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My Little Bits Of Life #2

on Tuesday, 17 June 2014.

My iPhone has been out in force recently capturing little snippets of our day to day life.  While my first love with always be my DSLR it is big and heavy and so when we are just out here and there it is great that we can still capture photos and memories.

Here is the latest going's on from the camera in my pocket...


From left to right...

1.  A little 'bear' bum.  These little joggers were Mads and I loved them then and I still love them now.  So cute!

2.  Daddy snapped a photo of us three girlies before work one day.  

3. Sunshiny sun selfies with my littlest lady.  This weather has meant we have been spending lots of time having picnics and going to the park.  Simple but lovely.

4.  We thought we would try out a different supermarket one weekend (we totally live a crazy life that's for sure) and these girls were so cuddly I just had to take a photo of them in their 'matching but not matching' cardies.

5.  We hired bikes a couple of weeks ago and had a great morning out together and the view was just beautiful.

6.  My biggest girl looking super cute in her sun hat.  I am loving dressing them in their summer clothes.

7.  We went to get LL's first shoes with my grandparents and they treated us to the.most.awesome.cake.ever at this gorgeous little tea room.

8.  I am loving wearing yellow at the moment, although when I wore this outfit the other day Mads observed that I looked like a bumblebee!

9.  Mads and I got new shoes- her mini Birkinstocks are cuter than mine though!

10.  Nothing cuter than a baby in a matching romper and bonnet.  Especially when it's polka dot.

11.  Even my phone is ready for summer- love this happy colour phone case.

12.  Sisters sharing a picnic blanket.  The way they are with each other is the best thing about being a parent to two.

13.  Mads totally rocking her pink tied waist blouse and little heart denim shorts.  She has started picking her own outfits now.

14.  Mr E took part in his first dualathon- a 10k run, 38k bike, 5k run. The girls and I went to watch him and were so very proud of him.

15.  We went for an impromptu BBQ at our friends house one Saturday- it was a bit of a gold day with my 'K' bag and gold shoes.

16. Yet another gorgeous outfit from Little Miss M- this time she was rocking her stripy jumpsuit and some strawberry sandals.

17.  We recently got asked if we would like to try Netflix and I am already obsessed.  My list is so long of things I want to watch, currently we are working through Breaking Bad and I am also reaquainting myself with Gossip Girl.

18.  Happy feet in bargain Primark sandals.  

19.  Mads always leaves the house with the 'essentials'- her Hungry Caterpillar toy and a Lightning McQueen phone!

20.  We went on an amazing weekend to a treehouse in Wales, this girl was in her element and thought it was such an adventure.

21. Yet more yellow.  Working from home means I don't need to dress up but I have decided to make more of an effort to feel nicer and wear pretty things, even if it's just for the nursery run. 

22.  And finally Mr E went to Germany for a few days and bought me back these chocolates- they are so yummy and nice and colourful too!


My Little Bits of Life #1

on Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

If you have been reading this blog a while, you may remember that ages ago I started recording little moments from my iPhone.  I don't know why but I just stopped doing it mainly because I was busy doing other things and forgot.  However I have decided to bring back 'My Little Bits of Life' - just little snippets from my phone.  I record everyday memories with the Ordinary Moments, my 'big camera' memories with 'Miscellanous Memories' and so therefore it makes sense to record those little bits and pieces on my iPhone that otherwise would get forgotten somewhere in a folder on my computer.

I am incredibly nosey and I love to see little details of other people's lives, Instagram is by far my favourite form of social media.  It's the first thing I open in the morning (after my eyes!) and I follow some amazingly creative, beautiful and inspiring accounts. I really do adore it. 

Some of these photos have been on my instagram account, but either way they have all been taken with my iPhone.  I adore my DSLR the most but you can't beat the camera that you have on you 99% of the time!

Here are some little bits of life recently...


From left to right...

1.  LL and I had a lovely day a few weeks ago attending the Next Bloggers Event.  90% of the girls clothes are from Next, we love them, so it was great to see the new range.  And hang out with people like Sonia and Becky over lunch.

2.  I am obsessed with colour at the moment.  I can't get enough of updating my home with bright things.  Like my new doormat I bought.  My muddy feet have never felt so cheerful.

3.  LL never wants to wake up from her afternoon nap.  I constantly have to wake her up from her nap to which causes immense grumpiness.  Until she has a biscuit.  Then all is forgiven!

4.  I bought this little rabbit for Mads for Easter but then I realised he goes perfectly with my new living room so I accidentally 'forgot' to put it in her Easter basket.

5. We went to a garden party at my Mum's neighbours house. It was a lovely afternoon with my family and the cupcakes were amazing.

6. Wedding 'selfies' with one of my best friends from uni and his date.  These two made me laugh all day long and Mads loved having their undivided attention.

7.  When the sun stays out longer than two minutes, we love to have a picnic.  We had our first one of the Spring last weekend.  There is nothing better than kicking off your shoes and feeling the grass between your toes.

