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A Child Free Weekend in Bath...

on Tuesday, 08 April 2014.

This past weekend I had my first child free weekend ever.  I have been away before for the odd night when we just had Mads and I went away to Brussels with work for two nights when Mads was around eleven months old, but I have only been away from LL for a night before.  I was excited and a little nervous about leaving them for the weekend.

The reason for my travels was it was one of my best friends hen do's in Bath.  Her wedding is in a couple of weeks and I am bridesmaid so I was really excited about spending some time with her and her friends, as well as one of my other closest friends from uni.  

We had a great time, the only downside being that I was not well earlier in the week and on the Saturday it came back with avengence, meaning that I got glammed up ready to have some drinks only to find that my stomach was so painful I had to go home early.  I was so disappointed and upset, typical that I am poorly on the one weekend that I get to go away. 

Here is my weekend in iPhone photos...


Arrived in Bath early on Friday for a spot of lunch with the lovely Lucy.  


We had a wonderful time catching up. 


Bath is so beautiful and also has some lovely quirky shops, could have bought everything in this toy shop.


Beautiful country house for the weekend.  Check. 



Gorgeous room. Check.


Warm fire. Check.





Bathroom selfies and my two best uni friends.  One in a toilet paper wedding dress.  The other the actual bride.  


Not a bad view to wake up to.  


Actually had time to eat breakfast for once.


Most people have limos for their hen do, we had a horse box.


Kicked out his transport.


This little fella was an hour old. 


Cuddles with another baby and a spot of shooting.


Super shooters.


Relaxing in a huge bubble bath.


All glammed up and fizzy willies.


A little treat brought home for my little ladies (and Mr E!) - some chocolate ducks!


A little card for Mr E. 

It was a lovely weekend and it was nice to be able to just relax and not have to be 'Mummy' for a while.  I was the only Mum there bar the hens Mum, and for once all my conversation didn't revolve around tantrums, nappies and sleeping patterns, although I kept showing them all photos of my lovely little ladies.  The girls had a great time with Mr E and when I spoke to them on the phone Mads kept saying she 'missed me so much.'  I came home to the biggest cuddles and they didn't leave my lap for the whole afternoon.  

They definitely missed me just as much as I missed them.  

Roll on the wedding! 



{The Ordinary Moments 14} #8 'Special Friendships'

on Sunday, 23 February 2014.


Friendships are a funny old thing when you become a Mother.  

I am lucky to have some great friendships in my life- a couple are old friends from school or university, some are friends I have met through Mr E, some are from having my girls, and some are through blogging.  Others I have just met somewhere along the way.  

We have a few close friends that we socialise with as a couple.  Then we have a few where we socialise as a couple or a family but perhaps one of us has the stronger friendship, for example we have Mr E's life long school friends and while it is great to see them all when we go to Manchester, it is obviously due to the fact that Mr E has such a long history with them.  We have friends on completely different paths to us- some single, some engaged, some with children a lot older than ours, and some with children the same age. 

When you become parents, naturally your life completely revolves around your children.  And of course while days out are fun whoever we are with, it certainly helps if your children get along well too.  When I started blogging I certainly didn't think that I would make such great friends, let alone one of my best ones.

I first met Lucy at a Kiddicare blog event but our families properly met for the first time at a Tots 100 Christmas party a couple of years ago.  Even at that first meeting, I could just tell we would all get along well, our husbands were similar, and of course Mads and BB were almost the same age.

I don't even know how it happened but soon I started speaking to Lucy almost every day.  Of course there are days where we don't, but I certainly speak to her far more than any of the other friends I have in my life.  Our families just seem to have clicked, and over the last year or so we have added another two little ladies to our little group.  Our children are all similar ages, and we just get on so well.  Mads and BB are just adorable together, and Mads calls him 'her best friend.'  When she finds out we are seeing them for the day she always jumps around the room in excitement.

