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Mads You Are Four!

on Wednesday, 24 December 2014.

To my Dearest Baby Big Girl,

It's Christmas Eve and everyone is excitedly getting ready for the big day tomorrow- rushing to the supermarket to get last minute essentials, wrapping presents while listening to cheesy Christmas music or just spending time with family and friends.  We are doing all that, except we are also celebrating an extra special day.  Your birthday.  Today my biggest daughter turns four.

I often joke about two things.  Firstly that no Christmas present anyone ever buys me again will ever come close to the Christmas present I received on the 24th December 2010.  My early Christmas present and the best one I have ever and will ever receive.  You were worth spending the whole of Christmas in hospital for, worth not seeing my family for as they weren't allowed to meet you or come in the wards as it was shut due to Norovirus, and worth every single Christmas being a teeny tiny bit of a letdown ever since.  After all what can come close to meeting your baby for the first time at the most special time of year?

The other thing I joke about is that it's a rubbish day to have a birthday and that Daddy and I should have planned it better.  But actually deep down I think Christmas Eve is a pretty exciting day to be born.  We do all those festive things, but with the added extra of it being your special day.  You arrived into the world, my little c-section baby, to the sound of an extra special song that means a lot to Mummy and also to the sound of Christmas songs as well.  You wore a Christmas hat from a cracker that Mummy pulled with the midwives at less than 24 hours old and we often said we should have called you Holly or Eve.  There was Christmas music playing on the wards non stop, everyone was in good spirits and it was so quiet- there were only 4 babies born on the whole ward over Christmas time.  That meant that you got extra special attention from all the staff.

And now my biggest girl is four.  The one who made me a Mummy.  The one who changed everything we thought about life.  Who made us realise exactly what is important.  That it's the little things and that as long as we have each other, we couldn't be luckier.  I often stare at you and it takes my breath away- a weird emotion between insane happiness that you are mine and almost a little bit of pain about how life can be so sad and how it can change in an instant.  I can't quite believe you are four.  Three still seems little, still clinging on to the last grasp of toddlerhood.  But four is big.  Four year olds go to school.  Four is a little girl and there is no inch of toddlerhood left. 

You make me so incredibly proud every single day.  As I type this I have tears in my eyes.  Some slight ones over the fact it is so bittersweet just how fast the time is going.  How I wish I could make it slow down, or pause the good bits and replay them again and again.  But mostly my tears are for just how proud I am of you.  You are one in a million- kind, gentle, the worlds best big sister, hilariously funny with a dry, sarcastic wit even at your tender young age, and the most affectionate little person I could ask for.  We have our moments, you can be a stroppy little thing, or have days where you drive me mad, but for the most part you are the loveliest, happiest girl and you brighten up all our days.

I am going to relish these next few months as come September I am going to have to let you go just a little bit and share you when you head off to school.  I am, to be quite honest dreading that day as I just don't want this stage of our lives to be over.  But I know you are ready and you will love and enjoy it, just as you do when you go to nursery two long mornings a week.  

Happy 4th birthday my darling girl.  Enjoy being four and all the adventures it brings.  Thank you for being you.

Mummy loves you more than anything in the world.

But as always you already knew that.






38 and 39 months... Oops!

on Friday, 25 April 2014.

To my beautiful Mads,

I should start this by saying that I have been naughty and not keeping up to date with your monthly letters.  Life is whizzing by so fast and I am now a couple of months behind, with you turning 40 months yesterday on April 24th.  Therefore I thought I would join the last two months together, and hopefully now I will be back on track.  Oops!  I want to make sure I keep writing these as I know they will be such a wonderful memento of your childhood when you are big enough to read them.  I have visions of us sat together at a kitchen table somewhere laughing and giggling over what you used to get up to. 

The last couple of months have been so busy and you have literally grown up before my eyes.  All of a sudden your clothes no longer fit, and you have got really tall.  We had to go out and buy lots of new clothes the other day, and as usual you were spoiled by Grandma and Auntie Emma.  The toddler days are far behind you now and in it's place there is a little girl who is growing up very quickly.    

The last few weeks you have gone through another funny developmental patch.  On the whole you are a really good girl but at times you struggle to convey your emotions.  Rather than just say you don't want to do something, you get upset or angry when there isn't really any need to get worked up.  You can get quite worked up by things, but we are just putting it down to you learning to communicate with us properly.  

Some days you are as good as gold and the most helpful, kind, lovely little girl and then some days you are harder work.  We never know what kind of day we are going to have, but for the most part you are a delight to be around.  There are days when you completely push my buttons and test my patience, which I guess is just what it is going to be like having such a feisty and opinonated little girl in my life.  Apparently at nursery they have never so much even had to have a cross word with you, and that makes me so proud.  I just wish that was the case at home too!  You love going to nursery now and always get really excited when it is your two nursery mornings.  I am so pleased you have finally settled in so well and I love to hear about your antics when you get home.  You tell me all about what you have done and you love 'Dancing Emma' the dance instructor who comes in on a Tuesday.    

