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{The Ordinary Moments 15} #16 'Against The Garage Door'

on Sunday, 19 April 2015.

Around a year ago now I randomly decided to start taking photos of my girls as we left the house each morning.  I don't really know why I started doing it, I just decided to take a photo one day as Mads was wearing a particularly sweet outfit, and she wanted to send a picture to 'show Grandma' who had bought it for her.  The next time we did it, LL joined in on the photo too, and soon I was taking a photo of them on a regular basis.

The location is not exactly glamorous- it's in front of our white, slightly peeling, garage door, but for some reason we have taken a photo in front of it at least a couple of times a week ever since.  My girl's are reasonably good at having their photo taken, especially considering I often have my camera pointed at them, but I find that as soon as my DSLR comes out, if you ask them to look at the camera you inevitably get a silly face or no response at all.  When it comes to my DSLR, it's a lot better to capture them naturally rather than asking them to look.  But bizarrely, they absolutely love taking these iPhone photos in front of our garage door, so for whatever reason it has become a real ordinary moment of ours.

I absolutely love dressing my girls, I am a really big fan of children's fashion and I love finding outfits that match without completely dressing them the same- whether that be colours, styles or other little ways of making them a little coordinated each day.  I know that in years to come I will love looking back at the outfits they used to wear, long after we have given all the old clothes away.

But more than that, I love that by taking a photo of them in the same place each time, I am getting to see how much they are growing and changing.  They are growing at such a drastic rate and I can't quite believe how different they are from even less than a year ago.  I also love capturing funny things they bring out the house with them- they generally always have to bring a toy or some other random little object from home with them when we go out.  Plus of course, I love it when I take a photo of them interacting together or smiling happily.  

It's a strange little tradition to have started, but it's definitely become an every day part of our lives.  Mads and LL leave our front door and straight away walk towards our garage, even when it's a nursery day and we are in a hurry, or I wasn't actually planning on taking a photo of them.  I love that we will have them all to look back on in many years to come. 

against the garage door

My Sisters in April 2015.....

on Wednesday, 15 April 2015.

I had every good intention to get my 'big camera' out and take some shots of my sister's this month, but somehow here we are on the 15th and I left it right till the last minute. Of course I take photos of my girls constantly, but I like to try and take some photos specifically of them each month.  It's been a busy few weeks for us, we have been on a weekend to Bristol, had a lovely long Easter weekend, and been adjusting to a slightly new routine after putting our girl's in the same bedroom.

I was so nervous about putting Mads and LL into a joint bedroom, as well as being nervous about putting LL into a 'big girl bed' for the first time.  Don't get me wrong, it's not gone perfectly, but overall they have adjusted so well to being in a room together. They have been going to sleep a little later, which was inevitable really, but mainly due to the fact that they are up there chattering away. In actual fact it's very sweet listening to them giggling and having a conversation with each other, although a couple of times we have had to go up there and tell them to quieten down. Other than that though, it's going well so far and LL hasn't once tried to get out of her big girl bed- mainly due to us barricading her in with a cushion and a bed guard!

They are already as close as can be, they really do have the most special bond, and it's a truly wonderful thing to watch. They look out for each other, comfort each other if one of them is sad, and constantly want to be snuggled up next to each other. The other day I went to pick them up from nursery, it was a sunny day and so they were all outside in the garden. Obviously they are in different classes so their respective outside play areas are separated by a fence. For a minute I couldn't see either of them, but eventually I found them both hugging each other through the fence- it was the sweetest thing to see. Apparently if they ever bump into each other at nursery or have to go in the same room for whatever reason, then LL cries when she has to leave her big sister. I hope they keep that bond forever.

But at the same time of course they argue. LL is becoming more communicative every day, in fact her speech has exploded over the last week or so, although she doesn't pronounce words properly yet, she really is trying to say as much as she can. With this new found talking, comes more arguing from my two sister's- they bicker like a pair of old hens throughout the day- mainly over the iPad or their Toy Story characters, or any other toy. Mads is really very accomodating and will often 'give in' to LL, she is so sweet with her, but LL is more of a madam and often expects to get her own way- we hope this is just her age! 

Although just iPhone photos from me this month, I do like these photos. Their new bunk bed is still so exciting for them- they love to sit up on the top bunk and read books or play with their toys. LL of course needs lifting up there, but once they are up there they have a great time snuggling together. So I snapped some photos while we were reading a story at bedtime- most of the time we read together on our bed, but occasionally they will ask us to read on their bed.

They are a little blurry but I love how happy my sister's look...

siblings april15 a

siblings april15 b

siblings april15 c

siblings april15 d

siblings april15 e

siblings april15 f

siblings april15 i

siblings april15 h

siblings april15 g

My favourite one!


This month I am sending you over to have a look at have a look at Carie's blog- her three little people are guaranteed to make you smile as they do me every month!  

Our Long Easter Weekend 2015...

on Wednesday, 08 April 2015.

The long weekend that everyone looks forward to each year has been and gone.  Ours this year was pretty low key and relaxed, having been to Bristol the weekend before we didn't plan any days out.  The weather wasn't great, but the sun came out just at the right minute for obligatory egg hunts and fun, and above all it was just nice to relax and see family.  

