{The Ordinary Moments 15} #21 A This and That Week…

This past week seems to have flown by, so much so that I am sat here on Saturday evening writing this and I almost need to pause to take a breath and actually register that a whole week has gone by since my last Ordinary Moments post. I really wish the time would slow down a little, as much as I love life being busy and love ticking off the days until we have something to look forward to, like a weekend away or a visit to see friends, I am well aware that with each passing day we are getting closer to a very huge milestone…

This week has been dominated by some huge news for us. Back in April, I nervously waited up until midnight like thousands of other parents across the country to find out about our application to Mads primary school. I knew deep down before I even refreshed the page what the answer would be and upon clicking for the hundredth time I was proved correct- Mads had got into our third place school, our catchment school, which we only really put down because we were told not to waste a place. I am not ashamed to admit I burst into tears and didn’t get to bed until gone 2am. There are lots of reasons why I was disappointed, the school hasn’t got the best reputation, but the main factor was just quite simply that when we went round it we just didn’t really like it. It didn’t feel right for our little girl.

When I am stressed I often act on impulse, it is definitely one of my faults. I am one of those people that act in the heat of the moment, or say something I don’t mean, and then I have to deal with the consequences. After finding out about her application, I was on the phone to our local admissions office at 8am the following day, finding out what the next steps were and what I could do. Mr E told me to try and calm down and give myself time to process it, but that’s unfortunately not something I am particularly good at. By 9.30am we had a couple of visits set up with schools in our area that still had spaces left after the first round of applications.

To cut a long story short we reapplied to three different schools, all of them a little further away, all of them meaning more of a drive, and all of them a bit more of a logistical worry to get to. But all of them having a better ‘feeling’ than our catchment school. On Thursday we found out that Mads got into our second place school in our second round of applications. Again another one of my faults is that I am an impatient so and so, the offer date was Tuesday so I rang up Tuesday morning only to be told by our admissions office that even though the offer date was that day, they couldn’t tell us over the phone until the letter arrived. They weren’t the most helpful on the phone so I ended up ringing the schools and I found out via them that our little girl had got a space.

When I found out, I burst into tears on the phone. It sounds so pathetic, but I am emotional and I do wear my heart on my sleeve. I was and am, just so relieved that my little girl will be going somewhere that we feel will help her thrive. The school is almost six miles away from us, but to be honest we would drive another six, and another six after that in the hope that she will go somewhere best for her. I have no doubt that if she had ended up at her original school she would have been more than happy, but I am excited now that she is where she is. It’s a small to medium sized village school and it looks lovely.

We have since had the letter directly from the school saying that she is in, we know what house she is going to be in (green when she was holding out for blue cause she prefers the colour!)Β and we have a few settling in sessions for her penciled in for July. I can’t believe it’s really happening. Every time I look at her at the moment I almost feel like we are on borrowed time- I really am not ready for her to go but now at least I know that I can wave her off through my tears on her first day and feel comfortable that we made the right decision.

Asides from that huge news it’s been a bit of a ‘this and that’ week. We started off the week having a mini adventure with our besties. We all went to Alton Towers for a couple of days which was great fun, although we definitely didn’t pick the best weather for it- it went from absolutely chucking it down to brief moments of sunshine on and off all day. I still am so thankful to have met Lucy via blogging, our families just get on so well and I know they will be in our lives forever now. It was lovely to see all four of them running around together- they are all getting so big.

Then it was home for a couple of days of work catch up, with the girls doing long days at nursery as we had been away. On Wednesday I was really poorly, I have written before about how I have had tummy problems over the last year or so, but I hadn’t had an episode since January and so I thought perhaps I was feeling better. But frustratingly I was up most of Tuesday night with awful cramps, it’s really worried me as I really don’t want them to come back regularly as they are so painful. Hopefully it was just a one off though as it wasn’t as bad as previous times. I also found out that unfortunately my blog didn’t get through to the next stage of the Brit Mums BIB awards, which I was of course disappointed about, but not in the least bit surprised as the other finalists summed up the category perfectly- outstanding. But I did find out that the travel blog I run with three other wonderful ladies Space In Your Case is through to the finals so that is really exciting.

And other than that it really has been a this and that kind of week. Moments of quiet, mixed with hectic times and now as I write this it is Saturday night, we have Britains Got Talent paused ready to watch, plus a few episodes of The Affair to watch too. We have had a lovely day in Cambridge, and we have absolutely no plans for the next two days which is exactly how I like it.Β This weeks Ordinary Moments post is a little all over the place, as to be honest that’s exactly what my week has been like too.

A This and That week.

{Some iPhone Photos from our Week}


Cable Car riding at Alton Towers.


Sisterly snuggles in our bed.


Have a breather from all the walking round Cambridge on Saturday.


On the way home from Cambridge it was so sunny we had to stop and have a drink on a local pub roof terrace.


  • Emma says:

    I’m so glad you got your school place Katie. What a huge relief for you.

    The weeks are flying by here too, I really do need time to slow down a little.

  • Carie says:

    Oh Katie I am thrilled to hear that Mads has a place at a school you love, that must be such a weight of your mind! And yay for a lovely week just doing ordinary sorts of things!!

