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Inspired- Love.

on Monday, 13 February 2012.

As it is Valentines Day tomorrow I felt it was only right to use my Inspired this week to share some little snippets on love that make me feel all gooey inside.  

Valentines Day's have changed in this house.  After many years together and now another little person there to share our time, we just don't celebrate it like we used too.  However tomorrow night no doubt we will spend our time together eating a yummy meal (steak I think!) and watching a soppy film.  And I will make sure we turn the lap tops and twitter off.  We don't need to spend money on gifts, I am not really into that, but a nicely written card would be lovely.

I know that my blog is soppy, but that is the kind of person I am and I make no apologies for that.  I am loved and I am happy.  Oh yes, I get stressed out, and this year has been tough especially with money but I am a glass half full kind of person.  Of course I don't believe that love always lasts forever- I have grown up in a world of separations but I do believe that as human beings we can forgive.  Especially for the sake of children.  And that ultimately is love.  

I adore my husband and I hope he adores me and I do hope that we are strong enough to stand the test of time.  I believe that we are.  That is why I stood at the end of the aisle on that snowy day in December 09 and said my vows.  For better or worse.  

So anyway back to my soppy love inspired for the week...



I love this illustration.  As my husband and I are proper computer geeks- this suits us down to the ground.






I am a firm believer in fate and love this- its true that if you just happened to take a slightly different path one day then your life could be very different.



I love this, a silly sentiment but I really like the illustration.


Finally I love this one.  Only because Mr E and I are slight Scrabble geeks.


So there you have it.  Things that have been tickling my creative and loving buds this week.  If you have been 'inspired' by anything this week why not head over to Dear Beautiful Boy and link up?




All sources found via pinterest.  Click on photo for their original source.

Inspired- My Love Of Photos.

on Monday, 16 January 2012.

I adore taking photos and always have done ever since I was young.  I don't confess to being a photography expert, in fact I am more of a point and shoot type, but wherever I am my camera is never far behind.  I literally have thousands of photos sitting in boxes out in the garage, lots of photo albums and more recently photobooks in our study, and you cannot find a windowsill or wall in my house without a photo frame on it.  

However one thing that I have always wanted to do since we moved in to our home is have a photo frame wall.  I adore the idea of having lots of photos hanging up the stairs but as our house is only little there needs to be a fine line between looking cute and being over the top.

I have been finding lots of inspiration on Pinterest and now it is just a case of getting started.


I love the contrast between the white walls and floor and the black frames in this one.  In our house we could not have as many frames and I would like white ones, but I like what they are trying to achieve with this.



I love how in this one they have spaced out the photos a little more and I like the fact that they have them going up the stairs which is what we are trying to achieve.  I also love their use of colours.


I love the frames in this one and white is definitely the colour that we will be going for- I also love how they are all shapes and sizes but have the colour in common.

Another thing I can't decide is whether to do all the photos in black and white or whether to mix some colour in there as well?

I cannot wait to fill the wall going up my stairs full of love and memories.  I love the idea of people stopping to have a look at all the fun times we have had- from when it was just me and Mr E to now with our beautiful Mads.  I also have visions of Mads and I pausing when we are going up the stairs to bed to point out the people we love.

Now it is just up to me to buy some white frames and getting Mr E on the case with a hammer and some picture hooks.

My lovely friend Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy has started a wonderful linky called Inspired and I am linking this post up to that- hopefully I will be inspired to make my much longed for photo wall a reality in the months to come!



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