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Our Retro Inspired Living Room Makeover...

on Thursday, 13 March 2014.

We have lived in our little house for four and a half years now, and we love it a lot.  It is by no means our forever home, but it is full of love and memories.  Slowly but surely we are getting it how we want it but budget and time means that it isn't happening as quickly as we would like.

Our living/dining room is the hub of our home.  It is the room we are in most of the time- we do our relaxing, playing, eating and entertaining in this room but for ages it has just been a blank canvas.  When we moved in it had wee yellow walls and green shagpile carpets (no joke) and we gave it a lick of paint, added some other touches and put down beige carpet throughout the house, but it hasn't had our stamp fully put on it until now.  

I decided a couple of weeks ago I was fed up of it in it's current state, and set to work giving it a revamp.  The first to go was the Artex on the ceiling, I loathe Artex and got a quote from a plasterer to see if he could reskim it all.  It was reasonable and so I begged Mr E to let us get rid of it.  He agreed, so we had this done while also getting rid of the rubbish lampshades and having swanky new spotlights put in. 

We then had wallpaper put up on our long wall, gave the whole place a lick of paint and added some finishing touches.  The room originally had a purple and brown colour palette but I also introduced mustard.  Yellow makes me happy.  I realise it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I love it.  I love the bright colours and am really pleased with how it has turned out.  We still have a few finishing touches to go but I thought I would show you our new living room makeover in photos.





Before we started our living room looked like this.  Not offensive but bland, boring and uninteresting. Note the horrendous Artex on the ceiling and the cheap, slightly crappy lampshades!




Mustard and purple living room

This wall was already previously painted purple but we gave it another lick of paint to brighten it up a little.  I took this photo before we put it back but we have a little desk to one side of the sofa where Mr E's iMac sits.


This wall has our BC (Before Child!) photo frame on it.  The rest of the house is full of photos of our little ladies but we like to keep this one the way it was before.

Nikki McWilliams biscuit cushion

I fell in love with this cushion from Nicki McWilliams.  It was a bit more than I would usually spend on a cushion but who doesn't love a Custard cream?  The Love cushion is from Homebase.

Orla Kiely wallpaper

Our wallpaper is from Orla Kiely.  I absolutely adore it and think it has transformed the room.  It was a brave choice to go with such a bold mustard print but I love it.  The stripey mustard cushion and purple velvet one were from H and M Home.

Mustard Cat Cushion

I also fell in love with this mustard cat cushion from Howkapow.  The knitted brown cushion is from H and M Home.

Mustard Throw from Laura Ashley

This mustard throw is from Laura Ashley, it's lovely, big and cosy. 

Garland from Southwood Stores

I struggled to figure out what to do with this space above our understairs cupboard, but found this lovely garland from Southwood Stores and thought it was perfect.

retro milk bottles

In our town there is a huge vintage bric-a-brac shop, three floors full of treasure.  I found these old fashioned milk bottles and thought they would be perfect for our retro inspired living room.  

Retro Milk Bottles

I got the little decorative purple stones from Ikea.

Mustard and Purple Living Room

Our table was getting wrecked from the girls drawing and eating on it constantly, so I found this dotty wipe clean purple fabric- perfect as a tablecloth.  The flowers were a birthday present from a lovely client of mine!

Vintage Polaroid Camera

I have had this vintage polaroid camera for a long time, the certificate is from 1978.  The Haarlem tea light holders are from Howkapow.

Old English Company Print

Our print is from Old English Company, and I love it.  Think it looks great up on the wall.

Orla Kiely wallpaper

Just love our wallpaper!  The rug we had previously but I like the colours together.  It's not for everyone but it makes me feel happy.  Next job is the bathroom, but think we need to save up some pennies first- this makeover went *slightly* over our budget!


Some of our other room tours...

Mads Big Girl Room

LL's Nursery


NB.  We paid for every single bit of this makeover, but I wanted to include the links in case anyone is after any inspiration.



Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

A Room For LL- A Nursery Room Tour.

on Monday, 29 April 2013.

Last week I published a post showing Mads new 'big girl' room.  I thought that I would now do a tour of my littlest lady's room too.