  • Aw I am really pleased to hear Mads got into a school you are happier with and I think you’re reaction is nothing to be ashamed of, of course you care and which school she goes to is important! Hope the settling in sessions go well πŸ™‚ x

  • So happy you’ve got Mads into a school you feel much better about. I am the same when it comes to impatience and impulse so completely understand!

    It must be a huge weight off of your minds. Hope you’re having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend xxx

  • Sam says:

    Katie I think your blog stands head and shoulders with all the ‘outstanding’ finalists. And congratulations on getting Mads into a school you have a better feel for! We were so lucky getting our first choice school for JJ last year and he really, really loves it – I’m sure Mads will thrive! X

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah thank you Sam, I definitely didn’t deserve to be in the final 5 when you looked at the ones they chose, but I was pleased and honoured to be nominated. I hope that Mads will thrive as well! x

  • what a rollercoaster week. I was so pleased you got into a school you’re really happy with. It changes how you feel about September doesn’t it? I’m so happy for you all. I searched for your blog and was shocked it didn’t make the finalist list, you had my vote but yeah what an honour to be nominated for such a prestigious category….wuhoo for Space in your case though.. I hope you get to the bottom of what’s wrong with you, make sure you see a GP if you’re concerned. Maybe stress related with the tense week, hope it all goes away now (if it is stress related though not knowing won’t help – get checked out) xxx enjoy the Bank Holiday, hope you and Mr E have given yourself tomorrow off πŸ˜‰

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Ah thanks Alexandra, I was disappointed not to be in the finals but like you say it was an honour just to be nominated, especially when I looked at the other bloggers in my category. We did have a day off over the bank holiday so that was nice! x

  • I’m so happy Mads got into a school you feel better about her going to – I think village schools are lovely and I’m sure she’ll settle right in πŸ™‚ hope you have a lovely bank holiday! xx

  • I am so pleased you have at a school you are happy with , and congratulations on the Bibs for Space in your case. I was a little upset at not getting through for about 10 minutes then realised I had got to the final 10 and do you know what? I am happy with that. xx

  • Oh I know the feeling of acting on impulse, i’m guilty of that too… Thats great news you got the school you wanted after all that. We got our second choice which is a little village school, it is about a 15/20 minute drive (same as the current preschool kind of time really) but we know that its on the better ‘scale’ of schooling. We’re also going to have a meeting about flexi-schooling as this is something we’ve spoken about for a while! Thats so lovely you had a wonderfulday with Lucy & co πŸ™‚

    Well done with your SPYC bibs nominations, I voted and so pleased to see you there! love your website πŸ™‚

    Lovely photos, that roof top pub looks fab, i’d love to visit Cambridge one day in the future xx

  • Alex Gladwin says:

    I can totally understand how you must have felt about the school situation. One of the reasons that we moved house and location (and pay a huge mortgage for it) is because we thought ahead to the day that Ethan (and now his brother) would go to nursery/school. We wanted him to attend a village school so we really stretched ourselves to get the area we live in now. So I can totally understand how you must have felt. xx

  • I feel lik I’ve had an all over the place week too…. and I didn’t have school announcements in the middle of mine. Although I was so nervous for you guys, and then so excited when you found out she got in, that it feels like I went through the whole drama of it all over again, for a child that isn’t even mine. I’m so glad you are all happy with your school now… and tell Mads that I was in the green house at school and that there is a song that goes “Green, green the bestest team, the bestest team you’ve ever seen” so she is DEFINITELY in the right house. x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      We are really happy now and thanks for putting up with me rabbiting on about it. I love the little rhyme about the house, I am going to have to tell Mads that one! x

  • I’m am so, so glad that Mads got into one of the schools you liked and even though it is further away I can imagine you must be thrilled. I know I would hate it if I didn’t like the feeling I got from one of Lucas’ schools, it would be so difficult to send him. I’m sure she will love it! A busy week and I hope you are feeling better now and no more return of the cramps, I started watching The Affair this week and I’m not sure, I can see it’s a good show but the whole thing makes me anxious and uncomfortable! I’ll probably have to watch it through to the end now even though I’m not sure I actually enjoy watching it! xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Hayley, we are so pleased she is in a school that we all feel a bit happier about. It does make me feel a bit anxious and uncomfortable too, we are only on the second episode so I am going to give it a bit more time to see if I get into it. x

  • Kerri-Ann says:

    Despite you feeling all over the place honey this is still a beautifully written post. I’m so pleased you are now happier with your school place. I feel just like you. Completely overwhelmed by the fact that G is fast approaching 4 and going to school. Eek. I hope you’re enjoying your 2 relaxing days x #TheOrdinaryMoments

  • Mary says:

    Sounds like a bitter sweet week Katie! Im So pleased to hear that you found a school thats more fitting, one that you can be happier about – I know that really important; what a shame she didn’t get blue!! She will be a resilient kid with all of these disappointments she’s facing.

    Sorry to hear you didnt get further in the Britmums awards – your blog is fab (but you know that right?) and theres so many other awards and years to acknowledge that fact.

