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{The Ordinary Moments 14} #20 'My Grandparents'

on Sunday, 18 May 2014.

I have mentioned on previous posts all about my Nana and Grandpa- they live on the border of Wales and we don't get to see them very often, so when we visit them or they come down here it is often a very special family day.  However I don't often mention my other set of Grandparents, my Mum's parents.

My Grandma and Grandpa are without a shadow of a doubt, the most wonderful people I know.  They live within half an hour of us, on a beautiful farm and so many of my childhood memories are from adventures on their farm.  My Grandpa was a very successful farmer and I would spend summers riding with him on the tractors, or climbing and sliding in the massive wheat piles that were stored in the barn.  Or we would race up and down the road on my Uncle's quad bike, ride horses in the paddock that they rented out to a local riding school or make cake after cake with my Grandma.

Nearly every single Christmas Day of my life I have spent with them, bar if they were ever away or the twice I have been away, once in hospital having Mads and the other on my honeymoon.  My Grandparents are seasoned travellers, going all over the world a few times a year.  Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India...there isn't a country they haven't been to or that isn't next on their list.  I definitely think that is where I get my travelling spirit from. 

Ever since I was at university and a supposedly 'poor' student (hello student loan to buy endless amounts of clothes from Topshop, more like rich!) my Grandma has been making me what she calls 'Red Cross Parcels' - just random bits and bobs that she would give to me every time she saw me in the holidays.  Just the essentials, like pasta, tomato ketchup, biscuits, washing up liquid and toilet roll.  That kind of thing.  However it became a tradition and to this day she still does it, whenever we go up to see her she will hand us two or three bags of bits and bobs.  It's progressed to chocolate and naughty treats for the girls too, as well as wipes and nappies.  Since my girls have been born we have only rarely had to buy a pack of nappies- if I think about how much that has saved us it blows my mind a little.  I love this little tradition, it is so sweet and caring.

But they also support me in everything I do and now they support Mr E and our girls too.  Mads and LL adore Great Grandma and Grandpa and we go there for dinner at least every other week.  Mads loves getting the box of old toys out and going to feed the 'big fish' they have in their pond.  And I love a good old home cooked meal, why is it that Grandma's make the best roast dinners? 

Like when we went over there one night last week.  LL was rather enjoying her rather large bowl of Vienetta (hello 80's does anyone else remember Vienetta back in the day?!) and Mads was sitting on Grandma's knee reading a story...

grandparents ordinarymoments

grandparents ordinarymoments1   

And even those are exceptionally ordinary moments for us, they are actually pretty extraordinary.  I feel privileged that my daughters get a chance to get to know their Great Grandparents and I get to make memory after memory with two people who I adore more than anything.  And who I feel so lucky to have in my life.

Because these ordinary moments won't last forever.  Nothing does.  

And so I treasure each and every single one of them.



Bridesmaid Duties, Dress Meltdowns and A Weekend in the Peak District...

on Tuesday, 06 May 2014.

Last Friday one of my closest friends got married and I had the honour of being her bridesmaid.  We have been discussing plans back and forth for so long that I still can't believe it has been and gone now. The wedding was held in the most idyllic boutique hotel in the Peak District and we headed up there on Thursday lunchtime ready for a weekend of wedding fun.

The bride looked beautiful, the location was perfect and the wedding was truly great.  It was laid back, relaxed but lots of fun at the same time and I could tell that everyone was really enjoying themselves.  With two small children to look after, the weekend wasn't exactly stress free for us, but we enjoyed ourselves and our few days of family time as well.

The girls behaved really well considering it was a long day, although the morning of the wedding started with Mads having a huge meltdown over the fact she didn't want to wear her dress.  After much bribery and persuasion the dress went on but not without many tense words from Mr E.  It is hard on children to be little angels when their routines are so disrupted, as well as being constantly told to quieten down during the service or while the speeches were on, but Mads and LL were lovely for the most part all day.  It was tiring and a little stressful for us though and it's certainly made me wonder whether we will take them to any weddings in the future as I just didn't feel like we could relax.  Poor Mr E went to bed with the girls at 9pm as they couldn't last a minute longer, but I got to stay up and have a few drinks which was nice of him.

I didn't manage to take a huge number of photos as I was busy with bridesmaid duties, and I didn't take a single one in the church obviously, but here are a few snaps from my phone and my big camera...


Starting the day off with a glass of bubbly.


All ready to leave for the church.


Looking very cute in her dress, even if trying to get it on her proceeded to cause an epic meltdown.


Vintage records playing outside.


The latest thing she does is to point at everything.


Matching pretty dresses.


Endulging in a cake pop or two.