It was one of those weekends that felt really chilled out- we stayed in our PJ's until lunchtime one morning, I took the girls out to see friends so Mr E could get some work done, we ate our body weight in chocolate, and we made lots of memories with family.  My Grandparents from Shropshire came down to stay with my Dad, we love visiting them and I truly treasure the moments that we spend together.  We usually also go for lunch with my other Grandparents who live locally but they are in Italy at the moment so Easter Sunday was spent at my Mum's house just a few minutes from where we live. 

I switched off from work and blogging which was just lovely.  Mr E and I have become obsessed with this TV program called The Fall- it's a crime drama set in Belfast about a serial killer and a detective, and it is just absolutely gripping.  Definitely the best thing we have watched in so long, and we spent all the weekend evenings watching it- sadly we have nearly got to the end of Series Two already.  

Here is our weekend in photos and a little video...

easter15 za

 On Friday we had a surprise date night as we got a babysitter right at the last minute.  We went for pizza and a few drinks, and it was a really lovely evening.

easter15 b

On Saturday we went to my Dad's to see my Grandparents.  Every time we leave we take a photo of the girls and them.  As I take them I always get tears in my eyes, I find it so incredibly special to see my 93 year old Grandpa, my 89 year old Nana and my babies together.  

easter15 d

 I truly truly treasure these moments.

easter15 f

I am a pretty emotional person at the best of times, but these photos are so special to me.  Every time we see my Grandparents I send them a card afterwards with the photos we have taken and I know they take pride of place on the mantelpiece.

easter15 i

easter15 y

We did some baking on Saturday afternoon- we made a chocolate, vanilla and mini egg cheesecake, it was delicious and we wolfed it down on Sunday at my Mums house.

easter15 j

We woke up on Sunday morning and had a special pancake breakfast- the girls absolutely loved these bunny pancakes.  It's definitely the simple things that make them smile the most sometimes.

easter15 x

Two little bunnies for my two little ladies.

easter15 k

We went over to my Mum's for a delicious Easter lunch and of course the obligatory Easter egg hunt.

easter15 l

We got one of those egg hunt kits from Tescos and there were lots of small eggs and one large golden egg to find.  Mads was SO excited that she was the one to find the gold egg.

easter15 m


easter15 n

It was so lovely to watch them running around with such excitement on their faces.

easter15 p

My grown up looking Easter bunny.

easter15 q

She loved tottering around with her little basket but she kept dropping the eggs out and leaving a trail behind her.

easter15 s

Oops.  Cue major panic.

easter15 z

 easter15 w

easter15 v

Happy bunnies counting their treasure.

easter15 u

'Look what I got Mummy!'

easter15 zb

On Monday we went round to my Dad's again to say bye to my Grandparents.  The sun came out and we chilled out in the garden for a bit.


And here is a video of our Easter weekend...



It was a relaxing, happy and fun family weekend- sometimes doing very little is actually the times I treasure the most.  Why can't every weekend be a bank holiday? 


Check out our previous long Easter weekends here....



A Weekend in Bristol- Part Two...

on Tuesday, 07 April 2015.

Last week I wrote all about our weekend in Bristol.   Here is the second part of our lovely (albeit very wet!) weekend in this fabulous city...




Typically after awful weather all weekend, we finally woke up to some sunshine on Monday morning- just as we were due to be going home!   This was the gorgeous view from our hotel window.


I have mentioned before, when we went to Amsterdam, that both myself and Mr E have a bit of a thing for street art.  Obviously Bristol is home to probably the most famous street artist of all time Banksy, but first thing Sunday morning we headed to the Stokes Croft area of the city for a walk around some of the street art.




I love the colours in this one.



Then we headed to Bristol Zoo for the morning.  We were really impressed with the amount of animals and things to do there, you could have easily spent a whole day there but unfortunately we could only spend a couple of hours due to the fact we had a long journey home.


How grown up does she look?  She was in her element running round the zoo and it's grounds.


Spring is definitely on it's way.


When photos go wrong. ;)


Love this one of myself and my little girly.





We then headed for a ride over the Clifton Suspension bridge- a pretty iconic Bristol landmark- and so high!  The girls loved driving over the 'big bridge'.  I don't reckon we are the first people to spend a pound there and back to go over it just for the sake of it!


And in case you missed it, here is our little video from our time in Bristol...


All in all we had a fantastic family weekend- there is absolutely nothing I love more than a weekend away in a city, sometimes I think I actually prefer those kind of trips more than holidays.  There is something so exciting about discovering a new place, finding little places off the beaten track to explore, being a tourist and heading to the hot spots and of course eating out in restaurants or little cafes.  (our favourite pasttime!)  I knew of Bristol before from having been down there on business a few times, but this was the first time we had been with the girls, and we will definitely go again.  There are so many child friendly places to go, and even though the weather was rubbish we still had a great time.  That being said, we would love to go back in the Summer and explore some of the outdoors a bit more too.


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