{The Ordinary Moments 14} #23 ‘First Shoes’

It’s funny what makes you emotional as a parent.  As I sit writing this, the girls are in bed having their afternoon nap.  I was trying to locate one of my old posts- this one about when we bought Mads first shoes.  It was only just over two years ago but it feels like an eternity has passed.  I am sat here on the sofa and for a brief second I felt like bursting into tears.

Motherhood is so bittersweet, there’s that saying ‘The days are long but the years are short’ and that couldn’t be more apt.  Sometimes I find myself staring at the clock, willing it to be seven so I can put the girls to bed and just have a bit of time to myself.  Sometimes I realise it’s only nine thirty in the morning but it feels like it should be lunchtime.  But then I look back at a photo of my now three year old in her first tiny shoes and I realise that I hardly remember the way she was then.

Of course, I have those memories stored in my head, hundreds of photos capturing those moments I don’t ever want to forget, this blog with it’s stories and snippets of our family life, but it all gets a bit hazier with time.

To me, them growing up so quickly brings such a strange mixture of emotions to the surface.  I feel like we are constantly saying goodbye to things- goodbye to them sleeping in our room, goodbye to their first year, goodbye to breastfeeding.  With each new milestone- first smiles, first steps, first day’s at nursery, there is a stark reminder that we won’t get these moments back.  That we won’t get to feel those amazing feelings again.

Occasionally I will notice things I didn’t notice before, like how Mads can suddenly pronounce biscuit correctly instead of saying ‘bicit’, or how she no longer needs me to fast forward the bit on Shrek that makes her get scared.  Or how LL’s hair now reaches the bottom of her neck, or that she no longer cries if she doesn’t get her milk right.this.second after she wakes up in the morning.  Just little things, signifying that our girls are changing, growing and leaving different stages behind.

Last Tuesday we went with my Mum and Grandma to get LL’s first pair of shoes.  While not walking unaided yet, she is getting more confident every day and therefore we thought it was time.  Great Grandma bought Mads first shoes so it was only right that she do the same for LL.   And watching my smallest daughter holding hands with my Mum and walking round the shoe shop, giggling and laughing because she was just so damn proud of herself, made me feel a strange mixture of happiness and sadness.

Happiness as I get to witness her on a new journey.  Those first steps are such an incredible time, bringing with them a whole new world of discovery and adventure.  Yet a twinge of sadness because she’s walking straight out of babyhood and becoming a little person, just like her big sister before her.  While I relish these milestones and new experiences, it’s so bittersweet that we have to say goodbye to the previous ones.

She’s still not entirely ready to let go of our hands yet and start walking on her own.  She is so nearly there, but she just needs the reassurance that someone is there for her, steadying her in case she is about to take a tumble.

And I guess that’s the thing about motherhood.  It’s about letting them go, just that little bit more with each milestone we pass on this crazy journey together.

 But it’s about letting them know that we will always be there to catch them if they fall.

LLs first shoes


  • This is lovely and it is so true about those emotional moments. This constant mix of pride but sadness as they get older. Really adore this post. LL’s shoes are gorgeous too xx

  • Carie says:

    Oh bless her she’s getting so big, and looks so very proud of her first shoes. I know what you mean about getting a bit hazy about when exactly the big girls did xyz – definitely a good reason for keeping writing a blog if ever I heard one! It’s strange how easily we get caught up in the right now stage that we can half forget the stages we swore we’re the cutest ever and never to be forgotten – or perhaps I’m just getting old!

  • Emily says:

    You’re so right! There are so many ‘Good Bye’ milestones aren’t there, it can be so overwhelming when you think about it. On the plus side, there are so many wonderful ‘Hello’ milestones to look forward too! Running, skipping and jumping in those gorgeous new shoes for example!

