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My Sisters In March.

on Monday, 10 March 2014.

We are going through a phase where getting photos of these two girls together is hard work.  Firstly they constantly seem to be on a quest for mischief, and generally not at the same time or place.  The days of sitting quietly, with Mads holding LL delicately are most certainly are a thing of the past.  Mads tolerates the camera in small doses, but if you ask her to look at it she pulls an inane cheshire cat sort of grin.  Posed but natural is definitely not her forte!

LL on the other hand needs to be contained in something in order to take a photo of her, otherwise she escapes before you can press the shutter.  Whereas before she would sit and stare at the camera perfectly with her big beautiful blue eyes, now her mission seems to be to look everywhere other than at me and the big device in my hand.  

As LL isn't walking, I am struggling to know what how to get photos of them together, as they are just so busy doing their own thing.  They love to play together but usually it is has a limited life span before LL is off trying to do something else she shouldn't be.  She is well in the throws of that exhuastingly lovely age where it's fun to be anywhere she shouldn't be.  If you ask Mads to hold LL still you usually get results like this...


We experienced the first mild day this year on Saturday, so we thought that it would be perfect to get out and get to the park.  Obviously all children enjoy a chance to let off steam and play, and Mads and LL are no exception.  I still experience the biggest joy when they play on the swings together, they giggle in delight and set each other off giggling even more.  

I love this photo where they are playing on the seesaw together, they look so happy and full of love and innocence.



They get on so well like they always have done, but funnily enough I love watching them beginning to squabble the most.  It's so amusing to watch Mads get stroppy with LL for something, as at the moment it looks like LL is going to be the one who holds her own, she lets out a loud shriek if Mads ever tries to take anything off her.

They are growing up so quick these sisters of mine and I am relishing every minute of watching them grow and interact together.  I've said it a million times before but the best thing about being a Mum to two children is watching their relationship change, grow and develop month by month.  I feel very honoured to be able to watch them become best friends.



This month I am sending you over to Lauren's blog.  Her blog is one of the first blogs I started reading and is still one of my favourites today.  Be sure to go and have a little look at her gorgeous boys and what they have been up to this month.

(My sisters in February)

(My sisters in January)

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #7 'The Way They Look At Me.'

on Sunday, 16 February 2014.


I question myself as a mother sometimes.  I try not to but inevitably it happens.  


If we go out for the day with friends and Mads is the one who kicks off and has a tantrum in soft play, I wonder if it is something I did wrong.  Did I give her too much sugar?  Am I spoiling her?

Or if LL won't go to anyone else for a cuddle I worry that I am making her into a Mummy's girl.  Am I making her too dependant on me?  Should I be giving her to other people more?  Should I stop feeding her now she has turned one?

As I battle night after night of Mads eating nothing except Thomas the Tank Engine spaghetti for her dinner, I worry it's me that's made her like this.  Should I have cooked more home cooked meals?  Completely stopped her from having any treats?

I often think I should be doing more.  I see friends doing beautiful crafts with their toddlers and I think I should just stuff my cream carpet and get the paints out more than I do.  Or I worry that I shouldn't stick them in front of the TV for an hour at 4pm just because that's our quiet time of snuggling on the sofa before Mr E comes home from work.

But then I stop and actually think about it from the other point of view.  I am the best Mummy for my children.  Why?  Because I am their Mummy.  They don't know any different and they love me unconditionally.  Just like I love them.  They don't see my flaws, they don't care that I am a crap crafter or a disaster in the kitchen.  All they care about is that I am there for them always and that I love them with my whole heart.

How do I know this?  Because of the way they look at me.  When I look deep into their big blue eyes all I can see is love.  Unconditional love.  Powerful love.  And happiness.  If I am happy and having fun, then they are too. They don't care that I haven't cooked a homemade fish pie from scratch or spent two hours making robots out of egg boxes.  They don't even care that I haven't washed my hair in four days or that I have big dark circles under my eyes from far too many late nights.  All they care about is that I am there for them.  Which I am. Always.

Mr E took the above photo of me and LL on her birthday last Tuesday.  She had finished her milk, and was snuggling down next to me in bed which we always do before I take her to her own room.  She was putting her fingers into my mouth, she likes to do this and it really hurts, but as it makes her laugh I grin and bear it.  It's a grainy, horrible iPhone photo but I think it might just be one of my favourites ever.  I just love the way she is looking at me.

Those little glances, those happy blue eyes dancing in the light of the fairy lights on my bed frame, and those moments snuggling just before bedtime happen every single day.  But they are the ordinary moments that make motherhood hands down the absolute best thing I have ever and could ever experience.

It's unconditional love. 

And it's utterly intoxicating.




On This Day....Happy First Birthday LL!

on Tuesday, 11 February 2014.

On this day a year ago at exactly 12.52pm there was a gurgling cry and a little person arrived into the world.  Nothing can explain the relief of that first cry, of hearing your baby for the first time.  Those nine long months of waiting, wondering what they will look like, and whether they will be born safely.  Trying to imagine their face, their little fingers clasping yours, and what they will look like dressed in that first outfit that you spent ages choosing.

Nine months of a tummy growing bigger...


Until this day a year ago when we became a four...


And the first time you hold them, it's a feeling that is so hard to even comprehend.  The rush of emotions- the intense love, the fear, the adrenaline, and the realisation that life will never ever be the same again.

On this day a year ago a little person stole my heart.  Throughout my pregnancy with her, I felt her kick and wriggle non stop, so active unlike her big sister who rarely kicked and who had to be monitored weekly at the hospital as she didn't move much.  I used to lie in the bath and see my whole bump move and I would lie awake at night while she turned somersaults in my stomach.

