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{The Ordinary Moments 14} #35 'A Not So Ordinary Evening.'

on Sunday, 21 September 2014.

This past week has been a little bit of a funny one in our household.  Our house has quite literally been turned upside down as we are in the process of having our bathroom renovated.  While this is incredibly exciting, I have been waiting to be able to afford to do it since we moved in five years ago, it also has caused havoc to our routine.  The week has passed me by in a blur of dirt, mess, builders and grumpy children who haven't been able to nap due to noise.

Therefore I haven't been able to even contemplate taking any photos for my ordinary moments post this week, my mind has been completely elsewhere.  Therefore I am slightly cheating and sharing some photos that are actually anything but ordinary.  Oops.

On Friday I headed up to London for the Mad Blog Awards.  For anyone who doesn't know what they are, they are a rather swanky awards celebrating parent blogs in the UK.  I couldn't believe it when a few months ago I found out I was a finalist in two awards, Best Baby Blog and Best Blog Photography.  

I met up with my good friends Morgana and Jenny who I was sharing a room with, and we had some lunch and spent some relaxing time chatting, getting ready and drinking birthday prosecco.  We also had a gatecrasher in the form of Katie, who writes one of my favourite blogs, so it was lovely to have some time to chat to her.  The afternoon whizzed by and soon we were in our dresses ready to head down to the awards.

I can't possibly name everyone who I met and saw but it was a fantastic evening, meeting new bloggers and chatting to old friends.  The awards were being hosted by Dr Ranj from CBeebies, something which Mads was utterly excited about.  The Best Baby Blog category was the second award of the evening, and I know that everyone says this but I truly didn't expect to win this year, therefore I was gobsmacked to hear my name called out.

I was shaking really badly as I headed up to the stage and I think I may have uttered the most terrible speech ever, speaking far too quickly and with my voice breaking on a couple of occasions.  I used to have to speak and do presentations in front of lots of people for my work all the time, but for some reason I just clam up when it comes to my blog- I think it is because it means so much to me.  I was so nervous.  The rest of the awards passed in a blur, with some incredibly worthy winners including some of my favourites My Two Mums, Little Button Diaries, lovely Fritha and Actually Mummy.  I didn't win the photography category, but my good friend Lucy was a very deserving and talented winner. 

We were actually quite tame (some of us were anyway Katie who broke the world record for the amount of sweets you can fit down a pretty dress) and didn't drink too much, but it was a late night, with the night ending with myself, Morgana and Jenny eating pizza at 2.30am in our huge big bed!    Waking up in the morning, my timeline was full of tweets congratulating me- thank you to anyone who took the time to do that and to who voted for me in the first place, it really does mean a lot.

I am honestly over the moon to have won an award, especially as the other finalists were all so fantastic.  We all care so much about our blogs, and to get a little recognition for your hard work out of a community of amazingly talented people, is just such a special feeling.  For a long time I haven't told friends or family that I blog, although a few have found out, but I really am starting to feel proud of my little online space.  More than that though, every time I go to an event, I feel so lucky to be able to call myself a blogger and to have met some such incredible people through writing about my little ladies.  


I only had my iPhone on me, but here are some photos.  They are a little blurry as the light was SO bad...



 Beautiful Jenny in our huge room!


Gorgeous ladies at lunch, it was lovely to be able to spend some quality time with Morgana and Jenny.


All dressed up.


 I was sat on a table with two other winners- Fritha and Tom.


Jenny and I with Dr Ranj!


Some lovely ladies- Fritha, Lori, Bex, Kirsty, Becky and Lucy.


Katie, Morgana, Jenny, Sarah and Suzanne.


2.30am pizza- always a good idea.


A yummy omlette and waffle brunch with Morgana, Jenny and Katrina.


Yippeee so chuffed and amazed!


2014 Mad Blog Awards Finalist...

on Tuesday, 25 March 2014.

I've said many times before that starting this blog has changed my life.  It sounds a bit dramatic to say that, but really it has.  

When I first started my blog, on the 28th March 2011 (three years in three days!) I was a new Mum to a 13 week old daughter and I hadn't got a clue what I was doing (with motherhood or online!) but I thought I would give it a go.  I named my new blog 'Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three' as Mads was wearing a vest with that sentence on it.  I still wish I had thought more about the name.

Over the time I have been blogging I have met some incredible people, made some lifelong friends and made a very best friend.  I have had some amazing opportunities, developed a passion for photography and design, and have managed to fulfill a dream of mine when I didn't return to my original online marketing job after the birth of LL, instead working freelance for myself.  

But above all I have captured details and memories of our life that I just wouldn't have recorded had I not had my blog.  I have visions of one day sitting down with Mads and LL and reading all the posts together, laughing over the stories and reminising over the hundreds of photos I took.  This blog gives me the opportunity to write about my number one passion- my girls.  And I am so thankful that people find it interesting enough to read.  As really in the end of the day, I am just a Mummy who is incredibly proud of her children.

