{The Ordinary Moments 15} #41 ‘A Poorly Week, Exciting News and Happy Smiles’

This week has felt rather long and even a little tedious at times, dealing with the usual daily routine of the school run, endless breakfasts and dinners to prepare, bath times, bed times, and the sometimes monotony that comes with going about day to day life. Sometimes I need these kind of weeks, I need some structure, I need to not rush about and stray from our routine and I like the fact that I know exactly what we are doing each day, even down to the food we eat and the friends we see. These kind of weeks are most welcome, especially if we have been away or been especially busy.

Since Monday however I have had a constant headache, I would not go as far as to say it was a migraine, but it has been there non stop and making me feel rather poorly. It has started from the second I open my eyes in the morning, but then been getting progressively worse throughout the day, so by the evening I am pretty much useless. Mr E has been doing even more than usual, looking after us, cooking dinner and generally being amazing. It has meant my work has suffered a fair bit, as has my blog. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t post for a week, bar when we have been away, but I just haven’t wanted to be on my laptop as it makes my head feel worse. As I write this though, it feels like it hopefully is getting a bit better, it is still there but isn’t as bad as it has been. I think there are just lots of bugs going around as we start to get into the winter bug season.

But in between the aches and pains, there have been some exciting things happening. On Monday we signed a contract for something that I have basically been wishing for ever since we moved into our house six years ago. It felt very grown up going into the showroom and discussing things like radiator placement, tile colour and building regulations, but the reason for this is we are getting an extension on our house. Even as I type it I can’t believe it is finally happening and I am incredibly proud that we have managed to save enough money (plus a little loan too!) to make it happen.

We moved into our house six years ago now and I still remember the excitement as we got the keys. A mortgage felt such a big step and made us feel very grown up indeed, and then less than six months later we got married, followed by two children closely after. For a long time, while we loved our little home, it didn’t have our stamp on it as we just couldn’t simply afford to do it. But over the last year or so, we have finally started taking it from quite a neutral, liveable space into something that really feels like us. We have redecorated our living room, our study, the girls bedroom and completely renovated our bathroom. Our house isn’t our dream home by any means, it’s on an estate and we would love to live in a village, it’s a three bed and we would like it to be larger, and it isn’t somewhere we will live forever, but we know how lucky we are to own our own home, especially considering how hard it is to get on the property ladder nowadays.

For a while we kept saying we would move, a next ‘step up the ladder’ if you like, but with both myself and Mr E working freelance, it just wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. House prices in our area are also very expensive, the perils of living within an hour of London and in a ‘commuter belt’, so for the little extra money we have it means we can’t really get anything that much better, perhaps an extra room on another estate or a slightly smaller house in a slightly better location. Plus it would mean starting again, with a house that won’t be exactly like our tastes, or with an old fashioned bathroom, or scary looking multicoloured carpet. So we have decided to stay put for the next few years and extend- something which is so exciting that every time I think about it I get all giddy.

It won’t be a big extension, we just are effectively adding a few more inches to our living room, taking out the external doors and making it open plan. It means we have space for a ‘proper’ family dining table, rather than the tiny one we have now pushed against the wall, which means that one of us has to sit on the floor or sofa unless we pull out the table every time and get the extra chair from the garage. We will also put some toy storage in there and get rid of our carpet and put wood flooring down throughout the living room and new extension. It definitely means that our living space is going to be a lot more practical for our family and I can’t wait for it to start. Unfortunately we just missed the cut off for Christmas, which means it looks more than likely it will be in the New Year that they will begin, but it just means more time to obsessively browse interior magazines to look for decorating ideas. I am excited about having another room to decorate!

Enough of my rambling and to my photos for this week. With this headache I haven’t hardly taken any photos at all, which is very unlike me. In fact my ‘big camera’ is collecting dust as I can’t remember the last time I used it, and even my phone camera hasn’t been used as much as normal. But yesterday we decided to head off into Cambridge for a morning of shopping and lunch as we had some bits and pieces to get. It was one of those lovely mornings where everything goes according to plan- the girls were as good as gold going round the shops, even though shopping for a 4 and a 2 year old is hardly much fun, we got everything we needed pretty quickly, and then we went for a lovely lunch at one of our favourite places in town. As we were walking back to the car, which was a fair while away (we have found a place in Cambridge where you can park for free, in a city where parking is about £7 an hour this is really like gold dust) I said to Mr E about what a nice day it had been. The girls were running ahead, dodging bikes and saying hello to the ducks by the river, and I shouted for them to stop and take a ‘family selfie’ on my phone.

