'My Fitness Mission' - March.

on Wednesday, 09 April 2014.

We are well into April now and so it is time for me to reflect on my fitness mission for March.  The past month has flown by crazily fast with lots of busy days and weekends, as well as some serious bouts of bugs for me.  I can't believe I am only three months into this journey, I feel like I have been running for so much longer than that.

I turned 30 at the start of the month, something which in part I think is contributing towards me wanting to feel better about myself.  I just want to get my confidence back and feel good about myself again, of course Spring and the thought of Summer makes me want to do this too.

Anyway to this month...



I am still addicted to running, I cannot believe how much I enjoy it.  The hardest part for me is getting on my trainers and actually going, I really do often feel like backing out and not doing it, but once I am out there I feel so much better.  Although of course occasionally I decide not to bother.  I have got into a little pattern of doing one or two short runs in the week of just 5k as I have found a perfect little loop that takes me right back to my house, and then a longer run at the weekend.  The most I have done is 8 miles and I felt amazing, but my knee hurt for a fair few days afterwards.

I have had two sickness bugs this past month which has really put a stop to my running as it has left me feeling really weak and not good at all.  So this has hampered my overall progress.  I find that I am really competitive with myself though and enjoy trying to break my records.  When I started running in January I could hardly run a mile and was doing 5k in about 35 minutes.  My fastest time to date is 26.35, so I am really pleased with how I am doing. 

Mr E supports me so much with my fitness and running, like he does in everything and for my birthday he bought me a Nike Sports Watch.  It's really brilliant and means I don't have to carry my phone about anymore.  It also syncs to the Nike+ community on my phone too and I am loving it so far.  He also brought me an iPod shuffle from the girls with a message engraved on the back from them meaning I have some great playlists to keep me motivated.  

I have set myself the goal of running three races so far this year including two half marathons.  They are still pretty far away so I am not too nervous about them just yet, but I know I will be nearer the time.  If anyone fancies sponsoring me, my Just Giving page is here.  

I decided to cancel my gym membership that I started in January because I just wasn't going regularly enough, I much prefer getting outdoors instead.  However because I am wanting to tone as well as shed fat, Mr E brought me a kettlebell and at least once a week I do a kettle bell workout off You Tube.  They are great and I really feel like my muscles are working when I do them.



Food wise I have not been so good this month.  I have eaten out a fair bit, for my birthday, for random nights and days and for a recent hen weekend and as such I have no willpower when it comes to tasty treats.  Plus I cannot resist cinema pick n mix and the odd Dominoes pizza!  Also because I have had the two tummy bugs I have not really eaten properly at all for a few days and then been starving so eaten rubbish as a result.  However because I am exercising I find that I can treat myself every now and again.  

I find that I am really good and won't need or crave chocolate or sweet things, until Mr E has some in the house and then I literally don't have any willpower at all.  I cannot sit next to him on the sofa while he is eating mini eggs and not eat them and then once I have one it's almost like I have unleashed my inner chocolate monster and then I eat far too many.  

We are still really boring with our evening meals and I do need to try and be more adventurous.  I struggle with lunch times especially as I need something quick, so I usually eat two Warburtons Sandwich Thins with chicken and rocket and then some Vegetable crackers.  But I do find wheat bloats me so if anyone has any yummy lunch ideas do let me know!

I have been quite bad with my water intake, I started off so well at the start of the year but I have gone back down to hardly even drinking half a litre a day.  I am also drinking way too much diet coke again, as it satisfies my sweet tooth.




Overall March has been a funny old month.  I feel like I have taken a step back with my running a little due to the fact that I have been poorly, so in April I am going to concentrate on trying to run farther for my long weekend runs.  However I am really pleased with my times, I just need to try and up my distance. 

I haven't lost any more weight as I have hit my one stone target of what I wanted to achieve but I have lost another inch around my waist, meaning that I have lost 4 inches overall.  That is quite amazing really, but I still do have a rounded tummy- it seems the more I lose everywhere else the worse my tummy looks.  I know that I have had two children, but I do want to try and tone it a little more if I can. 

I feel so much more confident in myself and it's having such a great effect on my wellbeing.  I got some birthday money and went shopping, and for the first time in about three years I actually felt ok looking at myself in the changing room mirror.  I am loving having new outfits and not hiding in old, frumpy clothes.  I also have a lot more energy and just generally am having a lot more of a positive outlook, and that is what I wanted to achieve the most.  