We started swimming lessons a couple of months ago and when we first went you screamed the place down the entire half an hour.  But within two weeks you were fine and now you make us so proud with how you are in the water.  You go off into the pool no trouble and wave to us from behind the glass- you go under the water through hoops, jump in and love to splash about.  We are so pleased you are going to be water confident for our holiday this year.  

You have been loving films this month, and at the moment the current favourites are Toy Story 2, Frozen and all of the Shrek's.  You snuggle with us really nicely and watch them and we all enjoy having a Sunday afternoon film on the sofa, although LL hasn't got the same level of concentration just yet!  When we ask you what film would you like to watch you always say 'Well that's up to you' and when we say our choice you always say no and ask for a different one!

 Grandma found you some old Trolls and you love to play with those too, which takes me back to my childhood.  You love to be outside and one of your favourite things to do is go to the park on your scooter.  You also have an obsession with play dough and constantly ask to play with yours, the other day you played quietly for almost two hours and it was lovely to see you enjoying it so much.  Mummy does have to hold her breath when tiny little bits get squashed into my cream carpet though.

Speaking of our house, the other night you did something which made me the most cross I have been with you so far.  We have recently got our living room redecorated and silly Mummy left a biro on the table from when she was working.  We were eating our dinner a while later when we noticed that you had drawn all over our lovely new wallpaper.  I was so incredibly angry with you, I shouted really loudly and made you go straight upstairs to your room.  You were so upset but I just couldn't even bear to see you so Daddy kept going up to check on you every five minutes or so.  Eventually we cuddled and made up and you kept saying sorry.  I felt a little guilty for getting so angry but it was a very naughty thing to do.  Luckily our decorator has managed to peel the sheet off so it is back looking all shiny new again but it really taught me about how to control my emotions around you.  I am still learning at this parenting business too. 

Your eating is getting better slowly, after months of being a complete fusspot.  You eat most things at nursery except you have a real thing against jacket potato's- apparently you get really upset when they bring them out!  You will try more things at home, but still have set things that you eat and enjoy.  Lunch is still by far your favourite meal of the day, you love what we call 'picky picky' meals- little bits of everything and will often ask if it is lunchtime about an hour after breakfast!

You are still such an incredibly kind big sister and love to take LL into nursery first and pick her up from her room because then you get the best cuddles.  You chat to her constantly and cuddle her and play with her non stop.  You will always share your food with her even when it is your last bit and it makes me so proud to see you being so sweet towards her.  As you both get older we are really seeing the interaction between you coming alive, it is just amazing to see.  Whenever we are in the car I am treated to constant giggling as you try and make LL smile by dancing or being silly- it is so cute to hear you laughing together. 

We have a busy few months ahead of us, with weekends being taken up seeing friends or family occasions, as well as a couple of weekends where you are with Daddy as Mummy is away.  Plus we have our holiday to Rhodes coming up in June, something which we can't wait for.  In fact you already have your sunglasses ready!


I love you, always and forever.

But as always, you already knew that.

Mummy xxx



You are 38 Months...

on Wednesday, 19 March 2014.

To my big girl,

First things first, check out the photo below.  It's of you, and wow you are looking at the camera and smiling.  Mummy nearly jumped for joy when she took this photo of you.  You tolerate the camera most of the time, but ask you to look at it and smile and you plaster on the biggest, fakest grin imaginable.  I can rarely get a photo of you looking at the camera and smiling your beautiful natural smile, so to say I love this photo is an understatement.  

When I look at it, two things strike me the most.  Firstly your wonderful hair- your wild unruly curls.  I couldn't love them anymore.  They drive me mad on a daily basis and every morning we have a fight about brushing them, you say 'please can I have it scruffy today Mummy?' meaning that we don't put it up.  You hate having it brushed, put in a top knot or having it washed.  The problem is it gets so tangly that it hurts you and we end up having to have a mammoth brushing session that results in tears.  Still I adore it and I won't cut even if it goes all straggly at the ends.  Mummy had hair like you until Grandma got it cut when I was ten into a bob (although the boys at school liked to call me helmet head!) and the curls never grew back.  I love my curly haired girl.

The second thing that strikes me is how grown up you are.  You officially are a little girl.  You have been for some time, but there is no ounce of toddler left in you now.  You are growing up so quickly and looking at this photo makes me feel a little sentimental.  Where did my baby go?  You are the funniest little person nowadays, making us laugh constantly.  You have the cheekiest, most bizarre little personality, and you come up with the most crazy songs and sayings.  We will laugh and then you will laugh your big belly laugh, and make us laugh even more.  

You talk ten to the dozen and sometimes I wish you had an off switch so we could have a moments peace.  You chatter chatter chatter all day long and come out with the funniest things.  The other day when LL had a nice outfit on you said 'Wow doesn't LL look snazzy.'  And then another day you said 'Let me see your teeth,'  to which I showed you and you replied 'You have pink teeth'  (meaning my gums) and then you said ' I really think you need to give them a brush.'  You pretty much pronounce all your words properly now except in the evenings when we sit down to read you say 'Are you sitting comferly?' instead of comfortably.  You also pronounce cuddlle as 'cuggle'- I never want you to stop saying it like that.