These photos are pretty awful, with closed eyes, silly faces and all other manner of things going on, but they signify a happy, ordinary day with my little family. A day where you just feel really content and thankful for what you have. For the simple times and the most ordinary of moments.

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  • Boo to the headaches, but a big yaay to the extension – it sounds really exciting and living in a similar area to you I know exactly what you mean about house prices! The difference in price between 3 and 4 bedroom houses is crazy!

  • Bless you Katie… Sounds like a very monotonous week was just the medicine you needed though. Really hope you’re feeling better today. Sounds like exciting times… We also had a meeting with our builder this week… Planning permission and building regs have gone through, so hopefully starting in the spring! We will be living in chaos for a while too!
    Love those pictures… Sometimes the silly, ordinary photos are the best ones!

  • Sorry you’ve head headaches. That’s never fun. Yay for extension planning though, that’s so exciting! Loving the pictures, you are all so photogenic x

  • Carie says:

    Oh there are some nasty bugs doing the rounds at the moment and it sounds like you found a cracker. Poor head I hope you feel better soon. And yay yippee for the extension, how very exciting both for the extra space and the prospect of decorating it!

  • Very exciting about your extension. We have an open plan kitchen/diner and love it! I can honestly say it is my favourite room. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. xxx

  • Anna-Marie says:

    Oh Katie, so sorry you have been unwell, I suffer terribly with Migraines and I would be quite ill with them, passing out in random places. I ended up being put under a consultant and now take regular medication for them, I know how you feel, they really are awful and at times feels like your going crazy. Really hope you feel better soon. Congratulations on the extension news!! Sounds so exciting and if it turns out like all your other rooms {which it will} its going to be beautiful! Love you photos! xx

  • Nicky Jones says:

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better and the fresh Cambridge air helped. I think that photo is one of my favourites of you all! X

  • Kerri-Ann says:

    Just look at your beautiful family. I LOVE the last one. Such a happy shot. I’m sorry you have been feeling rubbish, I hope it clears up soon. How exciting about the extension. I hope it goes smoothly. I think you are doing the right thing, make the most of what you have now which is just your style rather than going back to the beginning. Enjoy the planning! x

  • Congrats on the extension! So exciting!! Your headache sounds awful. I really got it goes very soon. I can’t imagine having a headache for that long. You must be so fed up of it. Lots of relaxation! Xx

  • Jasmine says:

    We are just about to start our loft conversion too, making that bigger so we can have our master bedroom up there and stay in our gorgeous house 🙂 Hope it all goes smoothly! Xx

  • Ali says:

    Aw so sorry you have been poorly – I hate migraines, they are really debilitating I think. But that is very exciting news about the house – we are hoping to move house soon – it is really exciting thinking about all the changes you can make and going through interiors magazines isn’t it. I bet it will be fabulous when it is finished!

  • Hope the headaches go away and stay away, they’re just awful aren’t they and just consume everything you try to do!
    We are hoping in the future to extend the back of our new house but considering we’ve only had the keys here 6 weeks it’s a way away!!
    Lovely photos as always xx

  • Your new extension sounds so exciting and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you’re done – I love your taste and your home always looks so beautiful! I really hope that your headache goes away soon, how horrible! We popped into Cambridge yesterday too – one day we might bump into each other! xx

  • Notmyyearoff says:

    So exciting about the extension and all that extra space. We don’t really have much space for a dining table either unless we redid the conservatory but at the moment it’s ok. I know that as we all grow up we’re going to want a lot more space. We just can bring ourselves to look for another house!

