{The Ordinary Moments 15} #9 Monday’s with Grandma…

For a good year or so now we have dedicated one morning a week to spending time with my Mum.  We both lead busy lives, I obviously work two days a week, the other two days are spent seeing friends or doing jobs, and we found that if we have a day of the week where we see each other then we were less likely to cancel plans.  That day is on a Monday.

For most people Monday is the start of the working week, or if you don’t work then it is the first day after the weekend- traditionally Monday is not really a day to particularly look forward to.  But I look forward to it every week and it is actually one of my favourite days.  The girls absolutely love their Grandma to pieces and I love that we have a little routine and structure in place.  Before Christmas, we often went out and about on a Monday- whether that would be running errands in town, out shopping and for a cake, or to the garden centre for lunch and to see the animals.  While this was lovely, my Mum and I found that we were spending lots of money when to be honest we all would be equally happy just to hang out at home.

Therefore since Christmas we have spent the majority of Monday morning’s up at her house.  She only lives less than five minutes away from me by car and has the most beautiful home, I definitely get my interior passion from her.  Her home just makes me feel cosy and almost revert back to being my younger self again, even though I have never actually lived there.  I usually bring my laptop and more often than not she will play with the girls while I sit at the dining room table (which looks on to their living room) and do the odd bit of work I need to do.  The girls will get spoilt with Smarties (she seems to have an endless supply of them) and they will play or watch films whilst I chat to them all and get on with bits and bobs.  I have also been known to take a load or two of washing up there and she will sit and do my ironing while we have lunch- she really is a Mummy in a million.

The girls love a good routine as much as I do- it’s become a bit of a tradition to have a lunch of ‘jammy sandwiches’ for Mads and ‘peanut butter toast’ for LL, all washed down with far too strong juice. (how many times do I need to tell her to only put a couple of drops in?)  I have a diet coke or two and my Mum cooks me a mean beans on toast, she jokes that it’s like a cafe as she has to make three separate lunches.  We then head off home about 1.30 for nap time at our house.

It is such a simple Monday, but for some reason the girls and I really look forward to it- in fact LL has started to realise when we are going up there and has taken to squealing in delight when we turn up her road.  My Mum can drive me round the bend at times, probably cause we are so alike, but she really is the best in the world, and I am so lucky to have her.  She helps me out so much and I am so grateful for that.  I hope she loves our Monday mornings just as much as we do!

Some iPhone photos of last Monday…

Monday with Grandma 1

Watching them snuggling together in the background whilst I did work.

Monday with Grandma 3

Going to Grandma’s is great because she has ridiculously unhealthy yoghurts that I won’t let them have at home. 😉

Monday with Grandma 2

This week was very exciting because her other Grandpa and Nana got Mads some Sylvanian Families bits for Christmas, and it was the first time we had got them out to play with.  Because Mads has her birthday on Christmas Eve, it means that more often that not we stagger her presents so she doesn’t get everything all at once.  She absolutely loved them which pleased me no end because I loved mine as a child- I wish my Mum had kept them as I had lots.

Monday with Grandma 4

Doing some drawing.

Monday with Grandma

I love this photo of them- snuggling together and watching The Lion King.


  • Carie says:

    Oh that sounds like a really lovely way to start the week and your Mum is amazing! I don’t live near any of my family and there are definitely times when I wish my sister was nearer so we could babysit for each other when we need a little nap!!

  • Aah how fab! I remember going to my Nan and Grandad’s once a week when I was small and have such great memories of my time there- the certain toys that they had that I could play with, the tea time food that was served, and if I ever stayed over I could choose from the Kelloggs variety packs, something that was such a treat and we NEVER had at home! Your Mum sounds like a dream, doing your ironing for you!x

  • Lina says:

    You are so so lucky to have such a special relationship with your mum and to have a little bit of help like that each week. How lovely too that your girls continue that special relationship with her themselves. Wonderful ordinary moments!

  • Grandmas are so special. What an amazing experience for your girls. I think having toys at grandparents’ house is a great idea because they is always something new to play with. Have a fun week.

  • Anna-Marie says:

    I love the fact you have a day every week that you see your mum, its wonderful for the children too! Lovely photos, especially the last one x

  • Sounds like a wonderful start to your week. I love taking my kids to see my mum, too, though now Boo’s at school, this happens less frequently, and I do miss it. At your mum’s you can totally relax and enjoy your time there, and yes, the kids will always be treated! Your mum has a gorgeous home x

  • Fola Lewis says:

    Feeling a little sad i don’t see my parents often what with them 160miles away. It must be such a blessing to have them close by. Their home is so pretty. Makes me want to move!!

