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{The Ordinary Moments 15} #9 Monday's with Grandma...

on Sunday, 01 March 2015.

For a good year or so now we have dedicated one morning a week to spending time with my Mum.  We both lead busy lives, I obviously work two days a week, the other two days are spent seeing friends or doing jobs, and we found that if we have a day of the week where we see each other then we were less likely to cancel plans.  That day is on a Monday.

For most people Monday is the start of the working week, or if you don't work then it is the first day after the weekend- traditionally Monday is not really a day to particularly look forward to.  But I look forward to it every week and it is actually one of my favourite days.  The girls absolutely love their Grandma to pieces and I love that we have a little routine and structure in place.  Before Christmas, we often went out and about on a Monday- whether that would be running errands in town, out shopping and for a cake, or to the garden centre for lunch and to see the animals.  While this was lovely, my Mum and I found that we were spending lots of money when to be honest we all would be equally happy just to hang out at home.

Therefore since Christmas we have spent the majority of Monday morning's up at her house.  She only lives less than five minutes away from me by car and has the most beautiful home, I definitely get my interior passion from her.  Her home just makes me feel cosy and almost revert back to being my younger self again, even though I have never actually lived there.  I usually bring my laptop and more often than not she will play with the girls while I sit at the dining room table (which looks on to their living room) and do the odd bit of work I need to do.  The girls will get spoilt with Smarties (she seems to have an endless supply of them) and they will play or watch films whilst I chat to them all and get on with bits and bobs.  I have also been known to take a load or two of washing up there and she will sit and do my ironing while we have lunch- she really is a Mummy in a million.

The girls love a good routine as much as I do- it's become a bit of a tradition to have a lunch of 'jammy sandwiches' for Mads and 'peanut butter toast' for LL, all washed down with far too strong juice. (how many times do I need to tell her to only put a couple of drops in?)  I have a diet coke or two and my Mum cooks me a mean beans on toast, she jokes that it's like a cafe as she has to make three separate lunches.  We then head off home about 1.30 for nap time at our house.

It is such a simple Monday, but for some reason the girls and I really look forward to it- in fact LL has started to realise when we are going up there and has taken to squealing in delight when we turn up her road.  My Mum can drive me round the bend at times, probably cause we are so alike, but she really is the best in the world, and I am so lucky to have her.  She helps me out so much and I am so grateful for that.  I hope she loves our Monday mornings just as much as we do!


Some iPhone photos of last Monday...

Monday with Grandma 1

Watching them snuggling together in the background whilst I did work.

Monday with Grandma 3

Going to Grandma's is great because she has ridiculously unhealthy yoghurts that I won't let them have at home. ;) 

Monday with Grandma 2

This week was very exciting because her other Grandpa and Nana got Mads some Sylvanian Families bits for Christmas, and it was the first time we had got them out to play with.  Because Mads has her birthday on Christmas Eve, it means that more often that not we stagger her presents so she doesn't get everything all at once.  She absolutely loved them which pleased me no end because I loved mine as a child- I wish my Mum had kept them as I had lots.

Monday with Grandma 4

Doing some drawing.

Monday with Grandma

I love this photo of them- snuggling together and watching The Lion King.


Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015- February.

on Saturday, 28 February 2015.

Whereas January seems to always drag a little bit, February seems to whizz past, and before we know it we are into March- which brings my birthday and the first promise of Spring.  February has been a nice month, we have had a couple of really hectic weeks but on the whole it's been relatively quiet. 

I don't really know how I would sum up this month.  It's been busy during the week- my freelance work is going really well which of course is most welcome, but it has meant that the weeks have blurred into one, especially as I have had meetings and other bits going on- I actually filmed one of our weeks just to look back on what it looked like for us all.  Of course, one of the weeks we had LL's 2nd birthday- a milestone which has hit me particularly hard.  All of a sudden I am so nostalgic about the fact I no longer have a baby, I wouldn't say I am broody, but more feeling a bit sentimental about my own 'babies' not being so little anymore.

A lot of my very limited free time this month has been spent thinking about and planning the girl's new bedroom.  We are moving them into a joint room (something I am SO nervous about) and getting a study back.  I am excited to have two project's to plan for but as usual I have spent most of my time looking at trinkets and finishing touches and not so much at the actual furniture or logistics.  We went to Ikea one weekend day in February, 'just to look', and ended up being in there almost four hours in there and spending a small fortune.  I am excited to start actually getting it sorted, but we need to decorate both rooms first as after being little people's bedrooms for so long, they are looking a bit tatty round the edges.

Other than that the month has just been spent being busy with day to day life and ordinary moments, although we did start off the month at a beautiful little cottage on a weekend away in Norfolk, and this is where our Me and Mine photos were taken.  I was so impressed that for once we didn't leave it until the last minute and took our photos on the 1st day of the month- I think I deserve some sort of prize!  The story behind the photos is that the cottage we were staying in had a very cute little garden and we saw this bench from outside the window.  We thought it would make a really cute backdrop for our photos and of course a nice memory as we had a lovely weekend.

I am actually really pleased with these photos and there is a little secret as to why we are all looking at the camera.  A couple of years ago I bought myself a ridiculously cheap self timer remote off ebay, which promptly broke after about a month of using it.  I ended up never buying another one as I actually don't mind setting the self timer, but the remote has sat in my camera bag ever since.  Mads wasn't too happy about the idea of taking the photos, so I asked her to be my 'helper' which she loves doing.  She held the remote and we kept telling her to look at the camera and press it, even though obviously it was actually the self timer going off rather than her pressing the button.  It worked though and she loved thinking she was taking the photo.





Happy memories of a happy weekend away.  

Here's to seeing what March may bring....



