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Bye Bye Pretty.Little.Things- Mummy And Me.

on Friday, 13 April 2012.

Today is a poignant day as it is the last ever Pretty.Little.Things.  Lucy and I have loved doing this little linky but we have decided to stop it because we are concentrating on our new exciting project together 'I Heart Snapping' and we just don't have time to do it all.

We thought we would finish with possible the best Pretty.Little.Things ever- Mummy and Me.  After all who hasn't got a beautiful photo of them with their little ones that they wouldn't want to share?  

I literally have millions of photos of me and Mads, however since she got a bit bigger I am nearly always the one behind the camera.  However we do love taking photos of ourselves with my iPhone- it has become a little bit of a game now.  Here is one I took this morning...she always sucks her fingers when she is under the weather or tired.  Today she isn't a 100%- I wouldn't say she is poorly, but she is a little clingy and has a slight temperature- maybe it is teeth?  She is definitely due a few more of them as she only has six!


Sometimes the ones I take on my iPhone are my favourites as they are always so relaxed, and generally a little silly.  

If you have a lovely photo of you and your little one, whether old or new, why not link up to the last ever pretty.little.things so we can all have a look and go aaah. 

Thanks to everyone who has joined in with pretty.little.things over the last few months- we hope that you will come and visit us at our new project I heart snapping- there are lots of exciting things happening over there including an exciting new Friday photo linky.


Pretty.Little.Things- Where I Relax.

on Friday, 30 March 2012.

In case you didn't notice, Pretty Little Things took a little break last week.  Both Lucy and myself were just super busy and didn't get round to doing the post.  But this week we are back and refreshed after a week off.

This week the theme is 'Where You Relax.'  We all have a little space where we unwind and chill out.  Here is mine...


I have a fair few places I like to relax, mostly lounging and having a long, hot soak in the bath or cuddling up to my hubby on the sofa but my most favourite place of all has to be our bedroom.

Life is very hectic for us at the moment, I work two and a half days a week but spend every evening working on my freelance work, plus doing blog design and of course being a Mummy which is by far the most important job of all.  I don't get much time to chill out and relax but myself and Mr E try and make sure we at least have a night a week where we turn the computers off and just cuddle and watch a film.  I find that I cannot switch off.  I constantly am thinking about work or blogging or freelance work, or life in general and I rarely completely relax at the moment.  I don't resent it, in fact I love how well everything is going but sometimes I look back on before I was a Mummy and wonder what on earth I used to do with my time!

The photo above is our lovely bedroom.  It is done in very neutral colours, all golds and creams and it is a very calming place to be.  At night when I turn the spotlights down and our fairy lights on, it feels very relaxing.  I like nothing more than getting into bed after a nice long bath, in my jim jam's and just reading a book.  Unfortunately it doesn't happen anywhere near as much as I would like anymore.  There is something so lovely about getting into bed after a long day, pulling the covers up around you and settling into the land of nod.  I often lie in bed and blog too, it is so nice to lie down and catch up on some of my favourite blogs after a long, hard day.

So there you have it- where I chill out and have some well earned relaxing time.  It is my week to host the linky this week so be sure to leave a link below and let us know where you relax.  You can grab the badge too if you would like.


Next week the theme will be 'All Dressed Up.'  Have you been to a special occasion as a family?  A wedding, party or even just a nice restaurant?  Do you have a photo of your little one all dressed up in an outfit that means something to you?  If so be sure to head over to Dear Beautiful Boy to link up.

Pretty.Little.Things- Favourite Colour

on Friday, 16 March 2012.

Last week when Lucy and I decided the theme for this weeks Pretty.Little.Things I decided I was going to make sure I got my camera out and take some new photos of Mads.  Or I was going to do a collage of photos of her in her 'Favourite Colour.'  

Fast forward to Thursday night and as usual I have been so incredibly busy I haven't had time to do any of the things I wanted to do.  So please excuse the quality of my photo but here is Mads in her favourite colour.  She is pulling a face which I happen to think is quite cute because I told her off for touching the television!



