{The Ordinary Moments 15} #4 ‘Baa.’

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  This little girl was happy, smiley and cheerful (most of the time) and so she had lots of friends.

She loved spending time with her friends, playing with them, cuddling them, looking after them, even having sleepovers with a select special few.

But as with all friendships, there was one that was just that tiny little bit more special than the rest.  Everyone needs that one friend- that one that they turn to when they are sad, that one who will wipe away the tears when they are falling down your face.  That one that makes you smile from ear to ear just by coming into the room.  That one that just makes you feel safe when you are feeling unsure.

That little girl was called LL.

And LL had a very special friend called Baa.

baa jan15

baa jan15a

On the day Mads was born, Mr E went home for a little while after visiting times finished.  On his return back to the hospital a little later he brought with him a large present wrapped up with a bow.  Being that Mads was born on Christmas Eve, I didn’t think this was that peculiar.  But it turns out this present was for his newborn baby girl and on the tag there were the words ‘To my Baby Girl.  The first of many presents from your Daddy.’  Of course, being only a few hours old, she needed a little help unwrapping it but it turns out that inside there was a gorgeously soft pink bunny with long ears and a floppy tail.  It made my already hormonal over emotional mind turn into mush and I thought it was so thoughtful and sweet that Mr E had wanted to buy the first present for his little girl.  This pink bunny sat watching her from a shelf as she grew from a baby to a toddler and then when she was old enough he was one of the select few that made it into the sacred place- her bed.

When LL was born, Mr E was there again with a large wrapped present- of course he wanted to do the same for this other daughter.  Inside was another rabbit, this time a cream one, and yet again this rabbit sits on the shelf and keeps an eye on her.  When Mr E bought them, I had visions of these cuddly toys being their chosen ‘special’ ones- just like I had a rabbit that was mine when I was little.

But of course like with anything to do with small people, you can’t predict what they will like and you certainly can’t make them like something.  Although both rabbits are very much loved- they aren’t the ‘chosen one.’  No no, out of all the gorgeous handmade, sentimental and gloriously soft cuddly toys my children have, they both have chosen two really rather ordinary toys as their favourites.  Mads has ‘Pongo’- a 101 Dalmation that my Mum got her last minute one Christmas and popped in her stocking because she had a current obssesion with the film- since then I don’t think we have watched the movie once, but for some reason he is her special one.  She isn’t ridiculously attached to him, but she does always make sure he is in bed at night with her and picks him up and cuddles him as she goes to sleep.

And then there is Baa.  Baa is a small, scruffy sheep that we got free on a large Kinder Egg last Easter.  Of all the stuffed toys that LL has, he for some reason has captured her heart.  But it’s completely different to Mads and Pongo- LL is obsessed with Baa.  If she is tired she shouts for Baa, if she is sad she cries for Baa, if she is scared she looks for Baa.  Baa is her comfort, her companion and is never far from her side.  I didn’t realise just how how much he is there until our recently holiday.  Everywhere we went, Baa came too, and we were constantly panicking about losing him somewhere while we were out and about.  It got me thinking and looking back on photos, it’s scary to see just how much Baa is present, even just in the background.  In fact Baa is pretty well travelled for a cuddly sheep, he’s been out and about on many adventures in the short time he has been with us.

It’s a really lovely thing to witness- the way her eyes light up when you hand him to her at night, the way she offers him to people she trusts for a cuddle as long as you give him straight back, and the way he is somehow just always there, like a fifth member of the family.  It really reminds me of ‘Rabbit’ (original names in this house!) and how much comfort he provided me over the years.  The times he was there when I was poorly and I unfortunately covered him in sick, the times when I sat patiently watching him whirl round the washing machine having a clean, the times I cuddled him when I was somewhere without my Mum and Dad, and even as I got older the times I remember crying into him when I broke up with my first boyfriend at school.

I love watching LL and Baa’s very special friendship and how besotted she is with her best friend.  I just only hope we never lose him!


 Lots of memories with Baa.



  • Carie says:

    Aww bless, it’s lovely that she has a friend that gives her so much comfort. And on the plus side it’s great that Baa is so very portable – Elma’s equivalent is her “blankeeet” which has a tendency to get trailed around after her and then wailed for if we’ve left it at home. Though on the plus side if she looses it I can knit another – are you going to be stocking up on giant kinder eggs this year?