This month your favourite toys to pay with are your Toy Story characters, you love Toy Story and so we got you a little Woody, Buzz, Rex and Bullseye.  You also love to cut things with your scissors and will sit for ages and just chop up different bits of paper.  You love to play with play dough, and constantly ask us to get it out even though you make a complete mess each time and trample it into our cream carpet!  

You still love to watch You Tube and will watch some bizarre things on there, a favourite still being watching chocolate eggs being unwrapped.  Completely strange but you love it and so we let you watch it for a little while each day.  Mummy sits with you and watches what you watch but the other day you said the strangest thing.  I was getting you out of the car seat, and you shouted 'You will never take me alive!' at the top of your voice before dissolving into giggles.  I have no idea where it came from, unless it was from someone at nursery with an older brother or sister, so the only thing I can think is that you must have watched it somewhere.  It made me laugh at the time because it was so out of the blue, but I would rather you didn't say it again!

You adore your little sister so much and it is so lovely to see.  LL is going through a funny phase where she will only tolerate you in small doses and sometimes I feel a bit sad because you want to cuddle her but all she wants is Mummy.  You don't understand and just want to cuddle her non stop, and I feel sorry for you when she cries and pushes you away.  You are so cuddly and affectionate, and I hope that you will never lose that trait.  You still love playing with ears and will now ask me 'Mummy can I play with your ear?' and will snuggle on my knee and cuddle and stroke. 

You have your moments, where you drive me crazy and can be naughty or push the boundaries but for the most part you are actually a really good little girl.  You are at an age now where you listen to me (sometimes) if I tell you off and generally I can stop you from doing something, although every now and again we have days where you just whine and test my patience a lot.  Mostly though, we just have lots of fun together, and you make me laugh non stop.  

You are a silly, feisty, funny, strange little person.  But you are my little person and I love you for that. 

I love you, always and forever.

But as always, you already knew that.




37 months.

on Friday, 21 February 2014.

To my beautiful big girl,

Mummy is late in writing your letter this month, in fact you are very nearly 38 months but shhhhh, we all know how unorganised I am.  I had to think about how many months you were this time, it's getting a very big number and I am starting to lose count.  I did wonder whether to stop writing your letters now you are three, but then I decided that was a silly idea.  I would have loved a monthly letter from my own Mummy detailing what I got up too, so I shall carry on. One day we will read them together. This whole blog is for you, for us, to have a record of our lives together as a family. 

This past month you have been such a good girl.  Towards the end of last year, you were testing my patience quite a lot and pushing boundaries whereever you could.  Funnily enough a few of my friends have said the same thing when their children turned three, I wonder if is a developmental milestone or something similar?  However that testing phase seems to have calmed down for the moment and you are back to your lovely self.  Of course you still can have tantrums, or be whiny, especially when you are tired, but for the most part we seem to be 'getting' each other this month.  We really do have such fun together and we giggle all day long- you always tell me I am your best friend, and I think I have to agree that you are mine too.

You have settled in to nursery well and although you sometimes still cling to my leg when I leave you, when I pick you up you are full of stories of the fun you have had and the things you have got up to.  You always eat all your dinner at nursery, things that I have made you at home that you won't even touch, and I have no idea why but I am just pleased you are trying new things.  If you eat all your lunch at nursery, you get to have a 'treat' dinner in the evening- usually Nutella sandwiches, fruit, crisps and something naughty like a chocolate or a biscuit.  You get so incredibly excited about this and chatter all the way home about 'chocolate sandwiches'.  

You are still napping in the afternoons, it is completely crazy that you still do at three, as most of my friends children stopped a long time ago.  But you are quite happy going up to bed at around half one (or half two on nursery days) and snoozing until at least half three or four.  Because LL sleeps at the same time, I get quite a nice break to do work or housework, and as such I am pretty strict about them.  It's only because firstly I know you still need them and secondly because the more times in a row we don't have them, the more likely they are to stop.  You still go to bed absolutely fine at 7pm and sleep until 7am the next day.  You have always been our amazing sleeper, but I do keep wondering when it is going to go wrong.  

Every night you and Daddy pretend to be something when you walk from our room to your own bedroom after your bedtime story.  It can literally be anything, one night you were Ken and Daddy was Barbie, you have been dinosaurs, silly talking cupcakes, Toy Story characters, whatever takes your fancy that day.  You make me laugh watching you and it has become part of our little bedtime routine.  It's a small part of the day but one I always look forward too.  You are so silly and put on funny voices.  You love to make us laugh. 

You are so loving and kind to your little sister and I think you are excited that she is starting to be able to play with you more now.  You crawl around the room and chase her and you both laugh hysterically, and every afternoon after your nap you bring down Pongo for her to cuddle.  You always share your food with her, even if Mummy doesn't want her to have it!  You constantly want to cuddle her and hold her hand, and it makes my heart swell on a regular basis that you are so good with her.  

I probably ought to draw this to a close, as I could ramble on about you all day.  Thank you for being such a feisty, wild spirited, kind and loving daughter.  Our days so much brighter because you are in them.  


I love you, always and forever.

But as always, you already knew that.

xxx Mummy



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