{The Ordinary Moments 14} #40 Halloween Cupcakes.

 I have said many a time before that while I love to go and have adventures with my little family, we all seem to thrive more on the quieter side of life.  Our life is so busy and so hectic, at the moment we are both so busy with work, and all the demands that having two young children and two new kittens brings.  We wouldn’t change it but we both have been feeling pretty exhausted recently.

This weekend we literally had nothing planned the whole weekend, not even a ‘just having to nip here’ or ‘just this little job’ to do.  Even our normal quiet weekend routine of going to do the food shop was off the cards as I went with LL the previous day.  To say we were looking forward to a quiet one is an understatement.

Of course next Friday is Halloween.  We don’t usually go to town on Halloween, in fact we don’t really like trick or treaters, but we usually dress the girls up and go to a party organised by one of our friends.  However we are away for it next week so we decided that this weekend we would do a spot of baking, of the spooky variety!  I have mentioned before that I am not the best in the kitchen, but I thought it would be a fun activity to do together.

halloween cupcakes

It’s quite a blurry photo as it was a gloomy day and this was taken on my phone, but I just love this photo of my girls ‘helping’ to decorate the cakes.  It’s the first time that LL has actually participated in the event, and she loved being up on the chair like her sister.  And loved licking the bowl even more! It sounds a little silly, but this photo sums up what I thought about having two children, those simple, everyday moments that I remember having when I was little.  I can clearly remember helping my Grandma bake and they are such fond memories.

halloween cupcakes 1

halloween cupcakes 3

halloween cupcakes 2

Here are our finished creations.  We aren’t going to be becoming a food blog any time soon but we had a lot of fun making our little cakes.  When I see the girls enjoying such ordinary activities, it makes me realise that we should do them more often.  After we had finished decorating, we brought our picnic blanket in from the garage and had an ‘indoor picnic’.  This is something we do quite regularly but for some reason they love doing it.

It’s really lovely to see the magic and happiness in their faces doing the most simple things.  And it is exactly why I started my Ordinary Moments project.  To treasure and remember the day to day things that I would otherwise forget.


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