{The Ordinary Moments 15} #27 ‘Sunshine Funtime’

Summer has finally hit the UK and this week we have been lucky enough to have a fair few days of sunshine and heat, which has been the perfect antedote to the post holiday blues. I can honestly say if that we could guarantee the UK would be sunny all Summer long, then there is no where else I would rather be, I love being at home when it’s hot, although every evening I do wish for cold tiled floors and air conditioning.

We have had a really lovely week here. We haven’t done an awful lot, in fact work wise the sunshine has made us pretty unmotivated, but we have had a great week all the same. In fact I took a fair few photos (with my phone) so my ‘Ordinary Moment’ for this week is actually about the whole week in general.

As I write this, it’s Saturday night and I am sat in our garden with Mr E sat next to me reading a magazine. We have a nice little garden, although neither of us are particularly ‘green fingered’ and as such we definitely don’t have it how we want it. It’s our aim for this Summer to really work on the garden and make it a place that we feel proud and relaxed being in. We started work on it today actually, we went out this morning and bought a pressure washer and Mr E spent the majority of the day blasting the patio, it’s come up looking like new. I spent the girl’s nap time re-varnishing our patio furniture, and while it’ certainly doesn’t look like new, it definitely looks a lot better than it did.

I have just finished my book and so I thought I would get the laptop out and write this post quickly. My husband has very kindly made us the most delicious drink, it’s Pimms in a frozen watermelon, and we are just chilling out and enjoying the late evening sunshine. The girls are fast asleep in bed, one of our neighbours is mowing his lawn and I can smell that lovely freshly cut grass smell, and I am sat here thinking just how lucky we are to have our little home.

Here is our week of sunshine in iPhone photos…

IMG 4769

On Tuesday we were working and the weather was just so hot and sunny that we decided we would sneak off to a local pub a few minutes down the road from us for lunch. It was probably a little naughty seeing as we were meant to be working, but I can’t remember the last time we went out for lunch without the girls so it was lovely to get some time to ourselves in the sunshine.

old bridge

Such a pretty view while eating our lunch.

IMG 4783

My best friend, husband, colleague, father to my girlies and the person I laugh with more than anyone. Cheesy but true.

IMG 4784

Getting a spot of sunshine by the river.

little bird playsuits july 15

On Friday we went to meet a few of our friends at the lido in Cambridge. The sun shined all day and we had such a lovely time. We had a picnic, did lots of splashing, playing at the park and there were a fair few ice creams consumed. All the signs of a good day.

lido july 2015

These ladies loved splashing around in the lido, it honestly felt like we were abroad.

IMG 4889

On Saturday we went to Mads new school’s Summer fete. I was a bit nervous before hand, because it is small I thought we would stick out like sore thumbs even though they asked us to go. But it was lovely and everyone was so welcoming, plus we chatted to some parents of children who will be in her class and they all seem really nice. We played hook a duck, yucky dip, (cold spaghetti and beans!) had a bounce on the bouncy castle and ate some BBQ food and cake- it was a great afternoon and I am so, so thankful that it all worked out with her school in the end. We couldn’t be happier about the little community school she is going to attend.

watermelon cocktail

The watermelon cocktail I mentioned above- I knew my husband was a keeper! It’s just frozen watermelon, pimms and lemonade, with lots of strawberries, cucumber, mint and ice. It was delicious.

IMG 4897

On our fifth ‘bowl’ by this point!

All in all it was a lovely sunshiney week of fun. Let’s hope the weather stays like this. There’s nothing better than the UK when the sun is shining!


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