  • How exciting for your new plans! We’ve had so much work done here lately I can’t wait to properly decorate it to our taste. Hoping your headaches ease, they’re awful, so completely sympathise with you. Xx

  • Hope the headaches improve – maybe see the dr if they don’t? Hope you’re okay. Such exciting news on the extension, it sounds amazing. Yes it will be messy and painful for a little while but SO worth it!!!! Get well soon lovely lady xx

  • Jenna says:

    So sorry to ear you’ve been suffering with headaches. I get them a lot too so can totally sympathise with you. They make me utterly, utterly miserable – especially when they last for days on end.

    The house extension is such an exciting thing and it sounds like you’ve made a great decision.

    I can’t wait to hear more about it in the future. 🙂 xx

  • I hope you’re feeling much better soon Katie. Headaches are horrid 🙁 but how exciting about the plans for your house extension! Can’t wait to see what decor ideas you have in store. And it sounds like a perfect family day- I really do love days like that- a bit of shopping with some help and a bit of lunch- bliss! Xx

  • How exciting Katie. You have such great taste from the look of the rest of your room makeovers, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I wish we had our own place rather than still renting-getting on the property ladder seems a distant dream but we’ve got the second best thing-renting off family so have a bit more freedom than normal! Sorry you’ve had such bad headaches that sucks and i hope they clear next week. Love the family selfies-really must make more effort to get more of the three of us. x

  • Sherry says:

    Hoping you make a full recovery this week, constant headaches are horrid, though what exciting news about your extension. We have a severe lack of space in our house and wish we had a bigger house, but we are in that unfortunate position of renting and desperately hoping to get on the property ladder and instead looking for leaner living until we purchase. I look forward to reading all about your extension over the coming weeks x

  • Oh hun I hope you are feeling better now. Everything is so much harder when you are poorly. I am so excited for you, an extension will be amazing for you and it is brilliant that you have worked hard and made it happen. Lots of love xx

  • Eeek, house shopping!!!! How exciting 🙂 Hope your headaches are improving. I suffered for years and years until an MRI scan finally flagged up the issue and I could receive proper treatment other than to be told drink more water and take ibuprofen. Hope the doctor can pinpoint something xx

  • Kara says:

    I can sympathise with the headaches, I have had so many this past month and it is hard to do other than the must needed everyday.

    Beautiful photos xx

  • I hope these headaches go away soon, you must be feeling rubbish! I definitely think the quiet, more predictable weeks are a good thing, the extension plan sounds like something to look forward to – especially if it involves a tiny bit of decorating and new homes purchases! Love the photos xx

  • Aw Katie so sorry to hear about the headaches. I suffer with migraines and they can be so debilitating. Make sure you get lots of rest hun. Really exciting news about your extension. You sound very similar to us. Bought our house then 6 months later got married then a further 6 months first baby on the way. We have been in our house 15 years now and would love an extension but our garden is SO small. Hope it all goes to plan and not too stressful x

  • Hope the headache has abated by the time the builders arrive to start your extension – all that banging really won’t help.

    Wow! you’ve found somewhere free to park in Cambridge – would keep that a closely guarded secret if I were you. Darn those crazy cyclists.

  • Katy says:

    Oh this is so exciting, can’t wait to see it in progress! You have such a fab eye for decor it is going to be amazing! x

  • Oh lovely, I REALLY feel for you with the headaches, having been a fairly regular migraine sufferer since my teens, they really knock you for 6 🙁 I hope they’re improving a bit now. HUGE ‘woohoo’ to the extension though! Opening up the space will make your place AMAZING and an even lovelier place to hang out, even if it’s not your forever home. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I love seeing home makeovers, they make me giddy! x

  • Even your selfie photos look gorgeous! Hope you are starting to feel better, it’s just awful when you have a headache, so hard to keep on going as normal. At least you will have the new extension to look forward too, our dining table sounds a little like yours, squashed in the corner but we can all just fit around it after a slight rearrange of our living room. A little extra space will make all the difference xx

  • My Two Mums says:

    Migraines are awful! Both C and I get them. So you have our sympathies! Great news on adulting, it’s all very scary stuff we haven’t had to encounter yet, but we have hopes for the future. Hope all goes well.

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