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{The Ordinary Moments 15} #9 Monday's with Grandma...

on Sunday, 01 March 2015.

For a good year or so now we have dedicated one morning a week to spending time with my Mum.  We both lead busy lives, I obviously work two days a week, the other two days are spent seeing friends or doing jobs, and we found that if we have a day of the week where we see each other then we were less likely to cancel plans.  That day is on a Monday.

For most people Monday is the start of the working week, or if you don't work then it is the first day after the weekend- traditionally Monday is not really a day to particularly look forward to.  But I look forward to it every week and it is actually one of my favourite days.  The girls absolutely love their Grandma to pieces and I love that we have a little routine and structure in place.  Before Christmas, we often went out and about on a Monday- whether that would be running errands in town, out shopping and for a cake, or to the garden centre for lunch and to see the animals.  While this was lovely, my Mum and I found that we were spending lots of money when to be honest we all would be equally happy just to hang out at home.

Therefore since Christmas we have spent the majority of Monday morning's up at her house.  She only lives less than five minutes away from me by car and has the most beautiful home, I definitely get my interior passion from her.  Her home just makes me feel cosy and almost revert back to being my younger self again, even though I have never actually lived there.  I usually bring my laptop and more often than not she will play with the girls while I sit at the dining room table (which looks on to their living room) and do the odd bit of work I need to do.  The girls will get spoilt with Smarties (she seems to have an endless supply of them) and they will play or watch films whilst I chat to them all and get on with bits and bobs.  I have also been known to take a load or two of washing up there and she will sit and do my ironing while we have lunch- she really is a Mummy in a million.

The girls love a good routine as much as I do- it's become a bit of a tradition to have a lunch of 'jammy sandwiches' for Mads and 'peanut butter toast' for LL, all washed down with far too strong juice. (how many times do I need to tell her to only put a couple of drops in?)  I have a diet coke or two and my Mum cooks me a mean beans on toast, she jokes that it's like a cafe as she has to make three separate lunches.  We then head off home about 1.30 for nap time at our house.

It is such a simple Monday, but for some reason the girls and I really look forward to it- in fact LL has started to realise when we are going up there and has taken to squealing in delight when we turn up her road.  My Mum can drive me round the bend at times, probably cause we are so alike, but she really is the best in the world, and I am so lucky to have her.  She helps me out so much and I am so grateful for that.  I hope she loves our Monday mornings just as much as we do!


Some iPhone photos of last Monday...

Monday with Grandma 1

Watching them snuggling together in the background whilst I did work.

Monday with Grandma 3

Going to Grandma's is great because she has ridiculously unhealthy yoghurts that I won't let them have at home. ;) 

Monday with Grandma 2

This week was very exciting because her other Grandpa and Nana got Mads some Sylvanian Families bits for Christmas, and it was the first time we had got them out to play with.  Because Mads has her birthday on Christmas Eve, it means that more often that not we stagger her presents so she doesn't get everything all at once.  She absolutely loved them which pleased me no end because I loved mine as a child- I wish my Mum had kept them as I had lots.

Monday with Grandma 4

Doing some drawing.

Monday with Grandma

I love this photo of them- snuggling together and watching The Lion King.


{The Ordinary Moments 14} #39 'This Is Motherhood.'

on Sunday, 19 October 2014.

On Friday afternoon I got the girls up from their nap and within minutes they were both screaming.  Not just crying, or having a tantrum, but really really screaming, which in itself is pretty rare for both of them.  LL eventually calmed down, but poor Mads carried on sobbing, while clutching her ear in pain.  I tried to reason with her, to cuddle her, to comfort her, but nothing was working.  After realising she wasn't going to settle, I rang the emergency doctor and headed down there to get them to check her out.

I rang my Mum in slight despair at the noise and stress of the situation, and on hearing Mads and LL crying in the background, she came to my rescue.  She sat with Mads on her lap, holding her tight, doing her Grandma duties, while I cuddled LL.  She came in while the doctor checked them over, and after diagnosing both with bad coughs, high temperatures, and poor Mads with a severe ear infection, she took me to Sainsbury's and bought us 'essential medical supplies' such as antibiotics, ice cream, ice lollies, diet coke and sweets.  

She then came back to my house which I had left in a hurry and in a complete state and she cleaned up around me while I cuddled my poorly ladies close on the sofa.  She got on her hands and knees and scrubbed a rather disgusting cat poo off my carpet (thanks Walter!), she changed the litter tray, she hoovered and she helped me sort out the girls.  She pottered around for an hour or so, before giving me a cuddle and leaving us to it, as Mr E was out for the evening.

