{The Ordinary Moments 14} #37 'Crazy Cat Woman.'

on Sunday, 05 October 2014.

We welcomed two new babies into our family this week, this time of the fur baby variety.  We had been thinking about getting some kittens for a while, and when we saw this particular litter on an online advert we were sold.  

If I am perfectly honest I have never really been a cat person.  I love dogs, having grown up with family dogs all my life, but cats have always freaked me out a little, most probably due to a serious confrontation with my Uncle's terrifying cat 'Chester' when I was small.  He quite possibly was the scariest thing that ever lived.  (RIP Chester)  However Mr E has always grown up with cats, so kept telling me they made wonderful pets, therefore we got a little cat a couple of years before the girl's were born.  Unfortunately we didn't research his breed properly and that little cat became a bloody huge, hairy beast who also didn't go outside.  We kept finding him inside Mads cot and felt it was unfair to shut a house cat out of all the rooms that he used to relax in, so in the end we made the decision to rehome him.

Fast forward a few years and last Sunday we picked up our new kittens Walt and Jesse from a home about an hour away from us.  It's not a decision we entered into lightly, especially because we go away quite a lot, but we felt that our girls would love the opportunity to grow up with pets.  Indeed Mads is absolutely besotted with them and hasn't left their side since they arrived home with us.

So far our time as feline parents has gone ok, they are very timid, partly due to the breeder not handling them much I don't think, so we are working on gaining their trust and love.  I must admit, I am probably the biggest clean freak ever, so I am concerned about them attacking my furniture, but I am just hoping that they will grow out of their scatty stage eventually.  Already they are climbing and scratching, but we are making sure we watch them and tell them off if they do anything naughty.  In fact we have already nicknamed them the 'crazy meth heads.' (anyone who hasn't watched Breaking Bad will probably not get their names or that reference!)

I'm not about to become a crazy cat lady and post hundreds of photos of them all over my blog and social media (bar a few, after all they are just so cute- #kittenspam!) but it's a big deal to our little family to have these new little arrivals.  Here's hoping that they will become a very ordinary part of our family for many happy years to come...

(unless they scratch my wallpaper or my sofas in which case there's a dual carriageway not too far from our house.)

(That was obviously a joke.)

(Kind of.)

2 kittens

Our new arrivals.

2 kittens a


 2 kittens b



Our Bathroom Makeover...

on Thursday, 02 October 2014.


**Warning- lots and lots of photos- may take a while to load!**


We have been living in our house for five years now, it's not our forever home or our dream home, but it's perfect for our family now.  We were thinking about moving next year, but we have decided now to stay put for a couple of years and just enjoy our little home, and not to push ourselves financially with moving costs and a bigger mortgage.  We are finally getting it how we want it, and I love buying bits and pieces for it.

Pretty much since the day we moved in, I have been wanting to renovate the bathroom.  Our old bathroom was horrible- dodgy pipes, ugly tiles, a little mouldy and above all just really plain.  It wasn't my style at all, but bathrooms are expensive, and at the time we just didn't have the money to rip it all out and start again.  

Just to give you an idea, this is how it used to look- bleugh!


Finally after some saving, and some luck in the fact Mr E has taken on a big freelance contract, we were finally able to renovate our bathroom.  To say I was excited, is a BIG understatement, I was straight on pinterest pinning ideas for our new room.  


Here is our new bathroom in photos...

bathroom renovation6

The first thing we did was get rid of the horrible tiles.  I adore subway tiles so just had to get these, and we asked the tiler for dark grey grout instead of white.  We were really lucky that Homebase had a half price deal on these when we purchased them, because we had to get a LOT of them!

bathroom renovation18

We went for a black, white and grey theme, but with a tiny hint of turquoise.  Love our stripy shower curtain.

bathroom renovation15

Most of the bare bones of our bathroom suite came from a company called Crosswater.  We found each other after they followed me on twitter and they were amazing from start to finish, happy to help and collaborate with me on my blog.  Such fantastic customer service, and we visited our nearest show room where the team helped us figure out exactly what we needed.  Our soap dispenser and tumbler came from there, as part of their Wisp collection.

bathroom renovation17

We chose a vanity unit as because the bathroom is quite a small space, we needed all the storage we can get!

bathroom renovation7

Our shiny taps are from Kelly Hoppen, we really liked the contemporary, sleek design.  Is it weird to be in love with a tap?! 

bathroom renovation11

We bought quite a plain, bogstandard, square bath from Victoria Plumb, instead making the taps more of a feature than the bath itself.  Again these taps are from Kelly Hoppen, it's her KH Zero 6 Range.

bathroom renovation12

I love our shower, we opted for a square style fixed one from Victoria Plumb.  After years of having a horrible electric shower that sounded like it was about to take off, I absolutely love this.  

bathroom renovation9

Our old mirror and cabinet was tiny so we decided to go for a huge mirrored cabinet, it has so much space we don't have enough toiletries to fill the space- I love it although I am already obsessed with fingerprints!

bathroom renovation3

The whole room is such a dramatic change, but I think one of the biggest ones for me has to be our toilet.  In our old bathroom, all the pipes were exposed at the back and so ugly, but our plumber boxed it all in (giving us a shelf too- woo hoo!) and we bought a concealed cistern back to wall toilet.  We replaced our brown floor tiles with some luxury vinyl from CarpetRight, we were advised on vinyl by the company who carried out all the work for us and although dubious at first, we are thrilled with how it has turned out.  I couldn't get a photo of it, but it's a sparkly grey colour.

