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Cybher Friends- A Guest Post...

on Monday, 18 June 2012.


Today while I am on my jolly's I have the lovely Alice from An Essex Wife guest posting for me.  Sit back and enjoy her post, and do make sure you make her feel at home!  Are any of you going to Brit Mums?  Be sure to say hi below.




When I started blogging I never really though about the fact that anyone else did it, that's the only child coming out in me I guess. Before long though I had got a little bit hugely addicted to twitter and suddenly had lots of new 'friends' online. These people knew more about me than most of my 'real life' circles; I would share things on my blog and twitter than I didn't tell other people. I know my writing is out there for anyone to see, so some of my friends who read my blog/twitter know what I'm up to, but it was strangers online that I would chat with most days while fitting in a little work from home, or when I was sitting up late feeding Baby Essex in the early days.


Getting a chance to meet these people in real life was the most exciting, yet nerve-racking, thing I had done in a long time. Having a complete stranger recognise you and know your name (and know what you had for dinner last night thanks to Instagram) is a very surreal experience.


12th of May 2012 saw hundreds of grown-up, respectable, intelligent woman turn into giggly school girls on their way to Cybher 2012. I was lucky enough to not only attend the event, but spend the day with some fabulous ladies who I had befriended online. Spending the day with Lucy, Katie and Jess was like spending the day with old friends- we laughed, learnt and genuinely had a wonderful day – I cant wait till we do it all over again at BritMums Live later this month.


Making friends as a grown up is hard work, gone are the days of bonding over a shared love of the latest boy band or heart throb (Backstreet Boys and Leonardo DiCarpio were my teenage favs) and as much as I love the friends I've made though having children, its very nice to have friends independent of family life, especially those who understand my hobbies.

Blogging friends have been perfect for this; just another reason in my long list of why being a blogger is FAB.



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