8.  Strawberries are compulsory at Springtime.  I am terrible for not eating breakfast but on a Tuesday and Thursday morning when the girls are at nursery I love to eat strawberries with natural yoghurt.  Delicious and healthy.

9. I had a child free weekend at Blogtacular last weekend.  The conference was amazing, full of creative and inspiring people, including some of my favourite bloggers and fellow Living Arrows peeps- Fritha, Carie, Xanthe, Lucy, Emily and Hayley.

10.  My fellow I Heart Snapping girls and I enjoying a brief spell of London sunshine.

11.  You can't beat a toilet selfie.  Here I am with Jess and Lucy.

12.  On the Saturday night I went to Shake Shack with Lucy, Kara, Hayley and Emily.  The burgers and crinkly chips were delicious, and the milkshakes wer the best thing ever.  You can't beat a thick and creamy vanilla milkshake- yum!




There's only a couple more days to vote in the BIBS awards.  My blog is on the shortlist and we would love it if you would take a minute or so to vote for us if you like my tales of family life, even if you don't normally vote in these things.  We are under 'Mummy Daddy Me' in the Family category.  Thank you so much! 


My Little Bits Of Life #4

on Friday, 02 November 2012.

Here is what myself and my iPhone have been getting up to recently...



1. Persuaded Mr E to buy me, or rather let me buy, some nice winter boots from River Island/  I love them and have certainly got the wear out of them now the weather has gone cold.

2.  Feeling very lucky that my Mum owns a beauty salon- facials for free!

3.  Little gestures from my husband- like leaving a £10 on the steering wheel of my car in the morning with 'I Love You' written on it, so I could treat myself to lunch out with a friend.

4.  Loving my Grandma, ever since I was at university whenever I came home in the holidays she would make me a 'Red Cross Food Parcel' full of typical things students need- pasta, rice, ketchup, biscuits, wine (!) etc.  She has carried them on even though I am nearly 30 and every time we go for dinner we have a bag full of goodies to take home- this time it now includes bits for Mads and she always buys us nappies.  I think we need to tell her that perhaps it is best not to include Ketchup for a while!

5.  Comfort food when it is chilly outside- nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with a good old gammon steak and chips.

6.  Making Mr E a cake- malteasers are his favourite!

7.  A little note on my mirror in my bedroom reminding me of something every day.

8.  Quite possibly one of the yummiest things I have ever eaten.  In the little village where I grew up and where my Mums salon is there is a local pub and they make THE best Malteaser cheesecake.  My sister took me out for lunch the other day and I couldn't resist having a slice.

9.  Making memories for Mads- her 12-18 month photobook arrived- all 50 pages of it!  I take a lot of photos.  



My Little Bits Of Life #3

on Friday, 07 September 2012.

I started off the year with every intention to do the 366 project- however due to time uploading them each day I decided not to do them and instead do a post every once in a while all about 'My Little Bits Of Life.'

Here is what me and my iPhone have been up too recently.




1.  We are taking advantage of the occasional summer days we have been having and have been getting outdoors when we can.  Mads has the prettiest summer outfits that I will be sad to have to say goodbye  too- this one is a handmade one from my mother in law.  It is lovely.

2.  I have been enjoying the occasional night out with friends although it is not as exciting now I can't drink.  Although I have been making up for it by eating everything in sight.

3.  Which brings me on to number 3.  Curry is one of my favourite guilty pleasure dinners.  Larger portions now I am eating for two! ;)

4.  In the morning Mads comes into our bed and has her milk- she is still sleepy still and snuggles next to us and has her bottle, she holds our hands and is very affectionate.  That, and the evening when she goes to bed are my favourite times of the day with her as she is just so adorable.

5.  I am loving watching my bump grow- and am counting the days till my scan to make sure everything is ok in there.  I hate this limbo period.

6.  I have a very fashionable little girl, who has way more clothes than me!  I love dressing her in little outfits, and we are very lucky that people also seem to love to buy outfits for her too.  As you can see the wardrobe is practically overflowing.

7.  A new pressie from Grandma- after all every little girl needs a set of wheels to cruise in.  My Mum has a very large garden and it puffs us out as she likes to be pushed around it all the time.

8.  I am a big Bath fan and Mr E is very lovely and generally lets me have one in the evening while he gives Mads dinner- there is nothing better than a soak when you are tired at the end of the day.  Last time I was pregnant our water bills went up massively so lets hope they don't this time.

9.  Talking of Grandma and Grandpa's very big garden, they also have lots of random machinary.  Here are Mads and Daddy having fun in some sort of tractor thing- they went up and down the garden for a long time and Mads loved it.




Edit:  Each time I do a 'Little Bits Of Life' I get a couple of people say I should open it up as a linky, this time the lovely Helen has said she would want to participate as she also doesn't have time to do the 366 project anymore.  Therefore I have opened it up.  Feel free to grab the badge, and join in and show us the photos from your little bits of life.  I will probably do it once a month so join in if you wish!


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