As I lay in our bed a little later on, my arms tightly round Mads who was whimpering and crying in her sleep, while playing with my ear as she so often does for comfort, I thought back to my Mum.  Those simple gestures, those things she does for me day in and day out, that show us just how much she cares.  How she comes up to my house and grabs a load of my washing, takes it back and irons it just to help me out.  How earlier in the week when we were all feeling under the weather she told us to come up to hers.  She helped the girls paint while I sat back, had a break and ate beans on toast.  How easily it is ingrained in her to take care of us, even now.  How these things are so small that sometimes I don't even notice them, but that when I take a second to think about it, I realise just how much she does.  

This is motherhood.

It's not always plain sailing.  It's not always about picture perfect photos, happy days out and ticking off milestones.  It's about having that instinct in you to know when your children need you, whatever age they are.   It's about the simple things, the ordinary moments and the little gestures.  And as soon as you take that little person in your arms the moment they are born, you learn what it is like to love someone unconditionally.  Through the amazing times, the rough times, the ordinary times and the day to day times.  

We have had a fair few moments like that this week.  Moments where I have felt this raw emotion that comes with being a mother.  Like when I was cuddling in bed with Mads, letting her play with my ear pretty much all night long even though it actually hurts a little sometimes and meant I couldn't sleep.  Or realising a poorly LL had fallen asleep on me and not moving for an hour because I was relishing that feeling of having her so close to me.  It's these moments, that technically are supposed to be tough, that are genuinely the sweetest.  To feel that satisfaction and utter love that comes with being the one my babies need.  That I am the one that makes it all better.

Sometimes I think about how fast the time is going and it almost takes my breath away.  It makes me feel so sad to think that one day my girls might not need me, or that I might not be their whole world.  The thought of it makes me get tears in my eyes and I will the days, months and years to not pass so quickly.  But then I think about my own Mum.  About how she would drop anything to look after us.  All the simple, little things she does to help us.  About how at thirty years old, I still need her.  And I know that she is there.  She always was.

I hope one day my girls will look back and remember not only the big holidays, fun days out, or exciting times.  I hope they will remember the ordinary and the not so good ones too.  How I held back their hair as they were sick, how I cuddled them close and held them as they cried.  How I would do anything for them and about how I loved them unconditionally.

Because that is motherhood.




The Ladies In My Life...

on Tuesday, 12 March 2013.

Last Sunday was Mothers Day.  The day where we celebrate our Mums, and more recently the day that I get to feel extremely proud of the fact that I am now a Mummy myself.  

I am not normally one for celebrating these manufactured days- but we don't go crazy, just a nice card and little pressie, and perhaps breakfast in bed or a bath.

This year we went out for dinner at a local pub.  My Grandparents were there, as was my Mum and Stepdad, my Sister, my Uncle and obviously our little family as well.  

I come from a very close family and as I sat there eating my roast dinner I looked around and felt incredibly thankful to have these wonderful ladies in my life.  

There's my Grandma.

 If it wasn't for my Grandparents, we wouldn't be here.  They are incredible and we are so close to them.  We see them most weeks when we go for dinner at their house, and Mads adores her 'Great Bam Bam,' and is always so excited to go and see them.  They live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and I spent my childhood jumping in the corn piles, driving on a quad bike around the farm and horse riding.

Ever since I was at university my Grandma has made me what we call 'Red Cross Parcels' where she used to send me essentials like ketchup, pasta, and toilet roll when I was a poor student.  It has become a tradition and even now she still gives us a parcel every time we see her- although it has progressed to nappies, wine and chocolate!  

They have always been there for me, have bailed me out more times than I care to think about, and I couldn't adore them anymore.  To see the relationship they have with Mads sometimes could move me to tears and I know I am incredibly lucky to have them in my life, and have the opportunity to watch them bond with my daughters.

Then there's my Mum.

 I have written about her before.  She quite simply is the best person I know.  She is so incredibly selfless, would do anything for anyone and has a heart of gold.  Growing up, I was so close to her, we were best friends and we still are.  Of course we argued, and she still drives me mad sometimes- she gives Mads chocolate at half eight in the morning and she is never off her mobile phone.  But I love her with all of my heart.  She has always put myself and my sister first and if I can be even half of the Mummy she is to my daughters then I will be one hell of a Mum.  

Watching her with my daughters is wonderful.  'Bam Bam' is Mads absolute favourite person in the world.  Not only is she the best Mum, she is also the best Grandma.  

There's also my sister.  

She is ten years younger than me, but one of my closest friends.  We share the same sense of humour and I can guarantee to laugh when Annie is around.  We fight like cat and dog, but she is an amazing Auntie to my little ladies and I love her to bits.

And finally there's my girls.  My daughters.  

