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{The Ordinary Moments 14} #27 'Simple Days Are Better When The Sun Shines.'

on Sunday, 27 July 2014.

We have our little routine going on during the week and it seems to work perfectly for us.  The girl's still nap every afternoon unless we are doing something exciting for the day, so we only really have the morning's to fill.  Monday we see my Mum, Tuesday and Thursday I work so they are at nursery, so that just leaves Wednesday and Friday.  This is when we see our friends- it's my NCT friends on a Friday and usually my close friend and her two little people on a Wednesday.

We love our day to day life and little routine.  Sure it gets stressful sometimes as every parent of young children well knows- some day's I can't wait to hear Mr E turning his key in the door so I can get a bit of peace, and as I write this we have had 'one of those days' where Mads has been a little terror all day.  But for the most part we have all settled into a little routine which works well.

Summer seems to amplify our happy moods and makes me feel so lucky to be able to spend the majority of the time at home with my girl's.  The weather this past week has just been absolutely beautiful, and we have made the most of it by spending every minute we can outside- we have had picnics with friends, lots of time in the garden, al fresco dinner on our patio, and lots of trips to various different parks.

I remember once an old friend saying to me that when I had children, I would see our local garden centre as a 'free morning out', at the time this made me laugh, I was far too busy downing jagermeisters and spending my lunch hours browsing Topshop to think of these things.  But true, fast forward a few years and the garden centre is our go to place when we want to get out the house for a bit.  There's animals and fish to look at, a playground to play on, and of course there is cake.  Lots of cake.

Last Wednesday we went and there was something a little different.  Due to the Summer holiday's they have put up slides, bungee trampolines, inflatable boats and a big sandpit.  Mads and her little friend were in their element as it was the last day before the school's broke up so they had the whole place to themselves.  We sat on the grass and had a picnic, while they ran around and played non stop.

Why is it that even the most simple day's seem that little bit more special when the sun shines?


a simple day july 14

a simple day july 14 b

a simple day july 14 c

a simple day july14 a

These photos are just taken with my phone but I think the top two are some of my most favourite photos I have taken of my girl's- I just love their little faces!


{The Ordinary Moments 14} #27 'Dear Summer...We Love You.'

on Sunday, 20 July 2014.

Life just feels that little bit better when it's sunny.  I know it shouldn't, but let's face it, there's nothing better than the sun beating down on your shoulders.  The week's just seem to go so much quicker, with lots of fun outside, evening al fresco picnic's and impromptu day's out.  Everyone is so much happier, life seems to flow at a much more chilled out pace and for some reason the memories we make just feel that little bit more special.

Without wanting to tempt fate, so far it seems to be shaping up to be pretty good weather wise.  We have had some lovely sunshiny days and lots of fun so far, and of course we have had our holiday too.  Over the next few weeks we have a fair few day's out, weekends away and fun times with friends organised, so we are all looking forward to those.  Mr Sun please stay out to play.

Last week we met our very special friend's for one of those lovely summer days.  We love getting together with Lucy and her two little people, they all get on like a house on fire and Mads and her son really are so sweet together.  Out of all our friends Mads gets most excited to see them, and they run about holding hands and cuddling the whole time.  I remember being young and always having a particular set of my parent's friends who we went on holiday with most years, and I have a feeling that the Robert's family most definitely are our adventure friends.

We headed over to Wimpole Hall which is in the middle of the two of us, and spent a morning lounging on a picnic blanket with the beautiful estate as our backdrop, before going round the farm and the gorgeous walled gardens in the afternoon.  The children all loved it, although poor little LL was a little under the weather with a few of her back teeth coming through in one go.

A lovely day in the sunshine with lovely friends.  Here's to many more this Summer.








Our Holiday to Rhodes- Part Three.

on Wednesday, 16 July 2014.

Our Mark Warner holiday in (many) photos- Part Three...

We have one more day of photos to share, followed by a thorough review of Levante Beach hotel.  Looking at these photos is making me want to back there so badly.  