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Lots of my friends little ones have blankets- I wonder what it is about them that makes them so appealing. xx

  • Mummy Says says:

    You’re so right Katie in that you can’t choose what they love, and sometimes the select the funniest things. I’m so touched by your story of Mr E wanting to get the first presents for them though – that’s so sweet. Beautiful photos of LL with Baa. It’s funny, Jasmin doesn’t seem to have formed an attachment with anything yet. Perhaps she is still waiting for ‘the one’! xx

  • This is really lovely. I still have me special teddy, he was a grey teddy my mum won on a tombola but for some reason from a young age it was the special one. I love the photos, you can see the love she has for Baa xx

  • Anna-Marie says:

    Oh Baa looks very much a loved sheep! Moo has a floppy rabbit called flops and its taken everywhere! I dread the day it goes missing!! I would be heartbroken.. Gorgeous pictures Katie x

  • What a gorgeous post, and so lovely to read about LL’s bond with Baa. I’ve noticed on your photos before how much she carries him around- a true little companion! Soft toys are special in our house- Little One has ‘Bobo’ his little Grey Bear, who alhough he doesn’t carry around with him, he can’t get to sleep without him and always takes him to nursery. I have passed on a few of my most special soft toys to him as well and it makes me smile at how he cuddles them and gives them cups of tea from his kitchen. Lovely photos too xx

  • Oh, Baa is adorable! It is funny how they attach themselves to certain toys, and as you say, you can’t predict them either. I find it so sweet when their little friends come out on adventures with us. My son takes a soft toy with him on the school run every day, though the toy varies! Beautiful photos x

  • It’s so lovely, I hadn’t quite realised how many photos Baa has been in!It is beautiful to watch their attachments to their teddies. H has Boo, a little dog and he loves him so much. I washed him for the first time in 2 years recently and he loved how fluffy he went. Beautiful photos xxx

  • Lauren says:

    Oh this is adorable. I’d noticed Baa in your photos before. I always wanted my boys to have something they were attached to, in the same way as LL is with Baa but it never happened xx

  • Triona McKee says:

    That’s the cutest bear! Amelia has a little sheep she takes to bed, I also had a different teddy in the hospital for her, but she preferred the sheep! Your husband sounds like a very thoughtful man xxxx

  • Awww, I love LL and her Baa, they are certainly an inseparable duo. BB never had special toys really, he loved his seahorse as a baby but has always been fine when current special toys aren’t there. But BG has a little collection of bedtime toys that she will not be without, she names them all each bedtime, lines them up, tucks them in and knows immediately if any of that core 5 are missing. I tried in vain to get her gorgeous big fluffy jellycat rabbit to join her gang, but she just won’t have it. She loves it, but she doesn’t need it like she needs the others. And I love that as little as they are they know what they like! x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Their little friendship is so sweet to watch. That sounds so cute about BG and the fact she lines them all up! xx

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    Ahhh its amazing the toys that they choose as their most special and favourite and Baa does look like a very good choice indeed. Z doesn’t have a favourite cuddly toy but my niece has a stuffed giraffe called Buttons that i got for her as a very last minute prezzy. She now has a whole family of them 🙂

  • Cat Culmer says:

    I love this. I was the very same with ‘Bunny’ who I still have. I bought Eli a bunny in the hope he’d be the same, but he’s not fussed at all.

  • Kerry says:

    aww, thats so sweet! Amelia has never really had a favourite soft toy until recently. We bought her a big sister dolly and it goes everywhere with her now. xx

  • Candace says:

    such a sweet little post and some fantastic photos

  • Alice says:

    I love this. I had a comfort blanket that I was so attached to – and both my girls have their special teddy who is the chosen one. I always worry we’d lose it too! x

  • Rebecca U says:

    Your girls are gorgeous. And what a lovely little toy. It is funny seeing what they attach themselves too isn’t it? Thanks for hosting x

  • Hannah miles says:

    one of my kids is inseparable from a cuddly puppet of simon cowell! He goes everywhere with us, even to disneyland!!

  • So so cute I love it!! We also have a one off favourite toy and I’m terrified of losing it!!! I love how they make up their own minds of what their special one will be, despite all our best efforts!! Xx

  • Gorgeous photos, I think the bottom photo is amazing, so cute! I love Baa, gorgeous! I had a blue teddy bear when I was little which my younger brother then adopted (stole) and we still have him now, he lives at my mum’s house, so Boo can play with him when we go to visit Grandma and Grandad!

  • Mary says:

    This is gorgeous! I love the little attachments they get to their stuffed animals. MIne its a £5 bunny from Ikea – again a last min christmas pressie 🙂

  • Lovely post. My little ones have their ‘special’ ones too. Yve’s has her Bobbie Bear, mini mouse. and Halle has her Lamby. Phoenix just loves one of his blankets, fleecy blue one! Beautifully written, and hope Mad’s is ok. xxx

  • Alex {Bump to Baby} says:

    This is such a lovely post! I’m currently trying to get Ethan into a bear called ‘doggy’, it seems to be working and it is like you said, so lovely to watch 🙂 x

  • Andrew has always wanted Gwenn to have her own “Baa” but so far she hasn’t shown any real preference for anything that she owns. In a way, I am relieved because the thought of losing something like that? Well, it just doesn’t bear thinking about! I think because Gwenn is so obsessed with dummies that she has no space in her heart for anything else!!



