The Circle of Life...

on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.

Last week we went over to my Mums for the morning.  While we were there Mads wanted to paint some pictures so as a surprise we decided to paint one to send to my Nana and Grandpa.  She sat at my Mum's table for ages painting handprints and writing her name for her Great Nana and Grandpa, her Great Grandma and Grandpa and for my Mum and Dad as well.  Once we had finished we put them in an envelope and sent them off as a surprise for them.

A couple of days later she was incredibly excited to see that the postman had delivered a card addressed to her in the post.  Her little face was an absolute picture as she opened up the card and saw that her Great Nana had sent her a 'reply' back in the post- a thank you card to the 'budding artist.'  She carried the card round with her all day and it was the first thing she showed her Daddy when he arrived home from work that evening.  That small little gesture most definitely made her day, so I can only imagine what it did for my Grandparents.

I have spoken on my blog many times before about my Nana and Grandpa.  They live a couple of hours away from us and we don't see them that regularly, but we try to visit them as much as we can.  I am very close to them and my childhood is full of memories of fun times and adventures spent at their house.  Even now, although 92 and 89, they still are relatively active and still live at home on their own together.  Whenever we go and visit we try and take some of the strain off them, but even if we cook or tidy up, it is envitable that my Nana will come in to 'help' or tell us where to put things away.

If I am honest, it does worry me a little.  They have my Uncle nearby but other than that all the rest of the family live away.  We all visit as much as we can, my Dad and Step Mum especially, but one day they might not be able to live on their own.  Sadly they are getting weaker and it is something that one day in the not so near future we may need to address.  There are things that are options, like live in carers or care homes, but at the moment these aren't on our radar.  Although we don't like to think about it, each time we visit we are aware of the fact that we need to make as many memories as we can.  I take hundreds of photos each time and every time I leave I get upset.  It is sad to think about them one day not being here, but unfortunately it is the circle of life.

Until then though, we will continue to treasure the time we have with all of my grandparents and will make sure that the girls do things like we did last week.  Just little small gestures that don't mean much to us, but to them will have meant the world.  We are so lucky to have them and we will make as many memories as we can.  

a bbq at dads aug14d

Our New Additions.

on Monday, 27 October 2014.

If you read this blog a lot you may have noticed that a few weeks ago we had some new additions arrive in our household- Walter and Jesse our new little kittens!  

We deliberated for ages as to whether to get them at this point in our lives, obviously the girls are so little and we also have hectic lives, going away a fair bit, often being very busy with work and also with the general craziness that comes with being a family with two small children.  But ultimately we want Mads and LL to grow up with pets in the household, I grew up with dogs but at this stage we don't think a dog is right for our family as much as I would love one.

We were initially a little worried about the cost, especially as we decided to get two kittens instead of one.  Firstly we obviously had to pay out for the initial cost of them from their breeder, and then we needed to buy them a bed, litter tray and cat carrier.  Then of course it's time for vaccinations and initial vet costs, as well as in the near future the cost of having them neutered and spayed.  We had a cat before the girls were born and he ended up having a chronic illness meaning that he was on lifetime medication, for this reason cat insurance is something that we will always have.  It just isn't worth the potentially very costly risk if our cats were to need vetinary care either now or in the future.

It is definitely not something to rush into, in fact caring for a pet is a very big commitment and also a big cost.  But we adore our new additions and most of all our girls are totally and utterly in love with them, Mads carries them about all over the place (poor kittens!) and LL walks around the house shouting 'meoooooow' at them.  

Hopefully they will bring us many years of love and companionship!

2 kittens

Feeling Grateful For What We Have...

on Tuesday, 21 October 2014.

Time and time again on my blog I talk of 'The Ordinary Moments'- relishing our everyday and feeling grateful for what we have.  That is one of the main reasons I started blogging, to record the simple moments of our lives and so when our children grow up they realise just how much we loved them.  I love having a record of our adventures and our general day to day lives together.

