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A Wall Sticker Fit For A 'Big Girl Room.'

on Thursday, 14 March 2013.

For months now we have been in the process of creating a wonderful 'Big Girl Room' for our biggest girl.  We started thinking about it right back in November before our littlest person had even arrived, and we (sadly) said goodbye to our lovely home office in favour for a room fit for our lovely Mads.  

We decided on a woodland theme, not really sure why, with the main emphasis being owls. Therefore when I had the opportunity to review an Enchanted Interiors wall sticker, I jumped at the chance as I found the perfect sticker in the colours that we had chosen.  

I am not a big pink person, of course we all love a bit of Pink in our lives but I am not keen on the sickly pink that home decor companies seem to think all little girls should have.  Therefore we decided on a colour scheme of autumn colours- think browns, reds, oranges and green. The wall sticker I chose from Enchanted Interiors matched the colours perfectly, and I was just so excited to have found one.

Enchanted Interiors is a company which sources and designs bright and colourful accessories to compliment any childs bedroom.  They have a huge array of designs and I loved looking through them all.  Aside from the wall stickers, they also do other accessories including mirrors, canvases, clocks and lighting.

We chose this woodland sticker, which was the perfect size as Mads room is quite small, and it arrived literally a day after we had ordered it.  Mr E set about applying it to the wall.  It came on one large sheet with lots of individual stickers, all rolled up so it didn't bend.  We then just stuck them to the wall, using the photo provided as a guide, but you could have positioned them in any way you chose.  

It was really easy to stick them to the wall, and if for any reason you made a mistake they were very easy to peel off and start again.  The quality of the stickers is fantastic, you can tell they have been designed and printed with the highest quality materials.  We were really impressed with how easy it was to apply, and Mr E did it all himself without the need for my help.

As for the overall look?  Well we think they look fantastic and they have completely transformed her room without the need for painting.  Because her room is quite small, it is such a large feature without being over powering.  We absolutely love it and so does Mads.




I wanted to do a post with a tour of her room which I still will do but unfortunately we still are waiting for the delivery of her cot bed so I will have to wait and do this another time.  

In the meantime check out her beautiful woodland wall!  I would highly recommend Enchanted Interiors if you are looking to redo your child's bedroom.


We were sent the woodland sticker for the purposes of this review but all opinions are entirely my own.

My Bed...

on Monday, 07 January 2013.

To me there isn't anything better than climbing into bed after a long, hard day, either at work or looking after Mads.  I can honestly say sometimes I actually look forward to lying down, relaxing and going to sleep.

When we moved into our house, the previous owners had painted the radiator black, the walls were bright green and they had the most horrible built in wardrobes.  I can't believe they would have ever had a calming atmosphere in the room to go to sleep in.  Our bedroom was the first room we decorated, we completely stripped it, replastered it and got soft spotlights on the ceiling.  The black radiator went as did the green walls- and instead we painted it in nice calming neutral colours.  

We went for the colourscheme of creams and light golds and it gives such a calming effect, in fact it is by far my most favourite room of the house.   Every night we give Mads a bath, and then dry her and get her into her PJ's on our bed, read her a story, and then all snuggle together while she has her 'milkies.'  She always asks for 'family cuddles' on our bed.

I was very excited therefore when John Lewis asked if I would like to review some of their bedding.  When you have a child and another on the way, the last luxury you can afford to buy yourself is bedding when you don't really need it, so I jumped at the chance of getting something new.  

They have lots to choose from on their website, but in the end I chose a stripy, reversable duvet cover and four pillowcases.  The website describes it as woven twill, but basically it is that kind of woolly, jersey material and is so unbelieveably soft to sleep on.  


It is so nice to snuggle under the covers after a long day.  After all there really is no place better to be than your bed.  


John Lewis sent me the duvet cover and pillowcases for the purpose of this review but all opinons are my own.

Inspired- My Love Of Photos.

on Monday, 16 January 2012.

I adore taking photos and always have done ever since I was young.  I don't confess to being a photography expert, in fact I am more of a point and shoot type, but wherever I am my camera is never far behind.  I literally have thousands of photos sitting in boxes out in the garage, lots of photo albums and more recently photobooks in our study, and you cannot find a windowsill or wall in my house without a photo frame on it.  

However one thing that I have always wanted to do since we moved in to our home is have a photo frame wall.  I adore the idea of having lots of photos hanging up the stairs but as our house is only little there needs to be a fine line between looking cute and being over the top.

I have been finding lots of inspiration on Pinterest and now it is just a case of getting started.


I love the contrast between the white walls and floor and the black frames in this one.  In our house we could not have as many frames and I would like white ones, but I like what they are trying to achieve with this.



I love how in this one they have spaced out the photos a little more and I like the fact that they have them going up the stairs which is what we are trying to achieve.  I also love their use of colours.


I love the frames in this one and white is definitely the colour that we will be going for- I also love how they are all shapes and sizes but have the colour in common.

Another thing I can't decide is whether to do all the photos in black and white or whether to mix some colour in there as well?

I cannot wait to fill the wall going up my stairs full of love and memories.  I love the idea of people stopping to have a look at all the fun times we have had- from when it was just me and Mr E to now with our beautiful Mads.  I also have visions of Mads and I pausing when we are going up the stairs to bed to point out the people we love.

Now it is just up to me to buy some white frames and getting Mr E on the case with a hammer and some picture hooks.

My lovely friend Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy has started a wonderful linky called Inspired and I am linking this post up to that- hopefully I will be inspired to make my much longed for photo wall a reality in the months to come!



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