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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- October.

on Friday, 31 October 2014.

Yet again I type the inevitable words that I type every month 'Wow hasn't this month gone fast.'  But just like all the months before it, October seems to have gone past in a complete blur and now we are heading into November with the realisation that the end of 2014 is fast approaching.  That thought quite frankly scares me.  I'm not ready to say that 2015 is the year my baby turns two.  Or that my big girl is going to be going to school 'this year.'  Time slow down a little bit please.

Whereas in September we had our family photos taken right at the start of the month, this month we have done our usual trick of leaving it till the last minute.  It's been a busy month- bathroom renovations, weekends away, new kittens and bits and bobs contributing to some hectic times, as well as Mr E working a fair bit in the evenings due to a freelance contract. 

So when we set off out to take our photos this past weekend, none of us were feeling very inspired.  In fact it seemed like a bit of a chore to be honest, when normally I do enjoy going out on an adventure to take them.  We headed into our local town as we needed to go and buy some bits from the supermarket, and on driving through I spotted one of the local parks had a pretty spot with some fallen leaves.  We decided to set the tripod up there and take a few snaps, before continuing on with our quiet and chilled out weekend.

Except our usual set the tripod up and take a few snaps didn't exactly work well on this occasion.  It seemed it wasn't just myself and Mr E who weren't particularly feeling inspired, in fact LL really wasn't up to capturing any family photos that particular afternoon.  Every time I set up the self timer and ran back into shot (note to self- maybe after doing this for almost two years now you one day will buy another remote.) she kept running off and having a small strop when I tried to hold her in place.

I could have salvaged one semi decent photo from the bunch I am sure, maybe even two, and no one would have been any the wiser.  But this blog, it's our memories and our memories of our October family portrait are of a grumpy youngest daughter (who was as happy as Larry once we put the camera away and she could run free to her hearts content) who just was having a little bit of diva moment.

It's our real life.  And it's a very happy life to be living.  

(Unless you are a 19 month old toddler whose parents insist on holding you when you just want to run in the mud and get your pretty shoes dirty.  In which case real life sucks.)

a family photo october 14 f

It started off with promise...

a family photo october 14 b

Then it all started kicking off.  There was tantrums and strange faces a plenty.

a family photo october 14 c

Mads engaging in a massive eye roll over the fuss her little sister was making.

a family photo october 14 e

Before deciding to partake in the grumpiness herself.  Albeit bemused grumpiness.

a family photo october 14 a

LL decided to just not bother to join us in this particular shot.  I love this one of us three but I am not looking at the camera as I am keeping an eye on LL legging it off across the park in search of someone to take her away from her embarrassing family.

a family photo october 14 d

I think both Mads and Mr E's faces in this quite clearly say it all.  Time to pack up and go home. ;)



This month I am sending you to have a look at my lovely friend Lucy's gorgeous blog.  She is a very busy lady who has just moved into her forever home so perhaps that may be featuring in her Me and Mine photos this month.


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So It's Autumn...

on Tuesday, 21 October 2014.

Autumn is officially here and has been for a couple of weeks, but due to being busy, under the weather and a little bit lazy we haven't really had time to truly appreciate the changing of the season until yesterday.

 I have written about Autumn before, this time last year, but I do love the anticipation it brings.  While I typically am a Summer girl through and through, there is something strangely comforting about Autumn.  There is definitely an element of nesting- we spent last weekend doing odd jobs around the house that we have been meaning to do for ages, giving it a spring clean and generally getting ready for the hibernation period.  We have been getting into our pj's at 1pm after coming home from going out for the morning and it already feels like we are getting that little bit cosier.

Our home for the first time in five years actually feels much more 'homely'.  This year we have spent a fair bit of time and money doing it up and as such our living room, bedroom and bathroom all feel ready for the cosiness of the winter months ahead.  There is nothing I like more than lighting some candles and snuggling down on the sofa with a blanket.  Although not completely finished, I feel such satisfaction in spending time in our little home and creating memories there. 

I thought our pace of life would slow down after our hectic Summer, but it seems to be just as busy.  We have stuff planned for a fair few weekends in November already, mixed in with the odd lazy one too, and December is always busy for us with our wedding anniversary, Mads birthday and of course Christmas.  I am relishing making adventures with my little family and am so thankful for these times.

But as always it's the simple, everyday moments and routines that we all really thrive on.  And I think that's exactly what Autumn brings- just a sense of contentment and gratitude at being here, being us and living our ordinary happy life.  

Like going on Autumn walks together...