bathroom renovation1

We previously had floating shelves but we changed the colour to white, I adore all the knick knacks we put on.  Our new towels and wire basket came from H and M Home and the big lantern came from Tesco

bathroom renovation14

Got to have lots of candles for all those nice relaxing baths. 

bathroom renovation4

Myself and Mr E argued about the stags head for ages as he wasn't keen on it but in the end I won, (obviously) we bought him from Homebase.  The two little plants are from good old Ikea.

bathroom renovation16

Love the lantern from Tesco, and my trusy Jo Malone candle that we got as a wedding present but I have never had the heart to light has made it's way on the shelf too.

bathroom renovation2

We got the monochrome prints from This Modern Life.

bathroom renovation5

The two outer prints are by Seventy Tree and the middle one is Eef Lillemor.

bathroom renovation19

 Other things we did was add some really cool and bright LED lights, and a new chrome towel rail too, as well as add a new blind from Dunelm.  The whole bathroom has been redecorated, including removing the artex and replastering the ceiling- hooray!


Overall I am absolutely thrilled with how our bathroom has turned out.  It was definitely worth the 5 years of moaning, saving and planning!  We are both so pleased with it and nice relaxing soaks in the bath are definitely a million times better now.  Now I am happy with every room in our house, although I have plans to redecorate here and there.  Here's on to my next project!


 NB: Crosswater got in touch after seeing my post to say that they have an amazing sale on until 2nd November, with up to 60% off over 300 products including some of the bits we bought.  Be sure to go and check it out, I just wanted to mention it in case my post has given anyone any inspiration!

Here are some of the products we used currently on sale- 

Kelly Hoppen KH-Zero Sink Taps

Kelly Hoppen KH-Zero Bath Taps

Vanity Unit and Basin

Aluminium Cabinet




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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- September.

on Tuesday, 30 September 2014.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, September was a really busy month for us all.  It quite literally whizzed by in a flash, and I truly can't believe that the Summer is over and we are now officially in Autumn.  After a really hectic few weeks, we are looking forward to slowing down a little in October, although our weekends are already starting to fill up.

If I could sum up our September in one word, other than hectic, I would say happy.  It's been a happy month, we have made some lovely memories, had some great experiences and it's just generally been happy.  Mr E is happy because he upgraded his phone to an iPhone 6, (and as yet it hasn't bent in his pocket!) I am happy because after five years of living with a mouldy, plain bathroom it has finally been renovated and because I was over the moon to win a MAD Blog Award, Mads is happy because we got kittens a couple of days ago and she adores them already, and LL is happy because, well she's LL and she is generally always happy!

One aforementioned lovely memory is what produced our family portraits for this month.  We went to Center Parcs with Lucy and her family, and for once I didn't have to rely on my self timer as Lucy kindly took these photos for us.  They were taken just outside our holiday cottage, in the deep dark wood as Mads would say.  Indeed, if you wonder what we are doing in a couple of the photos, we are roaring like Gruffalos.  Obviously.






Here's hoping October is just as happy, but a little less hectic!



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{The Ordinary Moments 14} #36 'Suitcase Living.'

on Sunday, 28 September 2014.

I always knew September was going to be a hectic month in our household.  We started off the month in Center Parcs, where we had a lovely week away.  It was then back home for a few nights, before I headed off to the Mad Blog Awards for the evening.  Back home for one night again, we then headed off on an impromptu mini break to Brighton with my sister.  I was home for another night, before being lucky enough to go away again on a spa day and evening with Next. (a room and bed all to myself- bliss!)  Then on Friday I got home at lunch time, only to have an hour at home before we headed up North to Cheshire to see Mr E's side of the family.

On top of that, throw a bathroom renovation into the mix, where none of us have managed to shower in our home for almost three weeks, and we are all feeling a little bit out of routine.  I wouldn't change a single second of it, I feel so lucky to have been able to have these experiences and time away, but I am getting to the stage now where I am looking forward to our pace of life slowing down slightly.

I have mentioned before that our girls thrive on routine, and as such, they have been a little unsettled the past week, not knowing where they are napping or going to sleep at night, and a bit teary as a result of tiredness.  As I write this, I am snuggled up on the sofa at my parent in laws, LL is having a well needed nap and the rest of them have taken Mads out to the park to play football.  They have been sleeping well still at night, but they have had a few later nights and missed naps, and as such are a bit over emotional and out of sorts.  

We are having a lovely weekend with my in laws.  We arrived last night and went to their village pub for a meal, while today has been spent in their local town, where the below photo was taken.  There was a little fete on and the girls and I had to go on the teacups.  It's just an iPhone snap, but I love the smiles on their little faces- they are both just so interactive with each other now LL is walking and  understanding more, and I sat back and watched them giggling and holding on to each other tightly while we span around and around.  They really are the best of friends and are also starting to develop a very amusing sibling rivalry.  Mads will say 'I have the best toy' or 'LL's not got as many sweeties as me' while LL believes that she should have every single thing that Mads is playing with.  It's funny to watch them.

We go home tomorrow afternoon, and life returns to a slightly more normal pace, with the added excitement of our bathroom finally being completed on Monday.  I can't wait to put all my bits and pieces in there and to have a nice long bubble bath in our new bath, plus the whole house needs a thoroughly good clean.  

We are so thankful to be able to have the chance to go away and to make different memories, as well as giving the girls new experiences, but to me there really is no place like home and I am excited to get back to normal a little next week.  But not for long as our October weekends are starting to get busy too!



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