{The Ordinary Moments 14} #43 'Four Sisters'....

on Sunday, 16 November 2014.

"A sister is a little bit of a childhood that can never be lost."- Marion C Garretty


This week we went on a very short break to Scarborough with my little sister Anna and of course with my girls.  Unfortunately Mr E had to stay behind because he is the middle of a big freelance contract and is working hard in the evenings, this was part of the reason we went away, to get out the house and let him concentrate for a little bit.

So the four of us headed off to Scarborough in North Yorkshire for a wet and windy couple of days (more photos coming soon!) together.  While we were there we chatted a lot and reminisced about our childhood together.  There are ten years between myself and Anna, but we are still great friends. However we argue like cat and dog, she has an ability to wind me up like no other person can.  Within a second though, we are giggling like it never happened.  A couple of times on our trip away we laughed about the fact that we would never act like that with our friends, the way we snap and argue and then revert back to being fine again within a minute.  It's really special to be able to share snippets of our childhood that only we know, traits about our parents that only we get and to have that history together that only we can understand.

The same can be said for my girls.  They also have this same pattern emerging as their relationship grows and strengthens.  They bicker, argue and get stroppy with each other, which is amazing really considering LL can still only say about six words.  But just like with myself and my sister, within a second all is forgiven and they are cuddling, kissing and running around together.

I really notice at the moment just how much LL copies Mads.  She idolises her big sister and will follow her around everywhere, running after her, giving Mads her stuffed toys to cuddle and literally squealing in delight when she cuddles them and then gives them back to her.  They are becoming quite the double act, and while we were away Anna and I smiled to ourself on several occasions about just how cute they are together.

This photo was taken when we went on a little walk to see the beach huts and we were playing a game- they had to both run to the colour beach hut we said and the winner was the person who touched the beach hut first.  Of course LL doesn't know colours yet, so Mads always won, but it was really sweet to see LL tottering quickly behind her sister and a couple of times Mads let her win just to see her smile.  I love this phone snap because it completely sums up them at this present moment in time.

happy girls

I really hope that my girls will grow up with an unbreakable bond, and I hope that they will always look out for each other and be the best of friends.  There may be ten years between myself and Anna, and she may drive me insane, but I will always be there to look after her and I love her completely.  Mads and LL are even closer in age so I hope that they will be even closer.

I of course would have been thrilled had we found out we were having a boy when I was pregnant with LL, but I really love that I have given Mads the gift of a sister, just like my Mum gave me the gift of mine.  


Amsterdam in iPhone Photos...

on Wednesday, 12 November 2014.

I'm aware I have already posted so many photos (and a video!) of our Amsterdam adventures, but I had so many lovely, colourful photos of this beautiful city that I took on my phone camera, that it just seemed a shame not to share them.  Amsterdam is full of inspiration, colour, prettiness and exciting things around every corner, and I could have taken photos all day long.

Here is Amsterdam as through the eyes of my iPhone...


Our flight with KLM left at 6am meaning that we were in the air for the most beautiful sunrise.


Everywhere you looked there were beautiful crooked buildings and quaint little streets, we could have walked around for hours just looking in the shop windows and waving at the boats.


Love this photo of myself and LL- she was in her element exploring and running about.


We went to Pancakes! Amsterdam for some pancakes (obviously) and the waiter very kindly took a photo of us all.


As a family we all have a little bit of a thing for pancakes so queued for an hour to get in- they were definitely worth the wait.


My little lady checking out the tulips.


 A cuddle with my big girl in Dam Square.


Waiting for the ferry on the second day of our adventures.


We went for lunch at Pllek, a cool bar/restaurant made out of old shipping containers.  The girls loved the fact that we weren't sat at a table, instead we snuggled up on cushions. 


I had falafal, Mr E had a burger and Mads and LL had this weird sandwich which the waiter translated as 'brown sugar.'  We still aren't quite sure what they were eating but needless to say it went down well!


After lunch we checked out some of the colourful street art, the girls loved running about in the big open space. 


Posing.  We just loved the colours of all the graffitii and art.


We hired bikes and had fun exploring the city.  I would love to say I had the bike with the girls in front, but in reality I did it for about two seconds before deciding it was far too scary, and letting Mr E take over.


Another colourful street, honestly it was just such a family friendly place and we could have walked around for days without getting bored.


We love you too Amsterdam.  We are definitely planning on coming back very soon.


You can definitely tell they are not the milkman's.  How alike do they look? ;)


Another cute little street.


Is it acceptable to take your children down to breakfast in their pj's?  Probably not, but that's what we did.  It was delicious and Mads became obsessed with these weird chocolate sprinkle things that you put on bread and toast- nice and healthy.  We *may* have smuggled a few home in my bag.


Taking a photo by the canals on our third day.  Our girls certainly aren't angels all the time, but they were so well behaved all weekend.


Eating a waffle in Dam Square and watching the world go by.


Bye Bye Amsterdam, thank you for all the adventures!


(Check out the #KLMFlyLocal campaign!) 


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My Sisters In November.

on Monday, 10 November 2014.