This month I am sending you over to have a look at Alex's beautiful blog.  She is currently sporting a rather lovely bump and it's lovely that soon her Me and Mine photos will have another addition, just like when I started with LL! :) 

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #7 'A 2nd Birthday'

on Sunday, 15 February 2015.

This past week has been a little hectic.  I have had a few meetings for work, including a seven hour round trip up to Manchester, a day in London for my best friend from Uni's baby shower, and just general day to day life being that little bit busier than normal.  On top of this, on Wednesday it was a very special day indeed.  Our beautiful baby girl turned two.  We didn't have much planned for the actual day, it was pretty low key but sentimental all the same and I of course felt a little emotional that we were well and truly leaving the baby years behind us.

She woke up and opened her pressies- we didn't go crazy being that Christmas has only just happened and we still haven't played properly with some of the toys they received then.  She had a couple of Peppa Pig tacky bits to open, which were most definitely the best things ever, and a big Bullseye Toy Story character as both her and Mads love to play with them and are collecting the set.  Then it was time to head out for the day, but not before donning her '2' top and a bright pink tutu.  If you can't wear a pink tutu on your second birthday then quite frankly when can you?

We then headed to her first ever taster session at a baby ballet class.  It took her ten minutes to warm up, she clung to me for the first part, but then after a while she absolutely loved it and danced around happily, so we will definitely go back and our close friends go so that's another nice thing about it.  We tried them for a term with Mads just after LL was born, but she wasn't particularly fussed by them.  LL however loves to dance and wiggle so I think she will really enjoy it.  After that we headed out for our first slice of cake of the day while I got the car cleaned- it's non stop glamour here even on your birthday!  Then it was time to head to the girl's favourite restaurant Pizza Express, which is the only place I can guarantee they will eat every single thing on their plates.  We were joined by Grandma which was lovely as well.

We headed home for a nap, after all any party girl needs to get a bit of beauty sleep, before waiting for Mr E to get home from work.  We then headed over to Grandma's yet again for a mini birthday party, where there were a few other members of the family there to celebrate with us.  We had a yummy dinner before it was time to sing Happy Birthday and tuck in to a piece of Peppa Pig birthday cake.  LL absolutely loved her cake and as usual I got tears in my eyes watching her little face as she saw it for the first time.  It was a lovely, low key birthday for our littlest lady.

For someone who loves to take lots of photos, especially of celebrations, I wasn't really feeling it on Wednesday- a combination of for the most part in being with them on my own and not wanting to lug the camera out with me, yet also a little bit due to tiredness and general 'meh'-ness after a hectic week.  However I did manage to capture a few happy moments and I did take a couple of snippets of video which I will get round to editing soon no doubt.  

We are so proud of our baby girl, she's growing up so fast and it's oh so bittersweet.  I love the little person she is becoming and I am excited for the adventures that I know we will have in the future, but I can't help but feel a little sadness over the first two years of her life being over.  It all seems to have whizzed by in a blur, all those days merging into one, but one thing is for sure- she has completed our family and stolen all our hearts a million times over...







My Sisters in February 2015.....

on Sunday, 15 February 2015.

I can't quite fathom how we are in the middle of February already.  It's been a busy month for us so far- we have had a trip to Norfolk, LL's birthday and also just general day to day life.  Both Mr E and I have been really busy with work- while this is of course much welcomed, it also gets on top of me sometimes and as a result other things, like taking photos or keeping on top of the washing has taken a little bit of a back seat.

However because Daddy was working on LL's birthday last Wednesday, we promised them we would go on an extra special treat at the weekend.  When you are two and the weather is pretty terrible, there isn't much you can particularly do.  But then we realised that the Peppa Pig film was out and for a Peppa obsessed LL this couldn't have been more perfect.  So we planned a special day for her- we went out early on Saturday to the film, had Pic n Mix, (this nearly blew their minds as they had never chosen things from there before) and then went out to Pizza Hut afterwards. (Again the ice cream factory was a big hit funnily enough!)  

LL was so sweet in the film, it was her first proper cinema experience, bar coming with us when she was about three months old and spending the time attached to my boob so she wouldn't cry!  It was also probably only Mads third time as well, as we went through a stage where she was terrified of the cinema.  However both of them loved it, LL was so cute sat in her little chair clutching on to her bag of sweets and she did all the dancing and actually shook with excitement when Peppa came on the screen.  It couldn't have been a more perfect birthday treat out for my littlest lady.

After lunch I realised I had taken no photos so we quickly went behind the cinema to take a few photos of them both for the 'Siblings' project this month.  They were undoubtedly wired on sugar from too much ice cream and sweets, and were both being ridiculously silly.  And it turns out that I actually love these photos a lot- they aren't particularly exciting as the light was so grey and the location was a bit grim, but they capture my girls perfectly.  Mr E and I tried to wrestle that Peppa Pig drawing board off LL so she wasn't holding them in the photos but everytime we did she proceeded to do her 'meltdown screech' so we decided it wasn't worth it!   Plus I guess it sums her up in February perfectly, she carries it around everywhere!











All was going swimmingly and we were having a lovely time until Mads decided to swing LL a little too hard by her arm, causing LL to do a rather comical (bad Mummy) face plant flat on her face.  She was covered in mud from head to toe, it was even all over her face.  Luckily after a few minutes tears we realised she wasn't hurt, but that put an end to that.  And that completely also sums up my girls- they play so nicely for a certain amount of time, before it inevitably turns to fighting or tears over something.  

I guess that's siblings for you...



This month I am sending you over to Kerri-Ann who takes the most stunning almost magical photos of her girls.  Be sure to go and have a look there and link up too as I am still having trouble with my linky tools- it's most strange!  We are looking forward to the other Siblings too!


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