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{The Ordinary Moments 14} #15 'Amazing Chocolate Sweetie Tasty Things.'

on Sunday, 13 April 2014.

I often feel guilty that I am not the best Mum I can be to my girls.  Don't get me wrong, I am the best Mum for them, I love them with all my heart, but I mean in terms of creative activities.  I am not very crafty, and I often feel like I don't make enough effort to do things like that with them.

We have our own little routine, our own little structure to the week and it suits us perfectly.  They are in nursery two long mornings a week and then on the days where they aren't we rarely are in during the morning, mostly out with friends or Grandma and then the afternoon is taken up by nap time.  While I relish their naps and am so grateful they nap at the same time (hello blogging and trash tv time), we don't get a huge amount of time to be in the house just being creative.

I often opt for the easy life and I make no excuses for the fact I should be doing more crafts with my girls.  It is something which I feel guilty for and something I should try more of.  However since January one thing that I have been trying to do is be more adventurous in the kitchen with Mads.  I am a disaster chef, Mr E does the cooking, and I don't really enjoy it, but Mads adores to make things with Mummy so I am trying to bring out the creative side in her by baking together.  She loves it and I really enjoy watching her little face light up when we do these things together.

Therefore this week we decided to make our own recipe modified from something I saw on a friend's facebook timeline.  We called it the very original 'Amazing Chocolate Sweetie Tasty Thing' and honestly it was quite possibly the best thing ever.  But perhaps not for the healthy eating,

chocolate bark

It is a really easy thing to do with young children as there is absolutely no baking required.  I think out of all the things we have done Mads found it the most enjoyable because she could really get involved with it properly.


All you need is LOTS of sweets and some chocolate bars.  Quite possibly the best ingredients ever.


I guess you could choose any sweeties but we had Smarties, Haribo and Mini Eggs as a homage to Easter. (and because everyone quite frankly knows Mini Eggs rule.)


All you need to do is melt your chocolate bars together (we used three large white chocolate bars) and then pour it on to a plate with greaseproof paper.  Even a disaster in the kitchen like me can melt some chocolate.  Just.  Then my beautiful assistant set about placing the sweets into the melted mixture.  (We put more sweets in our mouth but that's compulsory really)


Then pop your horrendously sickly but all kinds of amazing creation in the fridge until it sets again.  Mads was very impatient at this point and kept peering into the fridge to see if it was hard enough.  So did I. 


And voila!  Break into pieces and serve.  Trust me, you need to experience this.  It doesn't look anything special but it is better than anything you could ever imagine. ;)

chocolatebark 4


This post should probably come with a disclaimer.  This is the most sickly, unhealthy treat you could imagine and it is definitely not good for the waistline but is so easy and fun to make for little ones.  Mads and I made a fair bit and we wanted to leave a big slab for Mr E.  Unfortunately for Mr E, his slab ended up being rather small as the chocolate just seemed to want to be in our mouth's.  Oops.

So if you have zero willpower like myself and my three year old then perhaps it isn't the best thing to make as you will just want to eat it ALL.

We had a great time making it together, and an even better time eating it.  I love these ordinary moments with my lovely little girl.  She's even worth going in the kitchen for.




{The Ordinary Moments 14} #13 Having a Sister...

on Sunday, 30 March 2014.


When we found out we were having another daughter at my twenty week scan, I couldn't help but flash forward and imagine life with two girls.  Two little ladies running around hand in hand causing mischief,  two little ladies cuddling under the covers giggling together and two little ladies holding hands and running along outside.  Sharing toys, sharing friends and sharing secrets.

I imagined them when they were older arguing like cat and dog, bickering over clothes, boys and general things that sisters argue about.  With just twenty six months between them, I saw a lifetime of fun, friendship and hopefully a ready made best friend.  There are ten years between myself and my sister and we are so close, but with a much smaller age gap I hoped that my girls would be real kindred spirits.