Since becoming a parent, I have come to be a lot more thankful for the duldrum of our lives together.  Before the girls were born, I used to get bored and restless very easily, feeling like I always needed to have our next holiday or weekend away booked, or something in the diary to look forward too.  Becoming a mother has made me truly appreciate the little things more and to feel so immensely grateful for our slightly boring, ordinary life.

I am so much more emotional now, constantly fearing the things we don't even talk about.  Becoming a parent has made me scared occasionally to bring my children up in this world sometimes, it can be a horrible and cruel place.  But then at the same time, it has also taught me to appreciate the beauty as well, and I am thankful for that.  

Since having my girls, I have become truly grateful for the fact we have so much.  We aren't rich, we are comfortable and some months we struggle like a lot of people do, but compared to a lot of people in the world we are incredibly lucky.  I do try and take the time to donate to a great charity- I have a few that I regularly donate to and I often try and help friends who are running, baking cakes or raising money in different ways to help charities close to their hearts. 

I am so thankful for my little family and thankful that we are at the moment, happy and healthy.  I know that life can change in an instant and having my girls has definitely made me appreciate it more.  Our life is simple, ordinary and occasionally dull- but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.




How I Am Doing In My Fitness Mission...

on Monday, 13 October 2014.

Regular readers of this blog will know that in January I decided to change my lifestyle.  Fed up of feeling unhealthy, getting out of breath when I walked up the stairs and constantly feeling tired and sluggish, I committed to thinking seriously about my diet and fitness.  I wasn't overweight, but I definitely had a 'spare tyre' around my waist, and I endulged in far too many sweet and fatty treats.

I get a fair few readers from my blog ask me how I managed to lose and maintain my new weight.  To date I have lost just shy of two stone but yet I haven't dramatically changed my diet.  I still treat myself to the things I enjoy- like pizza, sweets, ice cream and chocolate, but I just do it in moderation nowadays.  Before I was indulging in these things every night, but nowadays I will make sure that if I am having something a bit more unhealthy for dinner, that I will eat healthily the following day to make up for it.

We have swapped things like white rice for wholegrain, and also switched to wholegrain pasta.  I eat a lot of things like jacket potatoes now, but I will just ask for no butter, as once it is covered in beans you won't be able to taste it anyway.  My one downfall is diet coke, I can't seem to give that up, but then I guess the occasional vice is ok!

Running is another thing that has changed my life.  Before January I couldn't run up the stairs without getting out of breath, but last week I completeed my second half marathon.  I have found a passion in running that I didn't think I would have.  I started slowly, being careful not to injure myself, and I made sure that I bought things like Ibuprofen gels from an online chemist- I found this a godsend at first as I would get my hubby to rub it in to my knee when I felt like I had overdone it a little.

I think the main thing is that I haven't overdone it- I haven't gone overboard with dieting or exercise as then I think it can quite easliy become a chore.  Instead I have just eased my way into it gently, and now it almost feels like part of my life, rather than something else I need to do.  I definitely feel so much better for it, and I hope that I continue it for a long time.


six months of fitness

100 Years of Magic...

on Wednesday, 27 August 2014.

Mads is at an age where she is fascinated by anything that helps her use her imagination.  For ages we worried about taking her to the cinema, or to a show because we were worried that she would get bored and not want to stay in her seat, but now at nearly four (I can't believe it!) she loves to be entertained, so I am constantly on the look out for family friendly shows and attractions that we can go to together.  She is a typical little person who absolutely loves Disney so I was really interested to hear about Disney on Ice going on tour.

I know that she would absolutely love this- seeing Mickey, Ariel, Timone, Jasmine and her absolute favourite - the Toy Story characters.  She literally is obsessed with Toy Story.  I also think it would be something that LL would enjoy too, as well as something fun for the whole family.  