NNow I know Mads is only fourteen months old and therefore doesn't actually know what her favourite colour is yet, and I know it is a terrible cliche but I just love her in Pink.  I think it really suits her skin tone and she just looks so cute dressed up in her little pink outfits.  I am not one of those people whose baby has to be in pink non stop though, I do love her in other colours.  You can get some really gorgeous baby outfits in purples, navy and red.  Although if I had to choose my favourite, pink would get my vote.

I want Mads to be a happy and well adjusted little person so if as she gets older she decides she wants to be a tomboy then that would be fine by me.  I just 'secretly' hope that she wants to be like her Mummy and like fashion, girly things and being creative.  Only time will tell but in the meantime I will enjoy dressing my little lady up in dresses and skirts before she tells me otherwise.

If you would like to link up and tell us your favourite colour for either yourself or your little one then head over to Dear Beautiful Boy as she is hosting this week.  Next week the theme is 'Favourite Place to Relax.'  Where do you like to unwind and get away from it all?  Come and join me here next week and let us all know.



Pretty.Little.Things- Favourite Comfort Toy.

on Friday, 09 March 2012.

Last week I had a little break from pretty.little.things as I was in the midst of a bug epidemic that swept the E household.  Lucy very kindly held fort without me though and now I am back with avengence.  

This week the theme is Special Bedtime Toys.  

Growing up I had 'Rabbit.'  No fancy names for my favourite toy.  Just Rabbit.  Rabbit came everywhere with me and I actually got him on the day I was born, not by anyone particularly special, just a friend of my Mums who over the years she has lost touch with.  Yet Rabbit and I became faithful friends.  

It is funny but I remember Rabbit there at some over the really important events in my life.  I remember watching him go through the washing machine when I was sick on him and I sat there peering into the spin cycle until he came out.  I remember losing him when I was out shopping with my Mum and us having to retrace our steps until we found him.  As I got older, I remember many a time cuddling him and sobbing into his soft cuddly fur.  Rabbit has got the brunt of a lot of tears over the years- whether it was over the break of my parents or over my teenage heart being broken- Rabbit got it all.  

Rabbit has been thrown across the room in anger and once when I was a teenager I let an ex boyfriend look after him and we had a fight and he ripped his tail off.  My Mum sewed it back on for me but Rabbit never went to anyone else ever again.

Rabbit has been all over the world and lived in many different houses in the twenty eight years he has been around.  Now his home is the chair in our study, where he silently guards the place.  One day when she is old enough I will give him to Mads, although I am not ready to part with him myself just yet.

Me and Rabbit have been through a lot over the years and like me he is getting older.  He used to have beautiful pink fluffy fur and now he has grey matted fur that is going bald in some places.  However I think that makes him more endearing.  I am forever thankful for my faithful friend who has always been there to comfort me.


Which brings me to Mads.  At fourteen months she is yet to have a cuddly toy that she takes everywhere with her but she already has a faithful companion- her seahorse.  I bought him for her when she was a couple of weeks old after another friend swearing by them and he certainly hasn't let us down.  His tummy lights up and he plays a lullaby.  We turn him on every night when she goes to sleep.  His name aptly is 'Friend.'  

Mads certainly loves Friend and often in the middle of the night or in the morning when she wakes up we will hear her turn him on.  Also when we get her out of her cot in the morning or after a nap she often will take Friend with her downstairs.  I love that it is a comfort to her and sometimes in the night I will check on her and she will be cuddling him.  Very cute.




So there we have it.  Our favourite bedtime companions.  

Do your little one's have a favourite comfort toy?  Or perhaps you do?  Feel free to link up with us below and grab the badge.



Next week the theme is 'Favourite Colour.'  Does your little one have a favourite colour, whether it be clothes or something else?  Lucy is hosting next week so be sure to head over to Dear Beautiful Boy and link up.

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