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on Friday, 20 January 2012.



I am a girl.  And as a girl it is my prerogative to love clothes.  Therefore as soon as I found out I was having a little girl of my very own my mind turned to visions of what I could dress her in- pretty dresses, gorgeous skirts, fashionable trousers, cute pj's - the list was endless.  Even before she was born Mads had a better wardrobe than me, and now she is one it is no exception.  Not that I mind at all, as I love enjoy buying her clothes more than I do buying them for myself.  I love seeing how cute she looks when she is wearing a nice outfit.

I knew there was another lady not very far away from me who had also had a love of all things baby and all things pretty and that lady is Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy.  Our two little people are fast becoming good friends and we are hoping to marry them off one day.  As long as we have raisins at the wedding I think we will be ok!


 After much discussion over our shared love of such things and also our shared love of photography, we decided to hatch a plan...and came up with an idea.  


What is Pretty.Little.Things I hear you cry?  Well it is only our fantabulous new linky.  It runs a little like this- Every Friday we will open a linky, one week on my blog and one week on Lucy's.  Each week we will decide on a theme which will have something to do with all things pretty- it could be an item of clothing, an accessory or even a sneak peek of your baby's nursery.  It might even be something specially for Mummy's.  The only rule is that you need to take a photo- it is as simple as that!   The linky will close each week on a Wednesday night, and we will deliberate over the photo's and then hand out awards.  Yes awards!  So you can show off your pretty.little.thing for all to see.  Who knows there may even be prizes some weeks too!

So that is it.  Simple really.  Two friends with two very cute and trendy children, and a shared love of photography and all things pretty, wanting to see other people's very cute and trendy children!

This week we have decided on the theme of 'Our Favourite Baby Outfit.'  I instantly knew what photo I was going to pick- I absolutely love this little dress of Mad's.  It wasn't expensive, it was actually from TK Maxx but I adore it.  I love the fact it is a little shirt dress and I think she looks really cute in it.  I don't think there is much that is cuter than a little girl in a dress and tights.  Scrummy.


We aren't doing a linky this week but by all means post your photo of your child's favourite outfit and let us know so we can have a look.  Next week however the linky will be open and the theme is 'Going Home Outfits.'  We can't be the only two Mummy's who spent lots of time thinking about what their little people would be leaving the hospital in.  

Come back next week and share your photos so we can see just how lovely your pretty.little.things are.



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