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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2014- August.

on Sunday, 31 August 2014.

I am struggling to comprehend the fact that it is September tomorrow.  August has flown by, with some lovely days full of sunshine, followed by the last couple of weeks wondering where the Summer went.  Hopefully we will get some sunny days next month but as I look out the window at the cloudy, overcast day we are having, it really doesn't seem likely.  We have made some lovely memories in August- we went on our first ever camping trip to Wales, we have been swimming lots in Grandad Roy's pool, we spent a lovely weekend seeing my Nana and Grandpa, and I ran my first ever half marathon.  There have been lazy days spent doing not much at all and fun days out, including a trip to London and some one on one time with my big girl, while Mr E spent time with LL.

This month's Me and Mine photos are from our camping trip.  I really wanted to get a family photo from our weekend away, as it was quite exciting for us to go on a glamping adventure for the first time.  These photos make me smile, they are far from perfect but that's exactly why I like them.





We totally didn't fit the mould as your average campers.  I think that when we turned up to stay in our pretty pre erected bell tent and I proceeded to put lanterns on the front, our fellow campers must have wondered what planet we were from.  Being complete amateurs, we didn't pack any snuggly clothes, not envisiging how cold it was going to be in the evenings, so after a trip to the shops to buy some fleecy Toy Story pj's (which Mads still thinks are the most amazing thing ever!) and some boys age 14 grey jogging bottoms for me, we were slightly more comfortable.  

I then don't think we did ourselves any favours by getting out the tripod and setting it up in the middle of the campsite, before doing my usual trick of running back and forth to set the self timer.    It's safe to say that we gave the other campers some entertainment!  We are squinting into the sun, wearing our pjs, looking slightly disheveled, and all looking in different directions, but these photos bring back such happy memories of a really lovely weekend.  

This Summer has been about making memories.  We have been very lucky to have some fabulous times, but we have also enjoyed the simple life and spending time together doing things like having picnics or going to the park.  I am really sad to say goodbye to August, but our Summer isn't over quite yet.  September brings us our busiest month so far with Mr E's birthday, two holidays, a couple of nights away, a complete bathroom renovation and two new additions to the family with the arrival of our new kittens.  It's safe to say it's going to be hectic, but I can't wait to experience it all with my little family.


This month I am sending you over to look at Becky's lovely blog- her little girl turned 3 this month and so I am sure she will have a special family photo to share.

Our Weekend Camping Adventure- Part Two.

on Tuesday, 19 August 2014.

A couple of weekends ago we had our first camping experience as a family when (I say camping but we cheated and went for a more 'luxury' option!) to Pembrokeshire in South West Wales.  I posted some photos last week, but I took so many as usual that I decided to split my posts in to two parts.  


Here is a little more of what we got up too...


I *may* have prettied up our tent with these super cute lanterns from The Little Things.  


We decided to go to South Wales because Mr E used to holiday in Wales a lot as a child, and we heard the beaches were beautiful.  We googled 'Britain's best beach' and it came up with Barafundle Bay, and then when Lucy and her little family then posted about their adventure there, our minds were made up.  It didn't disappoint, it was absolutely beautiful and because we went late in the afternoon, it was practically deserted.  For those thinking of going there, you have to walk over the cliff to get there, it's probably a good 3/4 of a mile walk up some steps and hills, but once you are there it's 100% worth it.


So worth the climb- how beautiful.


'You better give me that spade soon Daddy.'


This girl is an actual liability when it comes to sand- she gets it EVERYWHERE.  Whereas Mads was never fussed when she was a baby, LL just wants to eat it and put it places she isn't supposed too!


No trip to the seaside would be complete without some competitive sandcastle building.  Obviously.


We sat and had dinner on the practically deserted beach.  Which was lovely bar the sandy sandwiches, which were a little crunchy.


She is still at that stage where she is 'waddling' - she's getting faster on her feet every day but still holds out her hands to steady herself most of the time which is pretty cute.


Sisterly sandcastle building.


The next few photos are basically all of LL prompting Mr E to say 'You are aware that we have more than one child?!  It's just the light was so nice and she was sitting still!


Ahhh pretty light and a baby in romper shorts.  Perfect.


I love this photo of Mr E and LL.  He really is the best father I could ask for for my little ladies.


'I have sand up my nose.'


'If I am quick he won't catch me and I can put some more up there.'


'Damn he caught me- let's have a sulk.'


All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and I am glad we had such a memorable first camping experience.  I am still definitely not sold on the idea of full camping just yet, but glamping suits us just fine!

My Sisters In August.

on Sunday, 10 August 2014.

We are well in the throws of Summer now and we are really enjoying (almost) every minute.  I don't remember a time the weather was so nice, and I am loving the long days in the sunshine.  Mads and LL seem to thrive on being outside and active, and I could happily stay in the sun all day.  We have been enjoying picnics, playground trips, and days in the garden with friends- so much less stressful than our Winter pasttime of soft play. I have been organised again this month and have a few photos of my sister's all ready to share. 

Last weekend we went to South West Wales on our first camping adventure.  It was a lot of fun and Mads and LL relished the quality time with us.  We have been switching off a lot this Summer- away from TV screens, phones and constant checking of social media, and it's been very welcome indeed.