When LL was born thirteen months ago, Mads blew me away with the way she was with her sister.  To this day, I cannot even really put into words the experience of them meeting for the first time, the way she stroked her face and watched her so intently.  Since then she really has been so kind and caring towards her, she loves her little sister more than anything.  She shares everything with her, cuddles her non stop, tickles her, plays with her and looks out for her.

The other day we were in soft play and were just about to leave.  LL was in her buggy and a boy a little younger than Mads came over to see her.  At first I thought he was being sweet and just stroking her face, but then he started to hit her and try and poke her in the eye.  Of course his Mum was nowhere to be seen so I told him nicely not to but he kept doing it and LL was getting upset.  Suddenly Mads flung herself into the buggy and shouted 'Please leave my sister alone.'  I have to admit I was secretly proud of her for standing up for LL.

Life isn't always plain sailing with these two.  As LL is getting bigger, they occasionally test each others patience.  Mads is generally very patient but LL is the stroppy one, getting cross if Mads doesn't share her biscuit immediately or give her the toy that she was playing with.  Mads wants to cuddle her all the time, and sometimes LL doesn't like it.  Their little arguements make me chuckle as I can imagine what they will be like when they are a bit older.

But above all, they have an unbreakable bond already.  They giggle non stop, and LL's whole face lights up when she sees her sister after some time apart, even just after their afternoon naps.  Mads says LL is her best friend and she continues every day to be the perfect big sister.  

Like putting a protective arm around her little sister on the swing.  I am so proud of her.

I am so very proud of both of them.  

My lovely little sisters.





{The Ordinary Moments 14} #12 'How To Make Cakes Unsuitable For Pinterest.'

on Sunday, 23 March 2014.


Concentration face.


Pretty colours.


Cheeky licking the bowl face.


My Mother in Law got us matching aprons for Christmas- obviously totally rocking them.  Kind of. 


Our finished creations.


Myself and the kitchen don't get on all that well.  

Of course I go in there occasionally, to get a diet coke from the fridge or a biscuit from the cupboard.  I can just about rustle up dinner for the girls, and I am pretty skilled at putting a frozen pizza in the oven.  But anything asides from that is Mr E's job.  He does the cooking, I do the cleaning, and that's the way it's always been.

One of the first meals I ever cooked him back in the day was good old Spag Bol.  I forgot to take the paper layer off the mince so we were pulling it out of our mouths for the rest of the meal.  I have lost count of the amount of cakes I have made that I have burnt to a cinder or rock hard cookies that we have nearly broken a tooth on.  Baking is definitely not my strong point.

Every so often though I do try and do some baking with Mads as she doesn't care that her Mummy is a disaster chef.  So yesterday we decided that we would rock our matching aprons and make some rainbow cakes.

We had a great time together.  She loves the special time with Mummy, and was so excited.  She spent absolutely ages spooning the mixture into the cupcake cases, and every so often when she thought I wasn't looking I would catch her with her finger right in the middle of the full bowl.  We got more hundreds and thousands on the floor than on the cakes, and more buttercream in our mouths, but we had fun and that's all that matters.


She is getting so grown up now, and yesterday was just a perfectly ordinary but lovely day.  Mr E and I laughed at her all day long as she chattered ten to the dozen, and ran about non stop.  She is at an age where she drives us mad one minute and then literally switches to the most affectionate, sweet little girl ever.  I love watching her take in the world around her- how even the most simple things make her so excited. 

She constantly tells me that 'we are best friends forever' and I really do hope that is the case.  I am so thankful that I get to be the one that is her Mummy.  Even if it means I have to go in the kitchen occasionally!*


*These creations weren't actually that bad.  Although I don't think Mary Berry is too frightened of us stealing her crown just yet.




You are 38 Months...

on Wednesday, 19 March 2014.