Let the holiday spam commence....!


a holiday to rhodes 27

I love this photo of one of the Mark Warner boats setting sail.  I could have watched them for hours, there is something so peaceful about the sea.  The watersports at Levante were amazing- we tried windsurfing, sailing and kayaking. 

a holiday to rhodes 24

'Mummy the water is cold!'

a holiday to rhodes 64

Contemplating.  Probably a hard decision about what ice cream to have next!

a holiday to rhodes 8

There were three pools and of course we had to try each one.  Many many times!

a holiday to rhodes 14

One morning while the girls were at Kids Club Mr E decided to try his hand at windsurfing in a three hour taster session.  He loved it.  (And also did it in the sea in case you were wondering!) 

a holiday to rhodes 30

 While I sat on a sunbed, read my book and drank a lot of this!  After all I needed to test the comfiness of the sunbeds.  (They were comfy!)

a holiday to rhodes 55

 I loved spending the evenings with this man, once the girls were in bed we used to sit out on our terrace and have a few drinks.  Bliss.

a holiday to rhodes 33

 There was also a really lovely indoor pool that we occasionally went in when the sun was at it's hottest.  Was definitely an excuse to get our ruffle swim suit out. ;)

a holiday to rhodes 35 

 I don't know why but I love this photo- I just think the water looks really inviting.

a holiday to rhodes 25

It certainly is.

a holiday to rhodes 65

She may be grumpy cause she doesn't want to wear her hat but the light is so pretty!

a holiday to rhodes 6

Having a moment in their little matching shorts.


(The rest of our holiday photos...)

Holiday Spam

Our Holiday to Rhodes- Part One.

Our Holiday to Rhodes- Part Two.










Our Holiday to Rhodes- Part Two

on Tuesday, 15 July 2014.

Our Mark Warner holiday in (many) photos- Part Two.


Because you can never have too much Holiday Spam right?


a holiday to rhodes 23

Two little girls watching the boats in matching boat dresses.  I know one day they may hate me for dressing them the same but at the moment I love it and so does Mads.

a holiday to rhodes 1

Obligatory holiday sandal shot.

a holiday to rhodes 56

We were on a half board basis meaning that we had breakfast and dinner included in the price of our holiday.  All the food was AMAZING but our favourite meal was breakfast.  Think continental- pastries, cheese and cold meats, every fruit imaginable, the most incredible range of cooked breakfasts, omlettes, yoghurt and our personal favourites- the pancakes and waffles.  D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S, we all have come back a few pounds heavier.

a holiday to rhodes 17

By far the thing we all enjoyed the most as a family was swimming.  Our suite was a metre away from the main pool, meaning we were in and out constantly.  LL loved splashing about.

a holiday to rhodes 19

Mads started the week being ok in the water but clinging on to us.  By the end she was jumping in and swimming on her own with the aid of her Konfidence jacket we ordered just before we left.

a holiday to rhodes 68

Underwater selfies- they are a lot harder than they look!

a holiday to rhodes 28

That's my little girl sailing!  On her own.  Crazy.  We are so thankful for the experiences she had with the Mini Club and she hasn't stopped talking about them since.  I loved looking up from my book and hearing them walk about the grounds in a line shouting 'We are from Mini Club- Mighty mighty Mini Club!'  It was so  wonderful to see her blossom and grow over the course of the week.

a holiday to rhodes 29

They went really far out.  Eek. 

a holiday to rhodes 9

These two became even closer over the course of our holiday.  When they went to the kids club in the evening they snuggled together on the same little bed and when we would pick them up they would often be cuddling each other.  It nearly made me cry each time, but that also could have been the cocktails I had drunk! ;)

a holiday to rhodes 11

I love this photo of Mr E and his number one girl.

a holiday to rhodes 12

The ladies.  (Note they are in Mark Warner colours- how dedicated are we?!)

a holiday to rhodes 10

 Afternoon paddling session.

Here is the second and last of two little videos I have made about our time in Rhodes...





(The rest of our holiday photos...)

Holiday Spam

Our Holiday to Rhodes- Part One.


More photos coming up tomorrow! 






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