Disney on Ice is touring Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham over the next few months, before ending up in London at the end of the year.  I cannot decide which show to take Mads to as we thought it might be nice to make a weekend of it.  The IHG hotel group have hotels in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, Glasgow is a little far for us but I have stayed in the Manchester Crowne Plaza before and it is really nice.  If we did go to Manchester then we could go and see Mr E's Mum as she lives there too.  

Have a little look at the official video for Disney on Ice- doesn't it look amazing?




*In partnership with IHG*

I Love Leeds...

on Wednesday, 20 August 2014.

There's a place in the UK that holds a special place in my heart.  That might sound a little cheesy but it is entirely true.  And that place is Leeds.


I can quite clearly remember the day I first arrived in Leeds.  I headed up there with my Mum and her then boyfriend, having never been before, our car all packed full to the brim of my prized possessions and belongings.  Heading up there for a new challenge, a new beginning and the start of a journey into becoming an adult.  I was eighteen heading up to university and I had no idea what to expect.  I remember being so scared and nervous about leaving my life behind.

1917830 234216590320 527295 n

With scary blond hair in my third year at University.  

I soon fell in love with the city.  Leeds is relatively small as 'big cities' go, but it has everything you need and more.  The city centre is amazing, with every shop you could imagine including the gorgeous Victoria Quarter which has a large Harvey Nichols.  I spent so much of my much needed student loan buying things I shouldn't be!  And then there are the bars and clubs.  The Leeds nightlife scene is legendary, with so many cool independent bars.  My favourites at the time were Oporto, Jake's and Norman.  They are all in the Call Lane area of the city, and I spent almost every evening there. 

I was at university in Leeds for three years, but I ended up staying for five because I loved it so much.  It's where I grew up, became an adult, 'found myself' and found my future husband.  I made lifelong friends there and to this day even after living in many different places, I still haven't found a city like it.  There's something so special about it, and sometimes I wonder if we made the right decision in moving away. 

But alas we have, although we still visit regularly, there are so many gorgeous hotels that you can book through companies like Hotel Direct- we love the Malmaison and also the Park Plaza because they are right in the centre and near to all the places we love.  The last time we went up there was a couple of weeks ago, where we took our girl's for a 'walk down memory lane' visiting all the places that hold a special memory for us- the place along the canal we first kissed, our first home together and the bar we worked in.  

I still find it surreal to think that if I hadn't have put it down as one of my choices for university, then my life would have turned out very differently.  Therefore it will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always make sure we go there regularly to keep our memories alive.  However even if you haven't been before, it's definitely worth visiting- especially if you love great shopping, nightlife, culture, and the other beautiful parts of Yorkshire quite ilterally on your doorstep.

197066 17832201480 9272 n

The first photo of myself and my future husband, who I wouldn't have met if it wasn't for living in the wonderful city of Leeds. 



Finding Cool Kids Clothes...

on Thursday, 31 July 2014.

I absolutely love dressing my little ladies up, and spending a little bit of time and effort on their outfits.  I think both of them actually have more clothes than I do, but I just find the cute and cool outfits for kids irresistable!  

Mads and LL have outfits and items from many different shops and brands but I always try and mix nicer, more expensive pieces with cheaper ones too.  They can't wear an outfit without it needing a wash, and to me there is just no point in spending a lot of money on something which gets filthy every time it is put on.  That said, they need to wear well as anyone with little people knows, they get climbed in during soft play sessions, messy at the park and covered in food!

I genuinely think you can't beat supermarket outfits- they are trendy, fashionable, wear well, yet also are really reasonably priced.  We buy probably 70% of the girls outfits from the supermarket.  One brand we love is ASDA George, they have some really cute things for little ladies.

Check out some of our recent purchases from there below-

asda kids


Cool Themes for Children's Bedrooms.

on Thursday, 31 July 2014.


If there is one thing that I absolutely love doing it's decorating our house.  I am so proud of my little home and while it isn't our forever house, it is full of love and perfect for us now.  I take a lot of pride in the way it looks and if I had an endless supply of money I would constantly update and change the rooms around. 