This one isn't quite as exciting as we have only added a few finishing touches.  This room used to be our spare room before we became pregnant with Mads, and had already been decorated for her, so as she is only two and the bedding etc is still like new, we decided against completely redoing it for LL.

Still I am really pleased with how it has turned out.  When I was pregnant with Mads I really wanted a pastel coloured room that wasn't too overloaded with pink!



The theme of the room, apart from pastels, is 'My Unusual Friends' which was from Marks and Spencers and is a series of little character monsters.  I loved the fact that they were cute but not overly cute! 


Some friends very kindly bought LL this gorgeous bunting and it is so long it takes up the whole of one wall which looks lovely.


I love these building blocks in the same pastel colours.


Just like he did with Mads, Mr E bought LL a special present on the day she was born and bought it to the hospital.  Here is her rabbit.


I have a bit of a weird obsession with Russian Dolls and Mr E bought this set for me one Christmas- we thought they looked good sat on the shelf.  


Another monster friend!


This rabbit hangs from a large spring above her changing table so as she gets a bit bigger she can watch her while she is having her nappy changed.


This is 'Big George,' who sits on the chest by her cot.


Some more little monster friends.


Every girl needs a bear from the year they were born!  This one is from her Auntie Paula.


A bag to hang from her door to keep bits and pieces in- I am not a fan of clutter!


So there you have it.  A pretty, pastel nursery for my little lady.  In a way I wish we had changed the theme but it seems silly when they are babies for such a short time.  We will just go to town on her own 'big girl room' in a couple of years!


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A 'Big Girl' Room- A Room Tour.

on Monday, 22 April 2013.

We have finally completed Mads 'big girl' room.  It was started way back in November, but due to the fact that we had to wait an absolute age for the cot bed to be delivered, we have only just finished it now.  On Sunday she spent the day at my Dad's and we transformed our old study for her.  Her face was an actual picture when she came in, she was so excited and proceeded straight away to get in her new bed.

I thought I would do a little tour of her very first 'big girls' room.

We decided on a woodland theme.


Above her bed we got a canvas made of my favourite photo of her, her 'flying' in the rape seed last summer.  On the wall next to her curtains are some home made owls, made very kindly for her by my mother in law.


We kept the existing chair that was in our study so we could sit and read her a bedtime story and bought this owl cushion from Sass & Belle.  Next to it is 'Rabbit' who I was given on the day I was born and has been my most trusted companion ever since.  I love my little girl enough that I have entrusted her to look after him!


We put up two floating white shelves to add bits and pieces.  These Ingela P Arrhenius owl nesting dolls were from The Kid Who and we bought the little toadstool night light from Not On The High Street.


On the other shelf we have her photos of her in my tummy which we call her 'first ever photo.'  The little owl paper lantern was from her Auntie Paula.


We chose a wardrobe from Next which had four inbuilt shelves, so we filled them with nick nacks.  These owls are from various different places, mainly again from her Auntie Paula.


On the next shelf we bought a big toadstool from the Jools Oliver for Mothercare range, it is meant to be a doorstop but we thought it looked nice next to the very hungry caterpiller!


Mads made this ceramic star dish herself on our last weekend as a three.  The Monday after baby LL arrived.


Baby LL bought this for her big sister on the day she came to meet her in the hospital!


We bought these little toadstool lights to hang from the end of her bed from, they actually make the room very cosy when the lights are off and they are on.


Mads is very lucky to go to her Auntie Paula's every week. Auntie Paula is one of my Mum's best friends and her Mum 'Nanny Ann' knitted this rather lovely owl for Mads.  He sits on the windowsill and oversees what's going on.


This photo frame hangs by the door, we need to get a photo of LL in there too, although she was in my tummy in two of them.


She has 'stars' covering her ceiling which glow in the dark and her paper lampshade is Farg & Form from Nubie.


Mr E bought both our girls a 'special Daddy present' on the day they were born and he wrapped them up and bought them to the hospital.  They both have rabbits like Mummy had on the day she was born, although each of them has a different one.  Mads has a pink bunny who sits on her new big girl bed.  I like to think that one day they will know how special these presents are and how thoughtful their Dad is.