The ones who made me a Mama.  My infectious, giggly little Mads- who makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me proud every single day.  And my new little lady, my beautiful newborn girl, who at four weeks feels like she has been here forever.  Who is still at the curled up stage and who already loves to be snuggled up tight with her Mummy.  And who just somehow managed to fit right in with us from day one.  It is a delight and a complete privilege to watch them grow and become who they were meant to be.

We may not be a perfect family.  We have our disagreements and sometimes they drive me mad. But I am thankful for the ladies in my life every single day.  Not just on Mothers Day.






The Best Person I Know...

on Thursday, 08 November 2012.

I am going to blame it on the hormones, but just lately I can't stop thinking about what it means to be a mother and what it means to be a mother to little girls.  After all little girls and little boys are very different, not just for the obvious reasons, and therefore they require a very different parenting style.

Ultimately when I think about what kind of Mummy I am to my lovely Mads, I always in turn think about my own Mum and how she raised me and my sister.

In short my Mum is the best person I know.  My husband comes in a very close second, and in actual fact they are very similar- both are completely and utterly selfless and would do anything for anyone.

My Mum is one in a million, and I don't think I have ever met anyone like her in my whole life.  She is completely selfless and would do anything for her children, and I mean anything, and I hope to God I can be that kind of Mum to my little girls.

I have always got on with my Mum- from an early age we were the best of friends.  She has always been incredibly affectionate and I remember lying in bed when I was small just cuddling her.  I always used to hold her hand walking down the street, even when I was far too old to probably be doing so in public.  I had a childhood full of affection and love, from both my Mum and Dad, which is something that I want to make sure my babies get as well- there is never a day, even now, where she doesn't tell me she loves me or gives me a hug or a kiss.  That is just her nature.

Yet she was always the 'cool' mum out of all of my friends parents.  She would buy as alcohol as we got older, as long as we drank it in the house where she could keep an eye on us, and she would buy me fashionable clothes and make up.  When I decided, at sixth form, that I wanted a tattoo she lectured me and told me I would regret it, but came with me to the place to check out it was clean, that the tattoo was tiny, and so I didn't go to a dodgy backstreet place.  Turns out she was right.  I do regret it.  You should always listen to your Mum.

I have always been able to tell her absolutely anything.  When I first lost my virginity to my then boyfriend at sixteen, I told her, and she took me to the doctors to sort out my contraception.  At the end of the day, she knew I would be doing it anyway so her train of thought was that she wanted me to be safe.   She was my best friend as a teenager, and I would always confide in her about everything- school, boys, friendships and more.

We had our moments.  I went through that teenage girl hell stage where I would be moody and shout, answer her back and get stroppy.  But ultimately I have always respected my Mum- she drove me mad sometimes, and occasionally still does, but I would never have done anything to disrespect her or make her disappointed in me.

As we have got older, our bond and friendship hasn't faltered.  I left home at eighteen and went to university, and then lived in Leeds and London for a couple of years.  We didn't see each other anywhere near as much, but we talked most days.  I moved back to Cambridgeshire a few years ago and we have got even closer, I now don't go a day without talking to her.  Maybe even two or three times a day!

She accepted my husband into our family, and loves him lots, I have seen him cry into her shoulder and to me that shows how he must feel about her, and I am grateful for the fact that she loves him like a son.

She would give you the clothes off her back if it would make you happy, and she is the most generous person I know.  She gave myself and Mr E the deposit for our house, saying that we needed to pay her back, but then as a wedding gift told us that we didn't need too.  She has set myself and my little family up for life, and I can never thank her enough for what she has done for us.  

And for what she continues to do for us.  She supports me, sometimes financially with the odd treat here and there for myself and Mads, but always emotionally- I know I can always turn to her whatever is wrong, and she won't judge me.  To me, that is a Mum in a million.  She looks after myself, Mr E and Mads, and I know she will always will.

She is proving to be just as amazing as a Grandma.  I love watching her with my daughter, and the way that Mads squeals in excitement as we go up her driveway, makes me know that she feels the same way about her as I do.  Mads adores her 'Bam Bam' which is her word for Grandma.  And my Mum adores Mads, and helps me with her so much- looking after her a day a week while I am at work, and a lot more besides that.  She is the best Grandma in the world, although I wish she wouldn't give my little girl quite so much chocolate.  We still need to have words about that!

Without a shadow of a doubt she is the most incredible person I know, and I know for a fact that I wouldn't be half of the person I was if it wasn't for her- I love her more than I could ever possibly say.  I can't thank her enough for all she does for me, and has done for me throughout my life.  

I have a little girl, and am soon to be having another one, and I feel very strongly about how I am going to raise them, and my hormones are definitely making me think about what it is like to be a Mum to girls.

All I know is if I can be even a tenth of a Mummy to them as my Mum is to us, then I know for a fact that I will be doing something right.


I love you Mum. xxx

P.S Please stop giving Mads so much chocolate!

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