{The Ordinary Moments} #6 ‘Mastering Sitting Up’


There’s something about your second baby, and potentially your last baby, that makes it all so bittersweet.  The milestones, in which you were excited and in a hurry to see the first time around, arrive and you feel this funny feeling in the pit of your tummy.  A feeling of stop growing so fast combined with knowing that all the stages to come are just as fun.

I remember when Mads was around LL’s age, seven months, and I just thought of her as so grown up.  She seemed big and robust, and I guess it was because I hadn’t done it before so physically she was so far from the tiny newborn we took home from the hospital.

This time around though, LL still feels very much like a baby.  I don’t know whether there is a bit of a psychological element, maybe I am treating her as more of a baby because she is the little one, but regardless I just see her as so little still.  I stopped dressing Mads in sleepsuits to go out from about 12 weeks, but with LL if we are having a lazy day or going somewhere not particularly exciting I will keep her in a sleepsuit- there is something about her in them that I just am not ready to give up yet.

This photo was taken this week when we mastered a new skill- sitting up.  She has gone from being a little wobbly and not being able to leave her to really sturdy in literally the space of a few days.  We were having a lazy day and I love this photo of her, she looks so proud of the fact she is sitting up unaided.

She’s on the cusp of such an exciting and fast developmental period where she will change from our mainly still breastfed baby to a fully walking, talking toddler.  I know it’s full of fun and such a great thing to witness, but I am still soaking in the ordinary moments of her being our baby.  I’m clinging to these baby days and enjoying every single second of it.

For they pass just far too quickly.


  • I’m feeling exactly the same at the moment – why won’t they all just stop growing! x

  • Carie says:

    I was just as surprised when Elma started to sit up – one day she was all wobbly, the next she seemed balanced so I let her go and she sat for half an hour without the slightest wobble. I don’t know whether its because I don’t expect her to be as big as she is, or because she shares the spotlight with her sister, although sometimes she’s genuinely just doing things earlier than Kitty did, I hope it’s not because I’m just not paying enough attention.

    But when they do arrive I’m celebrating these milestones, and clinging to them too – it’s a combination of excitement at what’s to come and a little tinge of sadness that all this wonderfulness is passing so very very quickly!

  • Anna-Marie says:

    Katie, I cannot believe how quickly its gone! I still think LL is just a tiny baby! But look at her sitting up, smiling away, chuffed to bits she has learnt something new! She is at such a lovely stage, a stage where she will learn lots of new and exciting things!

    There is something about a baby in a babygrow that makes me go all mushy inside! so cute!

  • She looks very pleased with her new skill! Lovely photo. I was the same with Eli, I felt like he stayed a ‘baby’ for much longer than Meg but I think it was definitely psychological as I knew he was likely to be my last baby x

  • katie says:

    Lovely photo – she looks so pleased with herself!
    Totally get what you mean about the bittersweet feeling too – It’s going way too quickly this time round, i can’t believe it won’t be long until the baby days are behind us!

  • Oh I know how you feel. I find myself just cuddling BB more and more because he’s growing up so fast and pretty soon he’ll be able to run away. LL is such a gorgeous little girl. And she looks so big sitting up. Slow down babies!

  • Alice says:

    She is just too cute!!

  • J hasn’t quite mastered sitting up yet but I’m looking forward to when he does as it’s so much easier to be able to just put them down on the floor. Although then comes crawling, pulling themselves up and before we know it they will be walking!! x

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Yes, I definitely agree, sitting up is easier as then you can just plonk them down, But I am not in any hurry for crawling, although it is immient here! x

  • rebecca says:

    how is she sitting already?! it seems moments ago you were ready to pop but how lovely is she in her babygrows? id want to keep her looking as little for as long as i could to. once again thanks for the lovely link up x

  • I can totally relate. I kept E in white all in one sleepsuits for as long as possible and I still refer to her as the baby now even though she is 2 and a half!
    LL is just gorgeous, as is Mads, have such a lovely family.
    So nice to see you again on Friday, big congratulations on your win xxx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      That’s the thing, even when they are all grown up they will still be our babies! My mum says the same of me.
      It was lovely to see you too hun, and congrats on yours too- very well deserved. x

  • Exactly right! With Rio I was in such a hurry for him to learn everything..but I think next time round I will be willing them to stay a baby for as long as possible. Greay post..gorgeous pictures!

  • Kellpops says:

    LL looks so grown up here!! I cant get over how quickly each week seems to pass!
    She is looking so like you at the moment!

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      It just seems to all be going so quickly! And I think your right, she does look a bit more like me at the moment, but she is my husband through and through! x

  • I have been nodding my head along to this post as I feel exactly the same about baby C. Totally agree that she, like LL for you, has seemed a baby for longer than A ever did – she’s almost 8 months and yet still seems like such a little baby where as A seemed way more grown up at the same age. I’m sure she can’t of been but it just seems that way to me now. We’re undecided as to whether C will be our last baby but I agree, all the stages she ticks off are at the same time bittersweet as well as exciting. I too am relishing the baby days but at the same time I’m so excited to see more of the little person she is becoming. Love this new weekly linky by the way 🙂 xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      Thanks hun, and we are obviously at a very similar stage so are probably going through all the asme emotions. x

  • I still dress Sunshine in sleepsuits, they’re so cosy! She’s so cute, she looks very pleased with herself!

  • Lauren says:

    Well done beautiful LL. I always think sitting up is such a massive milestone.
    It’s lovely comparing the differences between the two children isn’t it, Harry sat up way before Charles did. Yet still, at 2, is very much a baby to us. I think because of how we treat him and see him, and because he has kept his baby looks and the way he just is. And I agree with you, I think it is a second child thing, for us anyway xx

    • Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three says:

      My girls seem to be doing a similar thing at a similar times at the moment- although LL is just edging ahead and doing things slightly quicker. Which is frustrating cause she is the BABY! 😉 x

  • jenny paulin says:

    See i found it so different with Jenson he has grown up so much far more quickly than Burton infact, despite my best efforts not to let that happen. Family members say all the time that he was not a baby for long! And i love sleepsuits i have some bedtime ones for Jenson and he looks adorable in them.
    Gorgeous phoot of your beautiful LL x x

  • 7 months already! That has flown by.
    I totally relate. It’s lovely seeing them grow but also sad in some ways as time goes so quickly. She is a pretty lil lady just like her sister x

  • You have inspired me to join in. LL looks so cute x

  • yup , i hear ya! Alf is just sooo much cuter in his onesie…and he’s six! ha! cute photo of LL too, as ever x

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