The colour scheme was blush pinks, creams and greens and it looked beautiful.


My pretty bouquet- was such gorgeous pink colours.


Chatting to the other guests.


Loved this idea, and the desserts were absolutely amazing.  Someone made this Rocky Road which was seriously the best thing I have ever eaten.  Even four slices later!


Can't beat a cupcake.


Just some of the desserts family and friends made.


Doing the bridesmaid thing.


Mr E did such a good job of looking after the girls all day.


One of my best uni friends and his plus one who dutifully had to play outside with Mads constantly.


My clever friend made these cake toppers herself out of wooden pegs.


Having a chat to the beautiful bride.


Gorgeous curls.


Photo booth fun with bestest uni friends.


My slightly loony family.



I was so thrilled to find out my little blog has been shortlisted in the family category at the Brit Mums 'Brilliance in Blogging' BIB awards this year.  People now vote for who they want in the finals.  If you like my little blog and tales of family life, then do consider voting for me.  Just click below!  Thank you so much! 




{The Ordinary Moments 14} #16 'Aaaaaaah.'

on Sunday, 20 April 2014.


At fourteen months LL has such a happy and carefree personality and in turn she brightens our days.  She still seems so little to me- most probably this is second child syndrome, whereas Mads seemed quite grown up at this age LL really does still feel like a baby.

She has the widest and happiest smile which spreads across her whole face and she gets excited by the silliest things.  She is also incredibly affectionate, her favourite thing to do is cuddle.  Whether that's Mummy or Daddy, Grandma or a cuddly toy, if you give her something soft she will wrap her arms around it so tight and squeeze it while letting out a long sounding 'aaaaaah' noise.  

She buries her face into your shoulder or into a toy and almost nuzzles to try and get comfy.  She will cuddle me for ages and I must admit to relishing every single one.  I love to bury my face into her silky soft hair, Mr E and I have always thought that for some strange reason her hair always smells a little like popcorn.  If you hold your hands out to her she will crawl as quick as she can across the room smiling and giggling and will hold out her arms so you pick her up and hug her tight.  

For some reason she prefers cuddling Mads toys to her own and Mads is so kind to her especially in respects to her favourite friend Pongo the dog.  I took this photo of LL snuggling in close to Woody the lamb with a huge smile on her face.  She really does have the most infectious personality and you can't help but smile when you are around her.   It's a joy to see her growing and becoming her own little person.

I feel very privileged to be the one who this little girl loves to cuddle the most.  What is about a cuddle from one of your children that makes even the stressful of days seem that little bit better?


My Sisters In March.

on Monday, 10 March 2014.

We are going through a phase where getting photos of these two girls together is hard work.  Firstly they constantly seem to be on a quest for mischief, and generally not at the same time or place.  The days of sitting quietly, with Mads holding LL delicately are most certainly are a thing of the past.  Mads tolerates the camera in small doses, but if you ask her to look at it she pulls an inane cheshire cat sort of grin.  Posed but natural is definitely not her forte!

LL on the other hand needs to be contained in something in order to take a photo of her, otherwise she escapes before you can press the shutter.  Whereas before she would sit and stare at the camera perfectly with her big beautiful blue eyes, now her mission seems to be to look everywhere other than at me and the big device in my hand.  

As LL isn't walking, I am struggling to know what how to get photos of them together, as they are just so busy doing their own thing.  They love to play together but usually it is has a limited life span before LL is off trying to do something else she shouldn't be.  She is well in the throws of that exhuastingly lovely age where it's fun to be anywhere she shouldn't be.  If you ask Mads to hold LL still you usually get results like this...


We experienced the first mild day this year on Saturday, so we thought that it would be perfect to get out and get to the park.  Obviously all children enjoy a chance to let off steam and play, and Mads and LL are no exception.  I still experience the biggest joy when they play on the swings together, they giggle in delight and set each other off giggling even more.  

I love this photo where they are playing on the seesaw together, they look so happy and full of love and innocence.



They get on so well like they always have done, but funnily enough I love watching them beginning to squabble the most.  It's so amusing to watch Mads get stroppy with LL for something, as at the moment it looks like LL is going to be the one who holds her own, she lets out a loud shriek if Mads ever tries to take anything off her.

They are growing up so quick these sisters of mine and I am relishing every minute of watching them grow and interact together.  I've said it a million times before but the best thing about being a Mum to two children is watching their relationship change, grow and develop month by month.  I feel very honoured to be able to watch them become best friends.



This month I am sending you over to Lauren's blog.  Her blog is one of the first blogs I started reading and is still one of my favourites today.  Be sure to go and have a little look at her gorgeous boys and what they have been up to this month.

(My sisters in February)

(My sisters in January)

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