A Week in our Lives- July 2015

A couple of months ago I started filming one week out of our month. I absolutely love doing them, in fact I wish I could do them more, but they take so long to film and edit that I think it would end up being a chore for us all. However once a month is absolutely fine and I love that I capture snippets of our day to day life through video.

Last week was the week I decided to film and to be fair it wasn’t a normal week for us at all. We are involved in a new campaign for Cath Kidston and on Wednesday a team of seven people filmed us at our home all day. Cath Kidston is a dream brand for me to work with, so it was such a surreal and exciting day, and I am really excited to see the footage when the campaign comes out. I was really nervous before hand as obviously normally you don’t have a team of people filming you in your home but the team were all so nice and friendly, and we all loved having them there for the day.

Then I also went on a spa day with my good friend Alison and fellow Space In Your Case colleague after she was invited to test out a Clarins facial. We went to Ragdale Hall, which I have been lucky enough to visit a few times now, although it was Alison’s first visit, and I had a really relaxing and lovely break with her.

Other than that it was business as usual, just day to day life, apart from Sunday I got to go on a Mummy/Daughter date with my number one girl. It is exceptionally rare for me to get to spend any one on one time with either of the girls, especially Mads, and I had the most wonderful afternoon with her. We went to the cinema to see Inside Out, the new Disney Pixar film and it was fantastic- I definitely recommend it if anyone is looking for something to do on a rainy day. It was one of the best films I have seen in ages and I actually am embarrassed to admit I cried- at a cartoon!

I really do love filming and editing these weekly videos, they are definitely my favourite to do, although they take so long to edit. I love it though, I find editing them and finding music to fit so much fun and actually quite therapeutic. I was getting really into making it the other night and then realised it was 1am- oops. Still I love that we will be able to look back on them all when the girls are grown up- I wish I had started them sooner. I still can’t get used to speaking on camera, especially when I am out in public (we tried doing it in the cinema and the couple behind us gave me the strangest look) but hopefully that will get easier!

This is the longest one I have made, I wanted it to be shorter but I didn’t realise how much I had filmed. Hopefully you will get to the end and if anyone has any constructive feedback, I would really appreciate it. It’s all still quite new to me!

Here is a week in our lives for July 2015….

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  • Jodie says:

    Ahhh I love your ‘Week in our lives’ videos, so lovely! And how exciting to be working with Cath Kidston! x

  • Okay, so this probably shouldn’t be the biggest takeaway from watching your lovely video but is Mr. E northern??!! I always assumed he would have a similar accent to you but he sounds like he’s from up my way. I love your videos. They’re long, yes, but so nice to watch x

  • LauraCYMFT says:

    Another great video Katie! I love your videos of your week. So exciting about Cath Kidston! It looks like it’s going to emotional whatever it is. I was choking back the lump in my throat watching Mr E with Mads in her room. x

  • Nicola says:

    Absolutely beautiful video and thrilled about Cath Kidston so looking forward to see it x

  • Lauren says:

    Both of the girls were wrong. I saw the plane first.
    Good to see your confidence coming out, and that Mystery is a big part of the videos too, with his speaking roles. ha! x

  • Gemma says:

    Love watching your videos, always makes me smile. Makes me want to do similar stuff and broaden to you tube. How exciting about working with cath kidston I love them, such a pretty design on there products. Xx

  • What a fantastically edited video – so pretty. I’m not surprised you were excited about working with Cath Kidston. Such a fantastic opportunity.

  • Nicole says:

    Ah, love it. This is such a good idea to take these videos. While this is so nice for you guys to watch now, it must be so amazing to watch them in a few years 🙂 Having one month nicely cut into a stream of videos makes it also so much more fun and convenient to watch 🙂

    Nicole |Song of Jewellery

  • Jenny says:

    I had work to do and then got lost in your weekly video. Love it Katie. You are a video super STAR. Sounds amazing. Can’t believe you filmed for Cath Kidston please remember your ghetto friend Jenny when you are famous. lol

  • Mary says:

    Man Katie you have some serious skills – I love this! I wouldnt even know where to begin but its beautiful and entertaining.

    One question – where is your yellow bag from? I am so into yellow right now and I see it cropping up in various stuff you share x

  • Your videos always leave me feeling emotional, just so much love in your lives.
    I have 2 questions though- what do you use when you do the blurred shots? Your iphone still or your dslr? I really must upgrade to an iphone anyway but that will be amazing if it does that too! Also, same question again but for the car shots, such a great wide angle!! You make me want to film my week but I am not sure whether I have the patience to do it! xx

  • How exciting to be working with Cath Kinston.. and don’t get me started on grey hairs!! Dark hair and greys is the worst combo ever! x

  • Carie says:

    Oh what a wonderful week- especially Ragdale Hall that sounds like pure bliss!

  • Ah that was so lovely Katie! I loved the bit where the girls were playing hide and seek and how Mr E is getting all involved too! xx

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