Themes are a tricky topic when it comes to children’s bedrooms, as their tastes and interests change so frequently you could end up changing the design every week if it was up to them!  Currently our girls have gorgeous little rooms- Mads has a woodland theme and LL has a pastel theme. Rather than going for the simple Disney Princess or Monster Trucks theme, how about trying one of the suggestions below and see how much your kids thank you after.

Treasure Island

This is a really fun idea as it can include everything and anything that comes to mind when you think Treasure Island: adventure, pirates, princesses, sword fights, other worldly beasts and of course… treasure! Furniture with lots of hidey-holes work well, such as a bunk from with adjacent angles to create a fort-like hide-out. Include obstacles that require climbing like beanbags and large cushions, and include a printed treasure map on the wall.

Movie Magic

This is a great idea for all the storytellers, and it’s fairly straightforward to set-up. A neutral colour palette works best as the kids or movie stars will create the splash of colour. Add simple accessories such as a child’s size director’s chair, a spotlight/camera light (which can double as a floor lamp), and some kids movie posters. Then just have a large box or cupboard filled with dress-ups and costumes.

A Favourite World

Out of all the fantasy places in the world, where is their favourite? Is it Hogwarts from Harry Potter or Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen? This is a great idea as it’s not simply designing a theme around the characters, but is creating the world that their favourite characters live in! They will feel like they’ve literally jumped through the TV screen.

Complete Creation

Arts and crafts are popular at any age. Stick with neutral walls (make sure you choose a wash-and-wear paint though!), and then add bright colours in accessories. A beanbag would work with the chilled-out arty theme, and attaching a large blackboard to the wall is a fun way to really get creative. An art and crafts desk is an essential feature stocked full of paper, pencils and crayons, and add a cord above the desk, that sits against the wall, to peg all finished artwork on.

The Great Outdoors

Yes, it’s always a good idea to get the kids out into the real outdoors to play, but sometimes that’s not an option. Choose a ‘nature’ inspired colour palette that includes sky blues, greens and earthy browns. Do they like safaris? Include a few large prints of African animals. How about camping? Set up a small tent in the room, or put some glow-in-the-dark stars on the roof that will sparkle at night-time.

Children come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and temperaments, so it’s not easy trying to pick one perfect theme. But no one knows your child better than you do, so relax, and let their interests be your ultimate inspiration. Just remember to pick something that can easily be changed down the track – as you know they’re going to change their mind again by tomorrow!





Theme idea's for your child's bedroom


Weekends Away in the UK this Summer.

on Tuesday, 29 July 2014.

Now our holiday to Rhodes has been and gone (sob) we are planning lots of lovely little breaks in the UK.  Last weekend we went to our friends wedding weekend near Leeds, and this weekend we are off to Wales to try our first family camping experience.

When the weather is nice, as it has been recently, there is nothing I like better than staying in the UK and exploring our beautiful country.  We love to take trips to the beach, to new cities we haven't seen before, and making little day trips not to far away.

One area of the country that has defiinitely captured our hearts is the North.  I lived in Leeds for 5 years and it was where I met Mr E, who is originally from Manchester.  He still has his friends up there and so we try and go and visit regularly.  We love it there, the city is so vibrant and fun, and we always have a great time exploring.  We are huge fans of doing things on a budget- staying away from home doesn't have to be expensive, normally we will just stay at a Manchester Travelodge- meaning that the money we save on the hotel can go towards fun things to do while we are there.

So far this Summer, we have our camping weekend, a trip to Manchester, a trip to Alton Towers and a trip to London all booked in the diary.  We love being busy and enjoying adventures as a family.  Let's just hope the sun continues to shine for us!

yellow rapeseed photoshoot3



Do you know your hygiene?

on Thursday, 17 July 2014.

