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Our First Holiday As A Four- Part Two.

on Wednesday, 29 May 2013.

Yesterday I posted the first part of our first holiday as a family of four to Humble Bee Farm in Yorkshire.

I took hundreds of photos of our trip but here are a few more of them.


A general theme of the holiday was ice creams- whether that was her own or sharing her Daddy's!


We visited a gorgeous little fishing village called Robin Hood's Bay.



Looking out to sea.


Before having more laughs at home in the hot tub.



We went for dinner and a walk and we saw these little beach shacks.


Sat watching television by the fire.


We went to Whitby for the day and our good friends came along too with their lovely little girl.


The Whitby beach huts.




Our friends decided to stay the night in one of the farm's wigwams so we had a nice BBQ that evening.


We went into York for the day and ate lunch at our friend's bar.  How shiny are this little girl's beautiful eyes?  She is growing up too fast.


We did this.  A lot.


And spent a lot of time lazing in bed cuddling.


This girl became a lot more vocal while we were away- chatting and cooing at everything and everyone.


While this pair rarely spent any time apart.


We went into Scarborough a couple of times.


Mads loved the 2p slot machines.


All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing break and just what we needed.

We switched off our phones, relaxed and enjoyed each other's company and talked lots.  

We enjoyed our girls, had three hour naps in the day all snuggled up in bed, giggled and drank Prosecco in the hot tub until late at night, and lay in until 9am most mornings.

We chased Daisy and Bluebell the farm goats around, ate far too much food and all came down with ridiculously bad colds.

But above all we just had fun.

Our first holiday as a four.

Our First Holiday As A Four- Part One.

on Tuesday, 28 May 2013.

You may or may not have noticed that last week I was pretty quiet.  The reason for this was because we were on our first holiday as a family of four.  

We stayed in a beautiful little cottage in the middle of Yorkshire, just a few miles out of Scarborough.  The place we stayed was called Humble Bee Farm and it was just beautiful- a tiny little farm in the middle of nowhere with sheep, goats and chickens.  

Our cottage was called Swallows Nest and from the second we walked in we were totally and utterly relaxed.  Old wooden beams, under floor heating, a log fire and a hot tub under a gazebo looking up at the stars.  We couldn't have asked for more.

If you have children I can completely recommend it, it was wonderful.

We booked way back in December when LL was still in my tummy so to be going on our first week away as a family of four was really exciting.

We had a wonderful time- we saw two sets of friends on different days, took a trip down memory lane by visiting Leeds where we fell in love, went to the beach, snuggled by the fire and spent almost every night in the hot tub under the stars.  

The cottage had no signal whatsoever and for some reason we couldn't get the wifi to work, but we decided not to even ask and spent every night just being together.  I even managed to read a book for the first time in ages which was just bliss.  It was really good for us to spend a week away from the constant answering of emails, or browsing of social media.

Our first trip as a family of four. 

Hopefully the first of many.



Little suitcases for little ladies.






Bubbly drinks and bubbly hot tubs- relaxing under the stars once the littles were in bed.


Holidays are totally an excuse to dress them in 'matching but not completely matching' outfits.


Our friends came to see us and we walked on the beach with their wilderbeasts and of course ate ice cream.


The first of many over the course of the week.


Someone loved 'the pool'.


More matching but not matching.


We went to Leeds for the day where I lived for five years and went on a trip down memory lane. Here is my first university accommodation!


My little blue eyed girl with her Daddy over lunch.


This is the bar where I first met my husband, and where we fell in love.  If I hadn't walked through those doors all those years ago and got a part time job then I wouldn't have my beautiful family.  Of course me being me had to get a photo outside of the four of us!


I loved going to all our special places with my girls- The spot where I first kissed my husband all those years ago.


The area where we lived just as 'friends' - you can see our flat in the background which over looks the docks.

Part Two of our little holiday coming soon!

Peace and Quiet.

on Monday, 02 July 2012.


For someone who used to be a total sun worshipper I knew that this holiday was going to be a little 'different.'  Obviously I still wanted to get a little bit of sunshine but at the same time I wanted to make sure my gorgeous lady with her delicate fair skin was kept out of the sun for most of the time.
Difficult when Mummy wants to sit in the sun and Mads wants to cuddle/play/generally be with Mummy and is determined not to keep her hat on or sit under the umbrella.  Therefore not much sunbathing was done, and I spent most of my holiday in the shade.  Not that it mattered as we had a lot of fun playing.
However in the afternoon Mads had a nice long sleep.  If we were at the villa she would sleep in her travel cot but if we were at the beach she would snooze in her buggy under a towel.  She was as good as gold and it meant that we got some valuable 'peace and quiet' in order to enjoy our books and sit in the sunshine.
Our holiday was definitely not as peaceful as past ones.  But you know what?
 I wouldn't have it any other way.

Our Holiday- Part Two.

on Tuesday, 26 June 2012.

One thing that made me a little sad the other day was when Mr E said that we had such a lovely holiday and Mads was so happy, however she probably won't remember any of it.  

She really was in her element, she squealed with delight when she was in the pool with her Daddy, and her face lit up every time she had an ice cream (which was frequently!)  She giggled non stop and loved spending time with her little boyfriend H, in fact the whole holiday she was just the happiest we have ever seen her.  After all how often do you get to spend a whole week with your Mummy and Daddy in the sunshine, with them not being as strict about bedtimes and what you eat?  Heaven for a little girl.

However it does make me sad that she won't remember it.  However we can look back on all the photos that we took and say to her that her first holiday abroad was very fun indeed. 

She may not remember it but we willl remember it forever.

Our first holiday as a three.  

Our first holiday as a family.














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