{The Ordinary Moments 14} #37 ‘Crazy Cat Woman.’

We welcomed two new babies into our family this week, this time of the fur baby variety.  We had been thinking about getting some kittens for a while, and when we saw this particular litter on an online advert we were sold.

If I am perfectly honest I have never really been a cat person.  I love dogs, having grown up with family dogs all my life, but cats have always freaked me out a little, most probably due to a serious confrontation with my Uncle’s terrifying cat ‘Chester’ when I was small.  He quite possibly was the scariest thing that ever lived.  (RIP Chester)  However Mr E has always grown up with cats, so kept telling me they made wonderful pets, therefore we got a little cat a couple of years before the girl’s were born.  Unfortunately we didn’t research his breed properly and that little cat became a bloody huge, hairy beast who also didn’t go outside.  We kept finding him inside Mads cot and felt it was unfair to shut a house cat out of all the rooms that he used to relax in, so in the end we made the decision to rehome him.

Fast forward a few years and last Sunday we picked up our new kittens Walt and Jesse from a home about an hour away from us.  It’s not a decision we entered into lightly, especially because we go away quite a lot, but we felt that our girls would love the opportunity to grow up with pets.  Indeed Mads is absolutely besotted with them and hasn’t left their side since they arrived home with us.

So far our time as feline parents has gone ok, they are very timid, partly due to the breeder not handling them much I don’t think, so we are working on gaining their trust and love.  I must admit, I am probably the biggest clean freak ever, so I am concerned about them attacking my furniture, but I am just hoping that they will grow out of their scatty stage eventually.  Already they are climbing and scratching, but we are making sure we watch them and tell them off if they do anything naughty.  In fact we have already nicknamed them the ‘crazy meth heads.’ (anyone who hasn’t watched Breaking Bad will probably not get their names or that reference!)

I’m not about to become a crazy cat lady and post hundreds of photos of them all over my blog and social media (bar a few, after all they are just so cute- #kittenspam!) but it’s a big deal to our little family to have these new little arrivals.  Here’s hoping that they will become a very ordinary part of our family for many happy years to come…

(unless they scratch my wallpaper or my sofas in which case there’s a dual carriageway not too far from our house.)

(That was obviously a joke.)

(Kind of.)

2 kittens

Our new arrivals.

2 kittens a


 2 kittens b



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