{The Ordinary Moments 15} #14 ‘Mr E’

On Good Friday morning myself and the girls went to soft play with some friends while Mr E did a bit of work that he had to do.  While we there we were chatting about our weekend plans, when I suddenly realised that the long weekend would be a perfect time for Mr E and I to go out on a ‘date night’- we were long overdue one and with not many plans for the weekend it seemed a great idea.  One quick call later and we found out our ‘babysitters’ were free.

We rarely take advantage of the fact that all my family live nearby.  Considering my girls are so close to my Mum they have only ever stayed over at her house once in the whole four years that we have been parents, and they have only stayed at my Dad’s twice.  This is in part us not wanting to worry anyone and also in part the fact that we are happy to take our girls away with us and have adventures as a family.  Coupled with that my sister is always around to take the girls off our hands for a few hours too.

For the first couple of years of Mads life, and indeed pretty much until last year, I could seriously count on one hand the amount of nights out we had been out just the two of us.  A lot of it was due to being pregnant, saving money, breastfeeding or the fact that we are always pretty busy going away or seeing friends or family.    But the last few months I would say we have started trying to go out more, even if it’s just out for dinner or the cinema.  I still wouldn’t even say it’s once a month but it’s definitely more regular than it was.

A few years ago I actually sat and wrote down what I called  ‘My Little Love Story’– it was a series of posts about how I met Mr E and the start of our relationship.  It actually makes me really cringe reading it back, it’s really soppy and a bit OTT, but the sentiment is still there.  Even after all these years I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have my husband.  Our relationship has changed a lot over the years, of course having children will do that to you, but he still is my best friend and that is one of the most important things I think.

He used to be my favourite person to go out with.  We would of course go out with friends, but we would also go out just the two of us all the time and drink for hours.  Nowadays my hangovers last a lot longer and to be honest I don’t really go what we call ‘out out’ (when did I get so old?!) and have a few drinks all that much anymore, especially not with him, but when we were younger with no responsibilities, we would go out most evenings.  I have such fond memories of that period in our lives, and some such funny stories to tell.

Nowadays on our ‘date nights’ we usually go for a meal and then to the cinema, but there wasn’t anything on that we wanted to see on Friday, so we decided instead to go for a meal and a few drinks- something we haven’t done in absolutely ages.  We live on the outskirts of our town and it’s not exactly the most exciting place to go out in, but we visited a couple of the pubs and bars after our dinner.

We laughed all night long and I drank more than I have in ages, but above all it was just a really nice evening.  At the end of the night we decided it would be a good idea to walk home, which is a couple of miles, and on the way we discussed so many different things.  We are both at a really exciting point in our lives at the moment having just started working together, and it was great to have one of those deep and meaningful, and slightly silly chats that you only do when you have had too much to drink.  Of course we laugh and chat every day, but there’s something about a good drunken evening that reinforces just how much fun you can have together.

At the start of the night we took this photo and it’s one of my new favourites- we rarely have photos of just the two of us anymore, inevitably there is usually a small person in the frame somewhere, but I really like this one and it’s now in the ‘privileged’ position of being my new phone screensaver.  I love that after all these years, I still get butterflies in my tummy when I go out with Mr E, and I love that he still can literally make me cry with laughter all night long.  I don’t want to get too sentimental or soppy, but I really am so very lucky to have him.  Day to day life isn’t always sunshine and happiness- it can be stressful, we can argue and I know I can take him for granted sometimes, but I really am glad that my most ‘ordinary moments’ are with him.



  • Carie says:

    I think that’s wonderful – it’s not soppy or sentimental, it’s love. I still count on the fingers of one had the times H and I have been out since the children – we went to the cinema twice when I was on mat leave expecting Elma by dint of leaving Kitty in nursery and once we were at H’s parents on our wedding anniversary and the girls made us a table for two in the dining room while they ate in the kitchen which was very sweet but possibly doesn’t count. But we have the random conversations too – just usually after the children have gone to bed and the cider has been poured! It sounds like you and Mr E have a very good thing going, which given you’re working together is probably a very very good thing! Have a lovely weekend and a very Happy Easter!

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      What a lovely comment Carie- the random conversations after a couple of ciders sound perfect to me! xx

  • Oh this is lovely. I feel very similarly about my hub. We do try and go out regularly, the idea is once a month but doesn’t quite happen like that! You’ve reminded me to book our next one in xx

  • Alice says:

    I love date night – it’s really important to us. You look like you had a lovely evening…hope the hangover has gone!!!