  • Caroline says:

    Its so sweet when they get attached to a teddy or toy, my eldest had his teddy called George, Harry is 5 and we are on the 3rd George bear, he lost 2, he now stays at home but is well loved. M had her seahorse that she was obsessed with but shes already happy to leave it behind, she has to have something at bedtime but shes not as obsessive as H was. and A already loves his little comfort teddy, one of those teddy heads with a blankie, I love how his face lights up when he sees it, hes a finger sucker and you know hes at his happiest when he has his finger in his mouth and his taggy, as we call it, in the other hand. x

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Aw that’s so cute- and my eldest had a seahorse when she was little too. He used to be called Friend and he would always have to be there at night. x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    That is so sweet! What a lovely friendship she has with her Baa. It’s so nice seeing children with their teddies. It keeps that innocence about them. Miss C adores her teddy she’s had from when she was a baby. He stays in her bed all the time though cause she doesn’t want to ruin him x

  • Jenny says:

    Oh dear I really hope you never lose it either. We have the same with MM. She is in love with this Darcy Duck from jellycat and at first we couldn’t find a replacement when it went missing I was mortified and we panicked but a day later a friend brought a new one round and we found where to supply them. lol She takes her little ducky everywhere and I always think it’s good for them to have something that comforts them that they can feel safe and happy with. She is so cute with her little stuffed animal too. Make great photos! 🙂 Something so sweet when you see a photo of a little one dragging their stuffed animal or blankie around. I always think of innocent. Lovely post and thank you ever so much for hosting.

  • Aww, that is so sweet. My daughter has a couple of favourites, but neither are the ones we got for her. And my son, has no animal. Just his darn hat. haha

  • Such a sweet post. The love a daddy has for his child is just so magical and beautiful to watch. I love the connection a child makes with a toy or a teddy, Lil G has never quite chosen one forever, more one for a period of time and then he moves on to another for a few months. So sweet x

  • Lina says:

    This is so sweet – my girls both have a treasured toy as I have from my childhood. x

  • Tanita says:

    I absolutely love Baa, and I LOVE how she will give him to people she trusts. That is the sweetest thing. x

  • So cute! I love LL’s face in the photo where Mads is touching Baa, very ‘hands off’ Lucas is attached to the most bedraggled cuddley cat that was my brothers, so you can imagine how worn it is! He has pulled all the fur off the tail, it looks such a mess but he won’t be without it and shouts for it when he is upset, he is called ‘cat’ 🙂 I love how Baa is in so many of your photos and it is so funny how they have one that they can’t be without and it is never what you would have chosen for them! Beautiful smile on that girl of yours xx

  • I love the love story between LL and Baa at the beginning. Such a special friendship and so beautiful! Those pictures are so stunning. I really hope you don’t lose Baa 😉 xx

  • Ours boys have 2 dogs, and Samy lost his original dog dog once on an emergency wee stop on a long journey! It’s amazing the connections they make and we actually said the other day oh it’s so nice they don’t suck their ears anymore it used to make them stink!!!! Gorgeous photos lady, and too soon baa may be back on a shelf, when make up, phones and boys take over so I say it’s quite alright to have him everywhere you go! xxxxx

  • Life at the Little Wood says:

    Aww, how sweet! 🙂 My 3 all still have their favourite cuddlies. Eva still sleeps every night with her rag doll that she got as a newborn, and she’s 9 now! They are patched and a bit matted and grey, but that’s all part of it, isn’t it? I’d be just as devastated if we ever lost them I think! Little LL is adorable with her Baa. She reminds me of Annie with her Dotty, in every photo too! Xxx

  • Katie says:

    So cute and so funny as both my boys have very firm specials, neither of which were chosen by me! They are one bought from other people, that were not even as nice as my selections!
    Also i thought i recognised Baa as being form a kinder egg as we have the exact same one but he is not a chosen one and sits on a shelf. So if you ever do lose baa do let me know as i can sort your out xxx

  • I love this post and LL is so so cute carrying Baa around. They look like the best of friends. Annabelle has started to bring River along everywhere too, great fun trying to not only keep an eye on your toddler but making sure their best pals don’t get left behind too! haha x

  • Amy says:

    Such a cute post. Both of my girls have got special toys too. It makes your heart melt watching them snuggle up against them. We have two of each – it was my mums suggestion in case we lost one. The problem is now we need to have two – it is a disaster if we loose one and despite having two of each often we end up searching the whole house each evening for either Mr Doggy or Stinky Blankey.

  • I don’t know what it is exactly, but in that top photo I saw a mini replica of you!
    How sweet is she with her baa though. I always thought I’d have a child like that but M seems a bit too independent to be attached to a cuddly toy. Every now again, however, he cuddles his monkey or tries to feed him yoghurt and I could just die of cuteness overload 😉

  • Baa looks like a very loved sheep. It’s great to have such a good best friend. I used to have Little Ted (like your Rabbit, I too like the more traditional toy names :-)), my daughter has him now. I love your photos.

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