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Miscellaneous Memories #14 - 12 Hours...

on Thursday, 27 March 2014.

Our weeks seem to whizz by in a blur of routine, fun and occasional mundanity.  We have settled into a pattern of different things on each day, with Monday morning being when we see my Mum, Tuesday and Thursday morning being nursery days, and Wednesday and Friday being days for seeing friends.  

Sometimes the days are long and I breathe a sigh of relief when I sit down on the sofa once they are in bed.  Sometimes I look like a bit of a stalker, watching out the corner of my eye for Mr E's key to turn in the lock so I can hand over some responsiblity of parenting for a few hours.  Sometimes we are having so much fun that I don't even notice that it's bed time.  

I have written a couple of day in my life posts before but I decided yesterday to set myself a little challenge to take a photo on the hour every hour to see what we got up to in a day, setting an alarm on my phone to remind myself to do it.  It wasn't a particularly exciting day, but it's our ordinary life and it will be great to look back on...


8am- We woke up about 7.10am which is pretty good for as at the moment as Mads has been getting up earlier than normal.  After a spot of breakfast we went upstairs to get ready at 8, we always get them ready on our bed.


9am- I have to do around half an hours work most mornings and the girls are pretty good, but yesterday involved a little bit of chocolate rice cake and iPad bribery. #parentingfail


10am- Clearly a hilarious renactment of Toy Story going on with Rex in the starring role.


11am- We headed over to a friends house for a play date.  Play dates of course mean sugary lollies we wouldn't normally be allowed at home!


12pm- My friend wanted to treat us to lunch so we headed off out for a walk to the tea shop.  LL hitched a ride in her little friend's wheels. 


1pm- Saying goodbye.  Always emotional.


2pm- Home and late for nap time.  The realisation was kicking in for LL that it was time.


3pm- Still snoozing.


4pm- Girls were still snoozing so it was necessary for a little sit down on the sofa for a browse of social media!


5pm- Awake and partaking in our daily ritual- an after nap Rich Tea biscuit and a spot of television.


6pm- Mr E back from work and I headed off for a quick 5k run.  It was horrible as I am recovering from a sickness bug, plus it was so cold and rainy.


7pm- Splashing is hilarious.


8pm- Girls fast asleep in bed a bit later than usual.  After eating dinner with them earlier, it was then time to tackle the washing up.  


9pm-  And relax!  A lie down on the sofa with a spot of blogging before switching off for the evening.

And that's it!  I always go to bed far too late and then wake up like a zombie the next morning ready to do it all over again.  Just an ordinary day in a very ordinary life of raising two little people. 

A Day In The Life Of A Six Month Old Baby...

on Wednesday, 14 August 2013.


I get up around 7.30am, sometimes I am in my own crib, but more often than not I am in Mummy and Daddy's bed. ;)


While waiting for Mummy, Daddy and my Big Sister to get ready, I might have another little snooze.


In between drinking milkies, I have a little play with my toys.


I get Mummy to change my nappy, and I enjoy having a kick on my changing table.


Before it's time for a little siesta.


Then it's time to practice on my tummy.  I am getting pretty strong at it now.


I have a little bit of an afternoon jumping session in my jumperoo.  It's my favourite thing to do ever!


Before it's time for a bath where I get soaked cause my sister splashes me.  Not that I mind, in fact it makes me giggle most nights.


Finally it's time to get in my jammies with Daddy and Mads and have some bedtime milkies while I listen to the story Daddy reads us.

Then its off to Zzzzzz...

But not for long.... As I like to keep my Mummy and Daddy on their toes. 

A Day In The Life Of Us...

on Monday, 26 March 2012.

A typical day in the world of Mummy and Mads when Daddy is out till late...


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