious about sleeping babies, so peaceful and innocent. Great post xx

  • Carie says:

    There is just something very special about sleeping little ones isn’t there – I think it must be the way that they relax so deeply into sleep – they have total trust that we’re keeping them safe and watching over them even if they don’t quite know it. And I love that you’ve taken pictures of her favourite teddies – that’s so sweet!

  • Lovely, great minds think alike as I linked up a similar post last week. It is so lovely and magical watching them sleep x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It really is wonderful isn’t it? Nothing better than to watch them having a little snooze. x

  • Ritz says:

    I love watching my babies sleep too…something about their peaceful look and breathing makes me all warm and fuzzy xx

  • sleeping moments are the best. i know exactly what you mean about feeling blessed and that overwhelming love its like a and actually pain in my heart its that strong at times x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It is a painful love almost isn’t it? A strange feeling to describe to anyone who isn’t a Mum. x

  • Sarah says:

    Oh Katie, you always write about your Ordinary Moments so beautifully. I never go and check on Toby because I’m scared of waking him up! The only time I get to see him sleeping now is in the car – still so sweet though.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It is lovely, I miss the days where both of mine used to sleep on me, those days have gone by so quickly. x

  • That urge to lift them up for sleepy cuddles is strong isn’t it! The last thing I do every night is pop round all the birds, make sure they’re all tucked in and safe. By far the best part of my day. Beautiful post! All linked up again, thanks for hosting xx

  • Karen says:

    I love seeing my girls sleep too. It’s very special. Although it’s only Daisy who naps these days. I managed to keep Rosie’s going until she was 31/2 before she started resisting it, going upstairs but not sleeping and just disturbing Daisy instead. Love how you’ve captured her teddies too, very sweet xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Karen, and I reckon Mads will soon be on the way out, she is 3.5 now too and is getting to the stage where she isn’t keen. Although that said she is up there snoozing as I write this. x

  • My Two Mums says:

    I love to watch M sleep, especially in the morning if he’s been brought into our bed during the night. C and M look exactly the same when asleep and I love it.

  • katie says:

    Precious Katie! I have a post half drafted on this for ages which i must finish off.
    I loves Mad’s care bear too – i still have pretty much all of my cuddlies from when i was little and they are distributed between my boys bedrooms now (mostly they are rabbits!) x

  • Ahhh I love checking in on my two before I got to bed, it always fills me with love and makes me forget all the stress of the day. I still have to check their breathing too, it’s so obsessive but I can’t not do it! x

  • Beautiful post Katie, there’s something very precious about sleeping babies and i can’t go to bed at night without checking on the boys first and watching them for a while! xxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Definitely Vikki, it’s a lovely peaceful time to just sit and observe them occasionally. x

  • Eilidh says:

    This is such a beautiful post – thank you for sharing moments like these with us. x

  • Cheenu Lott says:

    Very touching post, Katie ! Your post made me remind of my childhood days when my mom used to come to my room after I fell asleep. Now, I am away from them, working in some another country. I really miss them.

  • What a truly beautiful picture, the older my children get the more time I seem to spend watching them sleep! I love how she cuddles her soft toys, she looks so peaceful x

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