This is the longest I have ever stuck at regular exercise and I definitely have running to thank for that.  My lovely husband is also training to compete in a dualathon in May, and we are both really enjoying this new found shared interest we have.  It's honestly great, and if you are wanting to start exercising but are nervous or unmotivated, I couldn't recommend it enough. 




(Check out my January and February fitness posts)





A Child Free Weekend in Bath...

on Tuesday, 08 April 2014.

This past weekend I had my first child free weekend ever.  I have been away before for the odd night when we just had Mads and I went away to Brussels with work for two nights when Mads was around eleven months old, but I have only been away from LL for a night before.  I was excited and a little nervous about leaving them for the weekend.

The reason for my travels was it was one of my best friends hen do's in Bath.  Her wedding is in a couple of weeks and I am bridesmaid so I was really excited about spending some time with her and her friends, as well as one of my other closest friends from uni.  

We had a great time, the only downside being that I was not well earlier in the week and on the Saturday it came back with avengence, meaning that I got glammed up ready to have some drinks only to find that my stomach was so painful I had to go home early.  I was so disappointed and upset, typical that I am poorly on the one weekend that I get to go away. 

Here is my weekend in iPhone photos...


Arrived in Bath early on Friday for a spot of lunch with the lovely Lucy.  


We had a wonderful time catching up. 


Bath is so beautiful and also has some lovely quirky shops, could have bought everything in this toy shop.


Beautiful country house for the weekend.  Check. 



Gorgeous room. Check.


Warm fire. Check.





Bathroom selfies and my two best uni friends.  One in a toilet paper wedding dress.  The other the actual bride.  


Not a bad view to wake up to.  


Actually had time to eat breakfast for once.


Most people have limos for their hen do, we had a horse box.


Kicked out his transport.


This little fella was an hour old. 


Cuddles with another baby and a spot of shooting.


Super shooters.


Relaxing in a huge bubble bath.


All glammed up and fizzy willies.


A little treat brought home for my little ladies (and Mr E!) - some chocolate ducks!


A little card for Mr E. 

It was a lovely weekend and it was nice to be able to just relax and not have to be 'Mummy' for a while.  I was the only Mum there bar the hens Mum, and for once all my conversation didn't revolve around tantrums, nappies and sleeping patterns, although I kept showing them all photos of my lovely little ladies.  The girls had a great time with Mr E and when I spoke to them on the phone Mads kept saying she 'missed me so much.'  I came home to the biggest cuddles and they didn't leave my lap for the whole afternoon.  

They definitely missed me just as much as I missed them.  

Roll on the wedding! 



{The Ordinary Moments 14} #14 The End Of A Journey...

on Sunday, 06 April 2014.


I became a Mummy thirty-nine (ish) months ago.  And for almost twenty-four of those months I have shared a very special journey with my two little girls.  That journey is breastfeeding.  

I had no idea whether I wanted to breastfeed before Mads came along, but after doing NCT classes I decided that I may as well give it a go.  Those first few days were horrendous and I had bottles of formula sitting there waiting for me to use, but after a short stay in hospital and a scare from Mads, I became determined to breastfeed my newborn baby.  I think I was exhausted, scared and some how thought in my head that breastfeeding would help protect her from germs and illness.  (You can read about all that here)  Luckily after a couple of weeks it got easier and I ended up feeding Mads for 11 months before stopping.

This time around with LL it hurt like hell again for the first week, but I had the benefit of hindsight on my side and I knew it would get easier.  So I perservered and I have really enjoyed my breastfeeding journey with her.  It got to 12 months and I told everyone, including myself, that I was going to stop, but here we are at nearly 14 months and I am still feeding her a morning and evening feed.  

The thing is, I deep down don't know if I am ready to stop, I am still clinging on to the fact that she is most likely our last baby and that I will never share this bond again.  It isn't hurting us continuing, she only feeds for about five minutes and then it's over.  But I have to stop at some point, and so this weekend is the time. I am in Bath for a hen do and I have decided that I will feed her before I leave and then as she is with Mr E for a couple of days it will be a perfect time to stop.  I will come back after two nights away and then we will just have to try and distract her from the idea when I am home.  

