{The Ordinary Moments 15} #39 ‘My Lovely Little Girl.

For a long time on my blog I wrote the girls monthly letters, a way of documenting their milestones, their development and the struggles or fun we had that month. I started these letters way back when Mads was just a bump, and before my blog I used to write them out by hand which I still have for them to look at when they are older.

After a while I decided monthly was a little too much, so I began writing them just when there was a big event like a birthday, or a milestone I wanted to document. Recently I wrote Mads a letter on the day she started school, and looking back I realised that I hadn’t written LL a letter since her second birthday. So much has changed since then and especially at the moment, she really is at the most amazing age, so I wanted to take the time to write a little note to her- to document exactly what she is like now and how she is just the best little addition to our family.


Dearest LL,

I don’t really know where to start with this seriously long overdue letter, so much has changed since your second birthday, but I really feel like I want to write this so we can look back and remember exactly how you are now. At two years and seven months you are no longer the little baby you once were,  instead is a chatty, happy toddler, who brightens our days just that little bit more for having you in them.

The biggest development for you at the moment is that you are now having to get used to not having your big sister around during the day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays when you are at nursery, there is no Mads to spot down the corridor and have a cuddle with. Instead you are in a new room, the youngest in there by far, while she is finding her way at primary school. We have started to come and get you a little earlier as there is no point going home for an hour after Mads gets home from school and so I have started arriving just as you are finishing tea. The other day I stood at the door and watched you, your new room is quite quiet in the afternoons and there were just four of you sat there round the little table with your teachers, eating your dinner quietly and smiling away. As I stood watching you for a few moment, my heart swelled with pride yet I also felt like it was a little bit bittersweet- it’s all just going so quickly and you are growing before our eyes.

Likewise we now have three days a week where it’s just us two. I knew I would relish these days, but I didn’t realise how much. I absolutely adore having you all to myself, you are so easy and when we are in the car together you don’t stop talking and saying ‘Mummy, Mummy’ over and over again. Even though you chatter away when Mads is there, it’s like you find your voice when she isn’t, you know it’s all about you and you are desperate to make sure I am listening. We have started back up doing ballet on a Wednesday morning and you absolutely love it- it genuinely is my favourite time of the week sitting in the back of the room and watching your face light up with joy as you dance and giggle around. You are a pretty good girl anyway, but when you are on your own and not causing mischief with your big sister, I marvel at just how good you are. I rarely have to have even a slight cross word with you and these days together are just wonderful.

It’s not all sweetness and light though. Most of the time you are placid, laid back and happy, enjoying your own company and being a lot more independent than your big sister who needs a lot of attention. But if you get on your bad side, then there definitely is a little madam in there waiting to get out. I think we have only ever given you one time out in the whole time you have been born, but my goodness do you know how to have a tantrum. They are rare but when they do happen you can be a right stroppy thing. You definitely like your own way and I worry that we do give in to you a lot for an easy life- both Daddy, Mads and I often just let you have what you are wanting and we know this isn’t good so we are trying to be firmer with you and not let you rule the roost. Sometimes you are a fantastic sharer, especially with other children, but when it comes to your big sister you like to be the one in control, depending on your mood. You definitely squabble with her a lot nowadays, and she gets the brunt of your temper, but it’s just a sisterly relationship through and through- I can tell in your eyes and the way you seek her approval, copy her like a little parrot and want to be close to her at all times, just how much you love your Mads.

For a while I was getting really worried you weren’t saying much, but the last few months has seen your speech explode. You are now speaking four or five word sentences, trying to say most things and chattering away non stop. You still aren’t as clear in pronunciation as Mads was, but your little voice is so cute, we often joke you sound like you have a slight chinese accent. Our favourite thing to get you to say is ‘Yee Hah Cowboy’ as you sound hilarious when you say it. Your laugh and personality is most definitely infectious. Eating wise, you are a fusspot just like your big sister was (and still is to an extent) but we aren’t too worried as she is slowly starting to grow out of it now so we are hoping you will too. Give you dough balls and a pizza every day and you would be the happiest of girls, but unfortunately we all know that can’t happen!

You sleep really well, still having a nap for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and then happily go to sleep in your big girl bed at night. I was really worried as we put you in bed a lot earlier than Mads, who was still in her cot at nearly three, but you have taken to your bottom bunk bed no problem. We still have a bed guard up for you and you are just like your sister, you have never once tried to get out, with both of you shouting for us if you need us. I love hearing you chattering away together at night time, although you can be a pair of mischievous monkey’s and not go to sleep for ages. Since Mads has started school though you have both been going to sleep a little quicker. I think a lot of the time it’s her that encourages you to be awake and if she ever is asleep in our bed, you definitely lie in a lot later.

Toy wise, Baa Baa is still your favourite, although Woody is competing a lot for your affection and a few times recently you have told me that Baa Baa is staying at home as Woody wants to come out which makes me sad! You are Toy Story crazy, just like your sister, still adore Peppa Pig, and also love anything small and silly- toys that come out of Kinder Eggs being your favourite. You also love lego, again I think generally you are just influenced by what Mads likes, although you also love your kitchen, and could play happily on your own for ages. The iPad is your addiction and we definitely have to monitor your usage otherwise you would watch it all day- it definitely causes the most arguments in our house.

You aren’t showing any signs of wanting to be potty trained yet, which feels weird for us as Mads was fully potty trained a long time before your age now. We aren’t rushing it however, because we have experience as parents now- we know you will get there when you are ready. I would be trying soon, but we have a long flight coming up and I think we will try after that. We try and get the potty out at bath time but you have never even so much as done a wee on there, so I must admit we have got a little lazy with it. It will come in time, we aren’t worried, you are perfect just the way you are.

You are such a character and I want to finish this letter by telling you how much you bring to our family. You are our baby, but you are also the one we all adore- myself, Daddy and Mads. We love to be around you and it seems so quiet if for whatever reason you aren’t there. You are such a range of traits- super laid back yet exceptionally fiery, always smiling with the cheekiest giggle, yet quiet and determined to get what you want. You really are blossoming and coming into your own now, becoming more confident chatting to strangers, (although shy at times too) and happy to voice your opinions. I can’t quite explain what you all do to us, but you have all three of us wrapped round your finger, especially your big sister who is desperate to make you happy. We rarely hear you properly cry, you are just a joy to be around.

I love you so much my little LL,

Mummy couldn’t love you anymore if I tried.  Thank you for being mine.






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