We see each other at least a couple of times a month, sometimes more, and we haven't got any other friends where when we are together it is just so easy.  Even some of our oldest friends aren't quite the same- our days out and holidays just seem to work and I feel so genuinely lucky to have met them and have them in our lives.  I know that whatever happens with my blog in the future, we will remain friends.  Although it drives us mad when people think we can't be anywhere without the other- I get so many people ask me 'Where is Lucy?'  We aren't joined at the hip- well only sometimes and actually we are quite different although ridiculously similar at the same time.

The above photo was taken at the weekend.  Just a very ordinary moment in the park with our friends.  Our very close, family friends who I know will be in our life for a very very long time.

It's not very often you meet people that you can truly say that about.



A Girly Day at Ragdale Hall...

on Tuesday, 07 January 2014.


When I was pregnant with LL, I went to Ragdale Hall with my Mum and sister for a spa day.  It was one of the best days I have had in such a long time, full of relaxation, chatting and laughing.  However one big problem was because I was pregnant I couldn't enjoy all the heat experiences (although there is lots you can still do) and so I have been wanting to go back ever since!  Therefore when the opportunity arose for me to go back with Lucy we jumped at the chance.

We set off for a day of pampering early, and I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to it, with it being the first time I had been away for a day from LL since she was born ten months earlier.  And it certainly didn't disappoint.  We had a wonderful day with lots and lots of chatting and giggling- in fact my throat was sore when I came home from talking too much.

Ragdale Hall is beautiful, and from the second you step in the door it is almost as if your worries just disappear instantly.  There are people in white fluffy robes everwhere, lounging on sofas, playing games with a cup of coffee or snuggled up in a corner somewhere reading a book.  

The spa itself is world class- with lots of different heat experiences, including a colour flow cave, volcanic salt bat, outdoor heated pool, and my favourite the beautiful candlelit pool.  There is a large pool with a jaquzzi as well.  There are chill out areas everywhere, and you can't help but want to snuggle up with a magazine.

We had a delicious healthy lunch in the restaurant, in our robes which somehow made it even more relaxing, including the most amazing chocolate mousse.  The service was second to none, with the staff incredibly friendly and chatting throughout.

Of course you can get treatments at Ragdale, which I did last time I was there, but we preferred to just sit and chat all day.  We certainly did a lot of that!

It was the most lovely day with one of my best friends, and I certainly cannot recommend Ragdale enough.  I am already looking at going back with my mum and my sister, and talking about going with Lucy again this year as well.  If you are looking for a relaxing, luxurious day then you definitely won't be disappointed at booking Ragdale Hall.

Thank you so much to Ragdale for giving us a day to remember.





We received a complimentary experience day at Ragdale Hall for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinons are entirely my own.  I can't recommend Ragdale enough.  You can read my previous review here.

Miscellaneous Memories #12- The Friends Edition.

on Wednesday, 27 November 2013.

My 'Miscellaneous Memories' are all those little moments I have captured with my 'big camera' that I don't want to forget, but that in themselves aren't enough to dedicate a whole post to.  The last couple of weekends we have been lucky enough to have two of our close sets of friends come to stay and us such most of the photos are from then.

Both sets live up near Newcastle, and we don't get a chance to see them very much anymore as we all have babies now, so we we really love it when we get a chance to get together.  I spent a large proportion of the start of my adult life in Leeds, then in London, and as such many of my friends are scattered all about the place.

We may not get a chance to get together as much as we used to, but I think the sign of true friendship is that when you see each other, it is like you only got together yesterday.  Times may have changed- instead of downing shots and staying out till 4am we are changing nappies and going to bed at 10pm, but we are still very lucky to have some really lovely people in our lives.


Hugging to keep warm in the playground! 




A moment with Daddy.


Cheeky smiles over lunch.


First time on an outdoor slide (although Daddy did hold her on the way down!)


My beautiful little lady.


Fun times.


She was fascinated watching the older girls running around.

Until next time...


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