 On one of the day's in Wales we went to a local beach.  We had already had a busy day at a theme park and lunch at Pizza Express (my fussy children would lick their plates clean at Pizza Express so we go there a lot!) but didn't feel it was right to go to the coast and not go to the beach, so we made our way over there late in the afternoon.  I am so glad we did because it was so quiet and peaceful.  We built sandcastles, ate our pretty sandy sandwiches on a picnic blanket, and enjoyed feeling the sun on our shoulders.  We also found some sand dunes and the girl's had lots of fun sliding down them on their bottoms, they were giggling in delight.  

I love these photos, firstly because they are a memory of a pretty special weekend, but also because my little ladies just look really happy, and at the end of the day isn't that ultimately what any parent wants for their children?  They make us laugh every single day with their antics, and are the best of friends yet also fight like cat and dog.  Their relationship is really beginning to shine through and they are fast becoming a real double act, egging each other on all.the.time.  We went to buy a bathroom suite the other day and they were running up and down the showroom being so mischevious together.    I look at these photos and my heart aches a little bit with pride and love for my two lovely daughter's. 










Check out my sister's in...










This month I am sending you over to have a look at Chloe's lovely blog.  She has just won a trip of a lifetime to California which I did a little jump of joy for when I heard because I was really rooting for her and totally deserved it with her video she made.  Go and have a look at her gorgeous boys.  

Our Weekend Camping Adventure with the Subaru XV...

on Thursday, 07 August 2014.

As a family there is nothing more we love than having an adventure, especially when the sun is shining.  I have this innate feeling distilled in me in the Summer, one where I rarely just like to stay at home.  Even if we just pop out to the park, I have to get out the house on a daily basis.  I love our little home but we love to seek out adventures and make memories as much as we can.

This past weekend we went on a very special adventure as a family- our first time camping.  In actual fact it was my first time camping ever, unless you count a rather soggy Duke of Edinburgh experience at school where we almost set our tent alight smoking contraband cigarettes, but that's a different matter entirely.  We were really excited to have the chance to borrow a Subaru XV for the weekend which was just fantastic, we absolutely loved the car and it was definitely made for families like ours.

I was a little nervous about camping with two tiny people, but actually it was an amazing experience for us all and we had so much fun that I actually have enough photos to fit in to two posts.   We decided to go to Pembrokeshire in South Wales as Mr E used to holiday in Wales a lot as a child.  After learning all about the Subaru XV on Friday afternoon at a really fun off roading event, we headed off on the long five hour journey to reach our destination.

We may have *slightly* cheated at camping and gone for a slightly more luxurious glamping option.  After a lot of research online I found the quite frankly amazing Not Just Any Tent company.  They take the hassle out of camping by arriving at your chosen campsite before you and pitching one of their beautiful bell tents for you.  We were blown away when we arrived- the tent was gorgeous- with fairy lights, lots of bunting, actual duvets and blow up beds, and everything you could need for your camping adventure.  Although slightly more than usual camping, at £245 for two nights, it was most definitely worth the money and we couldn't recommend it any higher if you are wanting to camp with little ones- there was even room for us to take LL's travel cot.

I spent ages looking for a nice campsite and ended up being so pleased with the one we chose.  We chose Dewslake Camping, a small site situated on a farm only a few miles from Barafundle Bay and Tenby.  Having not camped before, I was really impressed with the facilities- I had visions of missing my creature comforts but the toilets were clean, the showers were hot and it had a little kitchen area.  Most importantly it was relaxed and the atmosphere was lovely. 

We had a action packed weekend full of adventure and the girl's loved spending time as a family in a tent, it was such a unique experience for them and for us.  We were worried as to how they would sleep but bar going to bed a little later than usual as obviously it was light, they actually slept really well and didn't wake up until later than they normally do at home!

Here is the first part of our adventure in photos...


All packed up ready to go in our swanky Subaru XV for the weekend- the perfect family car.  It had leather seats, a built in sat nav, and most importantly according to Mr E it drove really well as well.  We were so impressed with it and loved it more than our current car which is a similar style Qashqui. Plus see those bikes on the back there?  They are our new family bikes- after years of wanting them we finally bought some with a trailer on the back for our little ladies.


Our home for the weekend- the most beautiful bell tent.


The inside of our tent- it was so lovely and had everything you needed for a weekend away.


We had a lovely big spot in the corner of the campsite.


We went for a stroll round the quaint little town of Tenby which was just lovely.  Just don't try and get in anywhere for dinner on a Saturday night in peak season!


The sun going down on our beautiful tent.


We went to the local Heatherton Theme Park which was fun for a morning- Mr E tried his hand at water zorbing and was worse than all the children who were doing it.


Mads loved the little car track and was so excited to get a license at the end- she has been carrying it around ever since.


Me and my big girly- I hope she never grows out of sucking her fingers when she's tired or needs comforting.


Something obviously tickled LL.


Breakfast outside our tent. 


On one of the days we went to West Midlands Safari Park, this was fantastic and would definitely recommend it with little ones as there is a small theme park there as well.  Here they are sussing out where to go next.


Here is a video from our little adventure.  More photos to come in my next post...

*Disclaimer*- Please don't watch this video if embarrassing Mum dancing offends you.



NB- We were kindly loaned a rather fabulous Subaru XV for our weekend adventure and given a contribution towards costs for our weekend.  We paid for all other aspects of the adventure, including the tent and campsite. 




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