Working with eBay Collections....

on Thursday, 27 March 2014.

Almost everyone I know has an eBay profile.  Even my Mum has an eBay profile and she struggles to turn the computer on and off. (She also reads this blog when she does manage to work it- Hi Mum!)  I have had a eBay profile for years, buying so many different things from the site, including makeup, iPods, phones, toys and clothes.  I have also used eBay in the past to earn a little bit of pocket money from selling things that we no longer use or need.  We have even sold one of our cars on there as well, so it's safe to say I am a fan.

Which is why when I was asked to work alongside them a few months ago on a top secret project they were working on, I was really excited.  They have just started 'eBay collections' which are a series of mood boards full of their products made by their members, and it's a great way of being inspired by others. 

For example, I have a *slight* obsession with wooden toys for the girls, and also for kitchen bits which I have documented a few times.  Therefore one of the collections I created was 'Wooden Toys for Kitchen Roleplay'- full of more gorgeous little wooden toys on my wishlist for Mads and LL.  


Or because I am currently on a keep fit mission I created a 'Getting fit after Baby' collection, full of my dream wish list fitness items.  It really is as simple as that.  It's great to see what other people are inspired by and it gives you great ideas for products for your family, home and even for yourself. 

I have really enjoyed working on this project with eBay, and the other day I got a tweet from the lovely Baby Budgeting to say that she had just seen me on the front page.  To say I was excited was an understatement.  When I started blogging, I never thought that I would be on the front page of one of the most popular sites in the world next to Dannii Minogue and Reggie Yates.  Crazy!  

Of course I had to screen shot it so I could remember my two minutes of fame...





Can you spot us? 


I really enjoyed taking part in this project, and I think eBay collections are going to be huge.  It's really addictive to create these wishlists and so fun to see what is inspiring others too.  You can check out the rest of my eBay collections here. 


This post is in collaboration with a project I am doing with eBay UK.


2014 Mad Blog Awards Finalist...

on Tuesday, 25 March 2014.

I've said many times before that starting this blog has changed my life.  It sounds a bit dramatic to say that, but really it has.  

When I first started my blog, on the 28th March 2011 (three years in three days!) I was a new Mum to a 13 week old daughter and I hadn't got a clue what I was doing (with motherhood or online!) but I thought I would give it a go.  I named my new blog 'Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three' as Mads was wearing a vest with that sentence on it.  I still wish I had thought more about the name.

Over the time I have been blogging I have met some incredible people, made some lifelong friends and made a very best friend.  I have had some amazing opportunities, developed a passion for photography and design, and have managed to fulfill a dream of mine when I didn't return to my original online marketing job after the birth of LL, instead working freelance for myself.  

But above all I have captured details and memories of our life that I just wouldn't have recorded had I not had my blog.  I have visions of one day sitting down with Mads and LL and reading all the posts together, laughing over the stories and reminising over the hundreds of photos I took.  This blog gives me the opportunity to write about my number one passion- my girls.  And I am so thankful that people find it interesting enough to read.  As really in the end of the day, I am just a Mummy who is incredibly proud of her children.

Last year I had the most lovely night at the Mad Blog Awards, getting to dress up for once and feel a little bit special.  What made it even more special was that I won the 'Best Pregnancy Blog Award' - something which I didn't even dream I would ever win.  I had tears in my eyes when I collected my award, so I am super glad no one videoed it!  But it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't won, just to be nominated felt like such an achievement.  (Although the hangover afterwards was a bit of a come down.  Note to self- you are not 20 anymore) 

This year, I honestly didn't think I would be a finalist.  There are some incredible blogs out there, ones which leave me in awe, and so many people deserve recognition for their little piece of online life.  But on Sunday night I was treated to a barrage of tweets to let me know that I was a finalist in two categories this year- Best Baby Blog and Best Photography

I am so shocked, and over the moon to be a finalist, this year more than ever as I have had moments where I have really doubted my blog over the last few months.  The other people in my categories, especially photography, are some of my absolute favourite blogs so I am under no illusions I will win but if you love my photographs or tales of life with my gorgeous little ladies then please do consider voting for me.  I am really not good at asking for votes in these things!

 You just need to look at my whole blog to see posts full of LL and photography, but if you want to see any more then check out my favourite posts and my photography section.

It sounds incredibly cheesy, but thank you to whoever nominated me as it really means so much to me.  



This is how LL reacted to the news. She would like to win Best Baby blog the most, as naturally it's all about her!

Voting closes on the 24th April and you can go to the voting page by clicking below or on the shiny new button in my sidebar!  Thank you. :) 


{The Ordinary Moments 14} #12 'How To Make Cakes Unsuitable For Pinterest.'

on Sunday, 23 March 2014.