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    It feels so good on d you get out doesn’t it? Well done on getting it sorted and the pic looks really lovely. I’m just trying to think the last time we went out as a couple and I just can’t remember! Hmm, best plan!

  • What a lovely post!!! We haven’t had a date night in forever, in fact I don’t think we’ve had one since we were in the UK this summer! But our lovely friends have given me an early birthday present and are sending us to the new tapas bar here (check out Seychelles getting trendy!!) and are going to babysit for us this Wednesday we are SO excited! Obviously there will be no drinks for me being pregnant but it will be so nice to have time to just be us!!
    Glad you had a lovely time and it is a really cute picture of you both 🙂 xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I am sure it’s a lot harder in a foreign country to arrange it. And I hope you had a lovely time out- the tapas bar sounds lovely. x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    This is a lovely photo of you both. It’s so nice to be able to get out for a date night every now and again. I think you need it. We had one last night and needless to say I’m suffering a bit myself LOL x

  • Nicola says:

    Perfect post, that sums up our family too. Date nights are few as both babes are normally with us and to be honest we wouldn’t have it any other way. As hubby said the other night in no time at all they will be all grown up so we are cherishing all of these little ordinary moments now and enjoying them together xx

  • Ali says:

    I love date nights! We are really lucky to have my mum here who will babysit whenever we want but we never take her up on it much either! How lovely that you have such an amazing relationship with your hubby still! I definitely have the best ordinary moments with mine too!

  • Anna-Marie says:

    This is lovely Katie.. and I love the photo! Cheeky but cute! x

  • Kerry says:

    Aw love this picture, it’s so nice to ‘reconnect’ and talk and laugh, most days the everyday struggles take that away! x

  • Aww, such a lovely post. We are long overdue a date night, with everything that’s been going on here it seems like forever since we had a night on our own. You’re so right, there are some conversations that you only seems to have when you’ve both had a few drinks! x

  • Jenny says:

    Katie this is truly beautiful. I am such a soft ass I really did almost cry because I feel the same with Mr P and things are taking off for myself and his business as well and I think it’s very similar to you on a different level of course but you know what I mean. It’s beautiful that we can have a loving partner and best friend in our lives journey along the way to share it all with too on top of our beautiful children. I am so glad you made the most of this easter weekend and both got to get out and having drinks and bond together. I am the same as you my kids don’t often leave my side and have never had a sleep over yet but as they get older it’s worth it to be you and Mr E again and get back that little bit of us and not just parents all the time. Love the photo you took. great couple selfie!!! Glad you had your fare share of drinks it’s great to let your hair down. Way to go to both of you. Sometimes spur of the moment date nights are the absolute best!!!!

  • Ali says:

    impromptu dates nights are the best. Sounds like the perfect evening. I’m with you on the hangovers, I just can’t do it anymore!

  • Chantal says:

    Such a lovely photo! I can’t wait to be able to have more date nights as Zach gets older, we’ve managed to have one so far which was great! Have a lovely Easter 🙂 x

  • laura says:

    what a beautiful picture. this reminds me hubby and I are overdue a date night. like you I don’t call for babysitters often. I like spending time with my kids and our alone time usual consists of a DVD and a takeaway when kids are in bed so babysitter isn’t required.

  • This is lovely Katie; it sounds like you have a wonderful relationship built on friendship which is the best kind. Jim and I haven’t managed any kind of date yet since Rosalie was born! Hope you’re having a good weekend xx

  • Emma says:

    Aww, lovely Katie. Rob and I hardly ever go out either, I’m so glad you had such a great time, and that is a lovely photo!