    Enjoy your chilled days ahead and hope you will continue to be better – I so wish for a day of nothing but instead were doing a 24 mile trek ahhhhhhh xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Mary, we are so pleased about Mads school. I was disappointed about the awards, but the other finalists deserve it a lot more than me- truly outstanding so I am ok about it now! x

  • I’m so pleased you got your school place, must be a huge relief. Feels like only yesterday when my little man started school but with Year 2 looming in September, time really does fly just too quickly.

  • I am so the same, when it comes to being impulsive. I just like to get things done and I sometimes wish I’d reflected a little before acting. We also weren’t keen on our catchment school, so we selected two schools which were just out of catchment then a school which is really popular but WAY out of catchment territory. I was really worried we wouldn’t be given any of our three and Harry would be offered our catchment school, but luckily he got on the two nearby schools. I can sympathise how you felt initially, but I’m glad you now have a school you are excited about! πŸ™‚ x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Aw that sounds great that Harry has been given a school you are happy about. I am so nervous for September! x

  • The whole going to school thing is stressing me out too! And we’ve not even had to apply or anything yet. But as John’s a January birthday, we’ll soon need to decide if he starts when he’s 4 or 5 years old. It also doesn’t help that our local schools are mixing up the catchment areas just now too!

    I’m so glad to hear that you got everything sorted with Mads school though. It’s something that might seem quite small to people on the outside but I totally understand how big it can really be. Looking forward to seeing that first school uniform photo!


    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Amy, and good luck with John’s school, I am sure you will make the right decision for him and you as a family. x

  • Rachel says:

    I am so glad you found a school – what a huge relief! I am very impatient and rash t0o, i often make spur of the moment decisions and then regret things later on. I hope you enjoy your no plan days xx

  • Kiran says:

    Oh I am so so pleased she got the place lovely. And I completely agree, it’s worth driving for the school you know she will thrive at. Sad to hear your tummy has been playing up again – really hope it’s not going to be aregular thing again lovely. XX

  • Joy says:

    I read your post about how disappointed you were that she did get in the school of your choice the first time around so I am so happy she got into this one. What will be will be and I think this may all have happened for a reason. Though you may not see it and the distance may not help.

  • Sherry says:

    Sorry to hear your stomach has been playing up again, hope it gets resolved soon. Very happy to hear Mads got a place you wanted. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have been known to cry in the spur of the moment to randoms, it can be so embarrassing sometimes x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thanks Sherry! I have always been emotional and always cried at everything, but I have got SO much worse sine becoming a parent! x

  • Aww honey I am so pleased that she will be somewhere that you feel happier with, that must be a huge relief. I love the bed picture, your girls are adorable xx

  • I am so pleased you got the place at another school you liked. It’s really important that you all feel comfortable and happy and it would have played on your mind! Irdnuary no plans weekends are great-unfortunately that usually means we literally do nothing but a little local day out looks like lots of fun! Could do with a pub garden

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      I am hoping she will thrive there- I am so relieved, it’s not our first place school by any means but we are comfortable and happy with the fact that she will be going! x

  • Kate✚ says:

    Such great news about the school place πŸ™‚ and lovely photos. Hope you’re feeling better soon x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    So pleased you’ve managed to get her in to a school you really like! I’m sure she’ll love it. Gorgeous photos as always x

  • Tanita says:

    That is fantastic news that you are now happy with where mads is going. I am genuinely so pleased for you all. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your bank holiday x

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY I’m so relieved and happy for you. Well done on persisting and so glad she’s got into what sounds like a lovely school. Now for the summer preps to start ey??

  • Jenny says:

    Ahhh so lovely that you got to be with Lucy and the fam at Alton Towers. Bet that was so lovely to catch up. So sorry your AMAZING blog didn’t make it to the Finals this year, I am with you I didn’t make last years finals or this years maybe one day. But that doesn’t mean we are any less darling. Your blog is still absolutely OUTSTANDING to me. But I totally know how you feel. Amazing that Space in your case has made it to the finals so you are there as a team. Such a great blog. Love it. Really really truly happy for you on Mads school situation. I would have drove the next 20 miles every morning I know how you feel on that one too. Ours is about 8 miles away so I can relate each morning to you when we are both driving. But so worth it for our children to be int he best place to thrive (not that they wouldn’t anywhere with parents like us. hahaha Love you darling. Beautiful post.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment Jenny, I was disappointed to not make it to the finals of the BIBS, but you know what it obviously just wasn’t my time. And we are absolutely thrilled about Mads school- we couldn’t be happier! Love you too! x

  • ‘A This and That Week’ sums up most of my life perfectly. Sounds as though you’ve been pretty busy though! Congrats on sorting out the school for Mads. I think us mums instinctively swoop in and try to sort out immediately, it’s in our nature. Don’t beat yourself up, I’m sure she will one day be thankful that you did that for her. Enjoy a long summer with her at home and as a family. x x

  • Kara says:

    Lovely lovely photos, so much fun xx

  • Donna says:

    A this and that week sounds perfect and I’m so glad Mads has a school place you’re happy with x

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