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Food For The Elves- Elf Donuts.

on Wednesday, 11 December 2013.

I am well and truly in the festive spirit here.  I have mentioned countless times that December is our favourite month, but I am enjoying it more than ever this year because Mads is starting to understand a bit more, and LL is experiencing her first ever festivities!  It's all very exciting indeed.

We have talked to Mads about Father Christmas, but I still don't think she really grasps the fact that he is coming and what the difference is between the main man and the other ones you see at Grotto's and Garden Centre's.  She knows who Rudolph is, and she understand that Elves also help Father Christmas on his rounds on Christmas Eve.

She is clearly quite excited and loves the sparkly lights that are everywhere, and the tree.  She is getting a little confused as her birthday is Christmas Eve, but when you ask her what she would like from Father Christmas she says a 'One Direction Microphone'- something which Grandma has very 'kindly' got for her.  Oh what fun.  She also carries around her knitted Father Christmas that I put in her Christmas box everywhere and asks to sleep with him every night.

We were talking about how on Christmas Eve we leave a mince pie and a glass of port (can Father C drink pink prosecco?) for Father Christmas, and a glass of milk and a carrot for Rudolph.  But then we got thinking about the elves, they work just as hard and so need a pick me up too.

I then remembered a link I saw on a friends facebook page that was perfect for our little elf friends- Elf Donuts.  


These are so so simple to make and great fun to do with little people.   All you need are some



Icing Sugar

Hundreds and Thousands.

Now Elves are just like us and like all different types of donut.  Some prefer chocolate, some like them with sprinkles and some prefer iced.   So we made sure we catered for all different tastes.  We used icing sugar (with a drip of water to make it stick) to sprinkle on some of our Cheerios, we melted Nutella and dunked some in that, and we also put some of our Nutella covered Cheerios in a little pot of hundreds and thousands too.

We let them set and then popped them into an empty small match box to make them presentable for the Elves.  


We were having a snuggly day- hence the bed hair.  I do brush it. When she will let me I might add.


Some friends tried them to make sure they were acceptable to leave out for the real elves on Christmas Eve- they totally passed the taste test!


They taste pretty nice for Big People too as a little snack after getting busy in the kitchen!

Just a silly little idea, but we had lots of fun doing it together, and it is another way of getting into the magic of Christmas with my girls.  

After all, through the eyes of a nearly three year old, what could be better than little mini donuts for Father Christmas and his teeny tiny elves?  


Our Easter Weekend Looked Like This...

on Tuesday, 02 April 2013.

We have had a lovely long Easter weekend together.  Our weekend was spent...


Eating lots of Chocolate.


Feeding baby lambs at the farm.




Taking a walk in the wacky woods and seeing a bunny having a breather.


Getting our wellies (and everything else) very muddy.


Dressing in matching outfits for Easter Sunday.


Holding hands.


Easter Egg hunts.





Counting our loot.


Making husbands pose in bunny ears.


It all got too much for some.


All in all it was a great long weekend, why can't they always be four days long?

The Fairy Doctor...

on Thursday, 21 March 2013.

I have mentioned on here before how Mads is at an age where she just loves imaginative play.  Whether it is playing with her play kitchen, pushing her dolls around and pretending to wind them like I do with LL, or playing 'supermarkets- she just loves anything that involves using her imagination.

I love that streak about her, I used to get told all the time that I had a very overactive imagination (not always in a good way as I constantly worry that the most ridiculous things are going to happen- I was one of those who worried about the end of the world just before Christmas!) but it is a side of her that I am really keen to explore and help nurture.

Recently we have aquired two new items to our dressing up box.  The first being some fairy wings and a tutu to which she runs around the house saying 'Abracadabra- turn you into a frog!'  However the way she says it, it ends up coming out as 'Agarabra' which is very cute.

The second is a nurses outfit and doctors kit to which she becomes Dr Mads and proceeds to try and cut your toe off with the play scissors.  Whether you have a tummy ache, headache or are just generally 'poorly'- it is the toe that seems to cure all illnesses!

I love her imaginative side and I love playing with her.  She is at such a fun age.










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New Years Day...

on Friday, 04 January 2013.

It's funny how much New Years Eve changes once you have a baby.  I have never been a huge fan of New Year, I don't see why you have to pay lots extra to go into a pub or bar that you go in all the time.  When I was younger of course I went out, or had house parties, but since having Mads our New Year celebrations have been very subdued.  

This one was no exception, it was the third one in a row that we stayed in, and the second one out of three that I haven't drunk.  Myself and Mr E snuggled on the sofa, watched a film, and made sure we gave Mads a kiss at midnight.

On New Years Day it has become somewhat of a tradition to have a party with my fellow NCT ladies and their husbands and children.  If you are pregnant then I thoroughly recommend doing NCT antenatal classes, although I couldn't tell you a thing that we learned in them, I have made some brilliant friends all with children the same age as Mads, and we see them a couple of times a week.

One of our friends is a gymnastics coach at the local gymnastics club and it has become a mini New Year tradition that we all go there on New Years Day and she opens it up especially for us.  This is no ordinary 'soft play', it basically is a highly regarded and excellent gymnastics club, and they open it up for 'play sessions' for toddlers to run around in order to help fund new equpiment - they put down soft play bits as well for them.  I dread to think of the health and safety involved with children jumping randomly on pommel horses and hanging off bars, but it's fun and we watch her so who cares!

It's claim to fame is that it is the club that trained Louis Smith for the Olympics, and often Mads and I have been down there when he was training- we both used to like to ogle the male gymnasts with their tops off, and I think they just got used to toddlers running around!

Anyway at New Year it is lots of fun because it is a huge place and we have it to ourselves, Mads always has a great time and Mr E is more of a chlid than she is.  She had great fun jumping on the trampolines, hanging off the bars into the foam pit, and generally causing chaos with her Daddy while Mummy gossiped with her friends!

Here are a few photos of our New Years Day.


Jumping into the foam pits with Daddy.




Future Gymnast?


When jumping on the trampoline just gets too much!

It is so much fun and Mads just loves going there.  We had a lovely little New Year celebration with our friends and started 2013 as we mean to go on- making lots more family memories.

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