I could certainly feel her presence but I couldn't imagine it.  Being a three seemed to work for us, we both loved Mads so much we couldn't possibly imagine feeling the same intense love.  I couldn't quite get my head around being a mum to more than one child or the logistics of having two children.  I just couldn't imagine being a four.

But I need not have worried.

On this day a year ago a little person completed our family.  From the second I first saw her I knew my worries were ridiculous.  We all fell head over heels in love with her.  I witnessed the most magical thing when her big sister met her for the first time.  She was only 26 months but was so incredibly gentle, stroking her face and say 'Baby' over and over again.  From that day on they have been the best of friends and watching them grow close has been the best thing I have ever experienced.


And now 365 days later my beautiful newborn daughter is no longer a little baby but not quite a toddler.  She is just on the cusp of learning- learning to walk, learning to talk and learning lots of other new skills.  But for the moment she is still very much my baby, she's in no hurry to reach the milestones unlike her sister, and that suits me just fine.  Mr E always says she seems so much smaller, we don't know why but she still seems so teeny to us.

It's been a wonderful year with our LL.  She is a quiet, cheerful little girl, with big blue eyes that sparkle and dance.  She has a smile that lights up her whole face and she loves nothing more than to cuddle.  She will cuddle and bury her face into anyone- her Daddy, her sister and any stuffed toy that is within reach.  But her most special snuggles are reserved for me, her Mummy.  She is a Mummy's girl through and through, and is never happier than when she is with me.  Mads has always been a Daddy's girl so I am relishing this intense bond we share.

With Mads it was all new.  We were learning as we went along, figuring it out together.  With LL I have felt more confident, knowing that the baby stage passes so quickly and that there isn't a rule book for doing it right.  She came into our bed from 4am most mornings for months, co-sleeping with me, her little body moulded against mine, and she napped on the sofa until at least 8 months.  Whereas her big sister was always the best sleeper, it took LL a little longer to realise how good snoozing is.  Now she is just wonderful, sleeping from 7 until at least 7 in the morning, with a long nap in the afternoons too.  And there is a little part of me that misses those early morning sleepy cuddles together.


She is a lot quieter than her sister, happy watching the world and taking it all in.  We used to joke that we forgot she was there when we went out for the day, she would happily sit in her buggy or in a highchair while we attended to her noisy hyperactive sister.  Nowadays there are some glimmers of feistiness emerging- she will have a mini loop out if someone has some food and she wants it, and if Mads tries to cuddle her when she isn't in the mood she will push her away.  This normally results in uncontrollable laughter from the pair of them.  

I could literally write about her non stop, but to be honest my words just don't do her justice.  She's made this the best year of all our lives so far, has completed our family, and made me a mother to not one, but two incredible little ladies.  I feel so lucky to be able to call both these girl's my daughters.  

And now my littlest daughter is one.  It's been a super fast year, and those newborn days feel a long time ago.  I wish I could bottle up the memories so I could relive them again and again- the announcement video we made after our 12 week scan feels like a whole lifetime ago, and I am so glad I am recording all our family milestones on this blog.  Being a mother has made me realise just how fleeting time is.  

No doubt there will be a few emotional moments today, and a few teary eyes as we celebrate LL's first birthday quietly together.  But while I am feeling sentimental and a little sad that we are saying goodbye to her baby days, I am excited to see all the stages that will come.



As the song says on the little video I made for her birthday,

'Forever is better with you.'

And that couldn't be a truer statement.  

Thank you for being ours, we love you darling LL.

Happy First Birthday.

Mummy, Daddy and Mads.





My Sisters in February.

on Monday, 10 February 2014.





These sisters of mine are growing up quickly and their relationship and bond is growing and changing all the time.  Mads has always been an incredible big sister from the second she first met her 'baby' and LL has always been in awe of Mads constantly smiling and giggling at her in the early days.  But now their relationship has become a lot more interactive.  

It's funny to watch them now.  They snuggle all the time and Mads constantly plays with her sister's ear as she has always done, but LL is starting to become mischevious.  She will crawl and try and eat the toys Mads is playing with, or knock down the towers she is building and Mads will get cross.  Or the latest is that when Mads tries to cuddle LL, LL will push her away and get grumpy.  This usually results in Mads doing a dramatic comedy fall which will make them both dissolve into giggles.  It is very sweet to watch but I know that LL is going to keep Mads on her toes.  Mads is incredibly affectionate and cuddly towards everyone, and I am not sure whether LL is going to be quite as leniant.  She adores cuddles from Mummy but has to be in the right mood to receive them off anyone else.

Mads will always ask for her sister, and include her in the things she does.  She will call for her and LL will crawl towards her as fast as lightening.  I think Mads is desperate for her to play and interact more, often asking her to do things to which obviously she can't understand.    They play in their own little way, usually involving dancing and being silly, and our house is just full of their giggles.  

It's wonderful watching them together.  When I took the above photos, they had just woken up and Mads got into LL's cot.  She was jumping up and down and making LL laugh, which in turn fuelled her to do it even more- she loves making her little sister chuckle.  Sometimes their age gap seems large, but then other times, like then, it feels like there isn't much between them at all.  That gap will probably feel even smaller as they get older.

 I often find myself wondering what they will be like as teenagers and all I can hope is that they will be the best of friends.  Mr E often jokes that he needs to get a shed so he can hide in the garden from all the women and hormones in this house.  Looking at this mischevious pair and the way they are fast becoming a little double act, I would say he might be right.



This month I am sending you to have a look at Keri-Anne's blog.  It is a beautiful, dreamy blog full of gorgeous photography of life with her two little fairies, who are a similar age gap to my girls but older, so I love to look at what they get up too.



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