It has been the most wonderful journey with my babies.  Those early days, when it was just us against the world in the middle of the night snuggled close together.  The way they both used to play with my hair, and gently stroke my skin.  Those snatched moments of eye contact and the way they used to stare up at me with such love in their eyes.  The times they would fall asleep on me and I would sit for ages just marvelling at how I managed to have a part in creating these amazing little people.  It's a bittersweet memory of those newborn days, a constant reminder about just how quickly the time goes and how each and every moment is so fleeting.

I recently wrote an article for The Motherhood about breastfeeding and how I really don't have an opinion on how other people choose to feed their babies.  If I hadn't been able to breastfeed or hadn't wanted to then I know I would be sat here writing the same thing about weaning my babies off a bottle.  It's more just the fact that it is the end of an era, and it's about letting go of that last little bit of babyhood.  Of milk being the thing they need to grow and thrive the most.  

That said, breastfeeding has been a huge part of my life as a Mummy and I asked Mr E to take a photo of my little LL and I sharing what potentially was our second to last feed together.  It's a grainy iPhone image but it is hugely sentimental for me.  

It's been a very ordinary moment for the last 13 and a half months.  But it's been an extraordinary story I will never ever forget.  

My little ladies are growing up so damn quickly.  And it is oh so bittersweet.





The One Where I Totally Fail At Being Kate Moss...

on Thursday, 03 April 2014.

For someone who adores her camera and documenting every single memory I can, there is one thing I absolutely HATE with a passion.  Photographs of me.  Don't get me wrong, I like natural shots with my babies, and I love the odd 'selfie' on my iPhone but ask me to pose for a photo and I end up looking incredibly uncomfortable.  

However as a Mum I don't get to treat myself as much as I used to.  Before children my money used to go on exciting things such as holidays, bags and clothes.  Nowadays I have much less and it goes on mortgage payments, bills and clothes for them.  Therefore when Florence and Fred got in touch to see if I would like to try some of their range I thought I would put aside my serious 'being in front of the camera' anxiety and channel my inner Kate Moss.  If you want a laugh keep scrolling down.

I must admit I don't buy a huge amount of clothes from Tesco for myself.  I have the odd thing from there, and my girls probably have over half their range every season, (it washes so well for the price!) but it's not somewhere where I would particularly shop for things for me.  However I was so impressed with the amount of things they had on their website and I had a great time picking out some bits and pieces from their collection.

Aside from being uncomfortable and tense in these photos, I also don't have the luxury of Mario Testino photographing me, instead I had a slightly grumpy husband who had just got home from work and wasn't impressed with my modelling.  But here is what I purchased...


Awkward pose and expression aside I love this spotty pinky jumper.  I teamed it with my own shirt and jeans, and it is something I know that I will wear a lot.


Kate Moss so wouldn't leave the coathanger plastic thingy out.  Rookie mistake.  


Nervous laughter and Kate Moss would definitely have had one of her assistants pull those unsightly weeds up.  But I do love this flowery dress, I have a fair few family things coming up so will wear this when I want to be smart casual with tights and boots.  Note to self- remember to straighten hair properly next time.


A solution!  Grab a baby to pose with- that will make it easier.  I really like this white chiffon top, it doesn't cling to my tummy and is smarter than just a t-shirt.  Love the pumps as well, I have a thing for neon.


Love them- perfect for Spring.


Love my Russian Doll necklace.


The smallest model was starting to get fed up by this point, and was a little embarrassed about standing outside our house posing for all the neighbours to see.  But I do love this neon striped top, it's perfect for wearing on my endless exciting and glamorous trips to soft play.  Basic but pretty.


Did you know that F&F also do gym stuff?  Nope I didn't either.  I am happy in this one as I am about to run away from the camera, love this neon orange vestt!

I also got two beautiful little sets of dungarees for the girls (can't beat kids in dungarees in my opinion!) but they are shorts for summer and are a little big at the moment so they will fit in time for our holiday.  I am really pleased with the outfits that I selected and it was so lovely to be able to treat myself to some things for me.  Definitely worth ten minutes worth of awkward photo taking.  I am pretty sure Kate Moss won't be concerned about me taking any work off her soon!

Thank you so much Florence and Fred.


NB.  I was gifted £100 to spend online at F&F as part of their #ffontrendmum campaign.  All thoughts, opinions and horrendously awkward poses are entirely my own.


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