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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015- February.

on Saturday, 28 February 2015.

Whereas January seems to always drag a little bit, February seems to whizz past, and before we know it we are into March- which brings my birthday and the first promise of Spring.  February has been a nice month, we have had a couple of really hectic weeks but on the whole it's been relatively quiet. 

I don't really know how I would sum up this month.  It's been busy during the week- my freelance work is going really well which of course is most welcome, but it has meant that the weeks have blurred into one, especially as I have had meetings and other bits going on- I actually filmed one of our weeks just to look back on what it looked like for us all.  Of course, one of the weeks we had LL's 2nd birthday- a milestone which has hit me particularly hard.  All of a sudden I am so nostalgic about the fact I no longer have a baby, I wouldn't say I am broody, but more feeling a bit sentimental about my own 'babies' not being so little anymore.

A lot of my very limited free time this month has been spent thinking about and planning the girl's new bedroom.  We are moving them into a joint room (something I am SO nervous about) and getting a study back.  I am excited to have two project's to plan for but as usual I have spent most of my time looking at trinkets and finishing touches and not so much at the actual furniture or logistics.  We went to Ikea one weekend day in February, 'just to look', and ended up being in there almost four hours in there and spending a small fortune.  I am excited to start actually getting it sorted, but we need to decorate both rooms first as after being little people's bedrooms for so long, they are looking a bit tatty round the edges.

Other than that the month has just been spent being busy with day to day life and ordinary moments, although we did start off the month at a beautiful little cottage on a weekend away in Norfolk, and this is where our Me and Mine photos were taken.  I was so impressed that for once we didn't leave it until the last minute and took our photos on the 1st day of the month- I think I deserve some sort of prize!  The story behind the photos is that the cottage we were staying in had a very cute little garden and we saw this bench from outside the window.  We thought it would make a really cute backdrop for our photos and of course a nice memory as we had a lovely weekend.

I am actually really pleased with these photos and there is a little secret as to why we are all looking at the camera.  A couple of years ago I bought myself a ridiculously cheap self timer remote off ebay, which promptly broke after about a month of using it.  I ended up never buying another one as I actually don't mind setting the self timer, but the remote has sat in my camera bag ever since.  Mads wasn't too happy about the idea of taking the photos, so I asked her to be my 'helper' which she loves doing.  She held the remote and we kept telling her to look at the camera and press it, even though obviously it was actually the self timer going off rather than her pressing the button.  It worked though and she loved thinking she was taking the photo.





Happy memories of a happy weekend away.  

Here's to seeing what March may bring....



This month I am sending you over to have a look at Alex's beautiful blog.  She is currently sporting a rather lovely bump and it's lovely that soon her Me and Mine photos will have another addition, just like when I started with LL! :) 

My Little Bits Of Life #7

on Tuesday, 24 February 2015.

I'm well over due a little update on life through the eyes of my iPhone.  I love doing these posts, just capturing little snippets of what we have been up to over the last few weeks.  While I love my big camera, I do find that nowadays I only really take it out when we go away for the weekend or out for the day, or if I know that we have something exciting on.  I know that I will use it more come Spring and Summer when we are outside, but when we just go places indoors I feel a bit of a wally pulling out a massive camera with a big lens on the end.  Therefore my iPhone is being used more and more- and I recently got an upgrade to the rather large iPhone 6.

Here is a fair few bits of life through the eyes of my phone...

littlebitsoflife feb15

 1.  My obsession with taking photos in front of our garage door shows no sign of stopping.  I love that I will be able to look back on them in years to come and notice a real difference in how much they changed and grew.  Plus I love dressing them and it will be great to look back on all their little outfits.  Like these adorable teddy hoodies!

2.  These pretty tulips at my Mum's house made me feel all Spring like.

3.  LL was poorly one day so had to stay off nursery- we had a great day snuggling on the sofa together while I attempted to work on my laptop- we even ate lunch on there which was a real treat.

4.  We are loving our Subaru XV and going on #XVAdventures - it's definitely become part of the family.  I had to snap this photo of it after I got it cleaned, looking all shiny in the morning sunshine.

5.  My girl's favourite kind of lunch is what we call a 'picky picky' lunch- basically a whole load of unhealthy bits and bobs.  I bought these plates from my lovely friend Fritha's shop- they are so bright and colourful which suits me down to a tee.