The owl bedding and curtains are from Dunelm, I am not a massive fan of baby pink children's rooms so I was thrilled to find a set that weren't too girly but were still fun for a toddler.



The wall sticker we have mentioned on this blog before, we kindly got it to review from Enchanted Interiors.

So there you have it.

A 'big girl' room for my biggest little girl, who is growing far too quickly.  Both myself and Mr E watched her playing yesterday in her new bed and exchanged glances at each other as she was jumping around in delight- I know what we were both thinking without having to say any words at all- our little girl is growing up fast!*

*NB- Not too fast however as she is not actually sleeping in her big girl room just yet- she still naps for three hours in the afternoon and sleeps twelve/thirteen hours a night- I am not risking that by putting her into a big girl bed until I possibly have too.  While LL is still in with us, she is staying in her nursery!

My Little Love Story- Part Nine- Our Own Little Home.

on Thursday, 29 March 2012.

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Mr E had proposed and we decided to set a date for our wedding for December 20th 2009.  Having originally thought we would do it in 2010 and in the summer, I suddenly decided that I would love a winter wedding.  I hadn't been to one before and therefore thought it would be nice to be a little different to the weddings I had been to previously.  The date was set and that was that.

We were frantically saving for our wedding but on the back of our minds was our house situation.  We were living in a little rented flat in a pretty village but we desperately wanted a home of our own.  However we were in the middle of a recession and therefore the chances of us getting our own home were so slim.  We accepted defeat and decided to concentrate on saving for our big day, so when our rent was up on our flat my Mum suggested we move back in with her for a bit to save.

I had my reservations about moving back in with my Mum, having not lived at home since I left for university when I was 18.  But ultimately we wanted to save and this was the best way so myself, Mr E and Mitty the cat moved back in to the village that I went to school.  Living with my Mum and sister was good, and it was nice to have home cooked food on the table and our washing doing!  I am so close to my Mum so it was lovely to spend time with her.  

After about eight months my Mum decided to move in with her now husband.  As she was selling her home she offered us the most amazing and generous gift in the world and one that I would never have dreamt in a million years that we would ever get- money towards the deposit of our home.  I still have to pinch myself that it happened but soon we were viewing houses of our own.  

Had it been six months later or earlier we wouldn't have been so fortunate as circumstances would have been very different but we were just so lucky that it was at the same time my Mum was moving.  We soon put on an offer on a little house but unfortunately it fell through just before we were due to exchange.  I was so upset but soon we found another house that was even better.

As soon as I walked into the little three bedroom house on the outskirts of the town near us I just had a good feeling about it.  It needed work but was just lovely and had a great little garden that wasn't overlooked by anyone.  We put an offer on and were delighted to find it was accepted.  Fast forward a couple of months and we got a call from the estate agent to say that the sale was complete and we could come and pick up the keys.  I have never been so excited in my whole life.

We hurried after work to get the keys and both myself and Mr E had butterflies when we pulled up on the drive of our very first home.  I will never ever forget the feeling of putting the key in our front door for the first time, anticipation, nerves, excitement and the fact that we were starting a new chapter of our lives together.

Below are some photos of our first few hours in our home- my Mum, her partner, and my Grandparents came over to toast our new house with some champagne and then myself and Mr E had Dominoes pizza as of course we had no furniture or cutlery!


The house needed lots of work and both myself and Mr E took the week off to completely decorate everything.  We put down new carpets everywhere, cleaned and painted everything in site and spent ages choosing new furniture as we didn't really have anything apart from a few basics.  The end result was good and we soon settled into our new home.  Two and a half years on and I adore our little home- its cosy, full of love and is just a happy place to be.  Its by no means my dream home but its perfect for us right now and we have so many happy memories here.

I don't know how we will ever be able to repay my Mum for the gift she gave us- I mean how can you?  She has given us a place to forge memories, a place that is our own and a nest egg that will secure our future.  She has provided a place for us to bring up Mads in the early years and because of her we will always have that equity in all our houses to come.  She has basically set us up for life.  We are so incredibly lucky and grateful to her for what she did for us.

So now we were in our own little home the next exciting thing on the agenda was of course our big day...


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