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A New Stationery Obsession- And a Sticker Stack Giveaway...

on Thursday, 22 May 2014.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a *teeny* obsession with stationery.  For as long as I can remember I have been what you may call a stationery geek, and our house is overrun with pretty pens, notebooks and folders I genuinely have no use for.  At school I used to get excited every term to buy a new pencil case (I was one of those children) and vividly remember going on 'extremely important' shopping trips with my Mum to buy new pens and pencils every Summer.

Although I am actually pretty unorganised I like to pretend that I am not and therefore I have a notebook for every occasion.  However since my freelance work has stepped up a gear, I decided I needed a monthly planner to sort my life out.  A quick browse around the wonderful world of instagram via Hayley led me to Sticker Stack.

Sticker Stack is a site full of gorgeous East Asian stationery and I wasted pretty much an hour browsing all their gorgeous things.  I have had an obsession for Korean and Japanese stationary ever since one of my childhood friends went to live over there and used to send me back amazing sticker albums.  

I bought the Apple Simplanner, a large, colourful monthly planner with no start date and a huge note section, which was a bargain at £6.00 and a really very cute set of memo stickers that Mads has her eye on.  I am a sucker for a post it note.  With a team based in the UK and a team based in Korea, my goodies arrived beautifully packaged a couple of days later.








I was so impressed with the service and the quality of the products I just had to email and say thank you and I soon found myself chatting to Ben the owner of Sticker Stack.  He is really lovely and although originally from England, he moved over to Korea a few years ago where he met his wife and had his children.  After a few emails back and forth and with me mentioning I would love to support his company on my blog, he very kindly asked if I would like to give away some bits in a competition.

I only review a few products on this blog, but I really was so impressed with my purchases and wanted to shout about them as I know that there are lots of people who are also stationary lovers like myself.  I love it when small business owners are so passionate and this definitely came across when I was chatting to Ben.


If you want to be in with a chance of winning the goodies below then all you need to do is leave a comment below with your favourite item from the Sticker Stack site.  

You could win...


This gorgeous 100 Stories journal/notebook which I very very nearly bought myself, I love the idea of capturing tiny little snippets of our story.


This super stylish A4 briefcase wallet, perfect for storing receipts, artwork, photographs or your endless supplies of scrap paper, if you are anything like me!


It's wonderful to receive a handwritten note, I love to get happy post, so brighten up someone's day with these super cute letter writing sets.


Coral is one of my favourite colours, perfect for summer, and so I would love this corner wallet to store my cards, coins and other bits and bobs.


These two way Deco pens look stylish (they remind me of the Pantone colours brand for some reason) and they will make your notebooks look positively pretty!




If you wanted to support this fabulous small business on social media too then then you can follow them on facebook, instagram and twitter- I am sure they would appreciate it!  

(Competition ends on 12th June at midnight...)


NB.  I paid for my Sticker Stack goodies and have received no payment for this post but I wanted to shout about them because I really do think they are fab.  


Every Little Girl Needs A Den...

on Friday, 29 March 2013.

When I was a little girl I used to love to make dens.  I would make my Mum take all the quilts off the beds and I would make a fort between the sofas.  I used to love hiding and playing in them for hours, living in a make believe and fairy tale world.

Therefore when Catching Stars asked if I would like to review one of their teepees I nearly squealed with excitement.  I knew that Mads would absolutely love it, and also it looked so eye catching and cool, I knew it would go perfectly in her newly decorated woodland themed room.

Catching Stars is a new company started by two friends who are dedicated to creating beautiful and inspiring play spaces for children.  All their designs are bright, colourful and modern.

Naturally we chose the woodland teepee to match her new room and we excitedly awaited it's delivery.  When we arrived we got Mr E to set it up as soon as he could.  The teepee is really easy to get up, it literally took about two minutes.

Our first impression was just how colourful it was.  The fabric is a gorgeous woodland decal with rabbits and deers all over it.  It looks perfect in her new room.  The teepee comes with a quilted padded floor mat and the inside has three pockets to hide treasures.  What I really loved was as an added extra it came with two little cushions in the same design which really helps for snuggling and getting cosy.  All the poles are hidden by the material, which is made from 100% thick, high quality cotton.  It is not flimsy at all and really sturdy.

Children can shut the door using the velcro fastenings but there are still spaces so you can peek inside to see what they are getting up too.  If you would prefer though you can fasten back the doors with the attached ribbon.

Mads was so excited as her Daddy was putting it up and as soon as he had finished she went straight inside saying 'Do you want to come in my tent Mummy'  Of course we had to have a go, as well as Daddy.  But eventually we weren't good enough and all her 'friends' (teddies) came in the tent with her, along with her supermarket till and her baby sister.  At six weeks old, LL got a taste of being in a 'only girls allowed' den!

Mads played in it for ages, snuggling in there under a blanket and watching a film, and also having a little picnic in there too.  I can see it getting even more use when she has friends round to play and I can also see it being a lasting toy as she gets older and likes the idea of having a secret place.  

At the moment her room is too small to have it up constantly but in a way this is good as it means that the excitement factor is still there and every day she asks for Daddy to get her 'tent' out.  

The teepee is priced at £180, and originally when I first looked at the website I thought it was quite pricey.  However once the teepee arrived and I saw the quality of the material, the way it was made and the love and passion that had gone into the little details, I have to say that I find the price quite reasonable, especially when it comes with extras like the mat and the two cushions.  I can see it being a special and favourite toy of ours for a long time to come and it will only get better as she gets older and has friends over for sleepovers etc. 