6.  One weekend we all got dressed and I noticed we were all colour coordinated so I made Mr E take a photo of us- while I often coordinate Mads and LL's outfits, I definitely didn't do this on purpose!

7.  Ever since I was pregnant with Mads I have become obsessed with baths- I love a long soak with bubble bath.  Since we got our bathroom done I love them even more, I love my little floating shelves full of trinkets, the photo of LL is my favourite photo I have taken I think.

8.  We love going to my Mum's on a Monday- we always have a Monday morning date with her but recently in a bid to save money (far too many lunches out!) and in order for me to do a bit of work, we have been going to see her at her house.  I captured this photo of the girl's relaxing and playing with their Toy Story characters- these are the current obsession in our house.

9.  Oh the Gap tights with the bear on the bum- nothing cuter!  Especially when they are colourful and stripy.

10.  If we are not busy or away at the weekend then a carpet picnic has become a tradition- I don't know why but we all love it.  Why is lunch more special when you bring the picnic blanket in?

11.  I love this selfie of myself and Mads.  She is so beautiful, inside and out, and I am so proud of her.  It's still quite hard to get her not to pull a face when I take a photo so I especially love this one.

12.  My fitness mission has gone a little awol the last few weeks- since Christmas and our holiday.  I am back on my running streak which is good news as of the last week or so, but I am also trying to drink more water, so when I spotted this camera beaker I had to get it.  So far I am failing miserably, my diet coke obsession is getting worse, but at least I have a snazzy glass when I do drink water!

13.  Isn't it funny how the weirdest toys become the most popular?  We got this cheap Peppa Pig drawing board for LL on the plane and the Lightening McQueen plastic phone we found in a trolley in Tescos of all places but for some reason these are their favourite things at the moment.  We always 'bring one toy' with us when we leave the house and 9 times out of 10 these are the ones they choose at the moment. 

14.  I love this little black and white outfit of LL's, in case you are wondering it's from Next.  The little brogues and hat are from H and M- we pretty much never leave the house without a hat on nowadays.

15.  As a family, a little tradition of ours is to go for pancakes whenever we go away or have a special occasion- so naturally we love Pancake Day.  But for some reason we are AWFUL at making them, even Mr E who is a pretty good cook, seems to struggle with pancakes.  This year was no exception- but we slathered on loads of Nutella, 'squirty' cream and salted caramel balls, and they still tasted ok.  They just looked like something on the bottom of your shoe.

16.  Not to be outdone on the selfie front, LL and I had to pose for one too.  Love my smiley girl!

17.  Mmmm tapas, one of my favourite type of meals.  I had to go for an all day meeting in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, and I had a impromptu sneaky date with my lovely chum Charlotte.  

18.  Those teddy dresses/skirts again- far too cute!   We bought them before Christmas from Marks and Spencer if you wanted to know, and a couple of people who saw my instagram of these went out and bought them recently- apparently they are now in the sale!  Even better.

19.  I love love love this photo of my twosome- we were going out for the day and they wanted to each pack a little bag with their snacks in, LL is obsessed with Peppa Pig and Mads loves a bit of 1D, so they love taking these little lunch bags out with them.

20.  We were getting ready for nursery one morning when I noticed they had got back into bed and were watching the iPad.  I just thought it looked so cute the way they were lying there together.

21.  I picked up this hat for about £3 from Boo Hoo (it's an adult's one!) but I love it cause we always joke to Mads she is having a bad hair day with her unruly curls.

22.  I think these might be my favourite outfits of theirs at the moment- I just love mustard, it's my favourite colour (well anything Yellow really) and I just think they look so cute all styled together.  I also love Mads hair in little plaits.  Most of the clothes are from Next, bar Mads trousers and boots which are from Zara.  LL's little shoes are from Mothercare.

23.  Yum to breakfast meetings- Caravan is such a great spot to meet if you come in to London at Kings Cross- I have been there for a few meals now.

24.  Happy colours for Spring- loving this red and yellow combo!  I don't think I will ever tire of coordinating these girls although I am sure they will hate it one day.  Until they tell me otherwise I am going to enjoy it though. ;)


If you want to see more of my iPhone pics, you can find me over on instagram- I'm @mummydaddyme.