Concentration face.


Pretty colours.


Cheeky licking the bowl face.


My Mother in Law got us matching aprons for Christmas- obviously totally rocking them.  Kind of. 


Our finished creations.


Myself and the kitchen don't get on all that well.  

Of course I go in there occasionally, to get a diet coke from the fridge or a biscuit from the cupboard.  I can just about rustle up dinner for the girls, and I am pretty skilled at putting a frozen pizza in the oven.  But anything asides from that is Mr E's job.  He does the cooking, I do the cleaning, and that's the way it's always been.

One of the first meals I ever cooked him back in the day was good old Spag Bol.  I forgot to take the paper layer off the mince so we were pulling it out of our mouths for the rest of the meal.  I have lost count of the amount of cakes I have made that I have burnt to a cinder or rock hard cookies that we have nearly broken a tooth on.  Baking is definitely not my strong point.

Every so often though I do try and do some baking with Mads as she doesn't care that her Mummy is a disaster chef.  So yesterday we decided that we would rock our matching aprons and make some rainbow cakes.

We had a great time together.  She loves the special time with Mummy, and was so excited.  She spent absolutely ages spooning the mixture into the cupcake cases, and every so often when she thought I wasn't looking I would catch her with her finger right in the middle of the full bowl.  We got more hundreds and thousands on the floor than on the cakes, and more buttercream in our mouths, but we had fun and that's all that matters.


She is getting so grown up now, and yesterday was just a perfectly ordinary but lovely day.  Mr E and I laughed at her all day long as she chattered ten to the dozen, and ran about non stop.  She is at an age where she drives us mad one minute and then literally switches to the most affectionate, sweet little girl ever.  I love watching her take in the world around her- how even the most simple things make her so excited. 

She constantly tells me that 'we are best friends forever' and I really do hope that is the case.  I am so thankful that I get to be the one that is her Mummy.  Even if it means I have to go in the kitchen occasionally!*


*These creations weren't actually that bad.  Although I don't think Mary Berry is too frightened of us stealing her crown just yet.




Run Run Run...

on Friday, 21 March 2014.

Back in January of this year, I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle.  I had got myself into a bit of a rut of eating badly and not doing any exercise.  I have never been overweight but I was at my heaviest since having LL, and was also seriously unfit.  I just generally wasn't healthy at all.  After many wasted gym memberships over the years, I didn't hold out much hope, but suprisingly I have stuck at it so far.

On my first day of my new mission, I made the rookie error of getting on my gym gear, only to find out the gym was in actual fact closed.  As I had psyched myself up I didn't want to let my new found enthusiasm go to waste, so I decided to run around the block.  Bearing in mind I have never ever run before (unless a wasp was chasing me or I thought that the shop was about to shut and I wouldn't be able to buy chocolate), I wasn't holding out much hope.  But that first night I ran a slow mile, and I actually really enjoyed it.  Since then I have begun to run regularly and I can honestly say it has changed my life. 

I have lost inches off my waist, lost a stone in eight weeks, and I just feel healthier.  I have a lot more energy, I feel less lethargic and my mind feels more active.  I find that running helps me, it's almost a form of therapy- I stick my headphones on, listen to some music as loud as I can, and just run whereever my legs will take me.  It helps clear my head and if I am in a bad mood when I set off, I can guarantee that I will feel better by the time I have finished. 

The Benefits of running

After years of being inactive and losing confidence in myself since becoming a Mum, I am really enjoying feeling a bit stronger.  I am pushing myself and my body and have no plans to stop.  I have signed up for a 10k race in June, and two half marathons in August and October.  If you had told me twelve weeks ago I would be signing up for a half marathon I would have choked on my chocolate bar in shock.  I am running these races to raise money for The Lullaby Trust in honour of Matilda Mae, to show Jennie that she hasn't been far from my thoughts this past year.  If anyone wants to sponsor me, even if it's a few pennies that would be amazing.


(Looking exceptionally awkward about being in a photo without a small child.)

I know when you aren't interested in a certain exercise, it can be a little nauseating to hear other people's workouts.  I am not trying to be smug, I am not fit at all, but I genuinely am feeling really proud and I have decided I want to document my running journey on my blog occasionally.  I have had some really lovely emails and messages from other Mums who have been inspired to start running from seeing my photos and posts and so I thought that it would be nice to look back on.  I have also found lots of ladies who I didn't realise ran and have been completely inspired by them too.

It really is only the start of my running journey, and I am still a complete beginner, but I am looking forward to where this new fitness journey will take me.  I know that if I manage to train and complete that first half marathon in August then I will feel like the proudest person alive.  It isn't a lot compared to some, but for someone who has never really been into exercise, it will feel like the biggest achievement to me.


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