Mads absolutely loves her teepee and I must admit I wished they did one in adult sizes too!










Catching Stars are very kindly giving away one pair of butterfly cushions and one pair of robot cushions to two lucky readers.  



All you need to do to enter the competition is...

Like Catching Stars on facebook.  

(You could also leave a comment on their page to say hello.)

Tweet 'I want to win a beautiful set of cushions from @catchingstarsuk with @mummydaddyme'

Leave a comment below saying whether you would like the butterfly or the robot cushions and also a way of contacting you e.g twitter or email.

If you wanted to support this lovely new business you could also like them on twitter but it isn't a condition of entry.  

The competition will run until the 16th April and we will draw a winner at random after this time.  

Good luck!

Win A Beautiful Personalised Bracelet From Merci Maman.

on Monday, 27 February 2012.

On Christmas Day last year I opened the most wonderful gift from Mr E.  Amongst other bits he had bought me the most beautiful bracelet from Merci Maman which I will treasure forever.  I hinted a couple of times but I thought he had forgotten, so I was so thrilled on the day to receive it.  



The fact that it had been Mads first birthday the day before and I was feeling all sentimental really meant that this was the icing on the cake and I can honestly say that I will treasure it forever.

I am a huge fan of Merci Maman.  For those of you who don't know who they are, they are a small, unique company offering a range of personalised gifts for mums, dads, babies and whoever you want. 

Since then I have kept in touch with the lovely ladies at Merci Maman and when they asked me if I wanted to do a competition on my blog I jumped at the chance as I know my readers will love their products.  Imagine my delight when on Thursday I received a beautiful bracelet in the post as a thank you with a little note saying 'here is an early Mothers Day present.'  I received the Liberty Bias bracelet which is just gorgeous.  Take a look below.  


Merci Maman have very kindly offered to give away one of their stunning heart bracelets.  This is such a beautiful gift for someone or of course just to have for yourself- you can think of what you would like the charm to say, it doesn't have to be related to your children, it could be your partners name or even say a small quote or your own name.  

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these gorgeous bracelets all you need to do is...

Like Merci Maman on facebook.

Follow @mercimamangifts on Twitter.

For extra entries you can...

Subscribe to the Merci Maman newsletter (to subscribe go to the Merci Maman home page and you will find the subscription button at the bottom)

Follow my blog Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three on networked blogs.

Like Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three on facebook.

Subscribe to Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three via email.

Please leave a comment below for each separate entry and of course you only have to do one entry but the more comments you leave the more chance you have!


The competition will run until 5th March and then I will pick a winner via

As a special treat Merci Maman have also offered my readers 10% off everything on their website.  Their prices are so reasonable anyway considering the beauty of their products but with 10% off it is even better.  

All you need to do is checkout using the discount code 'mummydaddyandme'  

It only lasts a week until 5th March so get your partners on the case to buy you a special treat for Mothers Day or buy yourself a pressie!


Win A Laikonik Personalised Once-A-year Book.

on Sunday, 12 February 2012.

As I am sure you are all aware by now I adore photography and the thing I adore most is taking photos of my lovely little girl.  Call me soppy but I also adore documenting her memories, something that she will treasure when she is older.  She has a memory box full of different bits including her hospital band, her going home outfit and her birth cards and of course I also write her letters, both handwritten and on my blog so that she can read them when she gets older.

Which is why, when I found the Once a Year books by Laikonik, I was blown away.  Laikonik is the brainchild of Kasia, an incredibly talented artist and designer.  Laikonik was created in 2005 as a way of capturing her creative ideas, and it has grown into a fully fledged business, with an aim of connecting with the global community, whilst continuing to support the growing trend for ethically made and earth friendly products.  


The Once-A-year books are so beautiful, and such a fantastic way of creating a memory journal for your child, without a huge amount of work needed to maintain it.  You basically chronical the first eighteen years of your child's life by inserting a photo for each year and adding a brief description to each year as well.  Also included is a chatter book which can be used to keep a record of your child's first words or even first milestones.

Each Once-A-year book comes included with a beautiful silk hemp bag to keep it safe and features a Polish folk art inspired motif.  Each book also comes with a pamphlet on how to get the best out of the book and hints and tips, including if you are back dating the book in the case of a slightly older child.  

They come in lots of different patterns, my favourite being this one below as I love birds which I am sure you can tell from my blog design!  You can also personalise your book as well which makes it extra special.





I absolutely adore these books and they make such a beautiful and treasured keepsake for your child- I would have adored to have something like this documenting my childhood years.


To be in with a chance of winning a fabulous personalised Once-A-year book from Laikonik all you need to do is-

Comment below with your thoughts on 'What are your thoughts on keeping a record of your baby growing up?'

For extra entries you can-

Follow Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three on Networked Blogs.

Like Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three on Facebook.

Tweet 'I want to win a beautiful Laikonik Once-A-year memory album with @mummydaddyme'



Remember to leave a comment for each extra entry.

The competition will run until February 26th and I will choose three winners via after this time.

Good luck!


Also as a special offer for our readers Laikonik are offering 20% off their once-A-year books.  All you need to do is head over to the Laikonik shop and type in the discount code of MDM3.  This runs till the 31st March.  

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