As parent's we try and do everything we can to protect our family from germs and bugs.  After all, no one want's their child to get sick.  Of course we can't protect them from every cold and cough, especially in nursery and school these things spread like wildfire.  But we can try and do the best we can to make sure that we teach our children clean hygiene practice.  It is so important to teach them basic things that will help them as they get older and go through life- silly things like blowing your nose and putting a tissue straight in the bin, or washing your hands before you eat a meal.

But how clean actually are you?  Here is a simple test you can do to see whether you know the answer's to simple hygiene questions.  I was quite surprised, I only got 6 out of 7!





Protecting our family against germs and bugs.

Gorgeous Maternity Bits from George at Asda...

on Tuesday, 08 July 2014.

The one thing I miss about being pregnant is my bump.  Obviously bonding with your growing baby, feeling them kick inside you, is quite frankly the most amazing feeling in the world.  But yet there is a part of me that misses dressing my bump.  Until right at the end when you can't see your feet and start to get really uncomfortable, I always used to love showing off my big belly to the world.  I did a fair few pregnancy style posts when I was pregnant with LL, and it was fun trying to find stylish maternity clothes.

This is not an admission of pregnancy on my part (honest- we are quite happy with our two little ladies for the time being!) but I was really impressed to see the new George at Asda maternity range.  I did find it hard to find specific maternity items, usually just buying normal clothes that had a bit of stretch, as most of the maternity ranges are really overpriced considering you only wear them for nine months.  I was pleasantly surprised with the George range so just had to share a few of my favourite pieces.



1.  How gorgeous is this floral dress- perfect for dressing down with gladiator sandals?

2.  Love this casual stripy dress and what a bargain at £8!

3.  Love this black kaftan- perfect for holidays this summer.


It's lovely to find a range that is stylish but also doesn't cost a lot, like a lot of other maternity ranges.  I will definitely be recommending it to some of my pregnant friends!



Great Gift Ideas for Your Man.

on Monday, 23 June 2014.

Gift shopping is like installing plumbing, in the sense that you’ll achieve much better results if you have a vague idea as to what you’re doing. So before you place an order for that 12-pack of business socks that he doesn’t really need and, let’s face it, doesn’t really want, check out this list of great gift ideas for your man. With online outlets like Uppercut Deluxe Shop providing an range of exciting gift options, there really is no excuse not to impress when you’re after that next birthday gift, Christmas present of little surprise just-because.

Styling Products

Here’s a cool gift idea that’s kind of like a present for him and you. Get your man some styling products so he looks a little bit less like the guy who lays the red carpet and more like the guy who walks down the red carpet. Some wax, clay, even some old school pomade makes a perfect gift (and also provides a subtle hint) that will have him looking and feeling like a million bucks.



The Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt your man bought at age 15 might have a certain sentimental value, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay that he’s still wearing it. A new set of duds provides a cool, unique gift that help him look a lot better. You don’t have to break the bank, just grab him a couple of stylish t-shirts and show him that he doesn’t have to look like the yeti’s nephew.


If your man smells like a guy who’s just ran a half marathon, but he’s been sitting on the couch all morning that’s a real problem. Again this is probably a gift idea that’s just as much a present for you as it is for him, but the right cologne can make a huge difference. You could turn a 5 into an 8.5. Help your man shoot for the stars with excellent, unique gift idea.


Sky Dived? Bungy Jumped? Paraglided? Well now is your chance to do so and the best part is you have got someone to come along with you.  A memorable gift idea that will give the two of you something to talk about for years to come.  You can't say that about a £5 lottery ticket! (unless of course you won!)


If all else fails go for booze! Use a little bit of discerning taste. Now’s not the time to present a six-pack of bourbon and coke. Grab a nice scotch, maybe even the right wine and show him how important he is. And hey, if he drinks enough of it he might forget that he didn’t get what he really wanted.


What do you think of this list? Do you know any other great gift ideas for men that I haven’t included? Is there anything you would’ve put on the list? Be sure to leave any questions or comments in the section below, and thanks for reading!


june sunny days 9copy

Me and my lovely hubby- got to treat him well!

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