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The One Where I Totally Fail At Being Kate Moss...

on Thursday, 03 April 2014.

For someone who adores her camera and documenting every single memory I can, there is one thing I absolutely HATE with a passion.  Photographs of me.  Don't get me wrong, I like natural shots with my babies, and I love the odd 'selfie' on my iPhone but ask me to pose for a photo and I end up looking incredibly uncomfortable.  

However as a Mum I don't get to treat myself as much as I used to.  Before children my money used to go on exciting things such as holidays, bags and clothes.  Nowadays I have much less and it goes on mortgage payments, bills and clothes for them.  Therefore when Florence and Fred got in touch to see if I would like to try some of their range I thought I would put aside my serious 'being in front of the camera' anxiety and channel my inner Kate Moss.  If you want a laugh keep scrolling down.

I must admit I don't buy a huge amount of clothes from Tesco for myself.  I have the odd thing from there, and my girls probably have over half their range every season, (it washes so well for the price!) but it's not somewhere where I would particularly shop for things for me.  However I was so impressed with the amount of things they had on their website and I had a great time picking out some bits and pieces from their collection.

Aside from being uncomfortable and tense in these photos, I also don't have the luxury of Mario Testino photographing me, instead I had a slightly grumpy husband who had just got home from work and wasn't impressed with my modelling.  But here is what I purchased...


Awkward pose and expression aside I love this spotty pinky jumper.  I teamed it with my own shirt and jeans, and it is something I know that I will wear a lot.


Kate Moss so wouldn't leave the coathanger plastic thingy out.  Rookie mistake.  


Nervous laughter and Kate Moss would definitely have had one of her assistants pull those unsightly weeds up.  But I do love this flowery dress, I have a fair few family things coming up so will wear this when I want to be smart casual with tights and boots.  Note to self- remember to straighten hair properly next time.


A solution!  Grab a baby to pose with- that will make it easier.  I really like this white chiffon top, it doesn't cling to my tummy and is smarter than just a t-shirt.  Love the pumps as well, I have a thing for neon.


Love them- perfect for Spring.


Love my Russian Doll necklace.


The smallest model was starting to get fed up by this point, and was a little embarrassed about standing outside our house posing for all the neighbours to see.  But I do love this neon striped top, it's perfect for wearing on my endless exciting and glamorous trips to soft play.  Basic but pretty.


Did you know that F&F also do gym stuff?  Nope I didn't either.  I am happy in this one as I am about to run away from the camera, love this neon orange vestt!

I also got two beautiful little sets of dungarees for the girls (can't beat kids in dungarees in my opinion!) but they are shorts for summer and are a little big at the moment so they will fit in time for our holiday.  I am really pleased with the outfits that I selected and it was so lovely to be able to treat myself to some things for me.  Definitely worth ten minutes worth of awkward photo taking.  I am pretty sure Kate Moss won't be concerned about me taking any work off her soon!

Thank you so much Florence and Fred.


NB.  I was gifted £100 to spend online at F&F as part of their #ffontrendmum campaign.  All thoughts, opinions and horrendously awkward poses are entirely my own.


Pregnancy Style #1

on Wednesday, 05 September 2012.

When I was about half way through my pregnancy with Mads I started looking at clothes to cover my growing bump.  There was not much in the maternity sections that I liked.  Why just because you are pregnant does it give you an excuse to look like a 'Mum.'  Don't get me wrong, there are a few nice places to buy maternity clothes that don't cost the earth- think ASOS and Gap, but most of the ones I found were not me at all.

Therefore I mostly boycotted the maternity sections and lived in leggings and slightly bigger sizes in tops that I would have worn pre-Mads.  I think I bought a couple of maternity jumpers and tops and that was it.

This time I seem to be encountering the same problem.  My bump is big already so I am already out of my normal jeans.  This time I am open to suggestions, and I am determined to find a nice pair of pregnancy skinny jeans that don't have one of those over the bump panels.

