Since having little people I am definitely a sucker for a tradition, motherhood has made me even more sentimental than I was previously. That expression ‘the days are long but the years are short’, is such a cliche but it is so true. Sometimes I catch a look at my children and it almost winds me for a split second. That sounds dramatic, but I will suddenly see how much Mad’s face has changed, or how long Lottie’s fingers have got, and it is an almost painful reminder of how quickly they are growing up. While I enjoy them at every single stage, of course I do, I know full well how much I will miss these hectic and crazy days of raising young children when they are older.

One summer tradition that we have had since they were tiny is our annual trip to the lavender farm. What started as just a random impromptu day out when Lottie was still a baby, has become a yearly thing that we do. Often it isn’t met with the most excited enthusiasm that we could all muster. While the idea in itself is fun, the girls (and Jon!) also like to have a little groan about how they can’t be bothered to go and take photos. Whereas nowadays I can capture photos of them on the sly, as we are out and about, or they can pose for the odd one here and there on our travels, our visit to the lavender is very much to take photos and to have a little photo session. Something which now they are 6 and 4 is often something which they very much do on the basis of humouring their soft old sentimental mum.

When we went last year we left it far too late and we were met with some dried brown lavender, so this year I had every intention of going earlier so we could still catch the beautiful sea of purple that I have grown to love so much. However as usual life is nothing but hectic so we just hadn’t had a chance. With the school holidays fast approaching, I made the decision to randomly go one day after school this week. So off we headed, making it into a bit of an adventure and with the promise of either an ice cream or sweeties after we had taken some.

Luckily they were on good form as they always seem to be when we go there and we had a great time taking photos together. There is something about putting your children in the same place once a year to see just how much they have grown. It is really bittersweet to see the changes in them as I look back through the photos from 20132014, 2015 and 2016. But I really love the photos that we took, as I mentioned before we don’t tend to go out specifically to take photos as much as we used to, more so just take them on the go, but going to the lavender has reminded me how much I enjoy doing it, and no doubt there will be a few of these that will end up on the wall of our new house.


PS I just wanted to say thank you as lovely people at Joules sent us the outfits we are wearing in this post which was so kind of them. They have a great competition running at the moment where your children can design their own lunch box and be in with a chance of winning some prizes. The main prize is pretty amazing, a £4000 holiday with Secret Escapes, £2000 to spend at Joules and a lunch box filled with bear snacks. The best bit of all I think is that the winning design will be made into a lunchbox that will go on sale at Joules.com. What’s more there are five runners up that will win a £100 gift card each plus a hamper full of bear nibbles. The girls and I have already had a go and they really want to see their design online- how cool would that be?

My dress- here

Mad’s Life is Peachy T-shirt- here

Lottie’s Blah Blah Blah T-shirt- here

Mad’s shorts- here

Lottie’s Denim shorts- here

Girls yellow shoes- here

Wren’s Brave as a Bear top- here

Wren’s Roar trousers- here

You can enter their fab competition here.




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