As Mads and LL grow together I often find myself blinking back tears.  When I was pregnant with LL, I couldn't even imagine the bond that my girls would share. From the second that Mads ran down that hospital corridor shouting 'Baby', I couldn't be prouder of her.  Sometimes I will look at her and she will be staring at LL with what I can only describe as pure love in her eyes.  She protects her, loves her and is so proud of her little sister.

It's not all plain sailing though.  They argue and bicker non stop, at the moment a lot of the time it is because LL wants what Mads has and hasn't quite grasped the whole concept of sharing.  I will be tidying up the kitchen, or putting the washing away upstairs and will hear a commotion coming from the living room.  I can always guarantee the scene I will find- LL lying on the floor in mid tantrum, while Mads is usually holding something high above her head so her little sister can't reach it.  

But for all the bickering, it's never malicious.  These girls of mine love each other and share a bond so deep already.  It's the little things- the way that LL will see Mads after being away from each other in separate rooms at nursery and will run and hug her in pure excitement, or the way that Mads will whisper in her ear that she loves her and does she want to have a sleepover in her room.  Or the way that they snuggle in close together on the sofa or hold hands in the back of the car. 

One thing we have noticed at the moment is just how much more they are playing with each other.  LL will follow Mads around and copy what she is doing.  They then dissolve into hysterical giggles as they run around together.  We have a new little routine in our house in the evenings recently, where Mr E gets back from work and we put some One Direction on the television and the girls will put on a 'show'.  They jump around, dance and do roly poly's and Mr E and I have to sit and watch.  I always get a lump in my throat as I watch them laughing together, I couldn't be prouder of the little people that they are becoming. 

Our photos this month are from our trip to Amsterdam (mainly as I didn't really have time to take anymore- how is it the 10th already?!) where we truly had an amazing time together.  These two sisters of mine especially, running around and exploring together.

amsterdam with children 51

amsterdam with children 50

amsterdam with children 49

amsterdam with children 52

amsterdam with children 53

amsterdam with children 32

amsterdam with children 35

amsterdam with children 36

This month I am sending you over to have a look at Carie's gorgeous threesome, I love having a peek over at her world as she has two little girls around Mads and LL's age but has just added a newborn little man to the mix! 

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #42 'Bubble Beards.'

on Sunday, 09 November 2014.

It's been a busy old week here, and it has passed me by in a blur of hectic times, mini panics, usual disorganisation and needing to take a moment to catch my breath.  We started off the week fresh from our weekend in Amsterdam, under a mountain load of washing and catching up.  Also on Monday, a project that I have been involved in for some time, finally launched.  

Way back before the Summer I was asked to be a part of a new collaborative travel blog, and it was something which really excited me.  I have a huge passion for travel, I worked in the travel industry for almost seven years, going back part time after having Mads and only stopping properly when I went freelance last January after the birth of LL.  Before the girls came along, any spare money we had would be spent on our next trip or holiday, so I was really honoured to be asked to be a part of this new project.  After some work beavering away behind the scenes, Space In Your Case went officially live on Monday and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

Which brings me back to my week.  On Wednesday evening I went into London to attend a party sponsored by the lovely team at Mark Warner, before attending the World Travel Market on Thursday as I had been invited to take part in a bloggers speed networking session.  (Literally exactly like speed dating but without the flirting and semi awkward conversation!)

Then on Saturday, thanks to a last minute ticket, I attended Blogfest, a conference which I hadn't been to before, and it was a great day catching up with some of my favourite bloggers and friends.  So as such it hasn't really been an ordinary week for me at all, it's been pretty hectic and a lot busier than it normally would be.

On top of that the girls have moved nursery and we have been adjusting to the slight change in routine and having LL feel slightly unsettled again as she has moved not only into a new premises but a new group too. Their new nursery is run by the same people, but has just moved to a new place and it is beautiful, in an old converted barn, but we are adjusting to the fact that we now get stuck in traffic each time we leave.

I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunities I get through my blog and for the people I have met, but while I love going to events and meeting my friends, I really am a home bird.  I am happiest at home, snuggled up in my living room with it's bright yellow wallpaper, two feral kittens causing havoc and two small people jumping all over me.  Indeed as I write this I am snuggled up in my pj's while the rain lashes down outside and there truly isn't anywhere I would rather be.  

Which brings me to my ordinary moment amidst a slight hectic week.  A photo of the two most important little people in my life enjoying one of their favourite bits of the day.  A spot of splashing, giggling and playing in the bath.  Where two slightly grubby girls got transformed into Father Christmas with the help of some good old bathtime beards.

When life is busy, when I get stressed because I am behind on my work, or the washing, or that the house needs a damn good clean, or even when Mr E and I haven't uttered a word to each other all evening because he has been doing his freelance work on one computer and I am on the other, I do often need to take a moment to reflect.  That we are working hard for those two little people.  That I may not have seen them as much as I liked this week, or that I may feel a pang of sadness over the fact that Mummy's girl LL wanted a cuddle from Daddy instead of me, but that we work hard, both in proper work and also through the odd amazing opportunity my blog brings, to be able to enjoy things as a family.  I do love to document our memories.

And that even when we are having a hectic week, or a stressful day, or even if the girls have been hard work, that as we wind down for the day and watch them as they splash around in the bath, everything is forgotten, and all that matters to us are those two little girls with their high pitched giggles and their big old bubbly beards.





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