My dilemma at the moment is that in certain clothes I don't look like like I have got a bump- more like I have eaten slightly too many burgers, so I have been wearing tight things that show it off.  Tight equals bump.  Baggy equals people at work trying to guess if I have had a 'big lunch.'

I most certainly don't claim to be the most stylish person in the world, far from it in fact, but this is what I have been clothing myself and the bump in over the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  It works for us, although Mr E has a bit of a phobia of patterned leggings.  He says I look like his Grandma.  If his Grandma had worn patterned leggings I would be very concerned.




NB. If anyone knows where to get a nice fitting pair of maternity skinny jeans please let me know.  You would be my saviour!  Or just nice maternity clothes.

Summer Clothes For My Little Girl

on Wednesday, 02 May 2012.


Summer is almost here, well if you don't count the atrocious weather we have had the last week or so.  I am such a summer person, I live in little summer dresses and my sunglasses, so obviously when I had a little girl I was super excited to dress her up in lovely outfits.  We are going on holiday in about seven weeks, just to Spain for a week but I am looking forward to it so much as it is our first abroad holiday as a family.
I have been picking out some little outfits for Mads to wear while we are there.  Here are the first few things in my shopping basket.
1. H and M Dungaree's- £9.99-  I don't know what it is but I have a massive obsession with my little girl in dungaree's, I just think they make her look adorable.  I love these summer ones, especially with the little heart detail, and I can tell she will be wearing them all summer long.
2. H and M Shorts- £2.99- How nice are these little shorts?  I think they will look great on her and they are a bargain too.  I will let her wear them with the Baby Tom's I have promised I am going to get her too.  So cute!
3. Zara Checked Shirt Dress- £19.99- While I love Mads all dressed up in cute pink things, I also like her looking not so twee sometimes, I love this checked shirt dress from Zara.
4. Zara Flamingo Print Skirt- £11.99- I love the colour of this Zara skirt, it is so summery, plus I love the little Flamingo print, it just makes it a little bit different.
5. JoJo Maman Bebe Ladybird Print Baby Sunsuit- £16.00- To satisfy my love of all things girly, I adore this little playsuit, Mad's had lots of playsuits last year, I think little girls look very cute in them.
I literally could go mad on clothes for her for our holiday, but I have to reign in my spending a little.  Plus I still need to get a couple of things for me too!

Pretty.Little.Things- Favourite Colour

on Friday, 16 March 2012.

Last week when Lucy and I decided the theme for this weeks Pretty.Little.Things I decided I was going to make sure I got my camera out and take some new photos of Mads.  Or I was going to do a collage of photos of her in her 'Favourite Colour.'  

Fast forward to Thursday night and as usual I have been so incredibly busy I haven't had time to do any of the things I wanted to do.  So please excuse the quality of my photo but here is Mads in her favourite colour.  She is pulling a face which I happen to think is quite cute because I told her off for touching the television!



NNow I know Mads is only fourteen months old and therefore doesn't actually know what her favourite colour is yet, and I know it is a terrible cliche but I just love her in Pink.  I think it really suits her skin tone and she just looks so cute dressed up in her little pink outfits.  I am not one of those people whose baby has to be in pink non stop though, I do love her in other colours.  You can get some really gorgeous baby outfits in purples, navy and red.  Although if I had to choose my favourite, pink would get my vote.

I want Mads to be a happy and well adjusted little person so if as she gets older she decides she wants to be a tomboy then that would be fine by me.  I just 'secretly' hope that she wants to be like her Mummy and like fashion, girly things and being creative.  Only time will tell but in the meantime I will enjoy dressing my little lady up in dresses and skirts before she tells me otherwise.

If you would like to link up and tell us your favourite colour for either yourself or your little one then head over to Dear Beautiful Boy as she is hosting this week.  Next week the theme is 'Favourite Place to Relax.'  Where do you like to unwind and get away from it all?  Come and join me here next week and let us all know.



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