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A Great Offer From Little Dish...

on Wednesday, 29 August 2012.

I have been working for Little Dish for over six months now, and my time as a WOM truly has been brilliant- I am so pleased to have such a fantastic job working as one of their brand ambassadors.  It suits my circumstances perfectly, and every single member of the team is just lovely.  I love getting out and about in the community, and online in the blogging world, to talk about them- getting paid to chat to other Mum's is very good fun.

Little Dish are such a great company to promote- after all it is easy to rave about a company that you genuinely buy yourself.  Mads is going through a bit of a fussy eating stage, but I can be guaranteed that she will eat every single bite of her Little Dish meals.  


Her favourites are by far Chicken Risotto, (takes after her Mummy as it is my favourite meal ever) Lasagne, and the Fish Pie.  I also have been known to take the risotto and the spaghetti and meatballs to work for my lunch as they really are very tasty and are perfect as a lunch time snack for me. (but ssshh don't tell anyone!)

Little Dish have a really excellent offer on at the moment called 'Receipt to Eat' that I just had to share.  If you buy two Little Dish meals in Sainsburys then you will get a third one absolutely free.  All you need to do is either email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a photo of your receipt, or post them to 

Receipt to Eat, Little Dish, 33 Astley House, Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JQ.

The powers that be there willl then send you a free meal voucher, or even a couple.  And if I know them then it probably will be a couple as they are very generous indeed!


Also if you are a big Little Dish fan keep your eyes peeled as we have some very exciting things happening over the next couple of months for bloggers.  Watch this space!

Come to Little Dish's Spring Party...

on Thursday, 10 May 2012.

As some of you may know I am a very lucky lady because I have a very lovely part time job for Little Dish.  I have been doing it a few months now and I really love it, it is fantastic to be a part of such a great team and it is really the best job in the world for me right now- I get paid to do things I would normally do, chat to other Mum's, blog and do some PR and marketing.  The thing that I like most about Little Dish is that I genuinely love their products and feed them to my daughter all the time, plus I like the story of where they came from and their plans for the future.

Little Dish are sponsoring the Barnardo's Big Toddle this year, and because of this they are planning a Spring Party and inviting lots of Mums from all walks of life.  

I want to get the bloggers involved!  If you fancy coming along to the Spring party, its on the 22nd May in Holland Park in London.  There will be loads of entertainment for the children, plus free food and a little 'Big Toddle' too.

If you live in or near to London and fancy coming along then please leave me a comment below with your email address.  I will be there helping out with other members of the Little Dish Team.  We are looking forward to seeing some bloggers there.



Little Dish and The Big Toddle.

on Friday, 30 March 2012.

I don't know about anyone else but the sunny weather this past weekend has certainly got me very excited about the summer time. Last year Mads was too little to enjoy the great outdoors but this summer I am looking forward to all the things that we can do with her. I am thinking trips to the seaside, feeding the animals at our local farm, playing in the park and of course lots of picnics.

As some of you may know I am very lucky to do some work for Little Dish, a job which I have renamed 'The best job in the world.' It is fantastic to get involved with such a family friendly company who not only make tasty food for toddlers but also have great values as well. Little Dish are this year sponsoring the Barnardo's Big Toddle, something that makes them even greater in my eyes as it is such a worthwhile cause.

For those of you who haven't heard of the Big Toddle, it is basically a sponsored walk for preschool children and is the largest event of its kind. The walk can take place at any time, you can organise your own walk or take part in a scheduled Toddle that is taking place around the UK, but the emphasis is all about having fun while raising money for children that need our help. The walk can be any distance of your choosing, whether it's a stroll around your local park or just even a walk round your child's nursery garden- it doesn't matter as long as you are out there having a good time.

Your money goes towards providing help for some of Britain's most vulnerable children under five. Having sat through a talk by Barnardos and being moved to tears, I can safely say that every single penny raised will help make a huge difference.

I am hoping to attend some of the scheduled Big Toddle's but I am also planning on running my own Toddle with some of my Mummy friends. They have all said yes and hopefully we will do it sometime in May or June. We are going to make a day of it and do it in our local park- we will have a picnic and dress the children up in this year's theme of Superhero's. I am already trying to think of a great costume so Mads looks adorable in her outfit. I think there will be about ten of us there, but even if two of you do it you are still helping make a difference to children who are so much less fortunate than our own.

If any bloggers want to have a little blogger get together and do a 'Bloggers' Big Toddle then also let me know as this may be a nice idea too.

I am so pleased to be part of the Little Dish team and helping contribute to all the fantastic work they are doing for this wonderful and worthwhile charity. If you want to organise your own toddle why not register on the Big Toddle website, check out Little Dish's Big Toddle page or get your child's nursery involved as well?

Happy Toddling!


P.S If you want something to entertain your kiddies, check out this cute colouring in fun.



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