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My Past Life...

on Thursday, 05 July 2012.


Until a few years ago, this was my life.
At school and especially at university, I was always the first one to break out the shots, or the last one to bed.  And then when I finished university, I worked in a bar for a couple of years in order to prevent myself from entering the 'real' world and getting a 'proper' job.  This is where I met Mr E, and where I truly let my hair down.  I was young, I had no responsibilities and I liked to enjoy myself.  A lot.
Fast forward a few years and we moved back to Cambridgeshire.  I didn't know anyone, and our nights out soon turned to nights in.  Of course we still went out but it certainly wasn't every weekend anymore, and a drunken night out in the week was unheard of.  
Then in December 2010 our little Mads came along and those rare nights out became even rarer.  We still go out, but mainly for a nice dinner or to friends houses, where we share a few drinks.  It is nothing like my nights out of the past.  Of course, we still sometimes have a truly drunken night out, but these have become rare, and when we do I end up feeling so bad in the morning that I end up regretting it.
This is just a part of getting older isn't it?  I am by no means old, I am only twenty eight and Mr E thirty three, but still, we can't be doing what we did when we were twenty one anymore can we?  

You wouldn't think so.  But looking at my personal facebook timeline at the weekends, I totally feel old before my time.  Most of my school and university friends are still living in London or in big cities- going out most weekends, and their photos and statuses are full of nights out and tales of debauchery.    
Of course that is not completely the case, I do have lots of friends with children, but most of these are newer friends, and a lot are older than me.  I am the only one out of my school and university friends to have a baby, and one of the only married ones, although most are starting to set dates now.
I wouldn't change my 'new' life for anything in the world- I adore my little home in the country, my husband and my gorgeous daughter.  If I wanted too, I could still go out, but I just prefer to spend my money on family days out with Mads.   
Maybe it is because I met my 'one' earlier than most, or maybe it is just because I had those couple of years working in the bar and completely getting it out my system, but every time I see those drunken facebook statuses I do wonder 'When did I become so different?'
Instead of downing shots, I am playing with mega blocks...and you know what?
I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
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