  • Looks blissful. Our Monday’s used to be like that before I went part time, now it’s my in London work day. But we have Thursday afternoons now. Something special about being looked after a bit by our mums once were mums I think! Lovely post xxx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      We are very lucky to have her close by. And definitely, I revert back to being a kid when I am looked after by my Mummy! xx

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    It’s lovely you have a day once a week with your mum. I wish my mum was closer so we could do the same. Lovely phoros. We love Sylvanian Families and, like you, we had loads when we were younger that got left behind when we moved back from Spain. Miss C loves undressing hers much to the annoyance of my OCD. x

  • Aww this sounds idyllic- just my type of a morning. We used to do something similar when Freddie was very small but my parents moved over to france last summer and I miss those mornings we had at their house terribly. I’d do anything to have those ordinary mornings round at their house again. back again. Your mum sounds an absolute legend xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      She really is a legend we are very lucky to have her. It must be hard having your parents live away- but I guess you get to visit which must be lovely. x

  • My mum lives in the Isle of Man and I often think how lovely it would be to be closer! Your Mondays sound fab! Xx

  • Such a heartwarming post, it is so obvious how much your mum means to you and the girls, they will always remember these Mondays when they are older! My mum works full time but I know she would love to do this, she always says she wishes she could retire so she could see more of the boys xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      We definitely live for our Mondays with Grandma, they are so ordinary but so much fun for us all. xx

  • That sounds like the perfect Monday morning Katie. I really wish we lived closer to my parents so that we could see them every week; it would be helpful to me and lovely for Rosalie. Your mum’s house looks so homely, and I’m rather jealous of that range cooker! Jess xx

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      It is a lovely homely house and her range cooker makes me jealous too! And it is lovely to go there each week- we are very lucky. x

  • Aww sounds lively and her home really does look gorgeous too! Xx

  • Michelle says:

    Ah that’s just lovely – I go to my mums a lot too with my little girl and she loves it too. She get’s spoiled rotten too and just loves being in my parent’s company even if all we do is play with my old dolls pram and Polly Pocket! x

  • Mary says:

    I’d be looking forward to a day like that every week too! Your mum’s home looks lovely and the kids seem to be loving it there..my kids always love time with their grandmas x

  • Oh Katie, this sounds wonderful. My parents live quite closely to us but while they’re wonderful, I wouldn’t exactly call them ‘hands on’. It’s actually been one of the biggest surprises since we moved back. When we were abroad, all of the grandparents were extremely enthusiastic but since we came home, hmmm, not so much 🙂 I think they’d all forgotten how energetic little ones can be so all offers of babysitting have been withdrawn.

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      Oh no that’s sad Rachel, I am sorry to hear that. It’s funny isn’t it how you envisage something to be and then it’s not? To be fair ours don’t babysit all that much, but they are on hand if we really need it. It’s normally us asking though rather than offers. 😉 x

  • What a wonderful post huni and doesn’t she have a stunning home. I feel all warm and cosy just reading this post. I am glad you get this time with your ladies! xx

  • Mummy Fever says:

    How lovely! I wish we had that… my parents live in France though 🙁

  • Kerry says:

    How lovely, and always a great start to the week. Such lovely photos too! I look forward to going to my parents with Amelia and we also try and dedicate one day a week to doing something all together. xx

  • What a lovely home your mum has, reminds me of my mother-in-law’s home! We love sylvanian families too, lovely toys for imaginative play! Our Mondays are a pretty relaxed day getting back into the weekday routine, so usually a trip to see my little sister, or a cafe date with the little two before picking up Yves, then we relax at home! we’ve just made some jam tarts today actually as the little two are asleep! It’s lovely that you get to spend time with your Mum, My Mum decided over Christmas that other things are more important than us so Ive never had the closeness with my Mum, thats another story but I am very fortunate that my Dad is my best friend and with these moments like yours, we share with my dad. so its a lovely bond to have with a parent isn’t it. Lovely photos xxx

  • Donna says:

    I love your posts about your family and the lovely homely times you have. I don’t have anywhere aside from our house where I could feel that comfortable and where the children could feel that at ease either.
    Beans on toast is one of my favourite lunches – with sprinkle cheese too! x

  • Heledd says:

    As always so lovely!! I wish my mum lived nearby so we could pop over to see her whenever we fancied. She lives in Wales and even though we talk every day, I miss her so much – even after 18 years of living away! xxx

  • Jenny says:

    Ahhh so adorable and it’s always amazing to have family close. I would love to have my momma just down the road. The girls will grow up feeling so loved by so many which is such a beautiful thing. Who doesn’t love good old beans on toast. I truly think I could live on it forever. lol

    • Mummy Daddy Me says:

      We are so lucky to have her just down the road- we really don’t take that for granted! And yes Beans on Toast is the best! xx

  • Oh Katie, this is lovely. How sweet to be able to just go and chill, even to have your ironing done etc. your Mum is a superstar. My in laws recently brought up my husbands toys from his childhood. I wish my parents had kept mine too but I guess for me, I’m one of five so it would’ve been harder to keep everyone’s stuff. xxx what a lovely post #ordinarymoments

  • Emily Morgan says:

    It’s so lovely for them to see their grandparents – there’s such a different perspective on life kids can get from them. Not to mention the time off for you!

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