I hadn't taken any photos with my 'big camera' for a couple of weeks- partly due to being busy, partly due to being poorly and also being a little lazy too, it's probably the longset I haven't got it out in a while.  So yesterday I dusted it off and took it out on an early morning walk.  I didn't think the photos would be anything special but I just wanted to snap some of my girls as I hadn't for a while.  It turns out I love these photos so much.  They wind each other up a lot at the moment (and often me as well!) but it is a sign of how close they are, they can be arguing over a toy one minute and then cuddling the next.  Their bond is so real and so special and I am so proud of the little people they are becoming.

My happy, innocent little three year old and one year old.

a autumn walk oct 14 13

a autumn walk oct 14 1

a autumn walk oct 14 2

a autumn walk oct 14 3

a autumn walk oct 14 6

a autumn walk oct 14 5

a autumn walk oct 14 8

a autumn walk oct 14 12

a autumn walk oct 14 4

a autumn walk oct 14 7

a autumn walk oct 14 14

a autumn walk oct 14 10

a autumn walk oct 14 11

a autumn walk oct 14 9

a autumn walk oct 14

My Sisters In October.

on Friday, 10 October 2014.

Yet another month has gone past, I feel like I could have blinked and missed September.  We have been so busy, life has been so hectic, and my little ladies have had lots of adventures, fun times and changes in routine.  I thought it would calm down a little now October has arrived, but our diary is already filling up with different things, so we really are relishing the quiet moments as much as the days out, visits to family and little trips.

As another month in 2014 passes us by, Mads and LL's relationship has changed and grown even more.  As LL becomes more interactive and as her little personality develops, you see their bond developing even more.  LL follows her big sister around like a little dog, whereever Mads goes you won't find her far behind.  They are so affectionate with one another, cuddling, kissing and holding hands a lot.  Now LL is fully walking and running, they cause no end of mischief, causing havoc if they are ever not in the buggy when we are out and about.  

Mads still continues to be the best big sister as she has been from day one, looking after and caring for LL, sharing her treats or toys with her, or just generally looking out for her.  I often listen to Mads talking to her, telling her about different things or soothing her if she is grumpy or sad.  Likewise I see LL looking at Mads with pure love in her eyes, she is so in awe of her big sister.

But for all the love and affection, a definite sibling rivalry is developing between them both, as well as moments of bickering.  LL is at an age where she doesn't understand that things aren't 'hers' so she will often come up and try and grab things off Mads, which obviously doesn't go down too well.  When this happens and she doesn't get her own way, she will let out a high pierced wail, causing Mads to get cross and tell her off.  Likewise Mads will say things like 'I have the best clothes on' or 'LL isn't allowed this cause she is a baby and I am a big girl.'  It makes me laugh to hear them bickering as I get flashes of what their teenage years will be like.

My photos were this month were taken during our little trip to Brighton with my own sister, where the girls ran around, held hands and giggled the whole time.  They loved the pebble beach, for some reason both my children have a bizarre obsession with playing with stones and rocks!  I really am so proud of their relationship and the way they are with one another and these photos make me smile.

a trip to brighton24

a trip to brighton22

a trip to brighton23

a trip to brighton25

a trip to brighton3

a trip to brighton4



This month I am sending you over to have a look at Lucy's beautiful boy and beautiful girl and see what they have been getting up too!


Check out my sisters in...











Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- September.

on Tuesday, 30 September 2014.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, September was a really busy month for us all.  It quite literally whizzed by in a flash, and I truly can't believe that the Summer is over and we are now officially in Autumn.  After a really hectic few weeks, we are looking forward to slowing down a little in October, although our weekends are already starting to fill up.

If I could sum up our September in one word, other than hectic, I would say happy.  It's been a happy month, we have made some lovely memories, had some great experiences and it's just generally been happy.  Mr E is happy because he upgraded his phone to an iPhone 6, (and as yet it hasn't bent in his pocket!) I am happy because after five years of living with a mouldy, plain bathroom it has finally been renovated and because I was over the moon to win a MAD Blog Award, Mads is happy because we got kittens a couple of days ago and she adores them already, and LL is happy because, well she's LL and she is generally always happy!

One aforementioned lovely memory is what produced our family portraits for this month.  We went to Center Parcs with Lucy and her family, and for once I didn't have to rely on my self timer as Lucy kindly took these photos for us.  They were taken just outside our holiday cottage, in the deep dark wood as Mads would say.  Indeed, if you wonder what we are doing in a couple of the photos, we are roaring like Gruffalos.  Obviously.






Here's hoping October is just as happy, but a little less hectic!



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