PS We paid for all the items in this post, I just wanted to include the links to some things in case people want to know where they are from.



My Sisters in February 2015.....

on Sunday, 15 February 2015.

I can't quite fathom how we are in the middle of February already.  It's been a busy month for us so far- we have had a trip to Norfolk, LL's birthday and also just general day to day life.  Both Mr E and I have been really busy with work- while this is of course much welcomed, it also gets on top of me sometimes and as a result other things, like taking photos or keeping on top of the washing has taken a little bit of a back seat.

However because Daddy was working on LL's birthday last Wednesday, we promised them we would go on an extra special treat at the weekend.  When you are two and the weather is pretty terrible, there isn't much you can particularly do.  But then we realised that the Peppa Pig film was out and for a Peppa obsessed LL this couldn't have been more perfect.  So we planned a special day for her- we went out early on Saturday to the film, had Pic n Mix, (this nearly blew their minds as they had never chosen things from there before) and then went out to Pizza Hut afterwards. (Again the ice cream factory was a big hit funnily enough!)  

LL was so sweet in the film, it was her first proper cinema experience, bar coming with us when she was about three months old and spending the time attached to my boob so she wouldn't cry!  It was also probably only Mads third time as well, as we went through a stage where she was terrified of the cinema.  However both of them loved it, LL was so cute sat in her little chair clutching on to her bag of sweets and she did all the dancing and actually shook with excitement when Peppa came on the screen.  It couldn't have been a more perfect birthday treat out for my littlest lady.

After lunch I realised I had taken no photos so we quickly went behind the cinema to take a few photos of them both for the 'Siblings' project this month.  They were undoubtedly wired on sugar from too much ice cream and sweets, and were both being ridiculously silly.  And it turns out that I actually love these photos a lot- they aren't particularly exciting as the light was so grey and the location was a bit grim, but they capture my girls perfectly.  Mr E and I tried to wrestle that Peppa Pig drawing board off LL so she wasn't holding them in the photos but everytime we did she proceeded to do her 'meltdown screech' so we decided it wasn't worth it!   Plus I guess it sums her up in February perfectly, she carries it around everywhere!











All was going swimmingly and we were having a lovely time until Mads decided to swing LL a little too hard by her arm, causing LL to do a rather comical (bad Mummy) face plant flat on her face.  She was covered in mud from head to toe, it was even all over her face.  Luckily after a few minutes tears we realised she wasn't hurt, but that put an end to that.  And that completely also sums up my girls- they play so nicely for a certain amount of time, before it inevitably turns to fighting or tears over something.  

I guess that's siblings for you...



This month I am sending you over to Kerri-Ann who takes the most stunning almost magical photos of her girls.  Be sure to go and have a look there and link up too as I am still having trouble with my linky tools- it's most strange!  We are looking forward to the other Siblings too!


My Baby Girl is Two!

on Wednesday, 11 February 2015.

Dearest LL,

I remember so vividly when I found out I was pregnant with you.  Of course, I knew I was going to love you unconditionally, but I couldn't quite honestly imagine loving someone as much as I did your sister. I couldn't imagine you fitting into our lives- we had our own little family of three and I couldn't picture what it would be like.  What you would be like.  But when I held you for that first time on the 11th February 2013, when Daddy put you on my chest while the Doctors were stitching me up- I just knew.  I knew all my worries were for nothing.  I knew from that very instant that there was a space that fitted you just perfectly.

And now it's the 11th February 2015 and my littlest girl is two years old.  In many ways it feels like you should be bigger- there is no way in the world I can now imagine life without you in it, yet at the same time two seems so big.  When did you stop being a baby?  Why did time go so fast?  It feels like we blinked and missed it somehow.  I can't quite pinpoint when you went from being a baby to a toddler, but now when I look at you, in photos especially, I see a little girl.  You have become so tall, you've lost your baby features, and you've turned into a little person.  

