The night before Mads was born I settled down and wrote her a card.  I addressed it 'Our Beautiful Baby Girl,' as although we knew deep down what we were going to call her, I didn't want to tempt fate until she was actually here.

In the card I wrote about how much we were looking forward to meeting her, and how much we loved her before we even got to hold her for the first time.  She arrived safe and well, and a couple of weeks later she was changing so quickly I wanted to write her another letter to let her know what she was getting up too.  Soon my letters to her became a regular thing- when she was tiny they were every couple of weeks and as she got bigger they became monthly.  In them I tell her about what fun we have had, what milestones she has achieved and how much we love her.  

When I started writing this blog I thought I would share them on here as well so started copying them and writing them down.  I love the fact that she will be able to look at them when she is older and realise how much she changed our lives.

In February 2013 our new little lady arrived and obviously I had to write them to her too.

Here they all are...



You Are Nearly Four... And An Apology.

38 and 39 Months... Oops!

37 Months.

Happy Birthday You Are Three!

35 Months- One Month Off Three.

34 Months.

33 Months- Racing Closer To Three.

The Letter Before I Became Who I Am Now.

32 Months and Getting Big.

A 31 Month Little Girl.

30 Months. Blimey!

A Big Girl- 29 Months.

28 Months- Wow.

On Your 27th Month.

26 Months..And A Big Sister.

25 Months. 

Two Years Ago...A Christmas Eve Present. 

One Month Off Two- 23 Months.

22 Months.

21 months...time is going so quick.

20 Months.

19 months...My Little Lady.

You are one and a half!

You are 17 months

Dear M...16 months

To My Lovely Girl...Wow You are 15 Months

To My little M- 14 Months

To My Girly- 13 Months

Happy Birthday- One Year Old- Goodbye Baby

11 Months

Double Figures- 10 months

9 months

8 months

7 months

6 months

5 months

4 months- My First Mothers Day




To My Littlest Lady at 21 Months.

My 15 Month Little Lady.

You are 13 Months...But Technically 14.

On This Day...Happy Birthday LL.

11 Months..Last Month Before One.

 10 Months Old.

9 Months- A Milestone Month. 

8 Months.

Another Month... Seven Months.

Half A Year Old!

Baby Girl Stop Growing- 5 months.

To my Beautiful Girl- 16 weeks. 

12 Weeks Gone Too Quick.

Aaaah You Are Eight Weeks.

Letters to LL...Wow You Are One Month Old.

The Night Before Bug.

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