  • We got first shoes last week too for my 13 month old. It is something special to remember, those first shoes and first steps. Xxx

  • Lauren says:

    Those shoes are sooo cute and pretty.
    I think it’s really sweet how your grandma bought them both their first pair of shoes, little things like that are so special. And I love that she is in the photo with LL too xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It really means a lot to me that my Grandma bought both the girls their first shoes, it will be something to tell them when they are older. It means so much to me. x

  • Well first if all, those first shoes are beautiful!! Secondly I (and probably every other mum in the world, ever) is right with you on this!! I love the little bit at the end of that’s what being a mum is about I think you’re right, as heartbreaking for us as that is!) x

  • katy says:

    I know so many people who have cried when their child gets their first pair of shoes. Time goes by so so quickly and before you know it your baby is not that little newborn! I seem to be more emotional second time round as I know how quickly it all passed by the first time!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I think I agree with you, I was emotional the first time but I am even more emotional the second time round. x

  • Lina says:

    Aw I love buying their first shoes. How sweet that great grandma bought them too – a really special moment. Sounds like she’ll be off and running in no time!

  • Jenny says:

    Ahhh bless, I love Clarks when they do the first shoes. I didn’t know they did this when I had Buba but I am doing it with Missy Moo and she has the same shoes too. Great minds think alike. What a great moment to capture Katie. LL is so gorgeous!!!! Love her, look at that smile. So very proud of her new shoes. #ordinarymoment

  • Karen says:

    Oh golly gosh, this made me cry. It is just so, so true. They are babies for such a short, short time really. Any yet, through that first year I remember willing them to the next milestone – sitting up, crawling, walking etc….now I’m wishing the milestone would slow down. Lovely post about a wonderfully ordinary, yet truly extraordinary moment – learning to walk 🙂 x

  • Karen says:

    Oh golly gosh, this made me cry. It is just so, so true. They are babies for such a short, short time really. Any yet, through that first year I remember willing them to the next milestone – sitting up, crawling, walking etc….now I’m wishing the milestone would slow down. Lovely post about a wonderfully ordinary, yet truly extraordinary moment – learning to walk 🙂 x

  • Nicola says:

    Awwww, I still find it hard to believe that LL is big enough to be able to have first shoes. Crazy! X

  • Sometimes I think I’ll burst into tears if I dwell on the goodbye moments too much. Ava starts at Nursery school in September and I just can’t believe she’s that big. It IS bittersweet, so I’m trying to focus on the sweet, not the bitter. Every new milestone is an exciting new stage. A different stage, but no less wonderful than the one before!

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Awww, wee shoes. So cute. They grow so fast. x

  • Aww Yasmin got her first pair this week and suddenly she has changed forma baby to a little girl – with hair you can put in bunches and everything! I think as long as we capture this precious firsts in our hearts we will have them forever, no matter how old our little ones get. Lush post xx

  • Emma says:

    This is my first time linking up to The Ordinary Moments, I love this post and can identify so much with everything you’re saying. Summer has the same shoes as LL, they’re so sweet 🙂 xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      They are lovely aren’t they? We chose cream cause they went with everything although they had some great little dotty ones too.x

  • Michelle says:

    She is adorable and I love her first shoes. I found Isabelle’s first shoes from Clarks the other day. Just looking at them thinking how did her feet used to be so small. She will be walking before you know it, bless her x

  • Katrina says:

    I could feel your emotion radiating from this post & I’m totally with you! I can experience the entire scale of emotions within one day. You’ve hit the nail on the head with motherhood being bittersweet. Such a sweet post Katie xx

  • Hayley says:

    How adorable! And the shoes….so sweet!
    We got our first shoes from Clarks last week too, I loved the whole experience xx

  • ‘The days are long,, but the years are short’, that is sooo true! Parenting is a constant mix of sadness and joy. With every milestone you feel such elation, but then you are aware that stage has passed forever xx

  • Karen says:

    Aaahhh first shoes. So grown up! They are very sweet. I was only looking at some pictures of the girls 2 years ago and thinking I can barely remember how they were then. The years are just whizzing by. Where have our babies gone? X

  • Love this post all so true, such a sweet tradition. Its sad yet happy time, before you know it they are grown up. I remember my 7 year saying bisgetti instead of spaghetti! Its great you have this space to document it all. 🙂

  • Ritz says:

    You know, your beautiful words and photos always make me all fuzzy and give me a lump in my throat…your words are perfect always and i just reading the post as i nod my head in agreement with each word you share …love this beautiful post xx

  • Kara says:

    Cute little shoes for a cute girl, I need to get Deacon some as he is trying to walk everywhere but he has the tiniest little feet lol x

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