Last year I had the most lovely night at the Mad Blog Awards, getting to dress up for once and feel a little bit special.  What made it even more special was that I won the 'Best Pregnancy Blog Award' - something which I didn't even dream I would ever win.  I had tears in my eyes when I collected my award, so I am super glad no one videoed it!  But it wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't won, just to be nominated felt like such an achievement.  (Although the hangover afterwards was a bit of a come down.  Note to self- you are not 20 anymore) 

This year, I honestly didn't think I would be a finalist.  There are some incredible blogs out there, ones which leave me in awe, and so many people deserve recognition for their little piece of online life.  But on Sunday night I was treated to a barrage of tweets to let me know that I was a finalist in two categories this year- Best Baby Blog and Best Photography

I am so shocked, and over the moon to be a finalist, this year more than ever as I have had moments where I have really doubted my blog over the last few months.  The other people in my categories, especially photography, are some of my absolute favourite blogs so I am under no illusions I will win but if you love my photographs or tales of life with my gorgeous little ladies then please do consider voting for me.  I am really not good at asking for votes in these things!

 You just need to look at my whole blog to see posts full of LL and photography, but if you want to see any more then check out my favourite posts and my photography section.

It sounds incredibly cheesy, but thank you to whoever nominated me as it really means so much to me.  



This is how LL reacted to the news. She would like to win Best Baby blog the most, as naturally it's all about her!

Voting closes on the 24th April and you can go to the voting page by clicking below or on the shiny new button in my sidebar!  Thank you. :) 


A MAD Evening.

on Monday, 23 September 2013.

Blogging is a funny old thing.  

So many of us have a little piece of the internet that we call our own, where we write our thoughts, our memories and our opinions.  Some people write a blog for a voice, to help charities, to make people laugh or to showcase an amazing talent.  

My blog isn't really any of those.  I just write to record our life and take snapshots of my girls, so I still can't believe that I was a finalist in three of this years Mad Blog Awards.  In a community full of such inspirational people, I'm just a Mummy who likes to remember things.

I don't really know what made me start blogging.  Of course to record my little family's memories, to perhaps to break up the occasional mundanity of nap times and periods of sitting on the sofa breastfeeding a newborn, and to connect with other Mums going through the same as me.  I didn't know where my blog would lead and I didn't know it would become such a big part of my life.

Through blogging I have become passionate about photography, I have been given some wonderful opportunities to go to events and to review the odd treat for my girls, I have gained some freelance work and a chance to earn some pennies, and I have met some incredible and inspiring ladies who I feel privileged to call friends.  

Last Friday night was the ceremony.  I was over the moon to be a finalist in three categories, but I didn't honestly think I had a chance in hell of actually winning an award.  For me it was the chance to spend the night with some of my blogging friends and to get to dress up a gorgeous frock that was kindly sent to me by Zalando.  For a Mum of two who rarely goes out anywhere exciting anymore, it was a luxury to go to such a lovely event.

My husband came to London to look after LL as I am still breastfeeding her, and I got ready drinking fizz in plastic glasses with the ever so lovely Lucy and Kara.  We then made our way to the venue and it didn't disappoint, we were treated to an evening of glitz and glamour, including lots of bubbles and a delicious three course meal.  I was sat next to one of my best friends Lucy and the very amusing Alex who kept us entertained throughout!

Then the awards started.  Best Pregnancy Blog was up first and some of my favourite bloggers were also in my category.  Two of my best blog buddies, the wonderful My Two Mums were presenting the award.  I heard some people cheer when my nomination was read out and that was enough for me, but I was completely and utterly shocked when they announced me as the winner.  

I have no idea what on earth I said when I went on stage.  I am not a good public speaker, although I used to have to present to lots of people in my previous job, this was different.  It's such a personal subject.  I think I said a couple of sentences but I don't know what, and I gave Kirsty and Clara a big hug.  I actually got a bit upset and teary, but I don't know if people could tell- Embarrassing!  I then sat back down with my shiny gong and my heart was pounding ten to the dozen.  

The rest of the awards passed in a blur of lots of cheering and a few tears.  I didn't win my other two categories, Best Family Life blog and Best Photography Blog, with the latter going to one of my absolute favourite blogger chums Lucy who completely deserved it, but it was an honour to be nominated in them.  

 Another two of my favourite bloggers Annie and Morgana also picked up awards, and the incredibly inspiring and brave Jennie won the Outstanding Contribution award for her work in raising money and awareness for two charities so close to her heart- she thanked everyone for not forgetting Matilda Mae who tragically passed away from SIDS at the start of this year.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about their family and I thought she was so unbelievably brave.  All those nominated in that category deserved their standing ovation and they make me feel very proud to be a blogger.  They are truly amazing.