  • Lauren says:

    Oh Katie this is so sweet. I love that photo of the two of you and your relationship sounds so lovely. You are very lucky to have him xx

  • Mary says:

    Gorgeous pic of you both Katie! I love date nights – especially the ones where you can go out! Glad you got to do it and had lots of fun together too. It really is so lovely to just be together having fun…and yes we argue about the most silly things sometimes but being out just the 2 of us with no distractions always puts it all back in perspective x

  • Same here. Hubby and I go out very rarely, but when we do it’s so nice. We got to go to Worcester for the night last weekend and it was lovely to just talk and have a laugh!! Glad you have fun, lovely photo of you both xx

  • It sounds like the perfect evening. My husband and I are long overdue a night out together and that is a beautiful picture of you two. x

  • Tanita says:

    You look beautiful in that photo! it really is something so special when we find Mr Right! The one who keeps us laughing and happy. It is so wonderful to read over here on your blog. Happy Easter to you and your lovely lovely family. Tanita x

  • Donna says:

    It sounds like the perfect evening and the drunken walk home together is definitely the time to have memorable chats. Your life definitely sounds exciting at the moment and I hope the future has many more drinky nights out together in it x

  • Kerry says:

    Such a lovely post Katie. So happy for you and Mr E 🙂 It’s nice to have time as a couple and remember why you go together in the first place. P.s will be back to link up it wont let me for reason tonight xx

  • I LOVE date nights, especially with a few drinks and just chatting non-stop! We’ve never been cinema people for that reason. Would much rather take the opportunity to really chat! Sean is my best friend and I think it’s so special when your husband can be your best mate too! x

  • Ickle Pickle says:

    That’s so lovely! Mummy thinks this only exists in fairy tales! I hope she finds someone like that one day x x

  • Such a fab photo huni. I nearly cried reading this, as I feel the same about my hubby. I am so glad you had a good evening. xx

  • I’m not going to lie … my husband drives me up the wall. But he also makes me laugh more than anyone else. We often come home with tales of ‘I wish you were there because you’d have laughed to when nobody else got the joke’. We’ve been friends since we were 16 so 22 years now. I’ve forgotten what it’s like not to have him in my life. And impromptu date nights and drinks are, like you, few and far between but still so much fun. Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter weekend x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Aw this is so lovely Rachel- I hope we are the same when we have been together as long as you and your husband have. x

  • Al Ferguson says:

    Did my comment show up on here? If not, I apologise – not sure what happened. Sounds like you had a great time. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting.

  • Aw that is such a lovely post and lovley tribute to your Mr E. It’s amazing how much your relationship changes when you become parents isn’t it but lovely when we are able to really make time to be a couple even if it doesn;t happen as often anymore! xx

  • Alex Bump to Baby says:

    Oh Katie, this is such a lovely post. I really loved reading it and finding out about your relationship with Mr E a bit more. I’m one of those people who think it’s so so important to be best friends with your partner and it’s just as important to make time for each other and keep the romance alive. It sounds like you have such a strong relationship. xx

  • What a lovely post! It’s so nice to spend time with your husband and just be yourself, not mummy. It’s nice to remember the time when life was uncomplicated and it was just the two of you. Like you, we do this far less than we should – it was 12 years before we had a night away from the kids and I think we manage 3 or 4 nights out (small nights out like yours) a year together.

  • I am glad you had a fun “date” with hubby. It is hard when children around to have fun and relaxed conversation. Cute photo! Hope you have lots of “date” nights in the future soon. (Sorry linked up late. Away for the weekend with no wi-fi. Horrible 🙂

  • Mummy Fever says:

    Gorgeous picture! Thanks for hosting x

  • What a lovely post Katie. The last time the OH and I did this, we ended up having a row! I’m not quite sure why but we were both incredibly stressed and sometimes, having a glass of wine just exacerbates things. We went out together to the cinema recently and I honestly cannot remember the last time we did that, it was probably before children! So lovely to enjoy things together, just ordinary things. x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Gosh that has been a long time for you then Suzanne- as you say it is so important to enjoy time together isn’t it? Even if it’s at home on the sofa, chatting rather than being on your phone or computer. x

  • Aaaw such a lovely photo of the two of you, and those rare nights when it’s just you and your fella are fab- I always say to Adam that we need to do it more, especially when we do have babysitters available to us. I think when you become a parent it’s easy to put each other to the back of priorities, but when you do spend some decent ‘quality time’ together, it reminds you why you actually wanted to have babies with this person in the first place! x

  • I really love that photo! So lovely you had such a nice evening together. I can count on one hand too, sad really as Mr F is my best friend and yet I never spend time with him. I think I am going to try and organise something just the two of us. xx

  • Natalie says:

    Such a lovely photo of you both katie. Sorry, thought I already commented. My heads all over lately, forgetting lots! We have a very cringe love story too but those are the best kind

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