But in many ways, you are still a baby.  Of course, you are my baby, and I probably mollycoddle you more than I do your big sister.  But you haven't been in as much of a hurry to grow up.  It took you a little longer to walk, a little more time to become independent, and even now you are still not talking much.  A lot of it is no doubt 'second child syndrome'- you have a big sister to do the talking for you.  You are saying a few things- 'Mummy', 'Daddy', 'Juice', 'Hello', 'Buzz', and 'Biscuit' for example.  You have just started saying a couple of words together, mainly 'Hello Peppa' or 'Oh it's Peppa', but compared to Mads who was talking in sentences by your age, you still have a way to go.  We don't mind though, because while you don't communicate with words, you communicate with affection and love.

You are one of the most affectionate little people I know- in fact both my girls are.  You both love to cuddle non stop, kiss and generally just be near me, Daddy and Mads.  In the evenings we have a little game where we all cuddle in bed and we ask you to give us kisses.  It's the cutest thing ever, you pucker up your little lips and in turn kiss me, Daddy and your big sister over and over again.  You love to snuggle up to Mummy, you lie on my chest and I stroke your hair, but every so often you look up at me and give me a beaming smile.  I want to soak in those moments and store them in some small part of my mind to make sure I never forget them.  We have such a bond you and me, while Mads adores her Mummy, she is a Daddy's girl.  You are mine though.  I look in your eyes and I can tell how much you love me.  You cuddle into me and say 'Mummmmy' quietly under your breath and you follow me around everywhere.  It's hard to explain, because while I love you both exactly the same, in a way, it's in different ways, and even I can't pinpoint exactly what I mean.  But my love for you is that of my baby, and I am fiercely proud and protective of you.

You aren't all sweetness and cuddles though, you have a fiery and explosive temper and you most certainly know your own mind.  The last couple of weeks have seen the arrival of tantrums- you will lie on the floor and screech if you don't get your own way, and your face contorts into a scary looking sight.  I would say you are more stroppy than your sister was, although she had her fair share of tantrums too. You are very strong willed and feisty when you want to be and at the moment you aren't particularly good at sharing.  Mads is very patient with you and often shares her toys with you, taking in turns to let you play with things, but you aren't quite so willing to reciprocate the favour!  You have your moments, moments where you are ever so good at sharing, but you are definitely going through a cheeky phase when it comes to that sort of thing.  

Speaking of your big sister, the relationship that the two of you have together is without a doubt the best thing about being a Mummy.  I look at two of you together and I think that my heart might burst with pride.  Ever since that first day she came to visit you in the hospital, her little feet running down the corridor shouting 'Baby', Mads has been such a great big sister to you.  And you know that, I can tell you do.  You look at her with such love in your eyes and such awe.  I can tell that in a weird way, she is your hero, and you want to be like her- you follow her everywhere, giggle at her constantly, and always want to hold her hand and cuddle her.  Now you are a little bigger, you play together really nicely and I often hear you playing funny games together.  Your favourite thing to do at the moment is have 'sleepovers'- you go into Mads room and shut the door and I can hear you both chattering away and giggling together as you snuggle under the covers.  Of course you fight like cat and dog, especially when it comes to sharing, but 90% of the time you are just so sweet together.  It's the little things that I love to witness, the moments that come so naturally that if you blink you might miss them.  Things like the way that if you are at a party or soft play and you look a bit unsure, Mads will put her arm round you and guide you, or the way you cuddle on the bed in the evening together.  I am so proud of you both. 

Today is your birthday and we have a quiet day planned- nothing out of the ordinary or particularly special, but we will spoil you with love and affection.  You haven't many presents to open, you have a big Bullseye horse coming from us because you love to play Toy Story with your sister, and a couple of ridiculously cheap, tacky Peppa Pig bits because I know that it will make you smile more than anything of any value or sentiment.  And at the end of the day it's all about the smiles and seeing the pure unconditional happiness.  You are Peppa Pig mad and we still aren't quite sure why as we never really used to watch it with you.  Our morning will be spent at your new dance class- you are going to Baby Ballet for the first time, and then we are meeting Grandma for lunch.  Then in the evening it's back over to Grandma's for a little family party.  We will blow out your candles on your Peppa Pig cake and no doubt Mummy will get ridiculously emotional as she always does- firstly for the fact I can't quite fathom how you are now two and secondly for the fact that I am just so ridiculously proud of you.  


Happy Birthday my beautiful baby girl.  


Mummy couldn't love you anymore if I tried.  Thank you for being mine.







(Check out the rest of my 'Letters to My Littles' posts here.)


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