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Over the Bridge- I Heart My Snap.

on Friday, 08 June 2012.


I love this photo of my little girl. 

I took it during our long weekend- we spent lots of time with family, out at street parties and being constantly entertained.  This was when we had some time out, just the three of us, and went to the park.

Mads likes nothing more than running off and for once I let her as I saw the potential in this photo.  I love the finished result- the way it is framed, the colours, and of course the cute little subject.

It is one of those photos that you instantly feel proud that you have captured.



Contemplating- I heart my snap.

on Friday, 01 June 2012.


Now Mads is 17 months it is increasingly hard to get photos of her- she just wants to be constantly on the move and she never poses for the camera any more.  However that just makes it more of a challenge!  

I took this photo last week when we went to the park.  I love the expression on her face- it is like she is contemplating life.  She is completely relaxed and the photo is completely natural- not posed at all.
I look at it and think how crazy it is that my baby is now a proper little girl.
She will always be my baby though.

My Gorgeous Lady- I Heart My Snap.

on Friday, 25 May 2012.


It is a Mother's perogative to think that their child is scrummy.  Obviously.  But sometimes you take a photo and you just look it and think 'Wow they really are beautiful.'  
This is what I feel like about the above photo.  I took it last week, it is only taken on my phone and the background isn't exactly the best- note Mr E's pants to the right of the photograph!  

But I adore this photo.  I look at it and feel this immense amount of pride- it may just be that I am her Mummy but I think my little girl looks gorgeous in this snap.  She looks so grown up and I look at it and get a glimpse of who she may become.

My totally scrummy daughter.  

Cute- I heart my snap.

on Saturday, 05 May 2012.


For this weeks I heart my snap I am choosing a recent photo of Mads.  On Thursday we spent a lovely day with my co-partner at I heart snapping Lucy and her adorable little man.  We tried to take some photos of the two of them together but they weren't having any of it, although I did get a couple.
Little man has a very cute mini armchair and Mads loved sitting in it- so much so that I think we will have to make a trip to Ikea to buy one for herself.  I took this photo of her chilling out in it and I think it is very sweet.
If you have a photo you love or are especially proud of- whether it is old or new then why not join in with I heart my snap- we would love to see your pictures.
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