Once the awards were finished, there was a free bar courtesy of Just Eat, and I think I probably overdid it on the wine but I had a great time with some of my best blogging friends.  Then it was home to bed about half one, still completely overwhelmed and shocked.

All in all a fabulous evening.

I woke up the next morning to a flurry of tweets, some lovely text messages from my Mum and Sister, and a shiny gong on my bedside table.

 But the best thing to wake up to?  

My gorgeous LL who snuck in our bed for cuddles at 5am.  As without her and Mads I wouldn't have even be at such an event.  

Getting a little bit of recognition for something you care a lot about is a truly wonderful thing.  I feel so proud that anyone even reads this blog, let alone to actually win a blimming award.  I am over the moon.  

But you take all that away?

And I will still be here recording my little family's memories.  Taking snapshots of my girls.  Filling their days with love and fun.  Soaking in every everyday moment and relishing in the mundanity of our perfectly ordinary, slightly boring life.  Blogging makes me realise how lucky I have got it.

How lucky I am to have these two beautiful little people to write about in the first place.

They are what matters most.

I'm so privileged to be their Mummy.








Thanks so much to Tots 100, Parentdish and all the other sponsors for putting on such a great evening.  Thank you to Zalando for my beautiful dress.  Plus thank you to Charly, Lucy and My Two Mums for letting me steal a couple of your photos.  And thank you to every one who voted for me. 

You can check out all the other winners here.




2013 Mad Blog Awards Finalist...

on Tuesday, 12 March 2013.

One day when Mads was about four months old, I sat down and started a blog.  

To be perfectly honest, I didn't think I would stick at it.  I am not known for my 'sticking power'.  I played the flute for three weeks, did Karate for a week and have been tied into more gym memberships than I care to remember.  

But stick at it I did.  And the more I blogged, the more I enjoyed it.  I found something I loved to do- I loved to write, to pour out my heart and soul into words, and to document the life of my little family.  I had been 'blogging' on and off for ten years, in the days when I had a Live Journal account and it was wonderful to have an outlet for my writing.  I found it therapeutic, but most of all I loved writing down the memories of our day to day life.

I have always loved taking photos but blogging has inspired me to learn all I can about my camera, and I have found a passion that I never thought I would have.  I am never ever without my camera and I love capturing our every day life and our beautiful ordinary.  

Quite simply and quite cheesily, blogging has changed my life.  I have found passions, I have had the most amazing opportunities and I have met a community of incredible people.  I have made online friends and some of those online friends have become real life friends.  

I don't know what made me start my little blog that particular day but I am sure as hell glad I did.

And last week I had some amazing news.  I am yet again a finalist in the 2013 Mad Blog Awards- the UK's most prestigious blogging awards.  Out of 100,000 nominations I find myself a finalist in not one, not two, but THREE categories.  To say I am shocked and blown away is an understatement- when I found out I jumped around the room in excitement and I couldn't stop shaking.  

I am a finalist in 'Best Pregnancy Blog,' 'Best Blog Photography,' and 'Best Family Life Blog'.  I am absolutely thrilled and when I look at the other amazing bloggers I am up against, I am sure I won't win but I feel honoured to have been chosen.  

The best thing this year is that some of my most favourite blogs are finalists too.

 My closest, most lovely blogging and real life friend Lucy is a finalist in Best Baby Blog, as are the lovely ladies over at My Two Mums whose blog I love.  Then in my category Best Pregnancy Blog there is Bex and Jess whose blogs I love and who I chat too lots.  In the most innovative category there is the absolutely lovely Emma who runs the Science Sparks Blog- she is definitely worth your vote as she has done such a wonderful job since her blogging partner in crime Kerry passed away last year, as well as Annie too. 

In the Best Family Fun Blog there is the The Boy and Me who was one of the first bloggers I talked too, and the lovely Coombe Mill who is always so welcoming and kind.  In the Fashion and Beauty finalists there is Kelle whose blog I adore and who I can't wait to meet.  In the Best Schooldays Blog there is But Why Mummy Why, another lady who I am looking forward to meeting and finally in Best Craft Blog and another of my categories Best Photography there is another one of my absolute favourite bloggers Lucy as well, who is fast becoming a lovely friend of mine.

Eek so exciting that so many of my favourites are included, there are lots of others but I just cannot mention them all or I would be here all year!

My blog is chock-a-block full of photos and stories of our day to day life, and of course I documented my pregnancy, from our first video announcement, to when we found out Bug was a girl, and of course the day she arrived.  You can see a full list of my pregnancy posts and my bump diary post here.

I am honestly so thrilled to be a finalist and I cannot wait until the awards in September.  If you like my tales of family life, my abundance of photos or enjoyed my pregnancy posts please do give me a little vote.  It doesn't sit easy with me asking for votes but here goes...

 You can vote by clicking on the button on my sidebar, or by clicking the button below.  The voting is only open for a couple of weeks!



And thanks to everyone who nominated me!!  



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