To my big girl,

First things first, check out the photo below.  It's of you, and wow you are looking at the camera and smiling.  Mummy nearly jumped for joy when she took this photo of you.  You tolerate the camera most of the time, but ask you to look at it and smile and you plaster on the biggest, fakest grin imaginable.  I can rarely get a photo of you looking at the camera and smiling your beautiful natural smile, so to say I love this photo is an understatement.  

When I look at it, two things strike me the most.  Firstly your wonderful hair- your wild unruly curls.  I couldn't love them anymore.  They drive me mad on a daily basis and every morning we have a fight about brushing them, you say 'please can I have it scruffy today Mummy?' meaning that we don't put it up.  You hate having it brushed, put in a top knot or having it washed.  The problem is it gets so tangly that it hurts you and we end up having to have a mammoth brushing session that results in tears.  Still I adore it and I won't cut even if it goes all straggly at the ends.  Mummy had hair like you until Grandma got it cut when I was ten into a bob (although the boys at school liked to call me helmet head!) and the curls never grew back.  I love my curly haired girl.

The second thing that strikes me is how grown up you are.  You officially are a little girl.  You have been for some time, but there is no ounce of toddler left in you now.  You are growing up so quickly and looking at this photo makes me feel a little sentimental.  Where did my baby go?  You are the funniest little person nowadays, making us laugh constantly.  You have the cheekiest, most bizarre little personality, and you come up with the most crazy songs and sayings.  We will laugh and then you will laugh your big belly laugh, and make us laugh even more.  

You talk ten to the dozen and sometimes I wish you had an off switch so we could have a moments peace.  You chatter chatter chatter all day long and come out with the funniest things.  The other day when LL had a nice outfit on you said 'Wow doesn't LL look snazzy.'  And then another day you said 'Let me see your teeth,'  to which I showed you and you replied 'You have pink teeth'  (meaning my gums) and then you said ' I really think you need to give them a brush.'  You pretty much pronounce all your words properly now except in the evenings when we sit down to read you say 'Are you sitting comferly?' instead of comfortably.  You also pronounce cuddlle as 'cuggle'- I never want you to stop saying it like that.

This month your favourite toys to pay with are your Toy Story characters, you love Toy Story and so we got you a little Woody, Buzz, Rex and Bullseye.  You also love to cut things with your scissors and will sit for ages and just chop up different bits of paper.  You love to play with play dough, and constantly ask us to get it out even though you make a complete mess each time and trample it into our cream carpet!  

You still love to watch You Tube and will watch some bizarre things on there, a favourite still being watching chocolate eggs being unwrapped.  Completely strange but you love it and so we let you watch it for a little while each day.  Mummy sits with you and watches what you watch but the other day you said the strangest thing.  I was getting you out of the car seat, and you shouted 'You will never take me alive!' at the top of your voice before dissolving into giggles.  I have no idea where it came from, unless it was from someone at nursery with an older brother or sister, so the only thing I can think is that you must have watched it somewhere.  It made me laugh at the time because it was so out of the blue, but I would rather you didn't say it again!

You adore your little sister so much and it is so lovely to see.  LL is going through a funny phase where she will only tolerate you in small doses and sometimes I feel a bit sad because you want to cuddle her but all she wants is Mummy.  You don't understand and just want to cuddle her non stop, and I feel sorry for you when she cries and pushes you away.  You are so cuddly and affectionate, and I hope that you will never lose that trait.  You still love playing with ears and will now ask me 'Mummy can I play with your ear?' and will snuggle on my knee and cuddle and stroke. 

You have your moments, where you drive me crazy and can be naughty or push the boundaries but for the most part you are actually a really good little girl.  You are at an age now where you listen to me (sometimes) if I tell you off and generally I can stop you from doing something, although every now and again we have days where you just whine and test my patience a lot.  Mostly though, we just have lots of fun together, and you make me laugh non stop.  

You are a silly, feisty, funny, strange little person.  But you are my little person and I love you for that. 

I love you, always and forever.

But as always, you already knew that.




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